Stanage High Neb

Climbs 372 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 500m a.s.l – Faces SW

Crag features
Excellent natural gritstone buttresses up to 20m high. High Neb Buttress is THE classic route (VS 4c) but for something a bit spicier try The Blurter (HVS 5b) or Kelly's Overhang (HVS 5b). Harder still are the superb Quietus (E2 5c), Impossible Slab (E2 5c), No More Excuses (E4 6b) and Old Friends (E4 5c). The best hard route is The Crypt Trip (E6 6b) - take two Friend 1½s!

Access notes
The Stanage Bus from Sheffield or limited car parking available at SK 227843 (Dennis Knoll) approached from Hathersage.

DO NOT park on the track leading up to the edge.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Peak Bouldering (2014), Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Stanage - the Definitive Guide (2007), Peak NE Pokketz (2007), Eastern Grit (2006), On Peak Rock (2003), Gritstone Route Database (2001),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Stanage - the Definitive Guidebook (2002), Peak Gritstone East (2001), Peak Bouldering - Fax09 (1998), Bouldering in the Peak District Vol 2 (1994), Stanage Topo (1993), Peak Climbs - Stanage (1989)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2Pull and StepVD 4b
3Straight Variation (undercut crack)S 4b
4Cutunder CrackV1 5b
5Undercut CrackVS 5a
6Bottomless CrackHVS 5a
7Bottomless Crack DirectHVS 6a
8Certainly ParakeratosisE1 5b
9Bow CrackVD
10Frank SinatraHS 4c
11SeranataE2 5c
12Hardly HyperkeratosisE2 5c
13QuadrilleS 4a *
14Twin SetHD
15Th'ickle ButtressE1 5c
16Ventured PointVS 5a
17Quark (Graviton)HVS 5b
18MesonVD 4a
19LeptonHS 4b
20bandits in the woodsHVS 5a
21SpectacleS 4b
22Side EffectE1 5a
23ThalidomideE2 5c
24BeautyV5 6b
26Cheeky Little NumberE2 5b
27ExodusHVS 5a *
28DeuteronomyHVS 5b **
29LeviticusHVS 5b *
30Missing NumbersHVS 5a
31E.M.F.HVS 5a *
32Kestrel On My HeadVS 4c
33TreatmentVS 5a
34SudoxeHVS 5b *
35RadoxS 4b
36Jam GoodVD
37PupHVS 6a
38PussHVS 5c *
39KittenVS 5b
40LuckyVS 5b
41The Cat CrawlS 4a
42Ginger TomHVS 5c
43Directionally ChallengedVS 4c
45PulseVS 4c
46BeanpodS 4a
47X-rayHS 4b *
48ElectronVS 4c *
49Quantum CrackVS 5a *
50Cosmic CrackVS 4c **
51CosmosS 4a
52Going GreyHVS 5a
53NewbornHVS 5b
54Birthday ButtressHS 4b
5521 TodayHVS 5c
5621 Today StartV6
57Angel in the StarsE1 5c
58Life Begins at 40HVS 5a
59Little ThingsHVS 6a
61The Long and the ShortVS 5b
62Lamia AnticsHVS 5b
63Erica MicraS
64Heather CrackHVD 4a *
65FlipsideE2 6a **
66TravestiesHVS 5b **
67Timothy TwinkletoesE2 6a
68Pig's EarE2 6a *
69Deep ChimneyVD
70Crew Pegs DiffsE3 6a *
71Embarrassment of RichesE4 6b **
72No More ExcusesE4 6b ***
73The KnutterHVS 5b **
74Hearsay CrackE1 5a *
75Pure GossipHS 4b
76Third GearHS 4b
78Emily MayS
79Emily May (2nd R arete)V0 5a
80Left WingHS 4a
81UndercoatS 4a
82OvercoatHVS 5b
83Lucy's SlabHVS 5b *
84Stairway CrackM
85Jean's RouteVS 4c
86Shout it OutVS 4c
87MeddleE2 5c *
88Meddle Right HandE1 5b
