Rockfax Description
6a, S0, 80m. A very good circular traverse, and a fun introduction to the area. Start on the beach and head round the west tip of the Stair Hole Promontory. Continue into the West Cave at, or very near sea level, to emerge back on the beach. © Rockfax

FSA. Jon Williams 23.5.90 23/May/1990

Ticklists: Dorset weekender.

Circus 03/Oct/15 DWS O/S
with Seren
armand_dude ?/Oct/15 DWS dnf
R2B 27/Sep/15 DWS O/S

Russ' recommended rest-day route. Great fun!

with Charlotte
bullybones 09/Sep/15 DWS

Both ways

AaronBosley ?/Sep/15 DWS O/S
with Connie
James Oakes 31/Aug/15 DWS O/S
Gus 31/Aug/15 DWS
benkelsey 30/Aug/15 DWS O/S

Feel bad for heckling Anna so much on this, total grease fest!

david morse 29/Aug/15 DWS β
with Toms party
Hidden 29/Aug/15 DWS dnf
Hidden 29/Aug/15 Solo
Jake Young 29/Aug/15 DWS rpt
Teappleby 29/Aug/15 DWS dnf

I could give so many excuses as to why this when wrong (wet, watching Anna from a strenuous position, etc ). But basically I just was stupid and fell off!

with Chris Middleton, Caroline Riddiford, Jake Young, Anna Duckett, Ben Kelsey, Jem Greenway
markalmack 29/Aug/15 Solo O/S
willsm11 28/Aug/15 DWS
with Chris Lancaster
Hidden 28/Aug/15 DWS rpt
Hidden 22/Aug/15 DWS rpt
Pepper15 22/Aug/15 -

Greasy and wild seas! Fell off in the cave.

Frances Bensley 18/Aug/15 DWS β
philhaigh 16/Aug/15 DWS O/S
Ekoby 16/Aug/15 Sent dnf
with Nataliehaigh, Phil Haigh
Si dH 08/Aug/15 DWS O/S
with Nick
AJM 08/Aug/15 DWS rpt
Hidden 08/Aug/15 DWS O/S
Sophie Nunn 08/Aug/15 DWS rpt
tsyrett 01/Aug/15 DWS rpt

Spring low tide so went for the low variation. Bit greasy in the cave but good enough

dbrooks 31/Jul/15 DWS O/S

big high tide, went high in the cave

Jake.Perry 25/Jul/15 DWS β
Rupey 25/Jul/15 DWS rpt
with Al and Gaz
Shane Willis 25/Jul/15 DWS O/S

Did the low variant 2 weeks ago and it was dripping, felt 6c. Did the high version today in perfect conditions and it was sublime!

Hidden 25/Jul/15 DWS
Hidden 21/Jul/15 DWS dnf
Rory Bascombe 21/Jul/15 DWS O/S
Tom Corras 21/Jul/15 DWS
Sophie Nunn 19/Jul/15 DWS rpt
Hidden 19/Jul/15 DWS rpt
Hidden 18/Jul/15 DWS rpt
AJM 10/Jul/15 DWS rpt
Sophie Nunn 10/Jul/15 DWS rpt
with Ed B
tsyrett 10/Jul/15 DWS rpt

Both high and low variations. Conditions were good in the cave!

Sophie Nunn 10/Jul/15 DWS rpt
with Ed B
Rupey 08/Jul/15 DWS rpt
with alan
Caspian Johnson 05/Jul/15 DWS β

Quite the excursion

with brices
GPN 05/Jul/15 DWS
Sophie Nunn 03/Jul/15 Solo rpt
with Felix
Rupey 01/Jul/15 DWS rpt
with Al and Gaz
markmac ?/Jul/15 DWS
EveC995 ?/Jul/15 DWS rpt
with shane
Sophie Nunn 30/Jun/15 Solo rpt
with Ed B
Hidden 30/Jun/15 DWS rpt
AJM 30/Jun/15 DWS rpt
Rupey 27/Jun/15 DWS rpt
rjf106 27/Jun/15 Solo O/S
Hidden 27/Jun/15 DWS
Hidden 24/Jun/15 DWS rpt
Sam4242 19/Jun/15 Solo O/S
AlexD 19/Jun/15 Solo rpt
Sophie Nunn 19/Jun/15 Solo rpt
evans859 18/Jun/15 DWS β
lkfitzgerald 18/Jun/15 DWS dnf
Mark Chevassut 18/Jun/15 DWS O/S
Ellie Rymer 18/Jun/15 DWS O/S
Rickrick 14/Jun/15 DWS
WilliamD 25/May/15 DWS O/S

Nice first 3/4, but a pumpy finish. Did it at low tide and still had enough water if I fell. First DWS, had a lot of fun!

