Climbs 91
Rocktype Sandstone (hard)
Altitude 300m a.s.l
Faces N

My Edit of the 'classic' Moonflower shot © Dave Warburton

Crag features

One of the best crags on the north york moors with 3* classics from severe right up to E7. Magic in the air is one of the best routes anywhere.

Ladies First (VD)
Highcliff Crack (S)
Hearthorb Crack (VS) Flaked Crack (VS)
Queer Street (HVS - bold)
Scarecrow Crack (E1) Wombat (E1)
ROckhopper (E2 - bold)
Stargazer (E4)
Moonflower (E5)
Magic in the Air (E6/7)
Esmerelda (E7)

Predominantly north facing, this crag is best on a summer's day after a few day's dry weather, though most routes are fine throughout the year after a fey dry days.

Approach notes

From Hutton Village (GR 603 137) take the forest track for 300m, turn sharp L then contour round ignoring paths that lead up or downhill. 250m >from the farm take the 3rd right and climb steeply up, and take a small path on left that leads to crag. (20 mins)


Northern England

The book is a selected route and crag guide although it still manages to pack over 2350 routes between its covers, spread across 44 crags. The main focus is on routes of all grades from Moderate to E9, but the best bouldering is also described.
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I've cleaned a few routes at the left hand end as they were looking sadly neglected. From left to right: - Holden's Wall (HVS) - Holden's Right Hand (HVS) - Green crack (HS) - Green wall (VS) - Frank's Folly (VS) - Peeler (E2) - Flange Crack (E2) - Sunset Crack (HVS) - Sarcophagus (HVS) - Wee Dot (HVS) - Knuckleduster (HVS) - Ping (E1) - Twin Cracks (HS) I've cleared the brambles and branches from the bottom of the crag too so it's easy enough to walk all the way along from the popular end now. I've also cleared the brash left over from the feeling at the top of the Peeler/Flange crack area as it was a nightmare walking through it to get to the belay trees. Hopefully this might encourage folk to venture down there a bit more as there are some cracking routes to be had, especially Ping, Peeler and Holden's. Get stuck in!
Anti-faff - 11/Jun/16
After installing a new stake above Ladies First & doing it we found a very large loose block under the overhang of the 4c direct, please take care if anywhere near this as its ready to go. Also check out Final Outcrop area, theres a stake above Green Crack now which should do for a fair few climbs & they could do with more traffic although they're still worthwhile!
phleppy - 28/Jul/11
Since most of the trees have been felled at the front this place has got better, it dries quickly apart from winter obviously & I reccomend a visit to the left of the crag as a few routes have been cleaned & are seeing more wind & sun these days, the future seems bright for this place!
phleppy - 02/Aug/10
Dont listen - this crag is usually in a crap state since the forest cover was cut back. It is disintegrating on the right and getting moss covered on the left. Only those climbing at a very high standard will get much out of this crag. Most visitors stick to the defined cracklines to the right as can be seen from the crag record. In 6 visits I have always gone back to repeats of the safe routes.
beaumap - 26/Sep/09
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 West Wall 
2The Scoop
VS 5a *9
3Ladies First Direct Start
VS 4c 16
4Ladies First
HVD 18
VS 4c 2
VS 4c 2
VD 9
8West Face Route
VD 10
9No Hiding Place
E4 5c 2
10North West RouteHVD 4a *66
11North West DirectVS 4c *30
12Scar FaceE1 5c 5
 Main Buttress 
14Chimney Buttress
HD 20
15Highcliff Chimney-OrdinaryVD 39
16Highcliff Chimney DirectS 4a 54
17Highcliff Chimney-Arete
S 11
18Heart Throb CrackHS 4c *77
19The WebE4 5c *5
20Flake CrackVS 4c *79
21Cardiac ArrestE6 6b *1
22Cardiac Arrest (without siderunners)E7 6b? 1
23Barnaby's Routes
HD 17
24RockhopperE3 5b 8
25Highcliff CrackS 4b ***165
26Queer StreetE1 5a **43
E5 6b **11
28Moonflower Direct FinishE4 6b **6
29Moonflower Super DirectE5 6b **5
30Puffs ParadeE1 5c *4
31Scarecrow CrackE1 5b ***77
32Five Years OnE4 7a ***1
33StargazerE3 5c **27
34Stargazer DirectE5 6b *3
35Stargazer Super DirectE5 6b  
36Desperate DenE6 6c **4
37Magic In The AirE7 6b ***5
38Magic in the Air (Original)E6 6b ***17
 The Back Walls 
40Original SinE7 6c * 
41EsmereldaE7 6c ** 
42Trampled UnderfootE1 5b *5
43WombatE1 5b **28
44The Bells Direct
E4 6b  
45Edge Hog
HVS 5b 5
VS 4b 5
47The Shield
VS 4c 1
48The Split
VD 2
50Twin Cracks
HS 4b 14
E1 5c *11
52Greasy Chimney
VD 1
53Smear Fear
E3 5c * 
 Sector Creek 
E3 5c  
56Slime Slab
D 1
57Slime Slab Variant
VS 4b 1
58The Curious IntrigueE4 5c **2
59Sod Crack
HVS 5b  
60Skid Row
E1 5b 1
61Knuckle Duster
HVS 5a 2
62Wee Dot
E1 5b * 
63Up the Creek without a Paddle
E2 6a 2
HVS 4c 1
65Sunset Crack
HVS 5a 1
 Peeler Buttress 
67Queen Street
68Flange Crack
E2 5c *2
69The Magic ScoopE8 7a **1
70Green Crack
VD 1
71Nice and Easy
HS 4b  
E1 5c *4
E2 5c *2
74Cling On
E2 5c *1
HVS 5a *1
 Eastern Bay 
77Paul's Problem
E1 5c 1
78Easy Crack
D 1
79Frank's Folly
VS 4c 1
80Green Wall Direct
VS 4c  
81Green Crack
HS 4b 4
82Green Wall
VS 4c 3
83Shades of Green
HVS 4c 2
84Lost Crack
VS 4c *4
E2 5c  
86Holden's Righthand
HVS 5b *3
87Holden's Wall
HVS 5a **10
88Bullshitters Wall
HVS 5b 1
89Lost Cause
S 2
S 1
91Squeezed Dry
E2 5b 1
92Early Days
VS 4c *2
HVS 5a 1
94Girdle Traverse
E1 5bA2  
95Flower Powerf6C 4
96The Floating Power TraverseV0 1
97Sticky Toffee Pudding PowerV1 2

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