No description has been contributed for this climb.

Hidden 27/Nov Sent rpt
Hidden 26/Nov Sent O/S
gavinchin 19/Nov Sent
bobstones 19/Nov Sent
ofnightandgill 19/Oct Sent
Hidden 08/Oct Sent O/S
Stotty_88 02/Oct Sent O/S
with Phil
franhammond92 30/Sep Sent O/S
Hidden 29/Sep Sent
Hidden 25/Sep Sent O/S
yorkshiresherpa 14/Sep Sent
phil_91 ?/Sep Sent O/S
with jim, Stotty_88
Hebe Knowles 01/Aug Sent O/S
TGreen 31/Jul Sent rpt
Rosie Henstock 31/Jul Sent rpt
Davidchatterton 25/Jul Sent O/S
Clama 27/Jun Sent
with Prem
Hidden 27/Jun Sent x
afx22 26/Jun Sent
ollysheffield 22/May -
Keith Swainson 06/May Sent O/S
Hidden 05/May Sent
Hidden 26/Apr Sent
Hidden 19/Apr Sent rpt
parker66 17/Apr -
chaddders 13/Apr Sent
marcus.dodd 13/Apr Sent x
str1nger 10/Apr Sent O/S
bobstones 02/Apr Sent
HazelMacLean 27/Mar Sent
with Elena Pearce, Sara Page, Brian Taylor, Sam Hockley
Bullybones 25/Mar Sent
Hidden 25/Mar Sent
Hidden 24/Mar Sent O/S
Bobo521 19/Mar Sent
Mattoo 13/Mar Sent β
with Pete
PaulFidler 07/Mar Sent β
with Rob Hampton
Michael Bortoluzzi 05/Mar Sent
with Molly Buckingham, Pete Burns (WCC), Steve Hobbs, Mark Cunnington (WCC)
remus 05/Mar Sent rpt
Deezel65 29/Feb Sent O/S
cragtyke 29/Feb Solo
KennyGeoghegan 27/Feb Sent O/S
with Paddy
Alex Hallam 27/Feb Sent O/S
akhutton88 27/Feb Sent
Hidden 27/Feb Sent
oodie72 26/Feb Sent O/S
with Julie
Hidden 18/Feb Sent O/S
jess bt 14/Feb Sent
bpclarke 10/Feb Sent O/S
K Farrell 23/Jan Sent O/S
Dave Warburton 23/Jan Sent O/S

SS into Mini Prow

marclloyd77 17/Jan Sent O/S
RyBlackmore ?/Jan Sent O/S
Hidden ??/2016 -
David Bibby 29/Dec/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 29/Dec/15 Sent
adi bryant 28/Dec/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 22/Nov/15 Sent
MarkCunnington 21/Nov/15 Sent O/S
with Pete Burns, Steve Hobbs, Geoff Hannis, MichaŽl Bortoluzzi
bobska 21/Nov/15 Sent
meltdown34 08/Nov/15 Sent O/S
josh_smith_90 01/Nov/15 Sent
Rosie Henstock 01/Nov/15 Sent
Hidden 01/Nov/15 Sent β
TGreen 01/Nov/15 Sent O/S
Alex Newton 31/Oct/15 Sent O/S
with Tim Wray
Hidden 22/Oct/15 Sent
Hidden 18/Oct/15 Sent x
Ben1983 17/Oct/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 17/Oct/15 Sent x
Andrew Jennings 20/Sep/15 Sent rpt
with Emma Harris, Nick Bradley
Emma Harris 20/Sep/15 -
with Nick Bradley, Phillip Yeomans, Andy Jennings
Radical-G 20/Sep/15 Sent O/S
iamstebarker 19/Sep/15 Sent
Donna 19/Sep/15 Sent
Gambit 06/Sep/15 Sent rpt
with OlI
Jimbo C 05/Aug/15 Sent
MatBaker 03/Aug/15 Sent
with Iwan
Yong_Welsh 03/Aug/15 Sent
Liamg20025 01/Aug/15 Sent
with hayd
Durkules 10/Jul/15 Sent
Ehmarra ?/Jul/15 Sent
James_L88 27/Jun/15 Sent β
with Ben Sparks, Karl Gregory, Kat Day
UnkArl 27/Jun/15 Sent
MartinG 06/Jun/15 Sent
Kelly D 06/Jun/15 Sent
with MartinG
barney800 03/Jun/15 Sent x
Neal Jobling 25/May/15 Sent
JenEvans 17/May/15 -
Hidden 14/Apr/15 Sent
sgl 13/Apr/15 Sent x
Hidden 06/Apr/15 Sent O/S
eddiem1 04/Apr/15 Sent x
ChrisBrooke 04/Apr/15 Sent
Hidden 25/Mar/15 Sent O/S
spenser 22/Mar/15 Sent x

