Central Gully I/II
[Short ice pitch at the bottom , 2 kb]150m.

Rockfax Description
150m. The gully that splits the RH and LH buttresses. Interesting ice pitch at the start, then straightforward to the top. If the interest fades, a chimney on the left offers a few good moves at II/III and a link to the next route, above the "window" pitch. © ROCKFAX

UKC Logbook Description
Note: this is not the broad open gully right of the main crag, but the narrower gully splitting the main crag.

Photo: Short ice pitch at the bottom © paulh.0776
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Pretty thin and cruddy.
TAG_UTLEY - Solo O/S - 15/Feb/15 with Dan Kennedy, Georgia, Will

peterhubbard - Lead - 14/Feb/15 with Andrew

OllyT - Solo O/S - 14/Feb/15

jogwen - Solo O/S - 14/Feb/15 with Richard Morrison, Pete Walker

Spring conditions, solo was fine. Tricky step at the beginning, on thin melty ice. Further up a short steeper ice section, and firm neve to top.
prwalker - Solo - 14/Feb/15 with Richard Morrison, Jo Paulger

Good neve, some ice.
MartF - Solo - 08/Feb/15 with carl_123

Hidden - Solo - 08/Feb/15

In good condition, neve and plenty of ice..
Gav Parker - Solo - 08/Feb/15

Hidden - Solo - 08/Feb/15

carl_123 - Solo - 08/Feb/15

Nice Ice Pitch at start to get into gully
zoe.louise94 - 2nd - 08/Feb/15 with Roland Brown, Martin Roberts

Pitched first section. Moved together on the rest. In decent Nick.
ralphio - Lead - 07/Feb/15 with Graeme High

Wesley Orvis - Lead - 07/Feb/15

chris74 - AltLd O/S - 07/Feb/15 with sean

Hidden - Solo O/S - 04/Feb/15

bantamdave - AltLd O/S - 04/Feb/15 with Rob Hunt

thedatastream - Lead - 04/Feb/15 with Ben

done at night took 45min , lead good ice pitch at base on short 30m rope. then soloed the rest was a pretty boring slope with an ice step or 2 so racing each other up the neve slope to add interest , good hard neve though... good laugh for an easy night ascent 3 hours from car to car.
george sewell - 04/Feb/15 with Adam Parkinson

2nd the first ice pitch, then moved together for the remainder of the easy slope above.
BenedictIEP - 04/Feb/15 with James Pawson

Hidden - 2nd - 04/Feb/15

Jim Haydock - Solo - 03/Feb/15

Ed - Solo - 02/Feb/15

ActionSte - AltLd O/S - 02/Feb/15

joe hallam - Solo - 02/Feb/15

Good ice but massive queue
John Green - AltLd - 01/Feb/15 with Pete Darbyshire

chiverstom - Lead O/S - 01/Feb/15 with Alice

First winter route!
ambrooker - AltLd O/S - 01/Feb/15 with Tom

Hidden - Lead O/S - 01/Feb/15

Lead 1st and 3rd pitches
Jimmy1976 - AltLd O/S - 01/Feb/15 with Jon

stouffer - Solo - 01/Feb/15

annastudholme - Feb/15

static266 - Solo O/S - Feb/15

Jack00 - Solo O/S - 31/Jan/15 with Edd Carrigan

Ed carrigan - Solo O/S - 31/Jan/15 with jack colbeck

nevets1984 - Lead O/S - 31/Jan/15

Good conditions, small pitch at start, straightforward snow to top.
alifin - Solo - 31/Jan/15

A little soft at start then good condition after that
climber34neil - Solo - 26/Jan/15

Hidden - Solo O/S - 24/Jan/15

Richie Torrance - Solo - 24/Jan/15

Warm down from Two Grooves. Very nice romping territory with a couple of interesting steps. Beautiful day
JHolland - 24/Jan/15

