Helfenstein's Struggle** HVD 4a
[Syv empathises with Helfenstein, 3 kb]16m.

Rockfax Description
The wide black rift is oddly alluring. A short polished corner leads to easier ground heading for the large boulder blocking the rift. Either squeeze through the rat-hole that gripped Helfenstein, or do the Outside Exit at an exposed S 4a. © ROCKFAX

FA. Helfenstein - well almost. c1910

Ticklists: Stanage Routes BMC Graded List, Through Routes!, Stanage 100 VD - VS, Peak Rock/2/ The Search For Difficulty Begins., Stanage for Crack Apprentices, Stanage Starred VDiffs.

Photo: Syv empathises with Helfenstein © sarahlizzy
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Couldn't quite fit without removing a shoulder/arm so did the outside finish instead!!
charley - Solo O/S - 13/Sep/15

Having watched many people flounder for hours in the dank crack we had to do this one. I am skinny and this was tight on me. I would not want to be much bigger unless I had a tub of butter on my rack. But then if you're the type of person who has a tub of butter on your rack you should probably give this one a miss...
jonhowson - Lead O/S - 11/Aug/15 with Francis

Couldn't fit through hole so had to come down. Later tried being lowered through it and still didn't fit!
shell145 - Lead - 19/Jul/15 with Ross

dewiturton - Solo - 11/Jul/15 with keitht

sas - Solo O/S - 10/Jun/15

cmars89 - Lead - 30/May/15 with Pete Duckworth

gronbech - Lead O/S - 04/May/15 with Robin

Hidden - Lead O/S - 25/Apr/15

Hidden - Lead O/S - 22/Apr/15

nottommo - Lead O/S - 18/Apr/15

Hidden - Lead O/S - 07/Apr/15

Outside Exit
John Higgs - Lead O/S - 08/Mar/15 with Caitlin Bell

Very cold
omaskrey - Lead O/S - 22/Feb/15 with EUCC

Got up to the hole, had a few goes at getting through it and bailed. Let Tom lead it on my preplaced gear. My excuses: I had too much gear on my harness, I was rapidly becoming I'll although I didn't know it at the time, and everything was dripping. Oh and the snowstorm so I couldn't feel hands or feet...
andrewmcleod - Lead dnf - 21/Feb/15 with Tom Williams

Hidden - TR O/S - 21/Feb/15

twill - Lead O/S - 21/Feb/15 with Andrew Macleod

tomlevett - 01/Jan/15

Canyak - 2015

Ewan Russell - Solo O/S - 14/Dec/14 with Henry, gwen

The hint is in the name. Why I decided on this for a first outing to Stanage..?
scottywakefield - Lead O/S - 01/Nov/14 with Dave Mobbs

100 IAD No. 49
sparkass - Solo O/S - 13/Sep/14

Hidden - Lead O/S - 31/Aug/14

Not all that bad really.
Tom Last - 2nd - 08/Aug/14 with Billy

The outside exit is much nicer (also my ass wouldn't fit through the hole)
kwickfit - Lead O/S - 01/Jul/14 with Andrew Gregson

Didthe S 4a finish, a lot better than going through the 'rat hole' at the top!
climbingfoetus - 2nd O/S - 01/Jul/14 with andy tyerman

This climb pretty much undressed me. The wind blowing up the chimney took my shirt off and the top squeeze tried to claim my trousers!
Jack Whiteley - Solo O/S - 05/Jun/14

Hidden - 2nd β - 31/May/14

Through the hole was tricky
jon_Str - 2nd O/S - 18/May/14

Hidden - Solo O/S - 03/May/14

Pretty tasty in the wet! But a great route for Bubbles to show commitment and perseverance before getting married, even if he was pulled through the top!!
Duncan Campbell - 2nd - 26/Apr/14 with Will Ripley, Hamish, Robbie, Ollie B, Florence the Machine, Bubbles

alaster tonge - Solo O/S - 18/Apr/14

Alfie Conn - 2014

Dan Arkle - 2014

Route 6 of the Stanage Winter challenge. Definitely E5. 'Nuff said.
Goodstuff - 2nd O/S - 21/Dec/13 with Mike Gallimore

