Horny Lil' Devil*** 7a
[Sue Hazel takes a break on the knee bar rest of Horny Lil' Devil (7a), 3 kb]14m.

Rockfax Description
S0. A brilliant, juggy traverse across the bottom of the wall. © ROCKFAX

FA. Pete Oxley 19.5.92 19/May/1992

Ticklists: ROCKFAX Dorset 2012: Graded Sport List, Classic UK F7s, Hard water, Jurassic 7a.

Photo: Sue Hazel takes a break on the knee bar rest of Horny Lil' Devil (7a) © Kafoozalem
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mega good fun! think I enjoyed it more pumping out and falling off the final move to the other side of the cave! Must get back on after less cake. No hands rest is godly.
Stanners - Solo dnf - 23/Sep/14 with Kyle Williamson

Hidden - Solo rpt - 14/Sep/14

Haydn Jones - DWS β - 06/Sep/14 with neil furness, mark rankine, liam Postlethwaite, nathan lee

nathanlee - Solo rpt - 06/Sep/14 with DWS Crew

Newham - Solo O/S - Sep/14

tim newton - DWS O/S - 24/Aug/14

Alex moore - Solo - 24/Aug/14

westyb3 - Solo rpt - 24/Aug/14 with Cailean Harker, Gav Symonds

J.Wells - DWS β - 24/Aug/14 with lots

Adam Booth - Solo O/S - 24/Aug/14

Llinos C - Solo β - 24/Aug/14 with Cailean Harker, Gav Simmons, Simon Brice

brices - Solo rpt - 24/Aug/14 with Llinos, Ben West, Ben Norman, Cailean

highrepute - Solo - 24/Aug/14

Not tried this for about 3-4 years. Great day with everyone shouting beta from both sides!! Fell off one hold before the rest. Sad. Rekindled the love for the DWS!
Alex Hallam - Solo dnf - 24/Aug/14

not my thing "time to test your lock strength Guy" I effectively lowered myself into the sea...
GuyVG - Solo dnf - 24/Aug/14 with Andre Heckler et al

Ridiculously pumped. Sketchy after the other routes
morganator - Solo β - 24/Aug/14 with Dan Arkle

DWS. unexpected fall! slipy foot holds. Just not good enough.
bede.west - Solo dnf - 24/Aug/14 with jack lawledge, Henry Francis

NDD - Solo β - 23/Aug/14 with Mike Watson, sam harvie

Jake Young - Solo RP - 23/Aug/14

BenNorman - Solo rpt - 23/Aug/14

Yet another evening of falling off
Sophie Nunn - Solo dnf - 20/Aug/14 with Sarp

Be back for this! Quite slimy!
Jackwd - Solo dnf - 18/Aug/14

Sophie Nunn - Solo dnf - 16/Aug/14 with Sarp

BenL - Solo β - 16/Aug/14 with Roger Kirke

josh Bamsey - Solo RP - 15/Aug/14

AlexD - Solo rpt - 04/Aug/14 with Sophie

Sophie Nunn - Solo dnf - 04/Aug/14 with Alex

3rd go
theotherpetehill - Solo RP - 26/Jul/14 with Ross McKerchar

_m.cox_ - Solo rpt - 26/Jul/14

soph - Solo O/S - 26/Jul/14 with Ross McKerchar

quiffhanger - Solo rpt - 26/Jul/14 with Rachel, Peter Hill, Matt

Ohhhh yeah. At last. You wait ages for a Lulworth 7...
Ed Babs - Solo RP - 24/Jul/14 with AlexD

KDhruev - Solo RP - 24/Jul/14 with Katie

AlexD - Solo RP - 23/Jul/14

Hidden - Solo rpt - 20/Jul/14

Hidden - Solo rpt - 20/Jul/14

Had 4 goes to work out the sequence but kept dropping the last hard (and big) move. Awesome route and totally safe.
Stuart Johnston - Solo dnf - 20/Jul/14 with Adam Ryan

adam 24 - Solo dnf - 20/Jul/14

Hidden - Solo O/S - 19/Jul/14

danmullett - Solo RP - 15/Jul/14

Rupey - Solo RP - 08/Jul/14 with alan

Rupey - Solo dnf - 01/Jul/14

Hidden - Solo - Jul/14

piken - Jul/14

Mark Warnett - Solo RP - Jul/14

fell just shy of the finish will be back for it clean!
pymn nice but dim - Solo dnf - 27/Jun/14

