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ben__day 30/Dec/16 Sent O/S
pingora 27/Dec/16 Sent O/S
Chrisc88 02/Dec/16 Sent O/S
Smileyrainbowgirl 26/Nov/16 -
with Andy
Andyc79 26/Nov/16 Sent
with Bryony
Hidden 25/Nov/16 Sent
Jameshiskett 07/Nov/16 Sent
ColdAndWet 24/Oct/16 Sent
LauraC567 09/Oct/16 Sent β
Aline ?/Oct/16 Sent
with Claudia
Clama ?/Oct/16 Sent
with Aline
Droyd 29/Sep/16 Sent O/S
magiiique 25/Sep/16 Sent x
Hidden 25/Sep/16 Sent
hirving 16/Sep/16 Sent rpt
with Woody
Sam Woodward 16/Sep/16 Sent O/S
with HenDog
Alex Wieczorek 11/Sep/16 Sent O/S
Charlotte Nelson 08/Sep/16 Sent
with Tess
Hidden 29/Aug/16 -
Hidden 06/Aug/16 Sent
pawel suhy 03/Aug/16 Sent rpt
iWoody5025 03/Aug/16 Sent
hirving 31/Jul/16 Sent O/S
Whitters 31/Jul/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 27/Jul/16 Sent
Mutl3y 26/Jul/16 Sent
with The family
Hidden 23/Jul/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 16/Jul/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 16/Jul/16 Sent
Hidden 16/Jul/16 Sent
Davidchatterton 12/Jul/16 Sent O/S
Tim Harper 04/Jul/16 Sent O/S
crazy pierre 06/Jun/16 Sent
with Och, Sarah Bear
rock hobbit 123 06/Jun/16 Sent β
laura.caley 06/Jun/16 Sent O/S
tomwest101 30/May/16 Sent O/S
with marcus dodd, helen chadwick
jimted 22/May/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 13/May/16 Sent
Hidden 04/May/16 Sent O/S
Whitters 01/May/16 Sent O/S
phil_91 ?/May/16 Sent
Stotty_88 ?/May/16 Sent
with Phil
spragglerocks 19/Apr/16 Sent O/S
with John
Hidden 19/Apr/16 Sent O/S
besiix 10/Apr/16 Sent rpt
Andy Myers 06/Apr/16 Sent
tradandybrown ?/Apr/16 -
with shazza65
Hidden 12/Mar/16 Sent
Durkules 12/Mar/16 Sent
beakerburgess 12/Mar/16 Sent
with Nigel bird
Hidden 28/Feb/16 Sent β
williap 27/Feb/16 Sent
with Chris Waddle
Garnham 27/Feb/16 Sent
Hidden 23/Feb/16 Sent
magicmartin 14/Feb/16 Sent rpt
with Perry Adams
Hidden 05/Feb/16 Sent
dhavenhand ?/Jan/16 -
Matthoop91 ??/2016 -
Antony Mariani 28/Dec/15 Sent O/S
with Jo P
Hidden 28/Dec/15 Sent O/S
MusicalMountaineer 22/Dec/15 Sent
Hidden 11/Oct/15 Sent O/S
Fraser hill-casey 10/Oct/15 Sent O/S
JamesAubrey ?/Oct/15 Sent
Gambit 20/Sep/15 Sent rpt
with Ben, Ethan
jrccrosby 20/Sep/15 Sent O/S
with Elsie
Hidden 19/Sep/15 Sent
iantoday 19/Sep/15 Sent O/S
gaz3212 09/Sep/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 23/Aug/15 Sent
zb1 15/Aug/15 Sent
Chris Ellis 19/Jul/15 Sent
besiix 15/Jul/15 Sent O/S
pawel suhy 14/Jul/15 Solo O/S
bobstones 11/Jul/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 04/Jul/15 Sent
Hidden 21/Jun/15 Sent rpt
cragsman9000 18/Jun/15 Sent O/S
with Neil
Hidden 06/Jun/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 01/Jun/15 Sent x