Climbed with and without the sidepull. Felt more like solid 5b without.

Mongoose 22/Mar/15 Sent x
with Anya
B.D.Shah 22/Mar/15 Sent O/S
Tom Keaveny 15/Mar/15 Sent
mark stones 07/Mar/15 Sent
Hidden 07/Mar/15 Sent β
patsaunders ?/Mar/15 Sent
frume 18/Feb/15 Sent
with Myself
dr_botnik 09/Feb/15 Sent O/S
JHiley 08/Feb/15 Sent
with Sarah
sdixon 08/Feb/15 Sent
daviesp2 25/Jan/15 Sent
the power 25/Jan/15 Sent
Hidden 25/Jan/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 24/Jan/15 Sent
Matt Harmon 19/Jan/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 19/Jan/15 Sent O/S
amccann 19/Jan/15 Sent O/S
Jack93 18/Jan/15 Sent β
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 18/Jan/15 Sent rpt
Hidden 18/Jan/15 Sent x
Hidden 02/Jan/15 Sent O/S
psborland 31/Dec/14 Sent O/S
Nick Sherring 31/Dec/14 Sent
Duncan 88 29/Dec/14 Sent
bobstones 30/Nov/14 Sent
chancer 30/Nov/14 Sent O/S
with Bob Stones
The Reaper 04/Nov/14 Sent O/S
gaz3212 17/Sep/14 Sent x
Hidden 16/Sep/14 Sent
Hidden 13/Sep/14 Sent O/S
LeeFolkes 21/Jul/14 Sent
AndyPagett 15/Jul/14 Sent rpt
with PCC generic
Hidden 15/Jun/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 01/Jun/14 Sent O/S
Kaisl ?/Jun/14 -
pete_naylor 05/May/14 Sent O/S
Hidden ?/May/14 Sent
BenjyW 28/Apr/14 Sent
danimal03 21/Apr/14 Sent O/S
with Steve Burwood, scylla750
annak 19/Apr/14 Sent
hfisher 01/Apr/14 Sent
Bullybones 30/Mar/14 -
p.j.deacon 01/Mar/14 Sent O/S
OliverRoss 22/Feb/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 13/Feb/14 Sent
Hidden 02/Feb/14 Sent β
AndyPagett 02/Feb/14 Sent O/S
with Steph Potter
Hidden ?/Feb/14 Sent O/S
Mark Stitson (ULGMC) 25/Jan/14 Sent
Aline 11/Jan/14 Sent
with rich_hw
mfisher 10/Jan/14 Sent O/S
with Shelley
WalopiaClimbs ??/2014 -
dsgarner 29/Dec/13 Sent O/S
matthomas79 29/Dec/13 Sent x
tgeh 14/Dec/13 Sent O/S
with imogene
Dan_Carroll 09/Dec/13 Sent
Jim Malo 08/Dec/13 Sent x
with Mikael
BTphonehome 30/Nov/13 Sent
Hidden 24/Nov/13 Sent x
remus 28/Sep/13 Sent rpt
Hidden 21/Sep/13 Sent O/S
daviesp2 08/Sep/13 Sent
Hidden 02/Sep/13 Sent
Hidden ?/Sep/13 Sent
lazMo 31/Aug/13 Sent O/S
MariaT 25/Aug/13 Sent β
PhiHigh 24/Aug/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 09/Aug/13 Sent O/S
Ade in Sheffield 26/Jul/13 Sent
with Sean Orchard, JenEvans
scooba2cv 20/Jun/13 Sent O/S
ivebittenoffmorethanicanstu 27/May/13 Sent rpt
Jonesy_A 06/May/13 Sent O/S
coffeepot 06/May/13 Sent O/S
IngoBoegemann 05/May/13 -
Hidden 02/May/13 Sent
Louise Hall 21/Apr/13 Sent
