Hamish Teddy's Excellent Adventure** 7b+
[Good-ish rest at 1/3 height., 3 kb]Good Technical and sustained sport route with a decent rest two thirds of the way up. One more hard section then easy moves to the chain.
D. MacCallum, J. May, R. Anderson 1992

Ticklists: Scottish Sport 7a (and above...).

Photo: Good-ish rest at 1/3 height. © Fraser
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First time back on felt desperate couldn't remember the feet! Second attempt exploded off the wall going for jugs on arÍte. Hit them but fingers just uncurled
julesp - Lead rpt - 21/Feb/15 with Iain

Ross Kirkland - Lead RP - 20/Oct/14

3 good burns managing it with 1 rest. Will get this when fresh. Forgot how nice the moves are.
stugreen75 - TR dog - 09/Oct/14 with Ewan

First time I had been on in years. Enjoyed it so much I led again:)
Alastair R - Lead rpt - 24/Sep/14

Hidden - Lead dnf - 21/Sep/14

Hidden - Lead dnf - 19/Sep/14

mhairi thorburn - Lead rpt - 14/Sep/14 with Ian

Bolt to bolt then first r/p, Great route and wall! Had a play on the start of Silk, will be back!
Russell Birkett - Lead RP - 18/Aug/14 with Darren, Amanda

Seemed unlikely but nailed it somehow!
Hamfunk - Lead RP - 15/Aug/14 with Darren

The crag warm up now??
sheppy - Lead rpt - 11/Jun/14 with Iain MacD

Fell going to the resting jug on the arete!
Harry Holmes - Lead dog - 29/May/14 with Greg Brown

Ri - Lead rpt - 23/May/14 with Stu, mike

with martin mc
d conacher - Lead RP - 15/May/14

Ri - Lead rpt - 14/May/14 with Tom, mike

Hidden - Lead RP - 13/May/14

Hidden - Lead dog - 06/May/14

mshorter - Lead RP - 02/May/14 with ry

Ri - Lead rpt - 02/May/14 with mike

The speed attempt - 4:38.
Ri - Lead rpt - 02/May/14 with mike

Ri - Lead rpt - 02/May/14 with mike

atapper21 - Lead RP - May/14 with Jo Lucas

Day 20 - Well that didn't take long! I think I need to get on a proper long term project now. :) Many thanks to all the partners who caught my many falls over the years and to Koon for being there on the day that mattered.
JLS - Lead RP - 21/Apr/14 with Koon M.

Couple of lead attempts to try and link the climb. Hmmm needing quite a bit of work!!!
Koon - Lead dog - 21/Apr/14 with John Sharples

Great to be out in the sunshine but still cold on the fingers today.
sheppy - Lead rpt - 19/Apr/14 with iain n jules

julesp - Lead rpt - 19/Apr/14 with iain and neil

julesp - Lead rpt - 17/Apr/14 with iain and neil

Lawrie Brand - Lead dog - 15/Apr/14 with Robin

2nd go
tom russell - Lead RP - 13/Apr/14 with mike

Day 19 - Back on the Teds trail again. Tough session, best go with 2 or 3 rests. The road remains long...
JLS - Lead dog - 23/Mar/14 with Fraser H.

Day 18 - Tough session. Smeggy holds and a poor form day combined dish out another kicking...
JLS - Lead dog - 24/Aug/13 with Koon M.

Koon - TR dog - 24/Aug/13 with John Sharples

seanwalsh - Lead RP - 22/Aug/13

Pre-work trip pays off, despite the woods feeling like a rain forest when we arrived. Many thanks to Del for being patient and persuading me that it would dry out. Good to get another one ticked off the bucket list.
Brendan - Lead RP - 24/Jul/13 with Del

sheppy - Lead rpt - 26/Jun/13 with Iain MacD

sheppy - Lead dog - 15/Jun/13 with iain n jules

Martin Mc - Lead rpt - 11/Jun/13 with Dougie

4th session on it, 3rd this year, 4th redpoint attempt. First of the grade outdoors, well chuffed.
mr_nsglover - Lead RP - 06/Jun/13 with James McCartan

jamesdyno - Lead - 04/Jun/13

Day 17 - First of the year, grimly cold and bolt 3 to 4 was too wet to climb. Felt quite good on the harder moves but Teds isn't about doing the moves, it's about linking ALL the moves.
JLS - Lead dog - 04/May/13 with Fraser H., Kev G.

