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Peak District: Bouldering (2011) cover photo, 3 kb

Peak District: Bouldering


Author Ru Davies – Published Vertebrae Publishing (2011)

Crags covered by this Guide

Derbyshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Bamford Edge261GritstoneSW
Bank Quarry31Grit (quarried)SW
Baslow Edge232GritstoneW
Beeley Quarry24Sandstone (hard)?
Birchen Edge297GritstoneSW
Black Rocks184GritstoneNW
Black Tor49GritstoneNE
Blackwell Dale85Limestone?
Bradley Quarry72Grit (quarried)E
Cave Dale (Castleton)65Limestone?
Chatsworth Edge100GritstoneNW
Clifftop Boulders66GritstoneW
Cocking Tor25GritstoneNE
Cratcliffe Tor228GritstoneSE
Curbar Edge579GritstoneW
Dobb Edge22Grit (quarried)SW
Duke's Quarry60Grit (quarried)W
Eagle Tor45Gritstone?
Eastwood Rocks71GritstoneW
Froggatt Edge454GritstoneW
Gardoms Edge310GritstoneW
Harborough Rocks83LimestoneS
Harthill Quarry50GritstoneW
Jackson Tor35Grit (quarried)SW
Masson Lees Quarry86Limestone?
New Mills Torrs103GritstoneS
Nuda's Tartan26Limestone?
Odin Cave2Limestone?
Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)213LimestoneSW
Robin Hood's Stride148Gritstoneall
Rowtor Rocks86Gritstone?
Secret Garden48GritstoneSW
Shining Cliff76GritstoneS
Smallfield Roof7Gritstone?
Stanage End219GritstoneNW
Stanage High Neb371GritstoneSW
Stanage Plantation700GritstoneSW
Stanage Popular658GritstoneSW
Stanton in the Woods85GritstoneNW
Stanton Moor61Gritstone?
Stoney Middleton337LimestoneW
The Arch4Limestone?
The Hurkling Stones (Rock Ahoy)15GritstoneS
The Tube13Limestone?
The Wheelstones (AKA Coach and Horses)21Gritstoneall
Tideswell Dale63LimestoneW
Tintwistle Knarr Boulders42GritstoneS
Tom's Cave10LimestoneS
White Edge18GritstoneW
Yarncliffe Edge35Gritstone?
Yarncliffe Quarry51Grit (quarried)SW
Greater Manchester crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Hobson Moor Quarry102Grit (quarried)SW
Wimberry Rocks216GritstoneN
South Yorkshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Bell Hagg138GritstoneN
Burbage Bridge37GritstoneSW
Burbage North381GritstoneSW
Burbage South Edge368GritstoneNW
Burbage South Valley Boulders154Gritstoneall
Burbage West50GritstoneE
Fox Hagg6GritstoneN
Higgar Tor196GritstoneSW
Houndkirk Tor29GritstoneSW
Hurkling Stones11GritstoneS
Millstone Edge214Grit (quarried)W
Mother Cap and Quarry46Gritstone?
Over Owler Tor59Gritstone?
Rivelin Edge206GritstoneS
Rivelin Quarries116Grit (quarried)S
The Ox Stones7GritstoneS
The Sheepfold5Gritstone?
Wyming Brook53Gritstone?
Staffordshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Back Forest69GritstoneSW
Bosley Cloud63GritstoneNW
Chained Block (Lower Churnet)5Sandstone (hard)SW
Cottage Rocks (Lower Churnet)50Sandstone (hard)S
Dimmings Dale (Lower Churnet)41GritstoneN
Gentleman Rock (Lower Churnet)24GritstoneNE
Gib Torr42GritstoneE
Hen Cloud168GritstoneSW
Ousal Crag (Lower Churnet)22ConglomerateS
Ramshaw Rocks244GritstoneSE
Roaches Lower Tier327GritstoneSW
Roaches Skyline265GritstoneSW
Roaches Upper Tier257GritstoneSW
Stony Dale Quarry (Lower Churnet)22Sandstone (hard)NE
The Five Clouds73GritstoneSW
Wolf Edge50GritstoneS
Wright's Rocks (Lower Churnet)68ConglomerateN
Total climbs11378

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