Hidden 06/Apr/15 Solo rpt
Stanners 23/Sep/14 Solo O/S

wicked fun! VERY VERY low water!

Elaine Budden 20/Sep/14 Solo β

The inside of the cave was super green and greasy... all adds to the fun though!

with Keiha
twill 19/Sep/14 Solo dnf

All nice till arch, then it got very slimy, popped of a really nice rail, bit of a shame

with Keiha, Lainy, Georgie Weatherly, Chris Sargent
KDhruev 19/Sep/14 Solo rpt
with Lainy
lena.drapella 15/Sep/14 Solo β
with Sky, dannyboy
Hidden 14/Sep/14 DWS rpt
bullybones 05/Sep/14 Solo
Hidden 04/Sep/14 Solo
HAJ Francis ?/Sep/14 Solo O/S
tim newton 24/Aug/14 DWS O/S
J.Wells 24/Aug/14 DWS O/S
with lots
Adam Booth 24/Aug/14 Solo O/S
Gus 24/Aug/14 Solo
Llinos C 24/Aug/14 Solo β
with Cailean Harker, Gav Simmons, Simon Brice
Alex Hallam 24/Aug/14 Solo rpt
Wood for Trees 24/Aug/14 Solo O/S

wasn't thinking and nearly fell off!

with Andre Heckler et al
bede.west 24/Aug/14 Solo O/S


Jake Young 23/Aug/14 Solo rpt
Sophie Nunn 16/Aug/14 Solo
with Sarp
sarpedon 16/Aug/14 Solo rpt

Did it in high tide and with a bit of chop. As hard as it'll get.

Jackwd 16/Aug/14 Solo RP
with Stuart Webster, Scott
herrettscott 16/Aug/14 Solo
with Jackwd
Sophie Nunn 04/Aug/14 Solo rpt
with Alex
Laramadness 02/Aug/14 Solo rpt
Hidden 26/Jul/14 DWS
soph 26/Jul/14 Solo O/S
theotherpetehill 26/Jul/14 Solo O/S
with Ross McKerchar
quiffhanger 26/Jul/14 Solo rpt
with Rachel, Peter Hill
Rupey 24/Jul/14 Solo rpt
JUSTADUDE 23/Jul/14 DWS rpt
with Shane
Rupey 22/Jul/14 Solo rpt
sarpedon 22/Jul/14 Solo rpt

Did it about half a dozen times today to get to the routes.

Hidden 21/Jul/14 DWS
KimberlyJarrad 21/Jul/14 Solo
Hidden 20/Jul/14 DWS rpt
Stuart Johnston 20/Jul/14 Solo O/S


adam 24 20/Jul/14 Solo O/S
Hidden 19/Jul/14 DWS O/S
Rupey 17/Jul/14 Solo rpt
Hidden 17/Jul/14 Solo rpt
shane4747 17/Jul/14 Solo dnf
JUSTADUDE 17/Jul/14 DWS rpt

Didn't get it the first time, went too high. Got it at low tide on the lower section. Does it go high too?

with Shane
max_dickens 13/Jul/14 Solo RP
Rupey 01/Jul/14 Solo rpt
Hidden ?/Jul/14 Solo
smokeyj ?/Jul/14 DWS G/U
KDhruev 29/Jun/14 Solo O/S
jw231 29/Jun/14 Solo rpt

A great way to complete a stag weekend!

