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maxkellock 24/Sep Sent O/S
hirving 18/Sep Sent rpt
with Woody
Hidden 18/Sep Sent O/S
Bobo521 18/Sep Sent
Chris Ellis 17/Sep Sent
with Rachel Ellis, Kathryn Ellis
Hidden 15/Sep Sent
anitauk 11/Sep Sent O/S
jh305 11/Sep Sent
Charlotte Nelson 06/Sep Sent
with Tess
Hidden 08/Aug Sent O/S
Hidden 08/Aug Sent O/S
cbonner 07/Aug Sent O/S
cols1982 07/Aug Sent
with cbonner
karlb 06/Aug Sent
Luke Owens 29/Jul Sent β
with Olivia Owens, Leon Owens, Danielle Louise Hilton
Jim Malo 25/Jul Sent rpt
Vixxm 25/Jul Sent
with Baldy
Hidden 17/Jul Sent rpt
Hidden 17/Jul Sent O/S
pawel suhy 23/Jun Sent O/S
craig.england1 05/Jun Sent
with Dave F
Hidden 20/May Sent
cpoad 17/May Sent O/S
Hidden 09/May Sent
Hidden 06/May Sent
Hidden 04/May Sent
chrissloan84 19/Apr Sent
David Walker 10/Apr Sent rpt
with Steve Grey, Dan Piddock, James Carpenter, Maria
Hidden 10/Apr Sent
Antony Mariani 25/Mar Sent O/S
with Jo P
Hidden 25/Mar Sent O/S
PanzerHanzler 13/Mar Sent rpt
CJC 13/Mar Sent
with Ollie
Oliver-Lambourn08 13/Mar Sent O/S
with CJC
mattwyles1 27/Feb Solo
Hidden 16/Feb Sent O/S
Hidden ??/2016 -
AndyPagett 20/Dec/15 Sent O/S
with Sarah Hennell
cragsman9000 04/Oct/15 Sent O/S
with Neil
bob_cbr 04/Oct/15 Sent
Bullybones 02/Oct/15 Sent
JP78 27/Sep/15 Sent rpt
crazy pierre 19/Sep/15 Sent
with Och, Sarah Bear
rock hobbit 123 19/Sep/15 Sent x
Durbs 18/Sep/15 Sent
freemanTom 06/Sep/15 Sent rpt
with Nicky
Hidden 05/Sep/15 Sent rpt
Tslater ?/Sep/15 Sent
Hidden 13/Aug/15 Sent O/S
Chris Dovey 13/Aug/15 Sent O/S
shepman 02/Aug/15 Sent
Hidden 25/Jul/15 Sent rpt
Hidden 26/Jun/15 Sent O/S
mikej 10/Jun/15 Solo
Hidden 10/Jun/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 10/Jun/15 Sent
PanzerHanzler 25/May/15 Sent O/S
PieMan 16/May/15 Sent rpt
with Che
petewebb 16/May/15 Sent O/S
francesfromedinburgh 17/Apr/15 Sent O/S
with TedT
TedT 17/Apr/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 16/Apr/15 Sent
eddiem1 07/Apr/15 Sent β
Somerset swede basher 04/Apr/15 Sent O/S
with Jen, Katharine
bendevonport 12/Mar/15 Sent
mountaingoatgirl 17/Feb/15 Sent
AndyPagett 15/Feb/15 Sent O/S
with Sarah Hennell
pimpy ??/2015 Sent
Wayne S 29/Dec/14 Solo O/S

Full Winter Conditions!

althesin 28/Dec/14 Sent O/S
with Steve
Charlotte Nelson 28/Dec/14 Sent
with Craig, Heather
Nick Sherring 01/Nov/14 Sent
MarkCunnington 01/Nov/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 01/Nov/14 Sent
JP78 01/Nov/14 Sent rpt
patsaunders ?/Oct/14 Sent
rurp 30/Sep/14 Sent O/S
mky77 17/Sep/14 Sent O/S
gaz3212 10/Sep/14 Sent
shepman 04/Sep/14 Sent O/S
AielSavage 31/Aug/14 Sent
hirving 18/Aug/14 Sent O/S
KamilJ 15/Aug/14 Sent O/S
dannyboy83 15/Aug/14 Sent O/S
with Kamil
Nick1812P 15/Aug/14 Sent O/S
with India
indiarara 15/Aug/14 Sent
with Nick
rockofades 07/Aug/14 Sent
Hidden 03/Aug/14 Sent
Serena Lambre 26/Jul/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 24/Jul/14 Sent
Liamg20025 20/Jul/14 Sent O/S
ian2707 02/Jul/14 Sent O/S
with Kyle
Hidden ?/Jul/14 Sent
stuaart ?/Jul/14 Sent
with Neil Redgrave
grady_9 18/Jun/14 Sent O/S
mark stones 12/Jun/14 Sent
Hidden 21/May/14 Sent
anaesthetic 17/May/14 Sent O/S
spenser 17/May/14 Sent O/S
jules699 17/May/14 Sent x
Rampikino 04/May/14 Solo
with SOLO
Rampikino 04/May/14 Solo