BillyRidal 26/May/15 Sent O/S
Alkis 25/May/15 Sent O/S
with Alex Speed
samnbuk 25/May/15 Sent x

Took a couple of attempts to get foot traction at the start

T-Vo 23/May/15 Sent O/S
mikej 14/May/15 Solo
Serena Lambre 14/May/15 Sent O/S
cpoad 11/May/15 Sent O/S
afx22 ?/May/15 -
Hidden 25/Apr/15 Sent
Hidden 22/Apr/15 Sent O/S
+4apeindex 18/Apr/15 -
magicmartin 13/Apr/15 Sent O/S
with clare Isaacs, Milly, Zane Butcher
TobyA 08/Apr/15 Sent β
newvena 06/Apr/15 Sent O/S
with will, jc
PeteMc 06/Apr/15 Sent O/S
JohnnyC101 06/Apr/15 Sent O/S
with Daz
Hidden 30/Mar/15 Sent
Deezel65 25/Mar/15 Sent O/S
Jim Brownlow 14/Mar/15 Sent O/S
with Mark Wilson
Dave138 ?/Mar/15 Sent
bendevonport 27/Feb/15 Sent
with matt lally
heywoodj 18/Feb/15 Sent
Kirkflip ??/2015 Sent
Matt1234 24/Dec/14 Sent O/S
sinistercrumpet 06/Dec/14 -
Robin Nichols 25/Nov/14 Sent O/S
with Jemma
PieMan 03/Nov/14 Sent rpt
mky77 25/Oct/14 Sent O/S
Rosie Henstock 12/Oct/14 Sent rpt
mdjb 05/Oct/14 -
Hidden 05/Oct/14 Sent rpt
James_L88 05/Oct/14 Sent O/S
with Abi, Marc Bunyard
TimG 03/Oct/14 Sent x
with Brett
Hidden 01/Oct/14 Sent
Jordanh031 01/Sep/14 Sent
scooba2cv 01/Sep/14 Sent O/S
alexdaniel654 27/Aug/14 Sent O/S
BoulderyDave 24/Aug/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 24/Aug/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 20/Aug/14 Sent O/S
Liamg20025 18/Aug/14 Sent
Hidden 16/Aug/14 Sent rpt
the_liquorice_man 03/Aug/14 Sent
Blueso 27/Jul/14 Sent
with Jezz, Anna
B4tgirl 27/Jul/14 Sent
with Jezz, Tony
Doug91 15/Jul/14 Sent O/S
with Matt
meltdown34 13/Jul/14 Sent O/S
AndyPagett 01/Jul/14 Sent O/S
with Pete Jonwood, Steph Potter
r.greaves 29/Jun/14 Sent
Michael Bortoluzzi 22/Jun/14 Sent
DavidPC 21/Jun/14 Sent
PieMan 21/Jun/14 Sent rpt
with Che
Alex Newton 20/Jun/14 Sent
Hidden 15/Jun/14 Sent O/S
henry.jeffreys 15/Jun/14 Sent O/S
rurp 10/Jun/14 Sent
Mattoo 10/Jun/14 Sent β
with Dad, J-Dog, Chris, Olly
Andy Say 30/May/14 Sent O/S
MarkCunnington 26/May/14 Sent O/S
with Neill McMullan
Tom Dent 21/May/14 Sent O/S
anyamal mountaingoat 18/May/14 Sent
with Joe
ian2707 17/May/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 27/Apr/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 16/Apr/14 Sent
mark stones 12/Apr/14 Sent
Hidden 11/Apr/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 30/Mar/14 Sent rpt
TGreen 29/Mar/14 Sent rpt
Rosie Henstock 29/Mar/14 Sent rpt
matthomas79 09/Mar/14 Sent
Hidden 01/Mar/14 Sent O/S
davidalcock 06/Feb/14 Sent
andork123 ??/2014 Sent O/S
WalopiaClimbs ??/2014 -
rfdl100 16/Nov/13 Sent
Hidden 07/Nov/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 07/Nov/13 Sent O/S
steveflow 29/Sep/13 Sent