sarpedon 29/Jun/14 Solo rpt
dmaldonado 29/Jun/14 Solo dnf
with James Whitlock, Marc McGarry, Nick Blackbeard
Rupey 28/Jun/14 Solo rpt
with Al and Gaz
pymn nice but dim 27/Jun/14 Solo dnf

climbed way too high of the original line into the green roof. bailed above the crux

moguy 24/Jun/14 Solo O/S
Maddie 24/Jun/14 Solo O/S

Awesome crux move, thought I was coming off but just stuck it

with Lola, Remi Richards, Dan S
Remi Richards 24/Jun/14 Solo dnf
with Maddie
Danstephens 24/Jun/14 Solo O/S
with maddie sweetman
SimonMarcYoung 23/Jun/14 Solo dnf
Sophie Nunn 22/Jun/14 Solo rpt
Pete Scott 21/Jun/14 Solo O/S
GeneralFifi 17/Jun/14 DWS G/U
phillipwright 17/Jun/14 DWS O/S
Sophie Nunn 12/Jun/14 Solo rpt
with Alan, Alex
Monkey_Alan 12/Jun/14 Solo rpt
professorcobra 26/May/14 DWS O/S
sarpedon 03/May/14 Solo O/S

Did it close to high tide, the supposedly VDiff part felt like a hard 6b.

RKirke 03/May/14 DWS O/S
with Sarp
AlexD 09/Apr/14 Solo rpt
with Felix
feilx 09/Apr/14 Solo rpt
Hidden 10/Sep/13 Solo rpt
quiffhanger 01/Sep/13 Solo

Had fun helping Cailean guiding Hannah "I cant do this, oh I've just done it" round.

mark20 31/Aug/13 Solo β
Hidden 31/Aug/13 Solo O/S
Gus 25/Aug/13 Solo
with ben rouse, Rob Clifton
liamoloughlin 25/Aug/13 Solo O/S
adam06 25/Aug/13 Solo

ripped my shorts on the last move!

Mattlamb90 24/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Luke Owens 24/Aug/13 Solo RP

Greased off soaking wet in high tide, easy in low tide.

with Boosh Crew
luke384 24/Aug/13 Solo β
with Boosh crew
_m.cox_ 21/Aug/13 Solo rpt
althesin 20/Aug/13 Solo rpt

Clockwise, low water, high in cave.

Jackwd 18/Aug/13 Solo dnf

First DWS trip! Great fun!

althesin 18/Aug/13 Solo dnf
dr_botnik 18/Aug/13 Sent dnf
with Jack D, Chris Daly-Roy, Justin Reid
herrettscott 18/Aug/13 Solo dnf

went west to east, got into cave but fell off pumped from greasy hold, good fun

with lisa, Jackwd
nickwhimster 10/Aug/13 Lead rpt
with Andrew
Rupey 03/Aug/13 Solo
admackie 01/Aug/13 Solo
philmcf ?/Aug/13 Solo O/S
MoWalker3 28/Jul/13 -

leftwards at low level when very wet.

with Joe
Bob M 27/Jul/13 Solo
Norman_P_W 27/Jul/13 Solo
with Bob M
Matt Smith 21/Jul/13 DWS G/U

High tide

Hidden 21/Jul/13 Solo dnf
Jim Brooke 20/Jul/13 Solo O/S
Monkey_Alan 20/Jul/13 Solo rpt
quiffhanger 20/Jul/13 Solo rpt

Fun guiding Matt around :)

rachhunt 20/Jul/13 Solo dnf

hide tide.

Julie Carroll 18/Jul/13 Solo O/S


Clee 18/Jul/13 Solo
Hidden 15/Jul/13 Solo O/S
Monkey_Alan 15/Jul/13 Solo rpt
Julian Prieto 15/Jul/13 Solo dnf

Went too high in the cave, got pumped trying to get across and then reversing and going back down, and eventually fell in.

Rupey 15/Jul/13 Solo
patrickc 13/Jul/13 Solo dnf

Fell when exiting cave.

with Sue
Monkey_Alan 13/Jul/13 Solo rpt

Very greasy - felt desperate!

with John Knight, Lawrence Dudley, Tom Starks
Hidden 13/Jul/13 Solo rpt
nathanlee 12/Jul/13 Solo O/S

great little expidition

with DWS Crew
trev_f 11/Jul/13 Solo rpt
tsyrett 10/Jul/13 Solo O/S
Monkey_Alan 09/Jul/13 Solo rpt

Twice, low and high routes.