Hidden - Solo - 24/Jan/15

Well banked out, when led, slightly tricky first step, easy romping to the top afterwards
RUDIN.J.D.H - Lead O/S - 24/Jan/15 with Megan Holmes

Hidden - Solo O/S - 24/Jan/15

Hidden - Solo - 22/Jan/15

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 22/Jan/15

A warm for the day to get the legs going. Nice easy conditions
paulh.0776 - Solo - 22/Jan/15 with peter

Hidden - Solo - 22/Jan/15

Hidden - AltLd - 22/Jan/15

joeflan - Solo O/S - 21/Jan/15

philipstead - Solo O/S - 18/Jan/15

Brown cove was like Piccadilly Circus today. There must of been 40 climbers on it while I was there. There was a lot of powder. Towards the top of the route the wind was horrendous. I have not experienced the like before. Great day out.
bantamdave - Solo O/S - 18/Jan/15

petegunn - Solo - 18/Jan/15 with Rob H, Mike S., Rosie, Davina

Hidden - Solo rpt - 18/Jan/15

sjbrook - Solo O/S - 18/Jan/15 with Dave Richards, PMC

Busier than the M6
mr_drains - Solo O/S - 18/Jan/15 with Kev, The Defecator

Good ice at base, plenty of death ropers up there
Theeni - Solo O/S - 18/Jan/15 with Matt Hastings

OK conds - cute little ice section formed at start, crusty scoured at exit, soft for most middle.
Shuttsie - Solo - 18/Jan/15

Still very confused, which gully is which?! so where is left branch?
tobyk - Solo O/S - 18/Jan/15

Dave Richards - Solo O/S - 18/Jan/15 with Tom Rodgers, sjbrook

1918hasti - Solo - 18/Jan/15 with Theeni

Hidden - Solo - 18/Jan/15

Hidden - Solo - 17/Jan/15

great initial section if the ice is in good condition
scarmichael - Solo - 17/Jan/15

Wesley Orvis - Solo - 17/Jan/15

Daniel Duerden - 17/Jan/15

Hidden - Solo - Jan/15

Hidden - 2015

RobSimpson - Solo - 17/Mar/14

Nice line lower down. Poor snow conditions but plenty of it to plod up.
Zoomer - 2nd O/S - 05/Mar/14 with Danny Mc Andrew

Poor condition very soft snow
hamishjfk - Solo O/S - 05/Mar/14

Richie Torrance - Solo - 01/Mar/14

Hidden - Solo - Mar/14

Marshall - Solo - Mar/14 with Dan Wiseman

clint87 - Solo - 22/Feb/14

Completely banked out today, only water near the surface to indicate the whereabouts of the higher "pitch".
John Holden - Solo - 22/Feb/14 with Stephen Hall, Rachel Woodward, Dorine Tinnion

Hidden - Solo O/S - 21/Feb/14

Jordangask - Solo - 20/Feb/14

adamwesthead - Solo O/S - 16/Feb/14 with Forshaw, Zeb

zebster - Solo O/S - 16/Feb/14 with Adam

Hidden - 16/Feb/14

Fully banked out - Grade I
Simnel - Solo - 10/Feb/14 with Alan

Wesley Orvis - Solo - 07/Feb/14

Gav Parker - Solo - 07/Feb/14

petegunn - Solo - 07/Feb/14

Hidden - 07/Feb/14

carlh - Solo O/S - 03/Feb/14

Was able to run up the gully in fell running shoes thanks to the superb footsteps left by previous ascentionists. Much fun.
DSM - Solo - 02/Feb/14

gfpowell - Solo - 02/Feb/14

Nice route
michaelb1 - Solo - 02/Feb/14

night time ascent with goods snow cover
Wesley Orvis - 30/Jan/14

Avinash Aujayeb - Solo - 23/Jan/14

Avinash Aujayeb - Jan/14

phil940101 - 2014

Hidden - Solo - 2014

A little claggy to start, but the weather improved by the time we got to the top. An early start from Linton- on- Ouse left home at 0630. Finished off by walking to Helvellyn Lower Man and Helvellyn. Rescued a walker who was stranded on a steep snow slope on the way back down to the Swirls car park.
John HW - Solo - 13/Apr/13 with Cath

