Goldsborough Carr

Climbs 183 – Rocktype Gritstone – Altitude 350m a.s.l – Faces all

Crag features

A series of severely undercut buttresses of sound moorland grit. Recommended: Fiddler on the Roof (5c), Fiddlers Arete (5b), Fiddler (5a). Both north- and south-facing.

Approach notes
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Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering Vol 2 (2011), Northern England (2008),
Out of print: North East England (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2The Swaledale Morris Menf3 77
3Y-Crackf2+ 133
4Finger Crackf3 4c *116
5System of a Brownf6B 6b 4
6Ravock chimneyf3 57
7Go Ahead, Make my Hayf6B  
8In Search of Cheap Bananasf6B 6b * 
9Enigma Directf6B 6b *3
10Enigmaf6A 6a *15
11Old Mossf5+ 5c *36
12Magic Mossf6B 1
13Cotherstone Reiverf5 5b *24
14Corner Crackf2 55
15Holstein Friesianf6B 6b  
16Flake and Crackf3 *104
17The Crack Directf4 15
19Hubrisf6A 6a *38
20Cenopod Cornerf2 48
21Saturnaliaf5 5b 10
22Ian's Aretef7A 6c  
23Hunder crackf3 *70
24Crawlawf3 32
25Fats' Dyno and Mantlef6A 1
27Indian Summerf3 8
28Long and Hotf6A 2
30Mawmanf3 41
31Stewart's Wallf5+ 10
32Yoke Sikef4 *32
33Yoke Siddlef5 14
34Yawd Sikef3 30
35Brown Rigg Flakef2 40
36Brown Rigg Wallf2 32
38Bottle Wallf3 19
39Bottle Crackf2 18
40Motivation Left Handf6A 2
41Motivationf5+ 5c 11
42The Obsessedf6A 6a 3
44George's Rooff7C+ 5
45Fiddler on the RoofE1 5c *49
46CluteE4 6c 1
47The ThornbirdE2 6a *10
48Green NigelE2 6a 9
49The Long Reachf7A 6c *3
50Leglessf6C 6b 2
51Clamp Masterf7B+ ** 
52Tute CrackS 4a 34
54Yalef3 4b 26
55Lock Outf3 4c 39
56Borstal Breakoutf6A 6a 4
57Loups Aretef5 5a 15
58Loups Wallf5 5
59The Alcove Circuitf5 4
61Maggie's Wallf2 78
62Topal's Wallf3+ 45
63Rock Artf7C+ * 
64Fiddler's Wallf7A 6c *2
66Fiddlers AreteE1 5b **108
67Traverse into Fiddler's Aretef6C 3
68FiddlerHVS 5a *72
69Fiddler DirectE1 5b *57
70Barney BoysE2 6a 14
71The ScoopE2 6b 12
72Confectionary Debrisf7C * 
73Thin Wall SpecialE2 5c 56
74G StringVS 5a 4
75Jumping Jack FlashE2 6a 73
76Low Level Traversef7A 6b ***4
77Super Low Level Traversef7B  
78Something Burningf8A  
79Second Comingf8B  
81The Footless Traversef7B *1
83Beth's Traversef7C 6c **2
85Unnamedf6C+ 1
86Love Spreadsf8A  
87Shotgun Hobof8A ** 
89Plagiarist Left Handf6A 12
90Plagiaristf6A *20
91This One's For Billf7A+ ***5
92Bass Specialf4+ *46
93Ice Cream Specialf5 1
94Scoopf6C+ 2
95Screamf6A 4
96Baldersdale Alef3 9
97The Balderf3 8
99Tidal Forcef5+ 2
100The Ups (Left)f6A 3
101The Ups (Right)f6A+ 3
102South East Boulder - Southwest Face Top Traversef6A 4
103The Tide is Turningf6C 4
104Low Water Markf7A  
105The Spring Tidef7A+  
106Ebb and Flowf7A 1
108Askewf5 5b 7
109Adverse Camberf6A 7
110Gap Factor Ninef3 16
111Upper Breakf2+ 18
112Diagonal Crackf3 56
113Diagonal Directf3 43
114Milk Snatcherf5 37
115Milk Snatcher sitting startf6A  
116Kel's Problemf5+ 29
117Kel's Problem sitting startf6A  
118Ricochetf4 43
119right to left traversef6A 4
1207 Year Old SoloD 5
124Hands On Topf4+ 1
125Hands Belowf6A+ 1
127Abutmentf4+ 5
128Browf6A+ 3
129Comminutionf5 4
130The Thin Seamf6B+ ***5
131Driftf6A *1
133First Mantelf5 5
134Second Mantelf6A 3
135The Nosef5+ 3
136West Face Triplef5 4
137Bankerf6A *6
138No Dealf7A *** 
139Velvet Morningf6C 1
141Around the Blockf7A **1
142Left Aretef5 1
144Firth of Fifthf5 *2
145After the Ordealf5 2
147East Facef4 1
148Aretef5 1
149The West Facef4 1