with Dan Geh, Paul Hazel, Nathaniel
robblowen 20/Apr/13 Sent O/S
with Krissy
Andy Fielding 20/Apr/13 Sent
Hidden 16/Apr/13 Sent O/S
Adam_42 13/Apr/13 Sent O/S
with Mike Thomas
Sam Cooke 10/Apr/13 Sent
daviesp2 06/Apr/13 Sent
kwaidy 29/Mar/13 Sent rpt
Hidden 19/Mar/13 Sent β
Albachoss 24/Feb/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 23/Feb/13 Sent O/S
waynem1985 17/Feb/13 Sent O/S
with Alex
owenhancock22 17/Feb/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 17/Feb/13 Sent
Cowflinger 15/Feb/13 Sent
with Pete Lewis
Hidden 02/Feb/13 Sent
lukeh 12/Jan/13 Sent
with simon brice, jack folkes
brices 12/Jan/13 Sent O/S
with Luke Hodson, Jack
afrosam 06/Jan/13 Sent
joeurwin 06/Jan/13 Sent O/S
DaveX 05/Jan/13 Sent O/S
SDM ?/Jan/13 Sent
Hidden ??/2013 -
bjackelman ??/2013 Sent
Hidden 23/Dec/12 Sent
SED 16/Dec/12 Sent β
Jonathan Hall 18/Nov/12 Sent
Hidden 18/Nov/12 Sent O/S
victim of mathematics 16/Nov/12 Sent rpt
James Oswald 16/Nov/12 Sent
with Colin Angus
r_o_b_h2 11/Nov/12 Sent O/S
daviesp2 02/Nov/12 Sent
Tophe 14/Oct/12 Sent
dannyboy83 14/Oct/12 Sent O/S
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Hidden 01/Oct/12 Sent O/S
Mattlamb90 16/Sep/12 Sent
eddiem1 15/Sep/12 Sent β
cragtyke ?/Sep/12 Sent
dianna.wright 20/Aug/12 Sent β
with Mark
beardlesssumo 20/Aug/12 Sent
Rafian 20/Aug/12 Sent β
Dan Geh 03/Aug/12 Sent rpt
Nick1812P 02/Aug/12 Sent O/S
with Jamie
Hidden 02/Aug/12 Sent
andybirtwistle 12/Jul/12 Solo
Ben_Bullbridge 11/Jul/12 Sent O/S
with Jenkins
Dan Geh 09/Jul/12 Sent O/S
efrance24234 23/Jun/12 Sent O/S
eel 18/Jun/12 Sent O/S
eel 23/May/12 Sent O/S
Hidden 27/Apr/12 Sent 12/Apr/12 Sent
Jimbo C 07/Apr/12 Sent
bconibear ?/Apr/12 -
belay bunny turned bad 22/Mar/12 Sent
with loundsy
Bullybones 22/Mar/12 -
RM199 09/Mar/12 Sent
mrginna 29/Feb/12 Sent O/S
Hidden 25/Feb/12 Sent x
Hidden 25/Feb/12 Sent
peteJ23 12/Feb/12 Sent O/S
Deako 12/Feb/12 Sent
with peteJ23
Milne 11/Feb/12 Sent O/S
with sarah.
Hidden 11/Feb/12 Sent x
Hidden 08/Feb/12 Sent x
pete1993 03/Feb/12 Sent
Hidden 26/Jan/12 Sent O/S
Hidden 19/Jan/12 Sent
mark20 16/Jan/12 Sent O/S
timmyhobby 11/Jan/12 Sent
tom bre 02/Jan/12 Sent x
Nick Allen ??/2012 Sent
Hidden 31/Dec/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 19/Dec/11 Sent O/S
llamaglama 19/Dec/11 Sent
with Jam
Jack Whiteley 14/Dec/11 Sent O/S
with Paul and Izzy
Hidden 01/Dec/11 Sent
Olli-C 27/Nov/11 Sent x
with lizzie, joel
Hidden 19/Nov/11 Sent
Duncan Campbell 12/Nov/11 Sent β