with SOLO
Adam Willison 04/May/14 Sent
JP78 03/May/14 Sent
MrFreekie 19/Apr/14 Sent
doroszenko 19/Apr/14 Sent
with Mark
Hidden 15/Apr/14 Sent
Sy Finch 14/Apr/14 Sent O/S

Line to the right of the Y

Sy Finch 14/Apr/14 Sent O/S
tom bre 24/Mar/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 22/Mar/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 22/Mar/14 Sent O/S
Robin Nichols 07/Mar/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 28/Feb/14 Sent O/S
MrFreekie 26/Feb/14 Sent O/S


with Ben
Hidden 22/Feb/14 Sent O/S
Hidden ??/2014 -
torin_123 ??/2014 -
bobstones 29/Dec/13 Sent O/S
chancer 29/Dec/13 Sent O/S
owenhancock22 29/Dec/13 Sent
Hidden 24/Dec/13 Sent rpt
mikej 17/Dec/13 Solo
col3 16/Nov/13 Sent
with Climbing Club, Paul
Henry.Todman 16/Nov/13 Sent O/S
Paul1 16/Nov/13 Sent
with Nicole
BTphonehome 15/Nov/13 Sent
Hidden 07/Oct/13 Sent
MrFreekie 08/Sep/13 Sent O/S
with Steve Papp
freemanTom 09/Aug/13 Sent
with Amy Till
Hidden 06/Aug/13 Sent
Tilt ?/Aug/13 Sent
with Tom
JoeWakefield 26/Jul/13 Sent
Hidden 24/Jul/13 Sent rpt
gingerwolf 24/Jun/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 20/Jun/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 17/Jun/13 Sent
Hidden 30/May/13 Sent
Laramadness 21/May/13 Sent rpt
PieMan 07/May/13 Sent rpt
dmoir 05/May/13 Sent O/S
with Ben and Ian
Hidden 03/May/13 Sent
WalopiaClimbs ?/May/13 -
Hidden 20/Apr/13 Sent O/S
PeteMc 07/Apr/13 Sent O/S
edordead 06/Apr/13 Sent
joedoherty 06/Apr/13 Sent O/S
victim of mathematics 01/Mar/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 24/Feb/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 02/Feb/13 -
mrginna 02/Feb/13 Sent O/S
ceturnock ??/2013 Sent
bjackelman ??/2013 Sent
Laurence Everitt 01/Dec/12 Sent O/S
PieMan 25/Nov/12 Sent rpt
harold walmsley 18/Nov/12 Sent
Hidden 20/Oct/12 Sent
Blueso 06/Oct/12 Sent
B4tgirl 06/Oct/12 Sent
with Tony
daviesp2 03/Sep/12 Solo
Rafian 22/Aug/12 Sent O/S
dianna.wright 21/Aug/12 Sent O/S
with Mark
beardlesssumo 21/Aug/12 Sent
eddiem1 10/Aug/12 Sent x
robblowen 08/Aug/12 Sent O/S
SecretSquirrel 06/Aug/12 Sent O/S
adam carless 01/Aug/12 Sent rpt
newvena 26/Jul/12 Sent O/S
with will
ieuanr 21/Jul/12 Sent
Robb.Haze 21/Jul/12 Sent O/S
with Richard Smith, Robin Hickmot, Simon Berry
PieMan 11/Jul/12 Sent rpt
ianjdodd 11/Jun/12 Sent O/S
nameless_rob 10/Jun/12 Sent
daviesp2 10/Jun/12 Sent
Hidden 27/May/12 Sent O/S
David Walker 26/May/12 Sent x
alek 10/Mar/12 Sent O/S
nige pacer 26/Feb/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 26/Feb/12 Sent O/S
chappers909 25/Feb/12 Sent O/S
with UBMC
Graeme Hammond 24/Feb/12 Sent rpt
najki_2000 14/Jan/12 Sent O/S
chrishedgehog 14/Jan/12 Solo O/S
A Crawford ??/2012 -
Iain Thow 22/Dec/11 Solo
Hidden 01/Dec/11 Sent O/S
Chris Manasseh 27/Nov/11 Sent
thetourist 20/Nov/11 Sent O/S
with Jon Coutts, Bethan Harris, James Godfrey, Simon Perkins, Stefan Ericsson
ryansb90 20/Nov/11 Sent
daviesp2 19/Nov/11 Sent
gb83 02/Nov/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 02/Nov/11 Sent O/S
Lordcarr 23/Oct/11 Sent O/S
with Rach
daviesp2 22/Oct/11 Sent
with Tian
Steve Palmer 21/Oct/11 Sent
with Bernard
Hidden 03/Oct/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 03/Oct/11 Sent
Eddie Shelbourne 01/Oct/11 Sent
with Terry harris-ellis
spragglerocks 30/Sep/11 Sent O/S
Lumbering Oaf 30/Sep/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 28/Sep/11 Sent
Hidden 18/Sep/11 Sent O/S
TGreen 13/Sep/11 Sent O/S
Rosie Henstock 13/Sep/11 Sent O/S
Marcus B 01/Sep/11 Sent
with Helen
HelenMelon 01/Sep/11 Sent
daviesp2 31/Aug/11 Sent
Daniel Heath 29/Aug/11 Sent O/S
daviesp2 27/Aug/11 Sent
Jimmy1976 19/Aug/11 Solo O/S