Ri - Lead β - Apr/13

Climbed in the heavy snow. Sequency climbing.
samwillo - Lead - 16/Mar/13 with Darren Wisniewski

Hidden - TR dnf - 24/Jan/13

First crack at it. Got all the moves first go but will need a lot more stamina to link it all. Need to cut down my pie intake.
stugreen75 - TR dog - 04/Oct/12 with dominic jeff

jolucas - Lead RP - 22/Sep/12 with alex

dezdee - Lead RP - Sep/12

Wee toprope try to remind myself of the moves. Was going to go for the first redpoint attempt today but skin on hands is so trashed just now. Next time!
RebekahD - TR - 26/Aug/12 with Eleanor

mhairi thorburn - Lead - 04/Aug/12 with david watt

centurion05 - Lead rpt - 08/Jul/12

Day 16 - Good session, back on track, doesn't feel far away.
JLS - Lead dog - 01/Jul/12 with Darren D., Fraser H., Kev G.

Day 3 on the route.. lead twice today, first time clip to clip. Second with one fall/rest just before bolt five.
K Wall - Lead dog - 01/Jul/12 with Jo Glasgow

can remember the moves now...
Stephi - Lead dog - 26/Jun/12

first attempt, need more endurance!
Stephi - TR dog - 20/Jun/12

it begins
robertmichaeladams - Lead dog - 14/Jun/12 with Andy H

ChrisCSC89 - Lead RP - 13/Jun/12 with Ross

Day 15 - didn't cope well with the heat...
JLS - Lead dnf - 26/May/12 with Darren D., Pete R.

Too hot to try properly today!
RebekahD - TR dog - 24/May/12 with Geek

Finally got it done!
centurion05 - Lead RP - 23/May/12 with The boy

Hidden - Lead rpt - 16/May/12

Hidden - Lead rpt - 11/May/12

Day 14 - Oh the disappointment! Best effort was one rest but the fall came shamefully early - the 4th bolt.
JLS - Lead dog - 05/May/12 with Eve B., Fraser H., Burnsie

Hidden - Lead - 05/May/12

Hidden - Lead RP - 28/Apr/12

Day 13 - 3 poor burns but at least my spine held out.
JLS - Lead dog - 28/Apr/12 with Eve B., Darren D.

Hidden - TR - 28/Apr/12

Day 12 - Bollocks, the old dickie back gave up the ghost, early in the session.
JLS - Lead dnf - 22/Apr/12 with Eve B., Darren D.

Hidden - TR dnf - 22/Apr/12

Day 11 - 3 burns, 1 clip to clip warm- up and 2 redpoint attempts. Best was one fall going to Marlena rest.
JLS - Lead dog - 15/Apr/12 with Half the World

Day 10 - Warm-up, clip-sticking dog and two red-point attempts. Three falls on the first and one fall on the second - just before the big rest. Should go soon...
JLS - Lead dog - 14/Apr/12 with Eve B.

Hidden - TR dog - 14/Apr/12

Finally....on a day i felt weak too. So pleased first 7b+ time to try 7b. ;)
ANC - Lead RP - 07/Apr/12 with Amanda

Finally, about 4 or 5 days spread out over late summer 2011 and spring 2012. Fun route.
dwisniewski - Lead RP - 07/Apr/12 with John Sharples

Day 9 - Three or 4 burns on top rope. Felt quite good on the warm-up dog so was disappointed to need two rests on the second burn. Faded fast. Great efforts from Darren and ANC to send.
JLS - TR dog - 07/Apr/12 with Darren D.