AlexD 09/Jul/13 Solo rpt
gibsond 09/Jul/13 Solo rpt
with Martin Johnson, Rich, Alex Dennis, Sophie Nunn, Alan Blanchflower
Hidden 09/Jul/13 Solo
phardy 08/Jul/13 Solo O/S

DWS. Great fun!!

Hidden 08/Jul/13 Solo
Hidden 07/Jul/13 Solo O/S
andyman666999 07/Jul/13 Solo O/S

"retro flash" nice climbing still. Little slippery in spots. Fun

with Pete Jardy, Martin
Hidden 07/Jul/13 Solo rpt
jonleighton 07/Jul/13 Solo rpt
James Mitchelmore 06/Jul/13 Solo O/S
Luxulyan 05/Jul/13 Solo rpt
with Martin, Sophie
Sophie Nunn 05/Jul/13 Solo rpt
Hidden 05/Jul/13 Solo O/S
jonleighton 05/Jul/13 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Jul/13 Solo
Sophie Nunn 28/Jun/13 Solo rpt
with Martin
Hidden 20/Jun/13 Solo dnf
Tophe 11/Jun/13 Solo O/S
with Alex banks, Ben Corbey
Albachoss 10/Jun/13 Solo rpt

Took a different line through the crux, just as tricky for 5a. Good fun.

with Chris, Ben
nimajneb 10/Jun/13 Solo
Sophie Nunn 08/Jun/13 Solo RP
with Ben
Sophie Nunn 08/Jun/13 Solo rpt
with Ben
quiffhanger 03/Jun/13 Solo rpt
with George, Matt W
Albachoss 03/Jun/13 Solo O/S

A tough crux, lovely sharp rock and great positions.

Hidden ??/2013 Solo rpt
Hidden ??/2013 -
MoWalker3 17/Sep/12 Solo
with Joe
lukeh 16/Sep/12 Solo O/S


with frances, Jamie Lewin, simon brice, jack folkes
steve taylor 08/Sep/12 Solo rpt

Gopping wet in the cave!

Alex the Alex ?/Sep/12 Solo RP
dan gibson 26/Aug/12 Solo rpt
with AJ, michael porter
brices 26/Aug/12 DWS G/U
with Jack
Patrick Hill 21/Aug/12 Solo O/S
Lyndsay Superclimber 19/Aug/12 Solo

Fell in on the last hold..does that count?!

onlyfoddington 18/Aug/12 Solo dnf

Definitely try this again

Hidden 14/Aug/12 Solo O/S
Laurence Everitt 12/Aug/12 DWS O/S
Helen Gibson 11/Aug/12 Solo

tried this a few years ago and got wet. But made it round this time. Quite intimidating with the wind and waves. Didn't use chalked up sloper that's impossible to hold, this time! Great fun.

with Paul
Oddjob 11/Aug/12 DWS β
with Adam B
AlexD 10/Aug/12 Solo
with Ed
pete87abs 05/Aug/12 Solo O/S
virgil 05/Aug/12 -
Alex More 04/Aug/12 Solo

Worst conditions ever today with solid 2ft waves washing through the cave forced to take the high line more like dws caving

Hidden ?/Aug/12 Solo O/S
Dale ?/Aug/12 Solo

My first Deep water solo always wanted to do it great fun. It was only very close to the sea. I got soaked when a wave came and drenched me just before the crux, had to finish it off very wet made it harder.

BeccaSnowden 28/Jul/12 Solo rpt

Low down version in cave. Got VERY wet shoes!

Hidden 25/Jul/12 Solo
Hidden 25/Jul/12 Solo O/S
CRiddiford 25/Jul/12 Solo O/S

lowish tide pretty sure this made some of it easier

Jake Young 25/Jul/12 Solo O/S
Alex Norman 24/Jul/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 23/Jul/12 Solo rpt
marcb 22/Jul/12 Solo rpt

oxx - First time was greasy as! Second and third times were great.