In big boots

Hidden 15/Aug/11 Sent β
65m moderate millington 15/Aug/11 Sent rpt
MariaT 06/Aug/11 Sent O/S
David Walker 06/Aug/11 Sent O/S
alisterrobbird 03/Aug/11 Sent O/S
JenEvans 03/Aug/11 -
Hidden 30/Jul/11 Sent rpt
migs493 10/Jul/11 Sent O/S
with Josh
jowgli 08/Jul/11 Sent x
with Fraser
Marmoset 04/Jul/11 Sent β
Hidden 02/Jul/11 Sent O/S
edd rab 30/Jun/11 Sent rpt
Sparrowmonkey 05/Jun/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 27/May/11 Sent O/S
PieMan 15/May/11 Sent O/S
tommo1664 23/Apr/11 Sent
65m moderate millington 23/Apr/11 Sent x
Jack.H.92 19/Apr/11 Sent O/S
Tomber 17/Apr/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 19/Mar/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 19/Mar/11 Sent O/S
daviesp2 18/Mar/11 Sent
Jim Malo 29/Jan/11 Sent
with Mark, Putt
katyc 23/Jan/11 Sent
georgenvk 22/Jan/11 Sent O/S
MD 02/Jan/11 Sent O/S
iniestathenestegg ??/2011 -
Hidden 24/Nov/10 Sent O/S
jshields 13/Nov/10 Sent
daviesp2 31/Oct/10 Sent
freemanTom 31/Oct/10 Sent
Hidden 24/Oct/10 Sent O/S 24/Oct/10 Sent
with jamesca
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 17/Oct/10 Sent O/S
Hidden 15/Oct/10 Sent O/S
belay bunny turned bad 11/Oct/10 Sent O/S
Matt Fry 08/Aug/10 Sent O/S
bigdrew 08/Aug/10 Sent O/S
Hidden 23/Jul/10 Sent β
tradguy 17/Jul/10 Solo O/S
Kelly D 10/Jul/10 Sent O/S
with Kiri
Pilch 07/Jul/10 Sent O/S
howlingbaboon 29/Jun/10 Solo O/S
popebenedictus 21/Jun/10 Sent O/S
with Bouldered
edd rab 18/Jun/10 Sent O/S
Phil1967 14/Jun/10 Sent O/S
charley 21/Apr/10 Sent O/S
with Kev
Tithe Technique 21/Apr/10 Sent O/S
D Berry 23/Jan/10 Sent O/S
Graeme Hammond 10/Oct/09 Sent O/S
Hidden 20/Jul/09 Sent rpt
Hidden 01/Jun/09 Sent O/S
PondLife 10/May/09 Sent
PondLife 26/Apr/09 Sent
Hidden 05/Apr/09 Sent x
Sankey 01/Apr/09 Sent
with Wednesday nighters
adam coxsell 22/Mar/09 Sent O/S
tumbling wizard ?/Oct/08 -
co1ps 23/Jul/08 Solo O/S
with noodle the labradoodle
staceyjg 11/May/08 Sent O/S

Chris R and GL

Hidden 20/Oct/07 Sent x
DerwentDiluted 17/Jul/07 Sent
popebenedictus 02/Jun/07 Sent O/S
with Bouldered
williamsf1 12/Apr/07 Sent
with Mat Smeeton
Rampikino 08/Oct/06 Solo
with MMC Various
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