Done as part of the first successful completion of the stanage winter challenge, in a time of 7hrs. Cheers for an amazing day James :) Hope this route hasn't scarred you for life!
MichaelGallimore - Lead O/S - 21/Dec/13 with Goodstuff

Tim W - Solo O/S - 23/Nov/13 with Dave Ripley

Hidden - Solo rpt - 23/Nov/13

Hidden - Lead - 28/Sep/13

Could not get through the top hole
thrutch - 2nd - 28/Sep/13 with Marc

Hmm. Strangely alluring. Got part way through the hole but too chicken to commit and push through and get stuck. Wimped out, and down-climbed stripping the gear. Will come back when thinner and fitter and better.
Alaric - Lead dnf - 31/Aug/13 with garywong

schristophersmith - 2nd dog - 26/Aug/13 with silas feaver

althesin - Lead O/S - 26/Aug/13 with schristophersmith

Certainly a struggle. Got through the hole though!
pearson9596 - Lead O/S - 24/Aug/13 with Lizzie Culwick

Pam struggled and needed a toprope to exit at the top. Too much gear on her harness meant she couldn't squeeze through
hazeysunshine - 2nd O/S - 18/Aug/13 with Pamela

Outside route, will try to squeeze through the hole again another way next time
MD - Lead O/S - 27/Jul/13 with Jo

Mike couldn't squeeze through the top so went round. A quick lower from the top to find I could just get through - so next time will have to do it proper!
Happy Wanderer - 2nd O/S - 27/Jul/13 with Mike D

deacondeacon - Solo O/S - 12/Jul/13

Hidden - Lead - 01/Jul/13

Hidden - Lead O/S - 29/Jun/13

Matt Marsh - 2nd rpt - 16/Jun/13 with James Swainston

joermann - 2nd - 04/Jun/13

got jammed in the crack at the top for 15 minutes.
Matt Marsh - Lead - 04/Jun/13 with Joe Mann

i bailed the and took the exit out and over which was more enjoyable
HVSJames - Lead O/S - Jun/13 with Matt Marsh

andyfry - 2nd - 05/May/13

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 05/May/13

Definitely a struggle!
dsgarner - Lead O/S - 20/Apr/13 with Cat Smith

sheelba - Lead - 20/Apr/13

Hidden - 2nd - 20/Apr/13

Hidden - 2013

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 2013

Try to work the hole.... one pie to many, but boy I tried. Then cruised the alternative route.
Lukem6 - Lead O/S - 18/Nov/12 with Jenny Monkey

didn't try the squeeze, will give it a go when its warmer and i have less layers on!
Jenny Monkey - 2nd O/S - 18/Nov/12 with Luke Mansfield

still one of the hardest diffs around.
rustaldo - Solo rpt - 02/Nov/12

Tight fit through the top gap
mattprince - Lead O/S - 02/Nov/12 with Joe Doherty

Excellent climb. Unfortunately in my struggle to get through the hole i kicked most of my gear out. It was wet, slimy and overall quite smelly, but probably one of the most fun climbs I've done in a while! Definitely worth doing if you're small. (my rack did get stuck for a bit going though the hole though.) My second who is a little larger took some time to wiggle though.
Roonix - Lead O/S - 21/Oct/12

Oo - Lead - 29/Sep/12

LifeAboveTheBolt - 2nd O/S - 02/Sep/12

Hidden - Lead O/S - 01/Jul/12

with Jack. cant remember who lead. got to the hole and didnt fancy sqeezing my horrid little belly through
wjcdean - Jun/12 with Jack Ottaway

neither made it through the top
jeottaway - Jun/12 with William Dean

Hidden - Lead O/S - 27/May/12

Hidden - AltLd - 22/May/12

Heather651 - Lead O/S - 06/May/12

Horrid. Had to climb down off crux & rest. Kicked 2 of top 3 bits of gear out on final push. Scuffed helmet to buggery, and (I think) broke a rib. Johanna got jammed on crux, had to lower off
nameless_rob - Lead O/S - 17/Mar/12 with Johanna