89Youth MeatE4 6b
90The BlurterHVS 5b ***
91EnigmaE2 5c
92Overhanging ChimneyHVD **
93Wolf SolentE4 5c **
94TyphoonVS 4c **
95Typhoon DirectE3 6a
96AriesHS 4b *
97Three Calm MenE1 5b
99Pleasant SlabD
100OnoS 4a *
101Uno CrackD *
102FateE1 5c *
103RintyVS 5a
104Duo Crack ClimbVD *
105Solo SlabVS 5a
106Staircase RibD
107HandsVS 4c
108FeetVS 5a
109Side WallVS 4c
110Side PlateS 4a
111Ice Cream FlakesHVD
112Old ManD
113Warm AfternoonVD
115Icy CrackVS 4c *
116Point Five CrackVS 5a
118Mirror hopping daysD **
120Way Fruitsome ExperienceHVS 5c
121GunterVS 4c
122Straight CrackHS 4b *
123Eric's EliminateS 4a **
124Twisting CrackS 4a ***
125Twisting Crack Direct StartHVS 5b
126Kelly's OverhangE1 5c ***
127Inaccessible SlabS 4c
128MouthpieceE2 5c
129Smelly RoofE4 6a **
130Inaccessible Crack DirectVS 4c **
131OverflowE1 5b *
132The BeauticianE4 5c *
133Inaccessible CrackVS 4c **
134My Love with a KnifeE3 5c *
135Impossible SlabE3 5c ***
136Eckhard's AreteS
137Eckhard's ChimneyVD *
138Zen BoyE7 6c *
139QuietusE2 5c ***
140Quietus Middle LegE3 6a **
141Quietus Right-handE4 6a *
142SilenceHVS 5b
143Norse Corner ClimbHS 4c **
144Kelly's VariationS 4a *
145King KongE3 6a **
146The Logic BookE3 5c *
147SoginesHVS 5b *
148Neb CornerD
149CentE1 5b
150Boyd's CrackVD *
151Tango DescentD
152Following OnVS 5a
153LimboS 4a
154Lost SoulS
155Tango CrackVD *
156Tango ButtressHS 5a **
157Where did my Tan Go?HVS 5a *
158High Neb GullyM
159High Neb Buttress AreteS 4a
160High Neb ButtressVS 4c ***
161High Neb Buttress VariationsVS 5a **
162High Neb EdgeHVS 5c *
163The Crypt TripE6 6b ***
164The Modest CarpenterE4 6b
165Old FriendsE4 5c ***
166The DalesmanHVS 5a *
168Mantelshelf ClimbVD *
169It's a CrackerS 4b *
170SneezyHS 5a
171Little SlabD
172Typical GritHS 4a *
173Grit in the EyesD
174Typical GritE1 5b
175Cave ButtressS 4b **
176High and WildE3 5c *
177Jeepers CreepersE1 5b **
178Cave Buttress Right-handS 4b
179Caved InVS 4c
180Teenage LobotomyE1 5b
181Fallen Archangelf7A *
182High Neb GirdleS
183Jamie's Rooff7A
186OsirisVD *
188Flecky Wall AreteVS 5b
189Flecky WallHVS 5c
191Clegg DirectHVD 4c
193Barmy Brian's Flake CrackVS 5a
194Gnat's SlabD
195Gnat's Slab DirectHS 4b
196Gnat's Slab AreteHS 4c
197Marie CelesteE1 5b
198LusitaniaHS 4a *
199QE2VS 5a *
200TitanicVS 4b **
201Gypsy MothE1 5b *
202Titanic DirectHVS 5a *
203Miss WorldHS 4b
204AngusS 4a
205Sinew StretchHVS 5b *
206Blockhead DirectHVS 5b *
208KrytonHVS 5a
209Max HeadroomHS 4b
210HeadbangerE1 5c *
211Solomon's Sealf7C+ **
212Solomon Grundyf8A
213The Jesterf7B
214Prairie DogHVS 5b
216ScavengerVS 4c
217Wall Left Of ScavengerVB 6b
218ScrapsVS 5a
219Sneaking Sally Through The AlleyHS 4c *
220EerieVS 4b
222SinisterVS 4b
223The Wide CrackD
224Nice OneVD
225LeftVD *
226One BeforeHVS 5a
227Corner CrackVD
228RightHS 4b
230Youngster's Wallf7A
23149th ParallelVS 5b
232Parallel CracksVS 4b *
233Beast of EndcliffeE2 6a
234Anniversary AreteE1 5b **
235Grain of TruthE4 6b *