Rupey 21/Jul/12 Solo O/S
with alan
Hidden 06/Jul/12 Solo
rustaldo 01/Jul/12 Solo O/S
Luxulyan ?/Jul/12 Solo O/S

Brilliant and quite sustained towards the end. Really safe.

with Mig, Dan Browne, Tom Murrell
joe1joe1joe2 20/Jun/12 Solo O/S

All these routes were climbed between 15th-22nd June 2012. Deep water solo.

shepherd 30/May/12 Solo RP
Hidden 25/May/12 Solo RP
marcb 25/Mar/12 Solo O/S

First DWS of the year. Fun as always! The rock was really dry, and the tide was really low. Kyle got his first clean ascent, Tom fell on the last move losing his OS. Felt super easy, must be way stronger than last year ;) Swam out to Horny Lil Devil. She looks fun, can't wait to try it when the water is a bit warmer!

with Tom, Kyle Goslan
Kyle Goslan 25/Mar/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 16/Oct/11 Solo dnf
Sophie Nunn 03/Oct/11 Solo dnf
with Scott
Hidden 03/Oct/11 Solo
brian watson 02/Oct/11 Solo RP
with neil weymouth
Hidden 02/Oct/11 Solo O/S
Monkey_Alan 01/Oct/11 Solo O/S
gibsond 01/Oct/11 Solo O/S

First DWS. Fantastic. Tide high so no way to keep feet dry.

el_monty 29/Sep/11 Solo O/S
with Zo, Si, Sami
Hidden 29/Sep/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 24/Sep/11 Solo O/S
Joe Black 28/Aug/11 Solo O/S
Bern 21/Aug/11 Solo rpt
Hidden 20/Aug/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 17/Aug/11 Solo rpt
Hidden 16/Aug/11 Solo O/S
dswansonlow 10/Aug/11 Solo rpt
with Feilx
saalty 04/Aug/11 Solo O/S
with andy, Terri, eddy
tatz45 02/Aug/11 Solo O/S
halfdan 01/Aug/11 Solo dnf

Fell off inside the cave

with Marc Baldwin
nath_casper 31/Jul/11 Solo O/S
with stephen, mikey, montse
Montse Shelbourne 31/Jul/11 Solo O/S

nice solo, little scary at the crux

with stephen, mike, Nathan
Hidden 30/Jul/11 Solo O/S
AJM 29/Jul/11 Solo

Did it in both directions, with a splashdown in one direction on a low pumpy variant.

Stone Muppet 29/Jul/11 Solo O/S

Both directions, including F6b-ish low variations. In English money could be anywhere from 5a-5c depending what you do.

with am
Hidden 26/Jul/11 Solo O/S
MoWalker3 24/Jul/11 -

There and back now on the low variation.

marcb 23/Jul/11 Solo rpt
with Martin Evans, Scott Lewis
Hidden 23/Jul/11 Solo O/S
halfdan 23/Jul/11 Solo dnf

Fell off inside the cave

with Marc Baldwin
Hidden 13/Jul/11 Solo
Hidden 13/Jul/11 Solo O/S
marcb 10/Jul/11 Solo RP
Hidden 02/Jul/11 Solo
tom106 14/Jun/11 Solo rpt
with laura
loz901 14/Jun/11 Solo O/S
funsized 03/Jun/11 Solo O/S

Clockwise, cave section only.

Robin Head 01/Jun/11 Solo dnf
feilx 01/Jun/11 Solo rpt
Ed Westwood 14/May/11 Lead O/S
with Tom Horton, gidmord, Ben Harper
gidmord 14/May/11 -
with Tom Horton, Ben Harper, Ed Westwood
oliver.ghill91 25/Apr/11 Solo
Chris_barr 25/Apr/11 Solo O/S
with DWS Team
Alex More 23/Apr/11 Solo O/S
Sami Mandeel 20/Apr/11 Solo rpt
Hidden 16/Apr/11 Solo rpt
Felix Ottey ??/2011 Solo
Hidden 19/Sep/10 Solo O/S
jayrenegade 18/Sep/10 Solo O/S

Awesome, felt hard F6a+ in my guide. Guess it's not really 6a+.