Hidden - 2nd - 17/Mar/12

Hidden - Lead dnf - 13/Mar/12

Danielg - TR - 2012

Hidden - 2012

joedoherty - Lead O/S - 02/Nov/11 with Matt Prince

luke321 - Lead O/S - 29/Oct/11 with James Redding

Accurately named. An easy route until you have to top out through a narrow opening. I got stuck and had to be pulled out from the top by Martin Davies (thanks Martin).
Feneley - Lead dog - 15/Oct/11 with Jason Maunder, Pete Brook, Martin Davies

Not nearly as tight a squeeze as I'd been led to believe. I shouldn't have avoided it for all these years!
victim of mathematics - Solo O/S - 30/Sep/11

20 odd minutes of wiggling and I'm still not sure how I managed to get through the finish!
argyle_dude - Lead O/S - 29/Aug/11

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 24/Jul/11

i.fish2000 - Lead - 24/Jul/11 with keith penney

Left shaking when I got out!
Alex Thompson - Solo O/S - 18/Jun/11

I need to diet!
Si Croft - Lead - 03/Jun/11 with James, Bernie, JD

Hidden - Solo - 10/May/11

This is so far the hardest climb on grit I have done! The bottom is a doddle but what a bastard the squeeze is at the top!
matt0759 - Solo - 03/May/11

Attempting to toprope ("third") the route not recommended - the rope ether has to come through the hole, committing you to a scramble through what our group christened "that stupid hole" (None of us managed it) or leaving one rather exposed when one gets close to the top of the climb
zoeimogen - TR dnf - 02/May/11 with Sarah Brown

Spent ten minutes trying to get through the StupidHole™. Lst much skin, squished my right boob, gave up, shoved three million cams in, went round the outside. Very unusual climb!
sarahlizzy - Lead O/S - 02/May/11 with Zoe, Syv

Followed leader to outside exit.
syv_k - 2nd β - 02/May/11 with sarahlizzy

After following my lead partner around the outside of the hole without incident, I thought I could probably fit through the squeeze. Gave up after my arms were aching from too many attempts of trying to pull my hips through and failing.
syv_k - TR dnf - 02/May/11 with sarahlizzy

Shoulders got wedged in the hole at the top, I could actually take my feet off and just hang by the shoulders, really fun route!!!
robblowen - 2nd β - 18/Apr/11 with Succa89

succa89 - Lead O/S - 18/Apr/11 with robblowen

Couldn't squeeze through that little hole! Had to use an outside exit.
papalazarou - Lead dnf - 15/Apr/11

Michelle lead.
masa-alpin - 2nd β - 10/Apr/11 with Jo B, Michelle A

Luke90 - Lead O/S - 10/Apr/11

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 19/Mar/11

Hidden - Lead - 19/Mar/11

Jono Graham - 2011

uphillnow - 2011

PAJames - 2011

Couldn't fit, spent ages wiggling and trying to make my lungs smaller, but eventually went the outside route, what a shame.
ablackett - Lead - 31/Oct/10 with Adam

Tris lead and got stuck so I passed
sirmattytheman - 2nd dnf - 25/Sep/10 with Tristan