Hidden 28/Sep/13 Sent O/S
Lev 28/Sep/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 28/Sep/13 -
TimG 27/Sep/13 Sent O/S
TGreen 21/Sep/13 Sent rpt
Rosie Henstock 21/Sep/13 Sent rpt
Alan James - UKC and UKH 10/Sep/13 Sent
ceturnock 17/Aug/13 Sent
Eoinparker 25/Jul/13 Sent
Rosie Henstock 04/May/13 Sent rpt
Takacs 04/May/13 Sent
Hidden 04/May/13 -
Hidden 28/Apr/13 Sent β
chrishedgehog 07/Apr/13 Sent O/S
katyc 24/Feb/13 Sent
Hidden 17/Feb/13 Sent
PieMan 16/Dec/12 Sent rpt
schristophersmith 24/Nov/12 Sent rpt
peteJ23 03/Nov/12 Sent O/S
JHiley 03/Nov/12 Sent
D Berry 18/Aug/12 Sent rpt
najki_2000 15/Jul/12 Sent O/S
Hidden 07/Jul/12 Sent rpt
martroberts 27/May/12 Sent O/S
oodie72 26/May/12 Sent O/S
Hidden 25/May/12 Sent O/S
rhino_bill 08/May/12 Sent β
with Fiona Cunningham
rurp 06/May/12 Sent O/S
The Reaper 30/Apr/12 Sent rpt
Hidden 15/Apr/12 Sent
Hidden 28/Mar/12 Sent O/S
Andy Moles 16/Mar/12 Sent O/S
with -
adi bryant ?/Mar/12 Sent
Hidden 19/Feb/12 Sent rpt
Jim Brownlow 19/Feb/12 Sent
PieMan 15/Jan/12 Sent rpt
Hidden 15/Jan/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 08/Jan/12 Sent O/S
Morwood 27/Dec/11 Sent x
markytaylor 24/Nov/11 Sent
daviesp2 06/Nov/11 Sent
Jim Malo 23/Oct/11 Sent
with Putt
schristophersmith 15/Oct/11 Sent
Rosie Henstock 12/Sep/11 Sent O/S
TGreen 12/Sep/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 19/Aug/11 Sent
Hidden 16/Aug/11 Sent
Hidden 13/Aug/11 Sent O/S
65m moderate millington 13/Aug/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 30/Jul/11 Sent
Hidden 30/Jul/11 Sent
Hidden 30/Jul/11 -
Hidden 03/Jun/11 Sent
graphiclunarkid 22/May/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 15/Apr/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 10/Apr/11 Sent O/S
LionSJH 09/Apr/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 08/Apr/11 Sent
Hidden 08/Apr/11 Sent
jubolo 21/Mar/11 Sent
Hidden 20/Mar/11 Sent rpt
phja 12/Mar/11 Sent
with candy
Hidden 12/Mar/11 Sent
Hidden 06/Mar/11 Sent rpt
Lordcarr 27/Jan/11 Sent O/S
with Mark Wilson
patsaunders ??/2011 Sent
Morwood ??/2011 Sent
Emma Painter ??/2011 Sent O/S
with Outdoor Ed
Hidden 28/Nov/10 Sent rpt
Hidden 28/Nov/10 Sent
ilch 25/Nov/10 Sent O/S
with Ben
benwhit 25/Nov/10 Sent
with Rich
Jonathan Hall 04/Oct/10 Sent
vertigo 19/Aug/10 Sent O/S
edd rab 18/Aug/10 Sent rpt
Hidden 23/Jul/10 Sent O/S
peppermill 01/Jul/10 Sent O/S
jack01 30/Jun/10 Sent
with jay
PondLife 30/Jun/10 Sent
edd rab 11/Jun/10 Sent rpt
Hidden 07/May/10 Sent O/S
mtempest 02/May/10 Sent
with Steve Waters, Mynydd
PondLife 21/Apr/10 Sent
with Geoff, Charley
charley 21/Apr/10 Sent O/S
Tithe Technique 21/Apr/10 Sent
Hidden 15/Apr/10 Sent