LiLaMont 04/Sep/10 Solo β
lukas richardo ?/Sep/10 Solo

a beautiful thing. in the cave i went high, then low, then high some more, to an exit with the sea lapping at my heels and an acute burning sensation in my biceps.

tim_mcd 30/Aug/10 Solo O/S
monsteratt 30/Aug/10 Solo O/S
jelaby 30/Aug/10 Solo rpt
with Caroline, Manchi, Tim McDonald, Thom Allen, notgnarly, CoffeePot
Hidden 30/Aug/10 Solo rpt
nickwhimster 30/Aug/10 Solo O/S
with Matt B
coffeepot 30/Aug/10 Solo dnf
Manchi 30/Aug/10 Solo β
Mattb1421 30/Aug/10 Solo O/S

Nice traverse had lots of fun...did get my boots wet coming round into the cave!

with Wills, Nick Whimster
pawelx 29/Aug/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 16/Aug/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 16/Aug/10 Solo RP
thomb 12/Aug/10 Solo O/S
feilx 11/Aug/10 Solo rpt
langar27 09/Aug/10 Solo O/S
jbulger 08/Aug/10 Solo O/S
tsyrett 08/Aug/10 Solo
Hidden 07/Aug/10 Solo dnf
mark_wellin 30/Jul/10 Solo O/S
Sophie Nunn 30/Jul/10 Solo dnf

A liitle damp!!

tom106 28/Jul/10 Solo rpt


with felix, jake, andy
Dax 25/Jul/10 Solo dnf

Really low tide so had to stay low .. unable to make move in cave (not sure how the move went .. no way the route I was on was a 5a though). Also was wearing booties rather than rock boots .. made not the slightest bit of difference as the climbing was either very easy or hard work on your arms/fingers.

sparkass 25/Jul/10 Solo O/S
JulesV 24/Jul/10 Solo
conorjclarke 18/Jul/10 Solo

very high tide plus the low route (I think?) so most of me was in the water for most of the climb. if there was a "solo dogged" option I think that would be appropriate for a floatclimb like this

Hidden 18/Jul/10 Solo dnf
Ed Babs 11/Jul/10 DWS O/S
Tom Last 10/Jul/10 Solo

Splosh! Very greasy in the cave. Third time on the Maypole.

with mkean
Greg Pittam 03/Jul/10 Solo dnf

Fell in the cave near the end

with Raff, Clare Richardson
Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe 03/Jul/10 Lead β
with DWStag
Ali.B ?/Jul/10 Solo O/S

Gorgeous first intro to DWS.

Ed Booth 28/Jun/10 Solo rpt
TiffTiff 19/Jun/10 Solo rpt
Rose Williams 06/Jun/10 Solo dnf

again fell in the cave at the sloping hold below where gareth was sat!

tom106 04/Jun/10 Solo
Hidden 03/Jun/10 Solo RP
jacobjlloyd 03/Jun/10 Solo rpt
with Joe Premier, Arnaud, Tom Smart, Tom Maidwell
gidmord 03/Jun/10 Solo β

With Ted, Jo and Dougie.

TiffTiff 03/Jun/10 Solo RP
Ceridwen 03/Jun/10 Solo rpt
Jo Davison 03/Jun/10 Solo β
with Dougie
gnc760 03/Jun/10 Solo rpt
with James Kay, Rose Williams
Hidden 03/Jun/10 Solo O/S
dswansonlow 03/Jun/10 DWS rpt
jacobjlloyd 19/May/10 Solo rpt

wimped out of the low option and went up to avoid the crux..

with Felix
feilx 19/May/10 Solo rpt
Hidden 15/May/10 Solo
Hidden 07/Apr/10 Solo dnf
Hidden 14/Mar/10 Solo rpt
Hidden 14/Mar/10 Solo rpt
Jane Weir ??/2010 -
Mr Tickle 13/Sep/09 Solo O/S
davenev 13/Sep/09 Solo
marcduhig 13/Sep/09 Solo O/S
Ade7 13/Sep/09 Solo β
Matt Bennett 12/Sep/09 Solo O/S
Dan 85 12/Sep/09 Solo O/S
with Alex B, Matt, Alexander, John Emett
adam coxsell 09/Sep/09 Solo
gnc760 07/Sep/09 Solo O/S