Hidden - Lead O/S - 12/Sep/10

Ellen Cobby - 2nd dog - 12/Sep/10 with charlotte

Arse too big for the hole at the top... lowered offa nut and removed from above (getting eaten alive in the process)
Dr Rorlasaurus - Lead - 08/Sep/10 with Luke Wolsey

alexanderbeetle - Lead - 08/Sep/10 with Laura Edwards

Came back to retry, failled first attempt earlier in summer after kicking a rock and losing. second attempt I think i need to lose weight. I Just couldn't get through the top even with help. Also, beware nuts tend to slip out at top due to alot of damp moss.
Lukem6 - Lead dnf - 01/Sep/10 with dennis janisse

stephenhartley - Lead O/S - 23/Aug/10 with Aiden

Hidden - Lead O/S - 19/Aug/10

Ollie Wickham - Solo O/S - 15/Aug/10 with Richard Clauge

Hidden - Solo O/S - 11/Aug/10

JamieSparkes - Solo O/S - 08/Aug/10 with Liam Ingram, Claire Holland

llamaglama - Solo - 08/Aug/10 with Jam

Oliver Houston - Solo - 03/Jul/10

was wet and green unable to get grip, had to remove a little moss on left to get hand hold :-(
Lukem6 - TR dnf - 12/Jun/10 with Jenny Monkey

jcurley - Lead O/S - 22/May/10 with Philip Heffernan, Sam Curley

Quickdraw Phil - 2nd O/S - 22/May/10 with Joe Curley

Hidden - Solo - 16/May/10

Outside exit at S 4a
tinyali - Lead O/S - 27/Apr/10 with Sam Stringer

Stuck! Then un-stuck.
bnewman - Lead O/S - 12/Apr/10 with Amelia

Hidden - Solo O/S - 06/Apr/10

A right laugh. Got Proper stuck in the hole. Had a friend trying to pull me through to no avail. Worked better when he pulled bits of my rack through as I wiggled.
jubolo - Lead - 27/Mar/10 with mark

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 15/Mar/10

Will_Maxwell - 2nd O/S - 15/Mar/10 with Rafael Pena

keith leonard - 2010

jimmys - Lead O/S - 25/Oct/09 with Tom F

Hidden - Solo O/S - 13/Oct/09

Hidden - 24/Sep/09

hmmm... tight fit
Mattyk - Solo O/S - 12/Sep/09 with Jo, Ali K, Jamie Moss

Lorna as belay bunny (she's the sane one)
francois - Lead O/S - 07/Sep/09 with Lorna

simonw1 - Lead O/S - 31/Aug/09 with becky, marc and sharon

easy climbing but took about 6 attempts to squeeze through the hole at the top, seriously thought i was going to get stuck!!!
dean79 - Lead O/S - 29/Aug/09 with Marc Lloyd

Graeme Hammond - Solo rpt - 18/Aug/09

climbed as a 4, other 3 made it through, I didn't and had to go around! - How fat do I feel?!
chubbyclimber - 2nd - 16/Aug/09 with Pete, Kate, Andy

Hidden - Solo O/S - 29/Jul/09

Hidden - 2nd dnf - 25/Jul/09

Hidden - Solo - 27/Jun/09

Hidden - Solo O/S - 24/Jun/09

Hidden - Lead O/S - 09/May/09

Hidden - 2nd dnf - 09/May/09

smudge - Solo O/S - 01/May/09

A comedy climb. Was absolutely convinced I was stuck in the hole, but then realised it was that pesky number nine hex.
barney800 - Lead O/S - May/09 with Katherine Shaw

Great fun through the squeeze
Ropeboy - Solo - 19/Apr/09 with Philip Jennings

popebenedictus - Solo rpt - 18/Apr/09 with Soloed

Got stuck in the hole but not stuck enough not to drop out of the bottom and had a slight panic attack. Perhaps diet required??
Smeggles - 2nd dnf - 18/Apr/09 with Albatross Stu

My god. Tight squeeze, but hanging your rack from a sling on your belay loop helps!
stuartmunn - Lead O/S - 18/Apr/09 with Meg

adrianscott - Solo O/S - 18/Apr/09 with Ben Harding

tommytwotone - Solo O/S - 03/Apr/09

SteveM - Solo O/S - 15/Mar/09

Hidden - 2009

Hidden - 2009

Mr. K - AltLd O/S - 24/Dec/08 with Natalie Wilson

Hidden - AltLd dog - 24/Dec/08

Did the "exposed 'outside' exit" (apparently at HS 4a - Rockfax 2001) after downclimbing from the hole I couldn't fit my chest through.
tommcdonna - Lead O/S - 20/Sep/08 with Jonno Cox

