Bare Blåbær*** n5-
[bara blåbär, pitch 3, 1 kb]235m, 7 pitches.

Rockfax Description
(Only Bilberries) A pure classic and, despite its distance from the road, it is hugely popular. The name is Norwegian for a task of no great difficulty, obviously it refers to the actual climb and not the walk in.
1) 4, 26m. Start up a small slab and move up to a shallow left-facing corner. Up this, or climb a thin finger-crack on the right, to reach a good ledge at the base of a main crack.
2) 5-, 34m. Finger and hand jam up the fantastic crack above to a small belay stance where the angle of the rock lessens. Cams helpful at the belay.
3) 5-, 32m. Continue up the V-groove, which steepens and becomes increasingly awkward. When the crack inside the groove becomes too thin, step out right around the arete into another crack. Climb up this to a good belay at flakes and a ledge.
4) 5-, 28m. Layback the flake wedged inside the V-groove above until you reach several loose chockstones. Now step delicately to the right around the corner into a hidden crack and climb this to more flakes and another good stance.
5) 5-, 40m. Continue up the single, sustained crack system splitting the upper slab - elegant finger and hand jamming up perfect rock. When the crack finally thins, climb to the right to a bolt and chain belay to the left of a huge flake.
6) 5-, 40m. An unlikely looking pitch with excellent climbing. Climb up and move left to pass a small roof. Step back right and follow a shallow groove and crack system more or less straight up the upper slab to a small belay stance with a two bolt belay.
7) 4-, 50m. One last pitch leads up the easier slab to reach a belay at the base of the cliff's steeper headwall. Beware of loose rock on this final pitch and the fact there will be climbers below. © ROCKFAX

T Hansen, I Raastad 1986

Photo: bara blåbär, pitch 3 © cali1001
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P4,5,6 - what a day out. First on it after rain, P6&7 a bit soggy, 6 quite scary as a result. Lots of parties below so opted not to complete loose P7. Swam in the lake on the way home. Magic day.
Bob Peters - AltLd O/S - 28/Jul/15 with Joe

rpinto - AltLd O/S - 13/Jul/15

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 11/Jul/15

Paul Figg - AltLd O/S - 10/Jul/15 with Rachel Antill

yeah, this one IS really good! miles and miles of easy jamming. must have been a line of ropes up it all day, but was nice and sociable at least.
tomdude - Lead O/S - Jul/15 with marie

jonnie3430 - AltLd O/S - 29/Jun/15 with Pete

An absolute classic. Led pitches 2, 4 and 6. We started slightly to the left of the normal start to avoid a snow bank. Most of the good holds on pitch 6 were soaking wet which made for an entertaining lead. Both pitches 6 and 7 are longer than the lengths recorded in the rockfax guide book. Had a comedy fall and slide descending the snow bank in rock shoes at the end of the day as did the two Swiss climbers who followed shortly after. It's quicker to approach the climb going right of the forest at the end of Djupfjord as per the pillaren route rather than the way indicated in the rockfax guide.
MD - AltLd O/S - 18/Jun/15 with Jo

Fantastic route. Worth an early start to get there first after 1.5 hour walk in. Interesting start round the snow and traverse in from the left to lead p1. P2 a tough steep hand crack but p3 is magnificent. P4 tricky route finding and p5 another long crack that starts steep then gets too thin even for my fingers. Thank god hold just when you need it at the top. P6 with sparse protection, overlaps and wet wrinkles and p7 a slabby left rising wrinkle to looser choss at the top. Bolts and chains on top of a large boulder at the top, a few feet below the two bolts and no ab chains you see from much lower down. Ab using bolts for p7 to top of p4 but head far right (facing in) to use alternate bolts to those in the rope snagging corner below. Ab back down full route not an option unless you want to leave gear - no bolts p1-3.
Happy Wanderer - AltLd O/S - 18/Jun/15 with Mike D

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 18/Jun/15

Little AndyH - AltLd - Jun/15

JdotP - AltLd O/S - Jun/15 with Crazy Dave

PhilipO - AltLd O/S - Jun/15 with Alfred L

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 03/Aug/14

Timothy Miller - AltLd O/S - 16/Jul/14 with James Mortimer

Hidden - AltLd - 09/Jul/14

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 23/Jun/14

John Nuttall - Lead - 06/Jun/14 with Sharon

Hidden - Lead O/S - 15/Aug/13

Led pitches 1, 4, 7. Pitches 6, 7 were a bit damp.
cameron_hall - AltLd O/S - 22/Jul/13 with Jacob Davies, Will Benfold