Cool. Took the high road through the cave to watch Rose and Cocky take a soaking on the the low road. Beezer.

with Cocky, Rose Williams
Rose Williams 07/Sep/09 Solo dnf

gareth sat on the easy high bit inside the cave, me and cocky took the low road and got wet!!! grrr, great fun!

with cocky
shark 31/Aug/09 Solo

Ben got as far as the last leg coming back to the thru cave and he swam back.

with Ben
Hidden 29/Aug/09 Solo RP
Rob Laird 29/Aug/09 DWS O/S
Hidden 29/Aug/09 Solo rpt
mr random 29/Aug/09 Solo RP

Fell after doing the hard section, went back and got it clean. anoying!

dan gibson 29/Aug/09 Solo rpt
with AJ, michael porter
Alfredo 23/Aug/09 Solo dnf

3 soakings! low level options attempted, felt like 6B moves but with wet feet. Excellent fun.

Ceridwen 19/Aug/09 Solo dnf
Hidden 17/Aug/09 Solo dnf
chiverstom 16/Aug/09 Solo O/S
sammo247 16/Aug/09 Solo O/S
drysori 16/Aug/09 Solo
Hidden 11/Aug/09 Solo RP
Hidden 11/Aug/09 Sent O/S
Hidden 09/Aug/09 Solo rpt
Hidden 09/Aug/09 Solo O/S
Warren Earle 09/Aug/09 Solo
Hidden 02/Aug/09 Solo rpt
hailtryfan ?/Aug/09 Solo rpt
TiffTiff 08/Jul/09 Solo dnf
with Felix
feilx 08/Jul/09 Solo rpt
Kyle Rance 05/Jul/09 Solo O/S

awsome climb

with Chris Cracknell
thomasadixon 01/Jul/09 Solo rpt

Great route!

with Becca
dswansonlow 01/Jul/09 Solo rpt
BeccaSnowden 01/Jul/09 Solo RP
with Tom
jacobjlloyd 01/Jul/09 Solo O/S
with Dougie
LardClimber 29/Jun/09 Solo O/S

Went through the cave first then around the back.

feilx 28/Jun/09 Solo rpt
Hidden 28/Jun/09 Solo RP
andy jennings 24/Jun/09 Solo O/S
Owen W-G 21/Jun/09 Solo O/S

Low tide, stayed low, at least 2 bits of 5b (5c?) on the steep bits. Did it in both directions.

with Gav & Si
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 21/Jun/09 Solo rpt
Hidden 21/Jun/09 Solo
Hidden 20/Jun/09 Solo O/S
francois 20/Jun/09 Solo RP
with Chawn, Catherine, Selena and Chris
feilx 19/Jun/09 Solo rpt
steve taylor 03/Jun/09 Solo rpt
with Jon Biddle
Ceridwen 02/Jun/09 Solo O/S
Ceridwen 02/Jun/09 Solo rpt

Did it again making it harder.

feilx 02/Jun/09 Solo rpt
steve taylor 31/May/09 Solo rpt
dswansonlow 24/Apr/09 Solo O/S
with Feilx
feilx 24/Apr/09 Solo rpt
feilx 15/Apr/09 Solo rpt
Alex More ??/2009 Solo β
sam_cox ??/2009 Solo
Ben Harper 29/Sep/08 Solo O/S
feilx 29/Sep/08 Solo rpt
tobydunford 21/Sep/08 Solo O/S
matt.woodfield 15/Sep/08 Solo
Hidden 13/Sep/08 Solo O/S
anguskille 30/Aug/08 Solo O/S

first DWS route :)

fennerz 30/Aug/08 Solo O/S
with Angus and Ed
hailtryfan ?/Aug/08 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Aug/08 Solo dnf
Hidden 27/Jul/08 Solo O/S
steve taylor 27/Jul/08 Solo rpt
Hidden 27/Jul/08 Solo dnf
btc 26/Jul/08 Solo β
breed 24/Jul/08 Solo O/S
thomasadixon 29/Jun/08 Solo O/S

6b+ version

Chris Sansum 29/Jun/08 Solo dnf

My first DWS route. Start was a bit of a sharp jaggedy rock solo rather than a deep water solo, as you would have hit quite a lot if you'd come off, mainly due to the quite low tide level. Made it nearly all the way, then bottled it after running out of steam on the overhanging 6b+ crux section - not used to this falling off malarky, being a trad climber! Great fun though. Water wasn't too cold, surprisingly, although the sea was a bit choppy at times!