236PetazautteVS 5a
237GenesisHVS 5a *
238MagazineVS 4c *
239Self-PropelledVS 5a
240Hold Your BreathS 4b
241Flaked OutD
242Heather HeavenHS 4c
243Reach for the SkyHVS 5b *
244ShuffleS 4a
245DealHVS 5c
246Fun in the SunVS 4c *
247Short And SweetS 4a
248D-Day RememberedE2 5c
249GruntVS 5a
250TeeterS 4b
251SquashS 4b
252SquatVS 5a
253Wall and SlabHS 5a
254Dope TestE3 6a
255Cracked WallHS 4c
256Cracked Wall Direct StartHVS 5a
257CreepyS 4a *
258CringeVS 4c
259CrawlyVD *
260Blow Riderf6B+
261Creepy CrawlyHS 4b
262Meaty BugsHS 4b
263Pulling Teethf6C
264Broken AreteVS 5a
266Blown DrieE1 5c
267DissuaderHS 4b
268DarthuaderE1 6a
269PersuaderVS 4c
270Burgess CrackD
271Outside ExitHS 4b
272PertinaciousE2 5b *
273Broken ButtressVD **
274Broken InHS 4c
275Broken GrooveS 4a *
276Good Friday CornerS 4a
277Pseudo Intellectual ClaptrapHS 4a
278Jenny WrenVD
279Blown AwayHVS 5c
280Blow OutHVS 5c
281Blow PeterV5 6b
282Full Blown FinishE2 5b
283ProwlerHVS 5a
287Heather SlabD
288Cock CrackV2 5c
289Wingspanf7A+ *
290Cock 'O The Rockf7A
291RocksuckerV4 6b
292Historical areteV3 5c
293Cock GrooveV3 6a
295Bolt ButtressVS 4c
296Spring PlumE1 5c
297Warm SeptemberVS 4c
298Enclosure CrackD *
299MantelpieceVS 4c
300Central ChimneyD
301Central ButtressVS 5a *
302Central Buttress DirectV4 6b ***
303Iain's ProwV5 6b
304Iain's Prow left-hand finishV7 6b
305CentrepieceVS 4c
306Holly GullyM
307The GraduateE1 5c
308Countess ButtressVS 4b **
309HazeHVS 4c
310Four Winds; Eight DirectionsE4 6a **
311ZitVS 5a
312Slanting ChimneyHVD 4a *
313Arsenic PoisoningHVS 5b
314Head Over HeelsE3 6a
315Keith's CrackVS 5a
318EuropaE4 5c
319From Under The Hem Of The BeastE4 6a *
320Block BusterVS 4c
322Jem's GemHVD 4b
323Black AttackE3 6a
324Whacky AttackVS 4c
325For Ever and EverVS 5a
326Meninblack IIE2 5b *
327Waiting for M.I.BE2 5b *
328Time and TideHVS 5b *
329Nautical SlabVS 4c
330What I've DoneE1 5b
331High TideVS 5a
332Delphi's BelfreyHS 4c
333No ManS 4b *
334The Big C Left HandVS 5a
335The Big CVS 5a
336InterludeVS 5b
338Small ChangeVD
339Small RewardHVS 5a
340Centurion's SlabD *
341Centurion's DexterHVD 4c *
342DuchessHVS 5b *
343LimitsvilleE3 5c
344JudeVS 4c
345Trench DeadlockHVS 4c
346Motor MileHVS 5c *
347Mini Motor MileVS 4b
348Beaky DirectV3
349BeakyVS 5a
351Broad Slab LeftVB 4a
352Side-pull SlabV0- 4b
353Broad SlabV0 4c
354Broad RibV0 5a
355Broad WallV0- 4b
356Rusty LeftV0+ 5a
357RustyV0 5b
358Crispy WallV0- 4b
359The SkidV2 5c *
360Miss Sunshine LeftV3
361Miss SunshineV2 5c
362Sunny BargerV0+ 5a
363IraquV3 *
364IranuV7 6c *
365UvavuV1 5b
366UvanuV7 *
368Spring Voyagef7C
369The Buckstone Dynof7B
370Buckstone TraverseV4
371Ron's Wallf7C
372Buckstone Bulgef6B
374The Buckshelff6A
375BuckribV0+ 5b
376Buckstone Groovef5
377Pass the BuckV0+ 5a
379BuxlessVB *
380BuckarooV0 *
381Buckstone Eliminatef5
382Buckstone WallVB
383Buckette Aretef6A+
385Buckette Ribf5 *
387Reputation f7C
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