151Moonchildf4 3
152Infinite Dreamsf5+ 1
153Can I play with madness?f5 *4
154The evil that men dof5 2
155The Prophecyf5 *2
156The Clairvoyantf4 3
157The Sheep Pitf3+ 1
158Seventh Son of a Seventh Sonf6C **1
160Eight Miles Highf2 1
161Eight Days a Weekf3+ 1
162Eighth Wonderf2+ 1
164The Isolated ArÍtef2+ 3
 10. THE WALL  
166In the Fleshf2+ 2
167Goodbye Blue Skyf4 1
168Empty Spacesf4 2
169Another Brick in the Wallf4+ 2
170Goodbye Cruel Worldf4 1
171Hey Youf2+ 2
172Comfortably Numbf4 1
173Run Like Hellf6A 1
175In the Skiesf2+ 1
176Funky Chunkyf3 1
177Tribal Dancef3 1
178Seven Starsf6A+ ***1
179The Prowf6A+ 1
180Just For Youf3 1
181Apostlef4 1
182Slabo Dayf4 2
183Jo's Aretef4 3
184Bad Tipf7A+ 1
186FlymantleVS 5a *3
187FlakeawayVD 17
188Scoon Crackf3 13
189Scoon Aretef3 14
190Erroneous Areticusf4 *7
191Wall of Errorsf4 5
192Crackawayf2+ 17
193Pocket Wallf3+ 2
194Bentley's Aretef3+ *13
196Pitcher CrackS 6
197HagwormVS 4b 5
198Friar WallHS 4b 10
199TuckD 15
200North West GirdleS 4b 2
202Lock Upf3 1
203Wriggle Upf3+ 1
204Double Mantelshelff5+ 1
205Blockton Wayf3 5
206Block and Tacklef2+ 7
208Yellow ToesV1 *1
209Yellow Toes DirectV0 *1
210I am the breezeV3 **1
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The rock is gritstone (i.e. millstone grit). The climbing is good, though the starts of the routes tend to be rather tricky. The bouldering is also excellent (in fact most of the routes are just boulder problems with easy finishes) George.
Mr Pink 2 - 28/May/05
I would just like to add that even though I am no rock expert, Goldsborough Carr is not a gritstone crag. I mentioned a gritstone overhang but i failed to mention that the above rock is harder, thus there is an overhang. The lower portion (which only appears under the highest climbs) might not even be gritstone. Seasoned geologists might be able to determine what type of rock is seen both in my photo and the majority of the rest of the crag, but I can't. So please don't go expecting lots of gritstone action. I feel partly guilty for it. Also, there is more than just bouldering available. The climb in the photo is way too high for my liking. Also, there are lots of metal poles in the ground at the top of the crag for tying into. Most of the crag is south-facing but some is west facing and a little bit faces north. Parking can be done on the road to the north and a 10-minute walk across a bushy field separates you from the crag, which can be seen from the road.
Tommy Alsop - 26/Nov/04
Concerning the picture of James on Fiddler on the Roof To start this climb go to the back of the wall under the overhang. There is a rock which you can put your leg over and lock yourself in with your toe. From there, if you put your weight on this foot lock and walk your other leg up the wall you should be able to reach the first hold. Don't take your leg out of the lock until you get a good hold cos you'll swing out and probably fall 3 metres onto your face.
- - 25/Nov/04
A mixture of very hard climbs or very easy climbs. Those routes which were beyond me were the ones which start 2 metres off the ground. We had to abseil down from the top in order to climb because we werent able to do the gritstone overhangs. The easier climbs were mostly short bouldering routes of about 4c-5a standard. There's plenty to do, it's fairly easy to get to and we were alone when we went midweek.
Tommy Alsop - 18/May/04