Led P3,6
will_benfold - AltLd O/S - 22/Jul/13 with Jacob Davies, Cameron

Hidden - AltLd - 19/Jul/13

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 19/Jul/13

chrisallan - AltLd O/S - 17/Jul/13

Pitches 1/3/5/7. P5 was one of the most enjoyable pitches of climbing ever.
mes32 - AltLd O/S - 17/Jul/13 with Chris

Intimidating for someone with a lack of jamming experience, but you soon realise how straight forward it is when you find the crack takes cam after cam after cam, and the rock offers superb friction. Lead P1,3,5. Rapped off after pitch 5, as P6 looked sparsely protected. Route probably equates to VS overall.
Merlin - AltLd O/S - 11/Jul/13 with Dave Tait

Probably the best route I have seconded. Lead first pitch. Last pitch almost 50m. Abseiled in 5 pitches, using chains to the bottom on 50m ropes.
inspiration_needed - 2nd O/S - 01/Jul/13 with Mat Cooper

Hidden - AltLd - Jul/13

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 27/Jun/13

ferdia - AltLd O/S - 13/Jun/13 with Rozzy

Amazing climb and great variation of slab work if top 2 pitches are included. Why some people give up at Pitch 5, I'll never know. Good stuff.
chrisdevon - 2nd - 12/Jun/13

Timo Austino - Lead - Jun/13 with Dave Bart

Hidden - Lead - Jun/13

Lead P1,3 and 5. Dead good but would have been much better if it wasn't for the heat. Very sore feet making the same jamming move time and time again. Didn't bother with P6 and p7
James Oswald - 2013

Hidden - AltLd - 20/Aug/12

Quite an introducion to Lofoten rock. Felt hard but probably the result of not climbing for 6 weeks and then coming to Lofoten!
Steven Andrews - Lead O/S - 16/Aug/12 with Delphine

Hidden - Lead - 14/Aug/12

Graceful - Aug/12 with laurence

Coel Hellier - AltLd - 27/Jul/12 with Robert Durran

Bruce Kerr - AltLd - 19/Jul/12 with Simon Tiplady

Lead odd pitches. Stopped after P5 since not enjoying it and the others abb'd off, should have done one more pitch really
Batt - AltLd dnf - 12/Jul/12 with James Hoyes

Abseiled off after pitch 5.
Hoyes - AltLd dnf - 11/Jul/12 with Rachel B

Led P2, P4 & P5
mtempest - AltLd - 11/Jul/12 with Dan Lane

P1 and 3. we abbed off after P5 because the climbing gets less good and there were three VERY slow parties infront which we didn't want to be waiting behind on the abseils. I don't really enjoy jamming but i loved it!
Dan Lane - AltLd O/S - 11/Jul/12 with Mike Tempest

Hidden - AltLd - 10/Jul/12

ColinD - AltLd - Jul/12 with Seth Barber

cymjt - Jul/12

Hidden - 2nd O/S - 29/Jun/12

Led P3+6. The best HS in the world. Outstanding climbing in a stunning situation. Pitch 6 is worthwhile, although confusingly not a crack, but P7 is a bit pointless.
victim of mathematics - AltLd O/S - 28/Jun/12 with Claire, Simon

Amazing route, one of the best at its grade anywhere. I would challenge even the staunchest non-jammer not to enjoy crack climbing like this!
climbingpixie - AltLd O/S - 28/Jun/12 with Andy

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 28/Jun/12

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 28/Jun/12

Marcus Lead Pitches 1, 3 & 5 while I lead pitches 2, 4 & 6.The route was fairly easy apart from the initial crack climb at pitch There was a slight issue with the Initially Abseil back down to start of Pitch 6 to avoid ropes being eaten by the cracks, then directly of to the right of the actual climb to find another abseil point which is slightly out of view. 55m walk and same out...
Carl Simmons - AltLd O/S - 22/Jun/12 with Marcus Ross, Kev Eccles

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 22/Jun/12

With Carl Simmons and Kev Eccles I lead odd pitches, abbed off at the top of the 5th! Superb climb!
marcusmarcus1 - AltLd O/S - 22/Jun/12 with A Student (Work)