Led first ice pitch (felt like II) then moved together with Donald out front.
Dave Richards - AltLd O/S - 06/Apr/13 with Donald Kelly

leeds_belle - 2nd rpt - 06/Apr/13

Donald Kelly - AltLd O/S - 06/Apr/13 with Dave R PMC

tom_holdsworth - Lead - 05/Apr/13 with Shaun Carty

Hidden - Solo O/S - 01/Apr/13

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 31/Mar/13

ipegg - AltLd O/S - 31/Mar/13 with Richard Apthorp

Hidden - Solo O/S - 30/Mar/13

Petarghh - Solo - 29/Mar/13

Hidden - Solo - 29/Mar/13

Nice little ice pitch at start, good neve above, great day out
Steve Kempley - Lead O/S - 02/Mar/13 with Alex, Joe

paulh.0776 - Solo O/S - 26/Feb/13

Hidden - Solo - 25/Feb/13

Graeme Hammond - Solo O/S - 24/Feb/13

Hidden - Solo - 24/Feb/13

Martin Haworth - Solo rpt - 24/Feb/13

stouffer - Solo - 23/Feb/13

excellent conditions
wendys - 2nd - 23/Feb/13 with DannyDJB

Hidden - Solo - 21/Feb/13

BruceG - Solo - 19/Feb/13

Hidden - Solo - 17/Feb/13

dakidunn - AltLd - 10/Feb/13 with Ian Hope, John Haxon

IanHope - AltLd - 10/Feb/13 with mark dunn, John L

Simnel - AltLd - 10/Feb/13 with Ian, Mark

stouffer - Solo - 09/Feb/13

Hidden - Solo O/S - 09/Feb/13

Hidden - Solo - 09/Feb/13

in descent
Wesley Orvis - Solo - 09/Feb/13

johnrich - Solo - 07/Feb/13 with Foggy

Descent x3
petegunn - Solo - 07/Feb/13

Tom the tall - Lead - Feb/13

Hidden - Solo - Feb/13

alidixon - Solo - Feb/13

First winter climb. Lots of spin drift and strong winds when topping out.
leeds_belle - 2nd - 26/Jan/13

Interesting entry pitch. Did the route in poor conditions with a lot of soft powder and brittle ice. As a result it was difficult to get purchase for crampons and axes in places, making some moves more like Grade II. Wasn't helped by one of my axes breaking low down on the route either. If it was banked out and in full winter there would be nothing more than Grade I above the entry pitch.
Gerry_Doncaster - 24/Jan/13

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 24/Jan/13

Sketchy last pitch, so rope was used over bad ice pitch high up
Harry Shuell - Solo O/S - 24/Jan/13

Hidden - Lead O/S - 23/Jan/13

Stefan_Morris - AltLd - 20/Jan/13 with Eddie Roebuck

lean - II at least. Good ice in places.
Alan Dixon - AltLd - 20/Jan/13

Thin on the start pitch with a few steeper steps higher up.
team fat belly - 20/Jan/13 with Toby

good day out, lean conditions so some points almost grade III
wendys - 2nd - 19/Jan/13 with DannyDJB

Lean conditions, definitely grade II.
Eddie1234 - Solo O/S - 19/Jan/13

mamboochris - Solo O/S - 16/Jan/13

Hidden - Lead - 16/Jan/13

6aPunter - 2013

Two small ice steps and good neve....a little lean at the top but all turf well frozen
Gav Parker - Solo - 13/Dec/12

jules1990 - Lead O/S - 12/Dec/12 with Nat Norris, Ali Newman

Nat norris - 2nd O/S - 12/Dec/12 with joss halford

Hidden - 11/Dec/12

good, fun climb
JanBella - 11/Dec/12

First ever winter climb. Really enjoyed it. Good bit at the start
Radioactiveman - 11/Dec/12 with Jan

