Den Lane Quarry

Climbs 112 – Rocktype Grit (quarried) – Altitude 227m a.s.l – Faces SE

Crag features

Quite large former quarry, up to 50ft high. Can get over grown. Great little late summer evening crag when after work play time is limited (out of the sun though PM).

At present the crag has had a good clean, many routes are now free of vegetation. As the crag is near the road and dries very quickly, it's a good bet over the winter months, especially the bouldering.

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Approach notes

Lies 5m E of Oldham. Take the A669 to Uppermill. Take a L (after museum), into a small road running N (parallel with the railway).
Two minute walk in (even for a Sloth).

Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Over the Moors (2012), Western Grit (2009), Moorland Gritstone - Chew Valley (1988),
Out of print: Western Grit (2003)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Lightning CrackVS 5a 8
3EscalatorD 10
4Wallaby GrooveVS 5a *7
5Carpet CornerHVD 1
6Crocodile CrackVS 4c 5
7Freds FancyVD 1
8Heron CrackVD 1
9Dromedary ButtressHVD 1
11The Day The Country ClosedE4 6a/6b 2
12Irish JigVS 4c 7
13Haidrian's WallE2 5c *6
14Ash Tree DirectS 4b 30
15The RampVS 5b 14
16CancanVS 5a 22
17Long Wall Low Level TraverseV2 *17
18Elderberry SlabVD 22
19TangoS 4b 14
20Calypso CrackVS 5a 25
21VortexV8 3
22Vortex Eliminatef7B+ 2
23QuickstepVS 5b 12
24The LinkHVS 5b, 5b *1
25Pass Me That Araldite.....PleaseE1 6b 3
26Glue DirectV8 1
27Fire-powerE1 6b 2
28JiveHS 4b 11
29Palais GlideVS 4c *28
30Fox-trotHVS 5a *22
31CongaE1 6a **1
32Mississippi DipVS 4c *39
33A Stretch Named DesireE5 6b 1
34Long Wall EliminateE3 6a 6
35Orchestral CrackHVS 5a *35
36Three Notch SlabVS 4c *97
37Three Notch Slab 6a AreteVB 6a 4
38The Notch Slab 6a Arete RightVB 6a 5
39Peg FreeVS 5b *21
40ValetaHS 4b 11
41The Last WaltzHVS 5b 3
43Hole in the WallE2 5c *2
44Wasp Nest CrackVS  
45Rampant Bull CreamE3 6a  
46EgadVS 4c 3
47The Western WorldV8+ ***1
48The EliminatorsVB 5b 1
49Splitterf5 2
50Arete Me Notf7A+ 1
51The Whimf4 1
52Whimisicalf5 1
54BTf6B 1
56Bivouac RouteHVD *9
57TartarusS **5
58Midge Life CrisisVS 4c *2
60Two SlabsS *6
61Sunset IndirectVD 4
62The RakeD 7
63Odges OrrorHVS 5b 5
64Noah's CrackVS 4b 25
65Sunset CrackVS 4c 55
66Tony's TerrorVS 4b 41
67Pre-KocsisE1 5c  
68Midgebite CrackHVS 5a *41
69The PoppleHVS 5b **43
70The DrooperE2 5c **22
71The ConnectionE3 5c *2
72The WilterE1 5b **37
73Rake Wall TraverseE1 5b ***2
74Avalanche CrackVD 4
75Avalanche WallVD 4
76Rake Wall Low Level Traverse 'Beer Walk'V0 *35
78Double GirdleS  
79Contortionists CrackVS 4c *2
80Kestrel CrackS 5a *1
81Scoop AreteE1 5a 3
82Groove DirectHS 4b ** 
83Crack and TraverseVD * 
84Double CornerHS 1
85Cracked WallVS 4b  
86The Little ThingE1 5b * 
87Fishermans GrooveD  
88Borrowdale ButtressD  
89Easy TraverseM  
91Great Wall TraverseHVD  
92Amphitheatre GirdleHVS 5b  
93Midsummer Nights DreamS  
94PlutoS * 
95HumdingerM **1
96'Y' NotVS **2
97'A'routeVS 4c 2
98Northern GirdleS  
99Tea BreakVD * 
100Solo RouteHD  
101Gardeners DelightHD  
102Golf Ball CracksS  
104Extension DirectHS  
105Blackberry CrackHS * 
106Jonahs JoyVS 4b  
107Yellow OverhangVS 4c *1
108Double OverhangsVS 4c *3
109Nobut JustS 2
111Sodium LightsM  
112Magnum OpusM * 
113Final FlakeS  
114Grimy GroovesD  
1157 OverhangsVS 4c 1
117The SleeperE2 5c  
118Railway AreteHVS  
119Third Time LuckyVS 2
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Turned up this Morning at Den lane, while it was still raining, amazed to find all the rock dry. Some great climbing, if a perhaps a lot of it, a bit to hard for us. Most of the rock was reasonbly clean, and we were not challenged by anyone. Amazed this place is not more popular.
karlb - 23/Aug/14
Got met at the crag last night, by a couple, apparently the new land owners. They had no objection to climbing continuing, but did ask if everyone was insured. I believe contact details have been/will be passed to the local access Rep.
BenedictIEP - 20/Aug/13
As James said, routes left of Palais Glide are all covered in mud; cracks, faces and pockets. Barely climable. Three earth slides along the top make topping out on some routes quite difficult. Rake Wall is great though!
Moritz L - 22/May/13
Don't know about the rest of the crag but parts of long wall where totally caked in mud. Looks like the rain has washed mud down most cracks and weaknesses.
James Oakes - 21/Feb/13
Looking at the numbers of logged climbs this is a seriously underrated venue. Starting with the more prosaic stuff; It's sheltered, has good views, a short walk in and is now cleaned up. More importantly it has a large number of VS and HVS climbs, so far every climb I have done have had very different characters, all been interesting, decent height and sustained in interest. And the climbing is in a concentrated area very little faff going from climb to climb. Highly recommended.
steveshaking - 17/Apr/12
Large amount of rock/soil debris close to the base of 'The Ramp' & 'Cancan', Long Wall (28/01/12). Can't tell if it's natural and therefore unstable in that area or whether it's been dumped from the road above. Will try and take a look over the next few days...
PD - 28/Jan/12
Looks like a lot of work has been done here...anyone know if its worth a visit??
tommakin - 09/Mar/09