Brassington (Rainster Rocks)

Climbs 78 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 275m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
Along with nearby Harborough, a chance to savour the unusual delights of dolomitic limestone, (lots of jugs)! A collection of short walls and towers (mainly 6 - 10m high). Super soloing playground, or a family day out in summer; but take Dock Leaves! Best routes are Tower Ridge (D), West Hill Arete, Pillar Face (both VD), Penlington's Progress (VS 4c) and the desperate Little by Little (S 4c!).

Approach notes
Via public footpath leading from minor road at SK 223544 to B5056 at SK 222554. Two sections of rock are visible when approaching from the south. The West hill is the LH section.

Climbing is NOT ALLOWED on the RH section (East Hill), home of some of the longest routes.

Eastern Grit (2015), Peak Limestone (2012), Peak Lime Extra MiniGuide (2004),
Out of print: Peak Limestone - South (1987), Rock climbs in the Peak - Derwent valley (1981)

Climbs at this crag

Sort climbs
43Face DirectVS 4c 32
44Angel's CrawlVS 4c 36
45Elderberry CrackS 4a 47
46Savoy CrackHS 4b 14
47Two Minute CrackS 4a 9
48Girdle TraverseVS 4b 4
50Two-StepHS 4b 7
51Pillar ChimneyHVD 8
52Penlington's ProgressVS 4c *16
53Pillar FaceVD *23
54Nettle WallVD 15
55Nettle ChimneyD 7
56Cracked WallVD *14
57Ash Tree ChimneyVD 4
58Ash Tree WallVD 10
59Ash Tree Wall CrackVD 6
60Ash Tree Wall Route 3VD 3
61Ash Tree Wall Route 2VD 4
62Ash Tree Wall Route 1VD 3
63Rowan WallVD 9
64Rowan CrackHS 3
65Winged SwingHVD 3
66Little 'OrrorHVD 2
67Swinged WingHVD 4
68Tower RidgeD 7
69Tower ChimneyHVD 2
70Red AreteHVD 3
71Little Red ChimneyD 4
72Red Chimney AreteHVD 2
73Red ChimneyD 4
75West Face ClimbVD 20
76Blind Man's AreteM 40
77Little WallVD 22
78Elderberry ChimneyM 23
79West Hill AreteVD **50
80Little-by LittleS 4c *25
81Little CrackM 24
83Pinders rockVD 3
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I went here yesterday, and the nettles were getting to be annoying - I expect they will make climbing quite hard later in the year. Also, the right hand section of the East Hill upper tier has some birds nesting in it.
MatthewV - 17/May/15
Despite some of the negative comments below re nettles etc, I had a nice hour soloing a few easy lines on the West lower tier - the nettles all dead at this time of year, so prob the ideal time. Short and sweet, lovely juggy rock, no polish to speak of on these routes. Access not easy across a jumble of boulders and trees, but I found this added a frisson of intrepidness and solitude. This was also the location of my very first climb as a teenager 30 years ago, so was nice to re-visit for the first time since. I'll be back, with a guidebook next time.
Dr Matt - 19/Jan/14
Went up there yesterday. PWoW unfortunately ends just before West Hill and farmer has double fenced the field. No sheep in the field so we carefully crossed fences. Well worth the visit at this time of year - no nettles!
climbingrev - 08/Nov/11
The field that rainster rocks is in is totaly closed off with no obvius way in gates where securely locked etc so we spoke with a farmer at the end of the field and where told that the rocks have been unused for some time and that the field was not public access and is infact the field where the farmer rears sheep and that people coming in to the field would upset the sheep but as its currently out of season he was nice enough to let us go and have a look at the state of the rocks from what we could see none of the climbs are useable they are deeply overgrown with stingers and other weeds you cant even see enough of the rock to be able to identify the climbs might be worth taking this one off ukc.
ophielle - 17/Jun/11
Apparently the west end of West Hill is clear of nettles and climbable...we gave up just too soon (with a 9 year old in tow)
Nigel Modern - 28/Oct/05
Went yesterday with family party to West Hill...nettles dying off but still a problem and Lower Tier would need a machete to get close to it. Climbed on Upper Tier no problem. No access problems apart from finding the way past a new barbed wire fence between East and West Hills. There is a very basic stile just below the west shoulder of East Hill rocks with much clambering through brambles etc. Access difficult around the back of the crag.
Nigel Modern - 27/Oct/05
A lovely little crag for some easy limestone action. West Hill lower tier isn't currently as overgrown as the Miniguide suggests, we did Rowan Wall and Tower Ridge (not in the Miniguide, but in On Peak Rock) without trouble. Nettles might get taller in the summer though!
tmh - 26/Apr/05
21/11/03. Still very overgrown although most of the Stinging nettles were dead. Would not like to climb the lower face in the summer. Upper Tier would be great for beginners. Wondered over to the East Hill. Again overgrown and had trouble spotting the 30m Classic.
Jeff Baker - 21/Nov/03
Access to the west hill is via a footpath that runs via the East hill, according to the map, in the ground the footpath doesn\'t exist, it\'s a case of pick your way through the fallen down trees, nettles and brambles, until you reach the clear ground between the two hills. Although climbing is not allowed on the east hill there were three sets of people climbing there wearing bright red jumpers clearly visible from the road. As navigation to the west hill is difficult, don\'t be tricked into thinking that the first hill must be the right one as people are climbing on it. The Upper Tier on the West hill is very nice and offers good climbing, but I wouldn\'t bother with the south wall. To get to it you will have to fight your way through a jungle of fallen down trees and branches. It looks as if the only climbing done there lately is that of the nettles climbing ever higher up the rock face. If you really want magnesium limestone then Harborough Rocks is a far better day\'s climbing.
annie - 15/Apr/02