Did a central Gully perhaps not the one, simple snow plod but on good snow.
freemanTom - Solo - 11/Dec/12 with Amy Till

petegunn - Solo - 10/Dec/12 with Bill

Mix of powder snow and some nicely consolidated snow. It started drizzling as we finished the day.
waiting for snow - Lead O/S - 08/Dec/12

Hidden - Solo - 07/Dec/12

Stamford Raffles - Solo - 07/Dec/12

Hidden - Solo O/S - 05/Dec/12

lean but still good, broke out right after first interesting bit and climbed the buttress, turf frozen but snow not yet neve!
Charlie Zephyr Booth - Solo - 05/Dec/12 with tim millen

Hidden - 01/Dec/12

Early season lean conditions at base
El Plunge - Solo - 01/Dec/12

KevinJ - Solo - Dec/12 with Nige H

anteater - AltLd - Nov/12

kelliroberts3 - AltLd O/S - 12/Feb/12 with Peter Rigby

A straightforward gully with banked out snow and good warthog placements! Occasional bits of steeper ice.
prwalker - AltLd - 11/Feb/12 with wupert

Climbed with Pete and Mark and Alan following. Led very nice first ice pitch.
Simnel - AltLd - 06/Feb/12 with Mark, Alan, Pete Middleton

dakidunn - Lead - 06/Feb/12 with Alan Christie

Great nick. Good ice in 2 parts.
eldre070 - Solo - 03/Feb/12 with Alan

Hidden - Feb/12

JackM92 - Solo - Feb/12

Hidden - AltLd O/S - Jan/12

Hidden - Solo - Jan/12

paul horabin - Lead O/S - 20/Dec/11 with fi15

fi15 - 2nd - 20/Dec/11 with paul horabin

Hidden - Lead - 20/Dec/11

Hidden - Solo O/S - 20/Dec/11

petegunn - Solo - 15/Dec/11 with Davina

petegunn - Solo - 11/Dec/11 with Tom

Two Cams Tom - Solo - 11/Dec/11 with petegunn

The first winter route of the season after a great session at Kendal wall yesterday. Joined by Martin, Charlie, Martin,and Katy fron Aus and Annalise from SA, the first snow climb for both AND the first ever sight of snow for Anna'. A great day out.
John Holden - Lead O/S - 10/Dec/11 with Martin Smith

Hidden - Solo - Dec/11

Wesley Orvis - Solo - 12/Jan/11

thedatastream - 2nd O/S - 11/Jan/11 with Ol

BikeClimbWalk - Lead - 11/Jan/11 with James P

Thin and a little scary !
Petarghh - AltLd rpt - 02/Jan/11

Ben Sharp - AltLd - 02/Jan/11 with Pete

31770 - 2011

chili-d - AltLd O/S - 28/Dec/10 with Poz

First winter climb and really enjoyed it! Conditions weren't tip top though, as not as much snow as usual! Good ice sections, done with just a walking axe!
Leo Woodhead - 26/Dec/10 with Ian W

Ianwesterby - 2nd - 26/Dec/10 with Chris Wilson, Leo

Martin Haworth - Solo rpt - 20/Dec/10 with Andy

I wasn't that happy soloing this, the inital ice step and the rock step half way up both felt like grade III, felt I was just 1 ice axe 'popping' from a broken leg.
Andrew Sloan - Solo O/S - 20/Dec/10