Hidden - TR O/S - 11/Aug/08

Hidden - TR O/S - 11/Aug/08

Well I didn't enjoy the hole in the slightest, was like being born in reverse. Don't see how someone racked up and/or bigger than me could get through.
GuyVG - Solo O/S - 23/Jun/08

Hidden - 2nd - 16/Jun/08

ruthonbike - Lead O/S - 01/Jun/08

left out the hole, really don't want to get stuck!!! struggle to get all the gear back... VD n stanage guide
naine - Lead dnf - 03/May/08 with janina

Went through the hole at the top. Everyone else got wedged in, but I was too small and kept coming down! Glad I was on the rope.
tinyali - 2nd dog - 04/Apr/08 with Hannah Moulton

Hannah Moulton - Lead - 04/Apr/08 with tinyali

Hidden - Solo O/S - Feb/08

kp64zl - Lead - Feb/08 with Keith

Hannah Moulton - 2008

Hidden - 2008

Hidden - Lead O/S - 27/Oct/07

Hidden - Solo O/S - 20/Oct/07

Hidden - 2nd rpt - 20/Oct/07

my ribs/manboobs made this one a physical impossibility. bloody orible!
howlingbaboon - 2nd dnf - 22/Sep/07 with Chris FitzHugh

danm - Solo - Sep/07

Hidden - Lead O/S - 11/Aug/07

duzinga - Lead O/S - 04/Aug/07 with Pete

Hidden - 2nd - Aug/07

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 28/Jul/07

Graeme Hammond - Lead O/S - 09/Jun/07 with Alex Twist

Graeme placed all the rack- to make my exit a bitch!
Twisty - 2nd O/S - 09/Jun/07 with Graeme Hammond

The finish took about 20mins to get through, and involved de-racking everything to squeeze past after about 15 attempts. Lots of scrapes and scratches. Curiously good fun!
hcooper - Lead - 06/Jun/07 with Jennifer Adcott

Note to self: I do not fit through the rat hole.
popebenedictus - AltLd RP - 07/May/07 with Ruth Harding

Powder Puff Girl - TR O/S - 07/May/07 with Ben H

Hidden - Lead O/S - 21/Apr/07

Jim Vach - Solo O/S - 10/Apr/07

dannyboy83 - Solo O/S - 08/Apr/07

Hidden - 2007

Duncan I - 2007

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 19/Nov/06

Hidden - 2nd - 29/Oct/06

freakeystyley34 - Lead O/S - Oct/06

Rampikino - Lead - 17/Sep/06 with Cat

spbond - Lead O/S - 13/Sep/06 with Mark Stitson

Mark Stitson (ULGMC) - 2nd - 13/Sep/06 with Steve Bond

Silly route.
apeman241 - 2nd dnf - 15/Jul/06

Hidden - Lead O/S - 16/Jun/06

gibbo38 - Lead - 03/Jun/06 with brian

In (meticulously cleaned) trainers.
Paz - Lead O/S - 16/Apr/06 with CC2

Took the outside route for a change
Tobias at Home - Lead rpt - 29/Oct/05 with SteveM

SteveM - 2nd - 29/Oct/05 with Tobs

Nicos - Solo O/S - 21/Sep/05 with solo

HaHaHaHaHa Glad im thin!!
loonyclimber - Lead O/S - Sep/05

SMc - Jun/05 with Anne

drysori - Lead - 2005

awkward you just gotta go for it even tho you feel like your about to fall out, helmets dont fit through
Alex Mason - Lead - Oct/04 with rob lonsdale