I led pitch 1,2 and 4, Glen did 3,5 and 6, we didn't bother with the last pitch as the group ahead said it wasn't very good so we abbed off. There is a new ab line to the right of the one shown in the book to avoid the common rope eating crack. Awesome route!!!
ashsleight - AltLd O/S - 19/Jun/12 with Glen bloomer

Brilliant climb with superb protection. 5th pitch is one of the best I've ever climbed...anywhere! 6 th pitch damp but very good.
Zoomer - AltLd O/S - 19/Jun/12 with Ash Sleight

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 14/Jun/12

Hidden - AltLd - 14/Jun/12

Amazing jamming the whole route. If going out get this done either early in the day to avoid queues or late in the date and get sunlight.
Gibson27 - AltLd O/S - Jun/12

chris_B - AltLd O/S - 17/Jul/11 with Louise Atkin

louby - AltLd - 17/Jul/11 with Chris Burn

Excellent route. We did all 7 pitches and found top 2 worhwhile. Only just managed with 50m ropes.
Ken Taylor - AltLd O/S - 16/Jul/11 with John Hollingworth, Ian Bradley

Hidden - AltLd - 13/Jul/11

Superb easy jamming route. All 7 pitches are quality!
Conan - AltLd O/S - 13/Jul/11 with Paul Farish

Hidden - Lead rpt - 10/Jul/11

Hidden - 2nd - 10/Jul/11

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 04/Jul/11

Anna_wells - AltLd - Jul/11 with Ali Clarke

cat22 - AltLd O/S - 30/Jun/11 with Mike

Lead even-numbered pitches. Pitch 6 has little protection. Finished in the midnight sun. Awesome!
JenDurden - AltLd O/S - 15/Jun/11 with Max

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 15/Jun/11

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 06/Jun/11

I led 'even' pitches
John Tanner - AltLd O/S - 06/Jun/11 with mrstarwarsman

mrstarwarsman - AltLd - 06/Jun/11 with john tanner

It may be easy but this is a contender for the best route in the world.
Derek Ryden - AltLd O/S - Jun/11 with Glynne Andrew

Snecos - 2011

bridget143 - AltLd O/S - 12/Aug/10 with Toby Dunford

tobydunford - AltLd O/S - 12/Aug/10 with Bridget Hall

Danhan - AltLd O/S - 10/Aug/10 with Mostyn, Nick

Hidden - Lead - 08/Aug/10

Andrew1 - AltLd O/S - 25/Jul/10 with Hulda

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 25/Jul/10

Impossible. Too many people on it 24 hours a day.
mattcyp88 - Lead dnf - 16/Jul/10 with Harry Martin, Thomas Van Boeckel, Ian

Hidden - AltLd rpt - 13/Jul/10

Hidden - AltLd rpt - Jul/10

had rained overnight, set off from carpark about 15.00 and started route about 17.00 Got stuck behind a slow moving Swedish team and got back to the carpark about 23.30. Excellent route despite the delays. Celebrtaed with a few beers at the NNKK bar which closed at 01.00!
Pete Nugent - AltLd - 20/Jun/10 with Chris Vernon

Hidden - 2010

I lead Odd pitches, Geli lead the evens
SGD - AltLd - 26/Aug/09 with Angelika Renner

naine - AltLd O/S - 26/Aug/09 with SGD

joeydurkin - AltLd - 10/Aug/09 with Marshall, Rad

led pitches 2,4,6. Had to reclimb pitch 5 due to stuck ropes, awesome route, a piece of cake
Dr Caterpillar - AltLd O/S - 06/Aug/09 with Alan Sage

Excellent climb, went early to avoid crouds and the sun
John Roe - AltLd - 03/Aug/09 with Steve Wilcox

Graham Westbrook - AltLd - Aug/09

Theeni - AltLd O/S - Aug/09 with Matt Kemp

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 22/Jul/09

Hidden - AltLd - 22/Jul/09

Roch - AltLd - 20/Jul/09 with MRT

richardlong78 - Lead - 20/Jul/09 with Martin Coleman

Excellent route, fantastic climbing at MVS, very protectable, except for a few moves at the start of the 6th pitch through the overlap. 7 pitches up, 5 abs down, all from bolted anchors. First 3 abs are down the line of the route, and then you drop into the black arch for the last 2 abs. Strongly recommend starting the route by 9am or after 3 pm to avoid massive queues.
Andy Chubb - AltLd - 11/Jul/09 with Guy Hustinx