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 19/Dec/10

Couple of nice ice pitches..Grade II
Simnel - AltLd O/S - 19/Dec/10 with Paul Smith

gordon henderson - Lead O/S - 18/Dec/10 with MRT

Tom Keaveny - Solo O/S - 11/Dec/10 with matt

first winter climb!
mfisher - Solo O/S - 11/Dec/10 with Tom Keaveny

CharlieMack - Solo O/S - 05/Dec/10 with Col, PK

Olli-C - AltLd O/S - 04/Dec/10 with Moritz

First ever 'proper' winter route. Soloed most of it.
Matt Bill Platypus - 2nd O/S - 04/Dec/10 with Dan Money

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 04/Dec/10

Hidden - AltLd - 04/Dec/10

Hidden - Lead O/S - 04/Dec/10

wildbill - Solo - 04/Dec/10

Hidden - Solo O/S - 03/Dec/10

Andrew_ing - AltLd O/S - 02/Dec/10

sk8world19 - 2nd - 02/Dec/10

James Mackin - AltLd - 02/Dec/10

Hidden - Solo O/S - 01/Dec/10

great loads of ice and no where near as much snow in it from february
pclark - Solo rpt - 01/Dec/10 with jimhall

Hidden - Solo O/S - 01/Dec/10

pratty25 - 01/Dec/10

al jackson - AltLd - Dec/10

nice first lakes winter route of the season
Timo Austino - Lead - 28/Nov/10 with Nats

stimpey - Lead O/S - 28/Nov/10 with Pete, Davina, Matt

petegunn - Lead - 28/Nov/10 with Davina,Matt&Steve

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 28/Nov/10

Martin Haworth - Lead rpt - 27/Nov/10 with Martin Bettridge

Hidden - Solo - 27/Nov/10

martinbettridge06 - Nov/10 with Martin Haworth

done it a couple of times getting up into the groove is the only tricky bit...
seanmck - Solo O/S - 07/Mar/10

gareth_hull - AltLd O/S - 07/Mar/10 with Simon Boughton

8ft of nearly vertical ice to get in, then easy snow
seanymck - Solo - 06/Mar/10

ollyroberts - Solo - 02/Mar/10 with Mike

snow in excellent condition, no problems
Jenko - Lead O/S - 01/Mar/10 with Nick Southern

Brannock - Solo O/S - 28/Feb/10

Peter Sowerby - AltLd - 26/Feb/10 with Martin Smith

Hidden - Solo rpt - 18/Feb/10

used as descent
Ste Ridd - Solo - 18/Feb/10 with M.Sadler

Started up the main gully then headed left up the II/III variant (good pitch). Traversed long way left over rock slabs covered by soft snow before heading up through steep corner on forzen turf before excaping into gully on left. Worth a III overall
Ken Taylor - Lead O/S - 13/Feb/10 with Derek Capper

Nigel Coe - Solo - 12/Feb/10

Hidden - Solo O/S - 10/Feb/10

By headtorch and with walking axe. Where was the moon?!
andrewbooth1000 - Solo O/S - 06/Feb/10

Hidden - Lead O/S - Feb/10

Hidden - Solo - Feb/10

jimhall - Lead O/S - Feb/10 with Paddy

first time

Simon K - Solo - 31/Jan/10 with FA

Hidden - Solo - 31/Jan/10

ayuplass - Solo - 30/Jan/10 with miles

nigelw - Solo - 29/Jan/10 with Geoff Moss

Small icy step early on and easy fun climbing to the top.
geoffmoss - Solo - 29/Jan/10 with Nigel Wadsworth

Petarghh - Lead O/S - 28/Jan/10 with cavemanjack

Jack Loftus - 2nd - 28/Jan/10 with Pete Hill

Hidden - Solo O/S - 28/Jan/10

Craig Geddes - Lead - 25/Jan/10 with Ellie Ames

Shaw Brown - Lead - 24/Jan/10 with Sue Whittle

Hidden - Solo - 03/Jan/10

Hidden - AltLd - 02/Jan/10

ianburton - Solo - 02/Jan/10 with Kevin Robinson

Martin Haworth - AltLd - 01/Jan/10 with Shaun Walby

Somerset swede basher - Solo O/S - 01/Jan/10

In descent
Jonny M - Solo O/S - 01/Jan/10 with Mark Beecher

First winter acsent, small ice section to start otherwise easy but had cold and felt rough
shaun walby - AltLd O/S - 01/Jan/10 with Martin Haworth

