Captain Cook

Climbs 133 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude 300m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
A small natural crag and a couple of quarries. Sections of the crag are often damp. Recommended routes: Deviation (4c), Sundancer (5c), First of Many (5b).

Access notes
From the car park at the col,go through the gate and follow the Cleavland Way South along a wide forestry track to the monument. The Potters Quarry is around 100m to the right (as you approach)(W)of the monument near a stone gate, Right Little Potters Quarry is 150m to the right(S) of this, Easby View Quarry is a further 300m down and R(SE)of this. Cook's Crag is through the stone wall approx 400m to the south East of the monument. There is a small quarry 5 mins walk from the car park (Cockshaw Hill) gain access by following a track 100m west of the cattle grid in the car park.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

North York Moors and East Coast Bouldering (2014),
Out of print: North East England (2003), North York Moors (1985)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Honey PotD 3
3Sooty and SweepD 6
4ParalysisHVS 5b 3
5New DayHVS 5b 4
6X OffenderE2 5c 2
7Primary ContactE2 5c 3
8Morning WallE2 5c 4
9The Boys are Back in TownE1 5b 3
10Mind ReleaseE2 6a 3
11Cut and RunE1 5c 3
12MercuryHVS 5b 2
13Moving SouthHVS 5a 2
14Book StressS 3
15Diver's CornerMS 3
16Cries in the AirHVS 5a 3
18Flanged Wall DirectS 35
19Flanged WallVD 33
20TotVD 34
21Friendly Wallnone 4b 30
22Friendly Ridgenone 4a *33
23Friendly GullyM 33
24G.B.G.none 5a *38
25B.K. Wallnone 5b 8
26Jumping Jack Flashnone 5b 6
27New Worldf7A * 
28Potter's Wallnone 4c 21
29Zigzagnone 4c 38
30Stretchnone 5a 18
31Poison Letternone 5c 7
32Borbolettanone 5c *10
33Resolution DirectS 28
34Resolution CornerHD 29
35EndeavourVD 38
36Cook's RibD **50
37Cook's WallS 37
38Square Corner CrackD 47
39Voyagernone 5a 9
40First of Manynone 5b *16
41First AreteS 22
43I can speak English but I won'tV0- 4b 7
44DerriereV1 5b 7
45MerdV2 5c 6
46NonchalantV1 5b 7
47Claque la PutainV4 6a 2
48Le Jardinier (Standing Start)VB 3 7
49Le Jardinier (Sitting Start)V3 6a 2
50A certain je ne sais quoiV0 5a 6
51Don't talk coq au vinV1 5b 6
52Not so NonchalantV2 5c 2
53Fixter's Follynone 5a 4
55BewitVD 7
56LureVD 7
57Hawkeyenone 4c 6
58Falconone 5a 9
59Eyassesnone 4c 6
60JessesVD 5
61Easby CragM 3
62Gyrnone 5a 8
63Wild SideS 3
64AntzHS 5
66Easby Cornernone 4c 19
67Arty Fartynone 5b 10
68Deviation Direct Finishnone 5a 17
69Deviationnone 4c *27
70Fibre Opticnone 5b 10
71Greasy WallS 22
72Lambert's Wallnone 4b 11
73Short WallD 16
74The Other Waynone 4c 21
75The Hard Waynone 5a 3
76Pinnacle Aretenone 5a 3
77The Pinnacle NoseVD 17
78The Easy WayD 23
79Tricksternone 5c 3
80Slap and Hang Itnone 5c 6
81Alan's Wallnone 5c *2
82Pimple Pickingnone 6a 2
84Stone Coldnone 4b 4
85Pobble WallVD 9
87The Cornernone 4b *10
88Two Tier CrackS *16
89CookieE1 5b 4
90SundancerE3 5c *3
91Winter WarmersE2 5c *3
92The NoseE2 5b 6
93Cook's Cornernone 4c 12
94Endeavournone 4c 1
95Green CrackHVD 4
96Green ManHD 5
97RufusM 9
98Dead Tree AreteS 5
99Dead Tree CrackS 4
101Out of Reachnone 5c 1
102Skulduggerynone 5b *1
103Dirty Tacklenone 4c 2
105The Slab - Left-handD 17
106The Slab - CentreVD 20
107The Slab - Right EdgeD 19
109Wasps Are OK Reallynone 5c *2
110Stirrupnone 5b 1
111FlankerVD 1
112Flake WallVD 2
113Gibbernone 5c 2
114Brittle BandVD 4
116The Watchmannone 5c *2
117The Watchman Sit Startf6A+  
118Cook's WallS 6
119Marr's Attacksf7A *** 
120Men's Zonenone 6a *2
121Captain Sausage Fingersf6A+ ** 
122Forty Years Onnone 5b 3
123Crack OneD 2
124Broken CrackS 2
125Crack Threenone 4b 2
126Noble FishVD 3
128RampartVD 6
129Green Slabnone 4b 7
130Submarinerf6A+ ***3
131Chimney VariantMS 7
132Chimney Variant LH Finishnone 5b 5
133Baldynone 4c 4
134Baldy's Traversenone 4c 2
135NimrodE2 6a 1
136The Boulder Very Directnone 5b 4
137The Boulder Directnone 4c 8
138The Boldest Yetnone 5c 3
139The Boulder OrdinaryVD 5
140Traverse Of The Not So Godlynone 5a *2
141Rampant *f5+  
142The Brown Stuff *f6B  
143The Squeeze *f6A  
144Low Tide *f6C+  
145Bay of Dispair *f5+ * 
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Allthough Captain Cooks crags have no Topo for bouldering on the following site YET!, it does highlight the position of the crags on a map and offer some inspiration for bouldering close by:
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