Perryman - Solo - 22/Jun/14

Sophie Nunn - Solo dnf - 22/Jun/14

Sophie Nunn - Solo dnf - 12/Jun/14 with Alan, Alex

Finally got it on the 4th attempt today. I found the end much more difficult than the rest of the route, maybe because it was green and slick?
sarpedon - Solo RP - 03/May/14

AlexD - Solo dnf - 10/Apr/14 with Murrey, James Doc, Felix

Fell right at the end. The finishing wall was green and slick. Definitely next time.
sarpedon - Solo dnf - 09/Apr/14

AlexD - Solo dnf - 09/Apr/14 with Murrey, James Doc, Felix

ejected - 2014

Hidden - Solo dnf - 10/Sep/13

Felt well sketch for some reason.
quiffhanger - Solo rpt - 01/Sep/13

tom harrison - Solo - 01/Sep/13 with Matt cox

mark20 - Solo RP - 31/Aug/13

Hidden - Solo O/S - 31/Aug/13

6 drops before doing it
Mattlamb90 - Solo - 25/Aug/13 with Mark Riley, Ryan, Luke Owens, Tibbett, Luke

7 splash downs over two days. Couldn't figure out the move out of the deep backhand! Awesome route
Luke Owens - Solo dnf - 25/Aug/13 with Boosh Crew

Gus - Solo - 25/Aug/13 with ben rouse, Rob Clifton

liamoloughlin - Solo β - 25/Aug/13

First ever splashdown followed by first ever DWS route. LOVE IT!
kieranrex - 24/Aug/13 with Boosh Crew

Mark Riley - Solo O/S - 24/Aug/13

luke384 - Solo β - 24/Aug/13 with Boosh crew

again almost 10 years since 1st time
spidey - Solo β - 24/Aug/13 with mat lamb, luke clarke, luke owens

_m.cox_ - Solo rpt - 21/Aug/13 with BenNorman, Brices, no_need_for_lube_yan, Ben West

1st go comfortably today, so much fun!
BenNorman - Solo RP - 21/Aug/13

High tide and everything was greasy. Feet slipping everywhere but got through to the crux. Was setting up for it when foot slipped mid move dammit !!!
andyman666999 - Solo dnf - 20/Aug/13 with Martin

Tom Briggs - Jagged Globe - Solo rpt - 13/Aug/13

well phyched with this! did it 4th go ... couldn't do the knee bar (idiot) but once i got it the rest was easy
Alistair Corbett - Solo - 10/Aug/13 with Sam, Ed

3rd go this year
Rupey - Solo dnf - 03/Aug/13 with Jonathan

Hidden - Solo dnf - 02/Aug/13

bottled the move before the rest on the flash, and never quite made it that far on subsequent attempts... bugger!
Jim Brooke - Solo dnf - 20/Jul/13

Bisset - Solo RP - 20/Jul/13 with Vera

jonleighton - Solo dnf - 20/Jul/13

did it on 3rd attempt, no beta, ground up
James Mitchelmore - Solo RP - 18/Jul/13

Hidden - Solo dnf - 13/Jul/13

well good, big holds all the way. the kneebars so good you don't want to leave it!
nathanlee - Solo O/S - 12/Jul/13 with DWS Crew

So much fun but real tired, will be back
BenNorman - Solo dnf - 10/Jul/13

Burly little crux innit! Got the double kneebar this time too, so comfy!
Mike Goldthorp - Solo rpt - 09/Jul/13 with Simon, Ben Norman

Bisset - Solo dnf - 08/Jul/13 with Martin J

Hidden - Solo O/S - 07/Jul/13

brices - Solo rpt - 07/Jul/13 with Sash

Not sure if i have tried this before ! Climbed to a pinch, unable to find hidden left layaway despite people shouting beta, fell trying to lock off into huge bucket ! WIll be back as super fun.
andyman666999 - Solo dnf - 07/Jul/13 with Pete Jardy, Martin