3 goes - in two parts on the last
robertmichaeladams - Lead dog - 06/Apr/12 with Lawrence

bolt to bolt, more stamina required
wence - Lead dog - 06/Apr/12 with Rob

Another project day...yet more progress...learnt how to milk two rests, other than the big rest on the arete. Good tips from JLS, Fraser and Kev. Warm up putting in the clips and then three burns.
ANC - Lead dog - 31/Mar/12 with John, Louise Humphreys

Day 8 - First session of the year. Two and a half goes on top-rope. Sequence a bit rusty.
JLS - TR dog - 31/Mar/12 with Louise, Angus, Fraser H., Kev G.

Hidden - Lead RP - 28/Mar/12

Stuart S - TR dog - 28/Mar/12 with Markus Eagleton, Amanda Lyons

First time back on this in a year and a half. Remembered most of the moves so once I have some endurance hopefully it'll be crushed! Project 2012
ANC - Lead dog - 25/Mar/12 with Amanda

Hidden - Lead O/S - 14/Mar/12

Hidden - Lead rpt - 12/Mar/12

1st toprope attempt - worked the route in 3 sections between the big rests.
RebekahD - TR dog - 10/Mar/12 with Geek

retro flash
coula1 - Lead rpt - 26/Feb/12

think ive found my summer project
Ginger McGrath - Lead dog - 25/Feb/12 with dave brigham

A quick reminder of the moves- had to be done
whistler - Lead dog - 25/Feb/12 with Dangerous Dave

Hidden - Lead - 25/Feb/12

2nd toprope attempt - climbed cleanly up to to end of the traverse right. Fell off on the big egyptian move just before the easier ground. Rested, then clean to the top.
RebekahD - TR - 2012 with Geek

Felt desperate again to start with but once I'd ironed out the beta it went. Took me by surprise!
Dougie Harvey - Lead RP - 06/Nov/11 with Ross Barnes

Day 7 - Poor redpoint attempt, 3 falls, couldn't get the bolt three knee bar quite right for the rest.
JLS - Lead dog - 07/Oct/11 with Jacqui

Day 6 - Three burns on TR, good 2nd burn, RP attempts start next time.
JLS - TR dog - 26/Sep/11 with Darren D., Fraser H.

Day 5 - Climbing through a mini waterfall however all holds dry allowing 4 TR burns. Bolt 3 to 4 feeling difficult today, linked from bolt 4 rail to the top twice.
JLS - TR dog - 18/Sep/11 with Jerry L., Fraser H., Kev G., Jacqui

Day 4 - 3 TR burns, a bit of progress.
JLS - TR dog - 11/Sep/11 with Darren D.

Day 3 - Poor conditions, but anytime on the route is good, 3 poor TR burns.
JLS - TR dog - 03/Sep/11 with Fraser R.

Hidden - TR dnf - 03/Sep/11

Hidden - Lead rpt - 02/Sep/11

Hidden - Lead rpt - 31/Aug/11

Day 2 - A bit further, a bit smoother but still aways to go. 4 TR burns.
JLS - TR dog - 27/Aug/11 with Craig B., Sven J.

Day 1 (proper) - 3 burns on TR, got good beta from the assembled crowd, might take a while to smooth it out though.
JLS - TR dog - 21/Aug/11 with Darren D.

Hidden - Lead rpt - 14/Aug/11

Hidden - Lead dog - 24/Jul/11

A scorcher of a day (well by Scotland's standards anyway). Pleased to get this as it was a goal for the season.
jameshiggins - Lead RP - 23/Jul/11 with Andy Inglis

A stoater!
wilsonmackenzie - Lead RP - 23/Jul/11 with RdC

Very wet and soapy, but made some progress on the lower section. Can't wait to try it in the dry!!!
Smelly Fox - TR - 20/Jul/11 with Amanda Lyons