Led p2, 4, 6. Missed out p7 as many people seem to do.
Blisco - AltLd O/S - 08/Jul/09 with Peter Skan

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 05/Jul/09

Pitches 1,3,5. Pitch 5 could not be better at the grade!!
chiverstom - AltLd O/S - 03/Jul/09 with Dave Turner

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 02/Jul/09

it did very nearly eat my rope indeed
Joris.Roulleau - Lead - Jul/09 with Libby Blundell

AJ007 - AltLd - Jul/09 with Michael P

Daniel Armitage - AltLd - 29/Jun/09 with Charlotte Armitage

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 26/Jun/09

dan gibson - AltLd O/S - 19/Jun/09 with helen gibson

tuukka - AltLd - 17/Jun/09 with Hanna

"Rest Day"...
Fultonius - AltLd O/S - 07/Jun/09 with Andy Inglis

4 star VS. Excellent.
andyinglis - AltLd O/S - 07/Jun/09 with Ally Fulton

Henrik - Lead O/S - 05/Jun/09 with Maria

cali1001 - AltLd O/S - Jun/09 with jocke

Hidden - 2009

What a great route!
Different Steve - AltLd O/S - 28/Jul/08 with Steve Gray & Carol Fowles

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 22/Jul/08

Hidden - AltLd - 13/Jul/08

Ing - AltLd - 11/Jul/08 with Stevie G & James

oor wullie - 09/Jul/08 with Risto kalampa

Reversed P7 and abseiled from top of P6. Repeated with Lauri 2011
RAK - AltLd - 09/Jul/08 with Tim R.

Gustav - AltLd - Jul/08 with BeerMonkey

Hidden - AltLd O/S - Jul/08

biggianthead - 30/Jun/08 with T

Descent info in the guide is a bit wonky, but the descent is obvious once you get on it, down the top few pitches then off to the side via a belay on the black arch. The lower stances aren't bolted so you can't abseil down the route as it states.
Alan James - UKC and UKH - AltLd - 17/Jun/08 with Mark Glaister

First five pitches were good. Last two were poor.
TonyB - AltLd - 03/Jun/08 with Simon

Hidden - Lead O/S - 21/Aug/07

lead pitch 4 and 5
Tim W - AltLd O/S - 20/Aug/07 with Ali Kennedy, Jamie Moss

Hidden - AltLd O/S - 02/Aug/07

Previously led in August 2002 with Jim and Jussi, worth going back for! pitch 3 and 5 are awesome jamming cracks. Watch for getting ropes stuck on the ab! 1st time in 2002 got them stuck in the 1st ab (in the offwidth) and this time got stuck after the 2nd ab in a crack.. had to jug up the ropes for 60m to free them :(
Mattyk - AltLd rpt - 02/Aug/07 with Ali K

Hidden - Lead O/S - 09/Jul/07

Elsier - 2nd O/S - Jul/07 with Stuart

stack_attack - Lead O/S - Jul/07

Hidden - AltLd O/S - Jun/06

started raining on 3rd pitch
decs - AltLd dnf - Jun/06 with Steve

Hidden - 2nd O/S - Jun/06

dave o - Lead O/S - Jun/06 with Julia H

graniterocks - Jun/06

Fredrik Nyberg - Lead O/S - 05/Jul/05 with Elin Eriksson

Bad Mongo - AltLd - Jul/05

Jody - AltLd O/S - May/05 with Erik

Steve Lenartowicz - Lead - Jul/04 with Clare

Erkke - AltLd O/S - 2004 with Anders, Jody

Jim Brooke - AltLd - 2004 with James Latham

With Lisa
frotveit - AltLd - 20/Jul/03 with Lisa

I think the crag may have another name - Pillaren? Fabulous crag, reminiscent of Glacier Point Apron in Yosemite
chrishedgehog - AltLd O/S - 11/Jul/03 with Clare Wilkie

agtoni - AltLd - 2003 with Toni L

Jonathan Lagoe - UKC - AltLd O/S - 26/Jun/02 with Andy Hyslop

TobyA - Lead O/S - 11/Aug/98 with Heidi, Elina

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