Marq - Solo - 01/Jan/10 with Jon Moulding

Tom Vivian - Solo - Jan/10

Hidden - Lead - Jan/10

Hidden - Lead - Jan/10

Hidden - Solo O/S - Jan/10

Shuttsie - 2nd - Jan/10 with Andrea Sales

innesmac - 2010

The Mountain Goat - Solo O/S - 30/Dec/09

Gav Parker - Solo - 24/Dec/09

Andy S - AltLd O/S - 23/Dec/09 with Luke

sausage - Solo O/S - 21/Dec/09 with Sean Hayes, Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz - Solo - 21/Dec/09 with tim irlam

stev1e.wilso - 16/Feb/09 with Tom

sadams - Lead - 14/Feb/09 with Catherine Adams

andyebbens - AltLd - 14/Feb/09 with Steve E

Soloed in excellent winter nick. Nice little ice pitch at the start.
alifin - Solo O/S - 08/Feb/09

stemill - AltLd O/S - 07/Feb/09 with Graham

joe king - Lead O/S - 07/Feb/09 with Rose

Calder - Solo O/S - 07/Feb/09

Dave Wearing - Lead - 07/Feb/09 with Gavin Parker.

mattish2000 - Solo O/S - 07/Feb/09 with Chris

Gav Parker - 07/Feb/09

moved together
Rosey Posey - 2nd O/S - 07/Feb/09 with Paul

Hidden - 2nd - 06/Feb/09

wheelo - 2nd - 05/Feb/09 with ann and foggy

Ann S - 2nd - 05/Feb/09 with John and Foggy

Andrew1 - Solo - 04/Feb/09 with Matt F

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 04/Feb/09

Mark A Humphries - Solo O/S - 03/Feb/09

Iain Thow - Solo - 03/Feb/09

First lakes winter route - much better than expected. The wind was so strong you couldn't get over the lip of the descent gully!
Timo Austino - Solo - 02/Feb/09

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 01/Feb/09

Perect conditions, hard packed snow and some ice.
blackpoolrock - Solo O/S - 01/Feb/09 with Yes

moving together
stevefromstoke - 01/Feb/09 with me 3rd,

Hidden - Solo - Feb/09

Gavs first route in winter, roped for safety .Turf not frozen but snow good. Hard battle getting over from helvellyn YHA in the winds.
iceferret - AltLd - 31/Jan/09 with gavin birchall

stimpey - Solo O/S - 07/Jan/09 with Pete

Hidden - Lead - Jan/09

Hidden - 2009

jl - Solo O/S - 15/Dec/08 with No Partner

in descent
no_more_scotch_eggs - Solo O/S - 13/Dec/08

Hidden - AltLd - 03/Feb/08

bullybones - 2008

Hidden - Solo - 2008

Very lean, no ice, turf not frozen. Easy in these conditions.
Cardi - Solo O/S - 27/Jan/07 with Jon B

Hidden - Solo O/S - 12/Jan/07

Russell Lovett - Solo - 02/Mar/06

Hidden - Solo - 02/Mar/06

Hidden - Solo - Feb/06

Hidden - 2006

petegunn - Solo - 2006

deanj - Lead - 2004

Gman - Solo O/S - Jan/03 with Andy

Hidden - 2002

Tubroos! - AltLd O/S - Nov/00 with Kate Lloyd

crowberry gully - Solo - 22/Feb/00

Hammy - Solo - 23/Jan/97

Hidden - Solo - 21/Dec/96

craig h - Solo O/S - Feb/91

crowberry gully - Lead - 06/Feb/77 with Judith Bell

Hidden - 1976

Hidden - Solo O/S - 01/Feb/72

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