marcb 12/Nov/11 Sent O/S
Richard Kemble 12/Nov/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 12/Nov/11 Sent O/S
Chris Manasseh 06/Nov/11 Sent
Hidden 06/Nov/11 Sent O/S
charley 05/Nov/11 Solo O/S
Robin Nichols ?/Nov/11 Sent O/S
mikeshewring 23/Oct/11 Sent x
disturbed_one51 22/Oct/11 Sent
Hidden 16/Oct/11 Sent rpt
belay bunny turned bad 16/Oct/11 Sent
joe.91 16/Oct/11 Sent O/S
Marcus B 24/Sep/11 Sent
with Helen
Lordcarr 24/Sep/11 Sent
with Rach
HelenMelon 24/Sep/11 Sent
Manchi 13/Aug/11 Sent
Hidden 13/Aug/11 Sent
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Morwood 25/May/11 Sent
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with keith
jools 27/Apr/11 Sent
airwalk123 22/Apr/11 Sent O/S
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The Bad Cough 27/Mar/11 Sent rpt
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Hidden 13/Mar/11 Sent O/S
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Hidden 09/Feb/11 Sent O/S
phja 08/Feb/11 Sent x
with candy
Kevster 29/Jan/11 Sent
rich_hw 08/Jan/11 Sent x
Hidden ??/2011 -
rurp ??/2011 Sent O/S
Birdo ?/Dec/10 Sent
Emma-Louise Anderson 13/Nov/10 Sent O/S
MD 13/Nov/10 Sent O/S
Rampikino 13/Nov/10 Solo
with Cat
The Bad Cough 07/Nov/10 Sent rpt
embob 24/Oct/10 Sent β
with Alex
Hidden 24/Oct/10 Sent
Hidden 17/Oct/10 Sent O/S
Hidden 13/Oct/10 -
najki_2000 10/Oct/10 Sent O/S
davelaking 02/Oct/10 Sent
victim of mathematics 02/Oct/10 Sent O/S
axeman 25/Sep/10 Sent O/S
with grace
edd rab 09/Sep/10 Sent rpt
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with Dad
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PondLife 11/Jul/10 Sent O/S
with Matthew Fletcher
Rose Williams 05/Jul/10 Sent
with Rosie
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andyebbens 24/May/10 Sent
with Steve E
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Hidden 16/May/10 Solo
John 1804 15/May/10 Sent O/S
Rosie Henstock 08/Apr/10 Sent O/S
Hidden 28/Mar/10 Sent
paul__in_sheffield 28/Mar/10 Sent O/S
with Noodle
paddyisidle 26/Jan/10 Sent
Graeme Hammond 24/Jan/10 Sent rpt
with Rob
Ketu 24/Jan/10 Sent O/S
Hidden 24/Jan/10 Sent O/S
atom ??/2010 Sent
DaveH32 20/Dec/09 Sent
Oliver Branagan 05/Dec/09 Sent β

Using just the crack to gain the top felt nails. Ending up climbing it in loads of different ways as it was one of the few dry bits of rock.

Laurence Everitt 15/Nov/09 Sent O/S
Hidden 09/Nov/09 Sent
john lynch 09/Nov/09 Sent
geddicakes 23/Oct/09 Sent
nathanlee 03/Oct/09 Sent