Jus - 07/Jul/13

Luxulyan - Solo dnf - 07/Jul/13 with Alex, Sophie

Sophie Nunn - Solo dnf - 07/Jul/13 with Richard, Alex

AlexD - Solo dnf - 07/Jul/13 with Richard, Sophie

Hidden - Solo dnf - 07/Jul/13

jonleighton - Solo RP - 07/Jul/13

Glyn - Solo β - 05/Jul/13 with Jon Leighton

Luxulyan - Solo dnf - 05/Jul/13 with Martin, Sophie

Sophie Nunn - Solo dnf - 05/Jul/13 with Richard, Martin

jonleighton - Solo dnf - 05/Jul/13

Hidden - Solo dnf - 30/Jun/13

Tophe - Solo β - 11/Jun/13 with Alex banks, Ben Corbey

4 attempts and 4 swims!
Sophie Nunn - Solo dnf - 08/Jun/13 with Ben

Patrick Hill - Solo β - 08/Jun/13 with olly12344

quiffhanger - Solo rpt - 03/Jun/13 with George, Matt W

Gus - Solo β - 01/Jun/13 with bob hickish, simon "the horse" wilson

Hidden - Solo RP - 01/Jun/13

Cailean Harker - 2013

feeko - 2013

yan hawkins - Solo RP - 2013

lukeh - Solo β - 16/Sep/12 with frances, Jamie Lewin, simon brice, jack folkes

Mostly dry...
quiffhanger - Lead O/S - 08/Sep/12

dan gibson - Solo rpt - 26/Aug/12 with AJ, michael porter

Great climb! Slimy hold. Want to get back on it.
DorsetGareth - Solo dnf - 19/Aug/12

Ramon Marin - Solo O/S - 12/Aug/12

pretty intimidated as first route of day.
brices - Solo β - 11/Aug/12 with Jack, Joe Day

Ramon Marin - Solo O/S - 11/Aug/12

Oddjob - DWS β - 11/Aug/12 with Adam B

AlexD - Solo dnf - 10/Aug/12 with Ed

Got through crux up to final section and then messed up the finish. Need to get back! Had some kayaker issues which put me off a little...
BeccaSnowden - Solo dnf - 28/Jul/12

finally plucked up the courage to have a proper go and after watching the numerous attempts of others got fairly far but not further than the crux, cant wait to try it again!
CRiddiford - Solo dnf - 28/Jul/12

Will be back next heat wave, so much fun :P
Jake Young - Solo dnf - 28/Jul/12

Second go, fell off just before the jugs first try. Great climb.
thomasadixon - Solo RP - 28/Jul/12

Alex Norman - Solo RP - 27/Jul/12

Hidden - Solo - 25/Jul/12

Hidden - Solo dnf - 25/Jul/12

tried this about 5times and got wet every time trying the crux and making the move to the next hold from the porthole! devastated. great route though.
rustaldo - Solo dnf - 01/Jul/12

mwatson - Solo β - Jun/12

On my own so only went a little way, then jumped off.
Bisset - Solo dnf - 25/May/12

