Goitre Coed Rocks

Climbs 193 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude 191m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
Goitre Coed Rocks are to be found on the South West facing hillside above the A4059 and Abercynon, between grid references 085958 and 079961. Goitre Coed Rocks starts as a rock escarpment which is initially loose and unappealing until the bay of The Bathroom is reached. The edge continues in sections of solid low walls. The rest of the bouldering is a series of walls and boulders scattered below and South West of the edge, some on the open hillside, some buried in the woods. Goitre Coed Rocks has over 120 recorded problems at present.

Topos can be found at:

http://www.abercynonbouldering.wetpaint.com/(currently offline)



Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Welcome to Abercynonf4 6
3Hot Girl Problemsf6B 3
4Super Roof Topoutf6B 1
5Super Rooff7A+ 1
6Insta-Rooff5 3
7Never Chase a Turkeyf5+ 3
8Alice's Problemf4 3
9The Easy Wayf6B+ 1
10The Hard Wayf6C+ 1
11Unhingedf6B 3
12The Rampf4+ 5
13The Golden Songbirdf6A+ 5
14Fox's Tailf4 1
15Gyrif4+ 6
16The Houndf6B+ 2
17All Bark, No Bitef6C+ 2
19Raped ArêteV2 hvs **1
20Do NOT Look DownV2 **2
21Problem 1f5 2
22Problem 2V1 2
23Problem 2 variationV0 1
24Problem 3f5+ 5
25Problem 4f5 4
26Evolutionary Jumpf6A 2
27Let It Gof7A 2
28Problem 5f5 4
29Problem 6f5 4
30Problem 7f4 4
31Problem 8f4 3
33Problem 1f5 6
34Problem 2f5+ 6
35Kebambaf6A 7
36G-Babyf6A 4
37Wall TraverseV2 3
39Zafarif6A 2
40Problem 1f6A 5
41Problem 2f5 7
42Problem 3f5 5
43Cotton Mouthf6B 7
44Better Than Nothingf5+ 3
46Problem 1f4+ 5
47Problem 2f5+ 8
48Problem 3f5+ 8
49Problem 4f5 6
50Problem 5f4+ 5
51Problem 6f5 4
53The Squeezef3+ 2
54Problem 1f4+ 3
55Middle Wallf4+ ***3
56Clive or climbf5 **2
57Elegant Aretef4+ **3
58Problem 4f4+ 2
59Problem 5f4 2
61Narrow Wallf4+ 1
62Undercut Wallf4+ 1
63Aretef5 1
65Problem 1f4+ 3
66Problem 2f4+ 3
67Problem 3f5 3
69Shanty Mantlef5+ 1
70Problem 1f4+  
71Problem 2f4  
72Problem 3f4+  
73Problem 4f5  
74The Finf6B 2
76FfredV2 3
77Sweet Dreams of PornV3 ***16
78Bashing The BishopV2 11
79Sweeter Dreams of Sexf6A **5
80Sweet Dreams of Link Upsf6B 2
81Sweet Dreams Lowf6B+ 4
82The Mono Idiotf7A+ 1
83Bagulf5 4
84In Betweenf5 3
85Dino's Don't Do Pornf6A 4
86The Goitre Startf5+ 1
87The Wormf4 9
88The Worm Sit Startf6C 3
89My Little Ponyf6B 5
90I Want to Play a Gamef5+ 5
91Pal Facef4 5
92Tweedie's Classy Stop Outf6A *2
93Who the fuck is Tweedie?f5 5
95Problem 1f5 2
96Problem 2f5+ 2
97Heliumf6B+ 10
98Hydrogenf7B ***2
99Lithiumf7B **1
100Visionaryf7A+ **3
101Pure Visionf7A+ **2
102Break the Bankf6A 8
103Black Mambaf6A 6
104Problem 3f5 3
105Problem 4f5 3
106Problem 5f5+ 3
107Problem 6f5+ 3
108Problem 7f4+ 3
109Problem 8f4+ 2
110Problem 9f5+ 2
111Look, no hands!V1 3
112Problem 10f6A 3
113Problem 11f6A 4
114Problem 12f5+ 2
115Problem 13f5 2
116Jess' Crackf4 5