Outside exit
cem - 2nd - 01/Aug/04 with Rod Strachan

Hidden - 2nd - 24/Jul/04

DerwentDiluted - Lead - 16/Jun/04 with Nicola Pettit

ChrisJD - Lead - 20/May/04 with Clare

Simon Caldwell - Lead O/S - 17/Apr/04 with Carmen

Phil West - 2nd - 27/Mar/04 with David Atherton

Chris was too fat to follow!
Phil West - Lead - 06/Mar/04 with Chris Tan

Jez - Lead O/S - 15/Oct/03

Didn't fit through the hole!
zcapxa5 - Lead dnf - 14/Sep/03 with Ted

Hidden - 2nd - 13/Sep/03

Hidden - 14/Jul/03

Mark Stitson (ULGMC) - Lead - 29/Jun/03

Hidden - Solo O/S - 14/Jun/03

Chris Davids - Lead O/S - Jun/03 with Reuben

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 27/Mar/03

AJ007 - Solo - Sep/02

A Crook - Solo O/S - 11/Jul/02 with Pat Boothman

PenJD - Lead O/S - 08/Jun/02 with Jim and Matt

Hidden - 2002

Roget - Solo O/S - 23/Sep/01

John Brayshaw - Lead O/S - 12/May/01 with Keith Shaw, Richard Tomlinson

Rock Fairy - Lead - 2001

Never again.
Blod - Solo O/S - 18/Mar/00

Hidden - Solo - 24/Jul/99

craig h - 2nd O/S - 21/Jun/98 with Luke Steer

Brian Rodgers - 2nd - 1998 with Paul Hennelly

Hidden - Lead - 18/Oct/97

DundeeDave - Lead dnf - 06/Jul/96 with Charlie, Ben Hughes

Brazzer - 2nd O/S - Aug/95 with Ben Tufnell

did outside route
Ian Archer - Lead O/S - 14/Jul/95 with Andy Symonds

chris d williams - Lead - 14/Jul/95 with Ian Archer

Hidden - Lead - 1995

rocktigger - Lead O/S - 1995 with chopper

Hidden - Solo - 14/Aug/93

Hidden - Solo - 11/Jul/90

DubyaJamesDubya - 1990

Hidden - 15/Jan/89

Iain Thow - Solo rpt - 25/Jun/88

Iain Thow - 2nd - 18/May/88 with Steve di Ponio

BRUCESTRAC - 1988 with Chris Cracknell,Various

John Marsland - Solo - 24/May/86

First trip to Stanage, first climb...in retrospect, not perhaps the wisest choice!
Tony Buckley - Lead - Sep/85 with Steve Byatt

Hidden - Lead - 15/Jun/85

Andy Say - Lead - 1985

John Marsland - Solo - 15/Jul/84

Pete Pozman - AltLd O/S - 16/Jan/83 with Garry Rushworth

Hidden - 2nd - 12/Apr/82

Hidden - Solo O/S - Nov/80

Andy Fielding - Solo - 1980

babymoac - Solo - 1980

Hidden - Lead - Oct/78

MikeDowsett - Lead - 1978

RichardMc - Lead - 16/Jul/77 with Harry Woodbridge

tapley - Solo - 05/Jul/77

Dave Musgrove - Lead - 24/Apr/77 with Jim Worthington

Nigel Bond - Lead - 03/Nov/74 with John

rogerskews - 1973

Given Diff at the time. Helfenstein wasn't the only one who struggled. Chosen to get shelter from the rain.
Rog Wilko - Lead - Nov/70 with Debbie Wilkinson

JonG - 1970

mikej - Solo - 28/Apr/68 with Geoff Williams

mikej - Solo - 03/Jul/66 with Geoff Williams

Hidden - Solo - 11/Jun/66

Hidden - Lead - 28/May/66

Hidden - Lead - 15/May/65

mikej - TR - 24/Feb/65 with Barrie Dixon

Hidden - Solo - 07/Nov/64

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