more like font 5

Claire Taylor 31/Aug/09 Sent x
Hidden 31/Aug/09 Sent O/S
Hidden ?/Aug/09 Sent
Hidden 31/Jul/09 Sent O/S
nink79 15/Jul/09 Sent
edd rab 15/Jul/09 Sent rpt
nai 14/Jul/09 Sent
Hidden 03/May/09 Sent
Hidden 25/Apr/09 Sent O/S
Jim Slater 07/Apr/09 Sent O/S
jowgli ?/Apr/09 Sent
with rich buckley
Hidden 29/Mar/09 Sent O/S
DavidR 22/Mar/09 Sent O/S
Hidden 22/Mar/09 Sent
The Bad Cough 21/Mar/09 Sent O/S
Jeronimo 04/Mar/09 Sent x
Timpy1584 22/Feb/09 Sent
Hidden 21/Feb/09 Sent
ed woods 10/Feb/09 Sent
deacondeacon 01/Feb/09 Sent
thomasadixon 21/Jan/09 Sent O/S
alicia 18/Jan/09 Sent
with Bridget and Nick
bridget143 18/Jan/09 Sent x
with Alicia
andyebbens 17/Jan/09 Sent
with Steve E
Sankey 17/Jan/09 Sent
with Andy E
kevp 10/Jan/09 Sent β
with Ali Campbell
D Berry 14/Dec/08 Sent x
popebenedictus 06/Dec/08 Sent rpt
with Bouldered
Shauna 03/Dec/08 Sent O/S
Dave Mason 23/Sep/08 Sent β
Hidden 25/Jul/08 Sent O/S
Gambit 15/Jul/08 Sent O/S
with Alone
MontyH 04/Jun/08 -
Hidden 27/May/08 Sent
fizzy_elephant 16/May/08 Sent O/S
PanzerHanzler 05/May/08 Sent
Nom 27/Apr/08 Sent O/S
with Martha Brown
Marv 27/Apr/08 Sent O/S
with Simon Wadsworth
Hidden 26/Apr/08 Sent O/S
Hidden 26/Apr/08 Sent
Don Jebus ?/Apr/08 Sent O/S
Jethro ?/Apr/08 Sent
tommytwotone 16/Feb/08 Sent rpt
Tim W 03/Feb/08 Sent O/S
bobboulderer ?/Jan/08 Sent x
with Kat Boon
kingholmesy ??/2008 Sent O/S
Hidden ??/2008 Sent
kitkat78 25/Nov/07 Sent
with SteveM
SteveM 25/Nov/07 Sent O/S
with Kat
ug99018 15/Nov/07 Sent x

After many tries finaly got the sequence.

Hidden 15/Nov/07 Sent
Creep_pea ?/Nov/07 Sent O/S
with Tom
Graeme Hammond 03/Oct/07 Sent O/S
Jenn 07/Aug/07 Sent x
TomHaigh ?/Aug/07 Sent x
Whealiebob 14/Jul/07 Sent O/S
with Stee
BigToe 14/Jul/07 Sent
Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH 26/May/07 Sent O/S
williamsf1 07/May/07 Sent O/S
with Joe Gwyne
popebenedictus 06/May/07 Sent O/S
with Bouldered
edd rab 06/May/07 Sent O/S
loonyclimber 06/Apr/07 Sent O/S

This was a really good problem.. enjoyed this one..

with Jen Green
boulderholder ?/Apr/07 Sent x
Trigoc 28/Mar/07 Sent β
with Phil
ewen 26/Mar/07 Sent
MontyH 20/Mar/07 Sent O/S
Brian Rodgers ??/2007 Sent
Peakphil 10/Oct/06 Sent
thetourist 30/Apr/06 Sent
Hidden 10/Feb/06 Sent O/S
Hidden 07/Feb/06 Sent O/S
Mark A Humphries ??/2006 Sent
Hidden ??/2006 -
Hidden 05/Apr/05 Sent O/S
Sankey ?/Jan/05 -
Richard Bradley ??/2005 -
Hidden 14/Dec/03 Sent x
RANGITOTO ??/2003 Solo
Monk ??/2003 -
DerwentDiluted ??/2002 Sent
chrishedgehog 21/Jul/00 Solo O/S
with Joe Thompson
Hidden 29/May/00 Sent
bentley's biceps ??/2000 Sent
Hidden ??/1999 -
Roget ??/1999 Sent
Iain Thow 28/Mar/98 Sent
Hidden ??/1997 -
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