MattT88 11/Apr/10 Sent O/S
PondLife 04/Apr/10 Sent
with Matthew Fletcher
Shonkhor 04/Apr/10 Sent
with Dan
duncan 04/Apr/10 Sent O/S
jack01 04/Apr/10 Sent
with jay
Hidden 27/Mar/10 Sent O/S
PondLife 19/Mar/10 Sent rpt
with Tilly
paddyisidle 19/Mar/10 Sent
neilfish 08/Mar/10 Sent O/S
Steve J P 07/Mar/10 Sent
with AS, JD
Shad 07/Mar/10 Sent
with Steve
Yanis Nayu 04/Mar/10 Sent rpt
with Matt Stead
Yanis Nayu 04/Mar/10 Sent rpt
with Matt Stead
pr1984 ??/2010 Sent rpt
ranga ??/2010 Sent O/S
RM199 ??/2010 Sent
Hidden ??/2010 -
victim of mathematics 11/Dec/09 Sent O/S
Hidden 07/Nov/09 Sent O/S
edd rab 03/Nov/09 Sent rpt
Hidden 28/Oct/09 Sent rpt
edd rab 08/Oct/09 Sent rpt
PondLife 07/Oct/09 Sent
Hidden 27/Sep/09 Sent O/S
belay bunny turned bad 24/Sep/09 Sent O/S
paul__in_sheffield 08/Sep/09 Sent rpt
with Noodle
The Reaper 19/Aug/09 Sent rpt
PanzerHanzler 10/Aug/09 Sent O/S
PondLife 25/Jul/09 Sent
edd rab 22/Jul/09 Sent rpt
Yanis Nayu 08/Jun/09 Sent rpt
Hidden 30/May/09 Sent O/S
PondLife 12/May/09 Sent
pog100 11/May/09 Sent
Hidden 22/Apr/09 Sent β
Yanis Nayu 13/Apr/09 Sent
Protheroe 01/Mar/09 Sent O/S
with Adam and Rob WR
Ollie B ?/Mar/09 Sent
hughr 22/Feb/09 Sent x
ed woods 20/Feb/09 Sent O/S
Ollie B ?/Feb/09 Sent
with HPC
Hidden 31/Jan/09 Sent O/S
bridget143 24/Jan/09 Sent x
with Catherine
Nicos 04/Jan/09 Sent
with andy plat
FrankW 07/Dec/08 Sent O/S
with None
zard 06/Dec/08 Sent rpt
peas 31/Oct/08 Sent
with Simon
adrianscott 09/Oct/08 Sent O/S
Pilch 20/Sep/08 Sent
edd rab 11/Sep/08 Sent rpt
Hidden 28/Aug/08 Sent O/S
PieMan 24/Aug/08 Sent O/S
Hidden 16/Jul/08 Sent
howlingbaboon 14/Jul/08 Solo O/S
popebenedictus 20/Jun/08 Sent rpt
with Bouldered
practicalcat 07/Jun/08 Sent
john lynch 04/Mar/08 Sent
with Lewis Andrew
Hidden 19/Feb/08 Sent
Monk 16/Feb/08 Sent rpt
with Mandy
Shauna 11/Feb/08 Sent
tommytwotone 11/Feb/08 Sent rpt
nai 10/Feb/08 Sent O/S
with Rob, Rick & Tim
Hidden ??/2008 Sent
Hidden ??/2008 Sent
daveagriff ??/2008 Sent
goi.ashmore 25/Nov/07 Sent O/S
dannyboy83 ?/Oct/07 Sent O/S
with SUMC
popebenedictus 25/Sep/07 Sent O/S
with Bouldered
edd rab 17/Sep/07 Sent O/S
jl 12/Aug/07 Sent x
with Brad
Reds 04/Jun/07 Sent
D Berry 28/Apr/07 Sent O/S
Hidden 24/Mar/07 Sent
Hidden 24/Mar/07 Sent
Peakpdr ??/2007 -
Hidden ??/2007 Solo
Graeme Hammond 15/Jul/06 Sent O/S
Hidden ??/2006 Sent O/S
Hidden 18/Aug/05 Sent
Hidden ??/2005 Sent β
chrisrogers ?/Oct/03 Sent O/S
Mark A Humphries 04/Jun/02 Sent
Hidden 28/Aug/01 Solo
DerwentDiluted ??/2001 Sent
Hidden ??/2001 Sent
rlrs ??/2001 Sent
Hidden 12/Mar/00 Sent
Hidden 27/Jul/97 Sent
Iain Thow 16/May/96 Sent
Hidden ?/Aug/94 Sent
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