Took the cold plunge mid way pumped
Alex More - Solo dnf - 13/May/12

brian watson - Solo dnf - 02/Oct/11

To crux move after pocket
Jon_Warner - Solo dnf - 02/Oct/11

3 times in 1 session :)
quiffhanger - Solo rpt - 02/Oct/11

Hidden - Solo β - 26/Aug/11

feilx - Solo rpt - 24/Aug/11

Bern - Solo rpt - 21/Aug/11

Hidden - Solo O/S - 20/Aug/11

Chuffed with a bare footed full wetsuit send.
Pete Scott - Solo - 20/Aug/11

Hidden - Solo rpt - 17/Aug/11

dswansonlow - Solo RP - 10/Aug/11 with Feilx

Hidden - Solo - 06/Aug/11

Hidden - Solo rpt - 05/Aug/11

alaan - Solo rpt - 02/Aug/11

Hidden - Solo dnf - 26/Jul/11

second go
Jeronimo - Solo RP - 02/Jul/11

tom106 - Solo rpt - 14/Jun/11 with laura

hadnt done for a year, sooo much fun.
tom106 - Solo rpt - 08/Jun/11

feilx - Solo rpt - 08/Jun/11

funsized - Solo dnf - 03/Jun/11

funsized - Solo β - 03/Jun/11

Onsight attempt with unsurprising results
funsized - Solo dnf - 01/Jun/11

feilx - Solo rpt - 17/May/11

sarpedon - Solo dnf - 17/May/11

feilx - Solo rpt - 10/May/11

harvie - Solo O/S - 03/May/11

Chris_barr - Solo β - 25/Apr/11 with DWS Team

oliver.ghill91 - Solo - 25/Apr/11

Alex More - Solo dnf - 23/Apr/11

jelaby - Solo β - 30/Aug/10 with Darcy, Thom Allen

Hidden - Solo dnf - 30/Aug/10

ellis - Solo rpt - 29/Aug/10

morganator - Solo RP - 29/Aug/10 with Tom Bridgeland, Andy Benson

feilx - Solo rpt - 18/Aug/10

feilx - Solo rpt - 11/Aug/10

langar27 - Solo dnf - 09/Aug/10

looks to have a fantastic sequence from what I saw and from as far as I got. will need to give a it a few more goes to get the right holds at the right time!
jbulger - Solo dnf - 08/Aug/10

tsyrett - Solo dnf - 08/Aug/10

Brilliant! DWS is so intimidating! But this is a good introduction, nice n low with some sweet moves on good holds. Couldnt get the double knee bar to work but got one solid and was fine.
Mike Goldthorp - Solo O/S - 04/Aug/10 with alex mason

Went first found it trick to get across to the holds below the knee bar until i found the low lock. Day salvaged after being rained off swanage and heading to HQ.
Alex Mason - Solo O/S - 04/Aug/10 with Mikey G

feilx - Solo rpt - 04/Aug/10

tuftynick - Solo RP - 02/Aug/10 with nick warren

Hidden - Solo - 31/Jul/10

mark_wellin - Solo dnf - 30/Jul/10

jacobjlloyd - Solo RP - 28/Jul/10 with Tom Maidwell, Felix

feilx - Solo rpt - 28/Jul/10

1st go but plenty of beta!
tom106 - Solo β - 28/Jul/10 with felix, jake, andy

Very pumpy, would be a very hard onsight!
sparkass - Solo β - 25/Jul/10

3 gos. Awesome.
Chubbard - Solo dnf - 25/Jul/10 with Harvey

DWS awesome climb, couldn't get the double knee bar to work but still awesome!
Chris J Houston - Solo RP - 19/Jul/10 with martha

DWS awesome climb, couldn't get the double knee bar to work but still awesome!
Chris J Houston - Solo RP - 19/Jul/10 with martha

ian1234567 - Solo dnf - 18/Jul/10

Greg Pittam - Solo dnf - 03/Jul/10

Ed Booth - Solo rpt - 28/Jun/10

Leeds - Solo β - 27/Jun/10

eddy-on-the-rocks - Solo rpt - 26/Jun/10

thomb - Solo - 26/Jun/10

feilx - Solo rpt - 25/Jun/10

feilx - Solo rpt - 23/Jun/10

La Mont - Solo β - 19/Jun/10

feilx - Solo rpt - 17/Jun/10

feilx - Solo rpt - 15/Jun/10

feilx - Solo rpt - 11/Jun/10

Super bitchin'
Gareth Clendinning (UBMC) - Solo RP - 06/Jun/10 with James Kay

Hidden - DWS G/U - 06/Jun/10

feilx - Solo rpt - 05/Jun/10

feilx - Solo rpt - 03/Jun/10

I always fall off the move from the porthole. Next time. Maybe.
jacobjlloyd - Solo dnf - 19/May/10 with Felix

feilx - Solo rpt - 19/May/10

Jane Weir - 2010

feilx - Solo rpt - 2010

adam coxsell - Solo dnf - 09/Sep/09

Reached the knee bar but didn't have enough juice to get into position. Super steep fun climbing.
Gareth Clendinning (UBMC) - Solo dnf - 07/Sep/09