YES GAFFA!!! Sent at the end of the day in a thunder and lightning storm with high-vis waterproofs on.
RdC - Lead RP - 16/Jul/11 with wilson

Just working out the moves with lots of rests required.
Stuart S - TR dog - 24/Jun/11 with Amanda Lyons

repeat ascent. nice
mark mcgowan01 - Lead RP - 08/Jun/11 with Amanda Lyons

After years of "waiting for the on-sight" was nice to finally get on this and have a couple of laps, moves are all fine, but linking them will take some work!
Chad123 - TR dog - 14/May/11 with Ginger Tom

Thanks for putting in the draws Iain
sheppy - Lead rpt - 20/Apr/11 with Iain MacD

Feeling much easier now.
julesp - Lead rpt - 16/Apr/11 with Stuart S, lyons, Iain

Hidden - Lead rpt - 14/Apr/11

Hidden - Lead β - 10/Apr/11

Fell off first attempt at crimp when couldn't feel fingers. Second go.
julesp - Lead rpt - 06/Apr/11 with lyons, Iain

Good beta but linking this all together is going to be tough.Im OK for a few moves but its on the steep side for me.Must get some endurance going.Great route, moves are superb all the way.
Sean Bell - TR - 03/Mar/11 with Greg Boswell

The 2nd last one at Dunkeld done. smoother than a baby's bum...
mark mcgowan01 - Lead RP - 01/Feb/11 with Phil Jack

everettchris8 - 2011

Brief stop off to finish off marlina (wet streak), next year. Probably wouldn't have happen with hangover and aftermath of indian, kebab and pizza yesterday!!
andyinglis - Lead rpt - 24/Oct/10 with Alasdair Fulton

Nothing felt particularly good today. should have listened to my body and just rested this weekend...no more hard climbing now till Ceuse recovery required.
ANC - Lead dog - 26/Sep/10 with Amanda

Clip to clip to the top. Def progress on a few on the moves today. :)
MelH - TR dog - 21/Sep/10 with A

May actually go. Did it with two rests after a warm up and then with one rest on my last go....psyked! Major progress!
ANC - Lead dog - 18/Sep/10 with Ross Barnes, Fultonius, Neil Adams, Andy Inglis

Only 5 clips in. Got it clip to clip up to there. Can't do one of the moves just below 1st clip though.
MelH - TR dnf - 15/Sep/10 with julesp

Was working with the rope on Marlina so could only climb to crack - far enough for today anyway!!! Start def felt a touch easier on second go. Brutal though! :D
MelH - TR dnf - 12/Sep/10 with mark, jeremy, fraser, ewan, julesp

First try in 2 and a half years...got some good beta and sequences the bag today, but a few sessions are needed on consecutive weekends to get this....need a break tendonitis flaring up this week....at least clipping the second bolt was easier than I remember...
ANC - Lead dog - 11/Sep/10 with Neil Adams, Andy Inglis

Hidden - Lead RP - 21/Aug/10

kevg - Lead RP - 21/Aug/10 with Jeremy Love, Burnsie, Fras, Pete Roy

10th RP of the weekend, just going up to strip the route, shocked when I got to the rest! Brilliant!
andyinglis - Lead RP - 08/Aug/10 with Neil Adams, ross barnes

First F7b+
Neil Adams - Lead RP - 01/Aug/10 with Andy Inglis

Progress. Ground to 4th clip, and 4th to top.
andyinglis - Lead dog - 01/Aug/10 with Neil Adams

First session on it. Got it in 2 overlapping chunks but don't feel particulatly close to linking it.
Neil Adams - TR dog - 25/Jul/10 with Andy Inglis

Hidden - Lead RP - 12/Jul/10

Hidden - Lead dog - 30/Jun/10

Hidden - TR dog - 27/Jun/10

Surprisingly, it felt relatively easy this time. (Good conditions, combined with feeling fresh and properly warmed up before setting off definitely helped!)
Fraser - Lead RP - 23/Jun/10 with Jules & Marcus

Great climbing! Second go after falling off the flash very close to the rest.
dj_brigham05 - Lead RP - 12/May/10 with Thom Simmons

JLS - TR dog - 09/May/10 with Fraser H., Kev G.