117Flattyf4+ 4
118Danger Zonef6C *2
119Wakef4+ 4
120Sleepf5+ 3
121Sunset Traversef6A *4
122Sunset Easyf4+ 3
123Tom's Problemf5 4
124Jess' Problemf5+ 3
125One Move Groovef6B 2
127Small Aretef4 4
128Dave's Wallf6B 3
129Lost in tha Voodsf4 5
130Lip Servicef6B 7
131Problem 2f6A 3
132Lip Service Alternatef6B 3
133Bindi Rooff6B+ 5
134Bindi Roof Directf6B 4
135Last of the Dashing Gentlemenf6C 5
137Problem 1f4+ 2
138Problem 2f4 3
139Problem 3f4+ 2
140Problem 4f5+ 2
141Problem 5f4 3
142Problem 6f5+ 1
143Pocketf5 2
144Timitimusf5+ 2
146Problem 1f4+  
147Problem 2f5+  
148Problem 3f5  
149Problem 4f5+  
150Problem 5f5  
151Problem 6f5+  
153Grave Concernf5 2
154LPIf5 2
155Neglectf5+ 2
156350 To 3f6B+ ***2
157Flightf6C ***1
158Plightf6B+ 2
159Problem 4f5+ 2
160Problem 5f5 2
162Problem 1f5+  
163Mr.Hatf6B 2
164Problem 3f5+ 1
166Problem 1f5+ 3
167Clarityf7B+ ***2
168Deadlinef6C **1
169Problem 2f5+ 2
170Problem 3f5 3
171Christmas slabf5 3
172Christmas Slab Sitf6B 2
173Problem 4f5+ 3
174Problem 4 Sitf6A 2
175Problem 5f4 4
176Problem 6f5+ 2
177No Hands Traversef5+ 1
178Christmas aretef5+ 2
180Problem 1f4 1
181Problem 2f5 1
182Problem 3f5 1
183Problem 4f5+ 1
184Problem 5f5+ 1
185Mid Rampf6A 1
186Ramplinef6B+ **1
188Strawberry Splitf7A+ ***4
189Little Thing (Reclimbed)f6C 2
190The Egg (Broken)f6B 1
191Egghead (Broken)f6B+ 1
192Duncy's Wonderlandf4 vs 1
193Last of the dashing Boogaloosf4+ 2
194Be in my Bonnetf4 vs 2
195Ledge To LedgeV2 5c 4
196Edge to edgef6A+ 2
197HollowV2 5c 4
198Hollow Aretef6A 3
199Hallowedf6B 2
200Whisky Sourf6B 2
201Zodiacf6B+ 1
202On The Edgef4+  
203Tweedie's Problemf4+  
204Jamie's Dynof6A  
205Fears Traversef6B+ ***4
206Fears Mantlef5 4
207Fake Out Rightf5+ **4
208Fears Fake Outf6C+ ***4
210Phi-Creaturesf6B 3
211Float on Wingsf6B+ 3
212Simple Magicf6C+ ***5
213John Doef6C ***3
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After blundering around the ferns and brambles trying to get to the rocks via 'Approach B' I would like strongly suggest all newcomers to the crag to take 'Approach A!!! If you do take Approach B, look out for a lost chalk bag, if you find it WELL DONE! you can keep it. Otherwise had a nice time playing around on Howling Monkey
daddydaddycool - 09/Sep/13
Would really recommend looking at http://www.abercynonbouldering.wetpaint.com/ for good topo's and pictures. You WILL need a spotter at some of the area's. Would recommend pissoir boulder and crapstone Villa for the best problems and landings.
cover09 - 26/Mar/12
added the routes as they were printed on the topo for the website. Couldn't seperate them into different walls... didn't know how
Matthew Edwards - 28/Apr/11
Great rock! Went by myself so did more traversing than bottom to top, thoroughly enjoyed it. Sloping ground below the escarpment makes landings bad as I learnt to my cost when I tried to top out and failed, spotter essential...
Mild Matt - 04/Dec/09