nathanmanc - Solo RP - 29/Aug/09

Got wet, quality line though
chiverstom - Solo dnf - 16/Aug/09 with WIl Treasure

sammo247 - Solo dnf - 16/Aug/09

Hidden - Solo dnf - 09/Aug/09

Hidden - Solo dnf - 09/Aug/09

Hidden - Solo - 02/Aug/09

TiffTiff - Solo dnf - 08/Jul/09 with Felix

Hidden - Solo RP - 01/Jul/09

dswansonlow - Solo dnf - 01/Jul/09 with jacob loyd

jacobjlloyd - Solo dnf - 01/Jul/09 with Dougie

feilx - Solo rpt - 28/Jun/09

Fantastic!!! My first 7a flash too.
vertigo - Solo β - 24/Jun/09 with Dave Moir

andy jennings - Solo dnf - 24/Jun/09

feilx - Solo rpt - 19/Jun/09

steve taylor - Solo dnf - 03/Jun/09 with Jon Biddle

feilx - Solo rpt - 02/Jun/09

dswansonlow - Solo dnf - 24/Apr/09 with Feilx

feilx - Solo rpt - 24/Apr/09

feilx - Solo rpt - 15/Apr/09

dmoir - Lead β - 29/Sep/08

feilx - Solo rpt - 29/Sep/08

feilx - Solo rpt - 13/Sep/08

Hidden - Solo - 13/Sep/08

brilliant route, with a nice decent/jump
anguskille - Solo RP - 30/Aug/08 with Ed Booth

took three falls, two of them back slappers, didn't have the heart for a fourth go...i'm gonna have another go next time
fennerz - Solo dnf - 30/Aug/08 with Angus and Ed

dan gibson - Solo rpt - 24/Aug/08

Hidden - Solo RP - 27/Jul/08

trev_f - Solo dnf - 23/Jul/08

Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH - DWS rpt - 28/Jun/08

Boy - 2008

gazhbo - DWS G/U - 2008

hippo99 - Solo RP - 12/Sep/07 with sam cox, louis bosence

sam_cox - Solo - 12/Sep/07

Martin Krasnansky - Lead β - 08/Sep/07

Got wet twice then did it 3rd go. V greasy but didn't detract - brilliant, unique moves and hands off rest. Wet shoes and no chalk but makes no difference the holds are so big, amazing.
Ram MkiV - Solo - 25/Aug/07 with Dan

Hidden - Solo rpt - 03/Aug/07

_m.cox_ - Solo O/S - Aug/07

dan gibson - Solo O/S - 09/Jun/07

Pumpy but excellent. Got it on second visit!
thomb - Solo RP - Jun/07 with Darren

dannyboy83 - Solo G/U - 20/May/07 with Dave Moir, Felix Coxwell

Rob Kennard - 2007

Hidden - Solo O/S - 2007

Hidden - 2007

Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH - DWS O/S - 22/Aug/06

bronsonite - Solo O/S - 05/Aug/06

lx - Solo - Aug/06

Will_he_fall - Solo β - Aug/06

derico - Solo RP - Aug/06 with Dave J

Hidden - Aug/06

feilx - Solo RP - 01/Jul/06

Richard Horn - Solo RP - 17/Jun/06

bigie bob - Solo RP - 10/Jun/06

bfreeman - Solo RP - Jun/06

steve taylor - Lead - 2006

Bern - Solo - 2006

feeko - 2006

Marti999 - Lead - 2006

Hidden - Solo dnf - 21/Aug/05

Top route
steve taylor - Solo β - 13/Jul/05 with Ben Stokes

Hidden - Solo O/S - Jun/05

spidey - Solo - 10/Aug/03

kristian - Solo O/S - 2003

2nd go
simon kimber - Solo RP - 2003

Hidden - Solo O/S - 02/Sep/02

Hidden - Solo - 2002

Hidden - Solo β - 24/Jul/99

Dringo - 1998

Richard White - Lead RP - Jul/96 with Dave Pickford

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