Some progress today....but it's still hard!
Fraser - Lead dog - 09/May/10 with Kev & John

RAH - Lead RP - 07/May/10

Repeated this after doing Marlina. Felt quite tricky as I had forhotten what to do!
Dangerous Dave - Lead rpt - 14/Mar/10 with Marcus

everettchris8 - 2010

last route of the day. wasn't going to happen!
whistler - Lead dog - 01/Oct/09 with Dangerous Dave

Lots of work required on this one..
Lawrie Brand - Lead dnf - 12/Sep/09 with Dougie Harvey

2 rests
Dougie Harvey - TR dog - 12/Sep/09 with Lawrie Brand

kevg - Lead dog - 30/Aug/09 with Fraser

Finally got on this classic. Great climbing. No stopper moves....but it just keeps on coming.
Fraser - Lead dog - 30/Aug/09 with Kev

awesome 2nd time ive lead it clean, amazing enjoyable route!
mhairi thorburn - Lead rpt - 25/Aug/09 with adam

julesp - Lead RP - 15/Aug/09 with amanda, Iain

sheppy - Lead rpt - 05/Aug/09

sheppy - TR rpt - 25/Jul/09

Ally Baba - Lead RP - 03/May/09 with Gav Swinton

pleased to find it much easier than 15 years ago, strange as I am only half as strong...!
sheppy - Lead RP - 02/May/09 with simon jenkins

not even close...
whistler - Lead dnf - 19/Apr/09 with Andrew Gibbon

2nd day this year, thanks to bozza's betta beta!
mhairi thorburn - Lead RP - 02/Apr/09 with adam and bozza

akhughes - Lead rpt - 02/Apr/09

Greg Boswell - Lead RP - 31/Mar/09

Flash! Yay!
Stewart B - Lead β - 21/Mar/09 with Will Atkinson

1 of 3 people to flash it today!, awesome route!
willackers - Lead β - 21/Mar/09 with Ali, Stu Brown, James

Dougie Harvey - Lead dog - 21/Mar/09 with Tom Simmons

Can do all the moves, and starting to link reasonable sections now. Should go with a wee bit more work.
dave o - Lead dog - 15/Nov/08 with Dave Cowan

At last. Didn't feel too bad either. Chuffed
Dangerous Dave - Lead RP - 15/Nov/08 with Dave O

whistler - Lead dog - 08/Jun/08 with Dangerous Dave

Rested at just about every bolt. Will require a bit of work...
gforce - TR dog - 05/May/08 with Stevie

Hidden - Lead RP - 22/Apr/08

Awsome route! begining def. the hardest and the second clip is less than fun. Moves on the mid section of the route are awsome!! Will take some learning!
ANC - Lead dog - 19/Apr/08 with Marcus Bean, Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Dave - Lead dog - 19/Apr/08 with Marcus

Hidden - Lead RP - 2008

Hidden - Lead RP - Sep/07

mgeek - Lead rpt - 06/May/07 with Tom Bolger

thomasburley - Lead RP - 07/Nov/06 with Garth

MBean - Lead - Mar/06

First ever Redpoint-Siege! Around 7 sessions and probably 5 or 6 go's per session. At the time, the hardest thing I'd done was 7a+
Fultonius - Lead RP - May/05

ali_robb - Lead RP - Apr/04

Dave Kerr - Lead - 15/Apr/03

Henners - Lead RP - 01/Apr/03 with Neil Buzby

greenroom - Lead O/S - 2000

Evoman - Jun/98

buzby78 - Lead RP - 08/Apr/97 with Parnaby

Long term project
Cassidy - Lead O/S - Mar/97 with David Cassidy

whispering nic - May/95 with April

Hidden - Lead - 1995

sheppy - Lead RP - 14/Jul/94 with neil morrison

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