Tom Last 23/Jun/08 Solo rpt

Did it last week and sandbagged Chester on it this week. He did it though, a great effort on the 6b+ version.

with Chester
Tom Last 15/Jun/08 Solo O/S

6b+ version. Great route, angry seagulls around by 'TJandtheRW', so would avoid those routes for now...

vertigo 08/Jun/08 Solo O/S
crobinson ?/Jun/08 -
with Tom Last
Hidden 24/May/08 Solo rpt
Peter Swift ??/2008 Solo dnf
with Trevor
hippo99 12/Sep/07 Solo O/S

very duckie

with sam cox, louis bosence
timharrison 29/Aug/07 Solo O/S
Ram MkiV 25/Aug/07 Solo O/S
with Dan
maybe_si 12/Aug/07 Solo O/S
CharlieC 12/Aug/07 Solo dnf
james.f.williamson 12/Aug/07 Solo

Completed with fall. Left red shoe dye and chalk paste along the way.

with Si & Jez
trevor macalonan 11/Aug/07 Solo rpt
Bern ?/Aug/07 Solo rpt
jw231 ?/Aug/07 Solo O/S
philhilo ?/Aug/07 Solo O/S
_m.cox_ ?/Aug/07 Solo O/S
Brown 15/Jul/07 Solo O/S
with Alex
Hidden ?/Jul/07 Solo dnf
AJ007 09/Jun/07 Solo
dan gibson 09/Jun/07 Solo O/S
Hidden 28/May/07 Solo O/S
dmoir 20/May/07 Solo O/S
with Dan B and Felix C
dannyboy83 20/May/07 Solo O/S
with Dave Moir, Felix Coxwell
Hidden 05/May/07 Solo O/S
Mowglee 05/May/07 Solo
trev_f 10/Apr/07 Solo RP
with John Godding
Rob Kennard ??/2007 -
chrisbevins ??/2007 Solo O/S
Hidden ??/2007 -
Hidden ??/2007 Solo O/S
steve2006 ??/2007 Sent dnf

great bit of fun... ok a fell into sea but Sarah and David both got to watch me on a slab opposite.

Hidden 16/Sep/06 Solo
Hidden 27/Aug/06 Solo
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 22/Aug/06 Solo rpt
Hidden 10/Aug/06 Solo O/S
AlexD 06/Aug/06 Solo rpt
Hidden 06/Aug/06 Solo
derico ?/Aug/06 Solo O/S
with Dave J
Hidden 16/Jul/06 Solo
JPGR 01/Jul/06 Solo
feilx 01/Jul/06 Solo O/S
Dunx ?/Jul/06 Solo O/S

Awsome traverse, great intro to DWS!

bigie bob 10/Jun/06 Solo O/S
phil stubbs 01/Mar/06 Solo
with Jamie Murray
steve taylor ??/2006 Lead
feeko ??/2006 -
Marti999 ??/2006 Lead
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing ?/Sep/05 Solo O/S
Sparky!!!3 28/Aug/05 Solo


Sparky!!!3 03/Aug/05 Solo
with alex more
Hidden ?/Aug/05 Solo O/S
steve taylor 13/Jul/05 Solo β


Hidden ?/Jun/05 Solo O/S
tombeasley ??/2005 -
Laramadness 28/Jul/04 Solo β
Richard Horn ??/2004 Solo O/S
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 14/Jul/03 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Jun/03 Solo
Hidden 17/Jul/00 DWS
timbanton ??/2000 -
Hidden 24/Jul/99 Solo O/S
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