Abella de la Conca

Climbs 278 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 950m a.s.l – Faces all

Crag features
A crag of many facets thus suiting summer/winter activity according to temperature desired. Useful for avoidance of inversion cloud common in winter (along with Ager and Vilanova).

Sector El Congost is nearly 3km distant but most other sectors are set around the v picturesque village. Since initial presentation in LleidaClimbs the rock in this zone has seen much development, with many sectors and routes added; sector Voltor (1st to RHS of Mur Blau) is one such with 30 routes from 6b to 8a, useful for a winter visit with exposure full south. The arche sector has 13 routes from 6a+ to 8c+ and offers incredible overhanging features in the shade allowing you to climb all spring/summer and autumn. Canyon has 6 lines from 6c to 8c+ and each will test your resistance in the autumn and winter. Panorama,morral and font delas gottas are situated on the other side of the village and offer about 20 routes from 5 to 8a+ just of the car and you can climb all year (summer in morning, afternoon winter). The potential is immense but the climbing is demanding, technical butalways rewarding. if you like commercial crags and soft pass your way...but if you want amazing scenary, tranquility and testing climbing then this isyour place1

Further info: go to the house in the village main square opposite the fountain and ask for Nic or Ella, who are both active in route setting and equipping.

Roca Espa˝a: Pyrenees & Aragˇn (2012), Catalunya: Lleida Climbs (2010), Lleida Climbs (2010)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2La Penitencia7a  
3L'Alzinetta6b+ **1
4La Garrapinyada6a **1
5Del Pata7a  
6Orquidea Negra8a  
7Passarells7a 1
9Llum de lluna7c  
12Ensaimada Connection7b+ 1
13noname Congost 17b  
14Into the Blue6c+ **1
15Divendres5c ***2
16Dau al Set L15c **2
17Dau al Set L1+L27a+  
18Sac de Gemecs L1+L27a ***2
19Arrebato L15a *1
20Arrebato L1+L28b  
21Per Instint L1+L27b+ *** 
22Caramelles de Caramelles L15c **2
23Caramelles de Caramelles L1+L26c **2
24Espelon de Rojos L16a+ ***4
25Espelon de Rojos L1+L26b ***1
264 Acres y una Mula5c **4
27Dit i Fret6c ***4
29La Bestia de la Conca L16c+  
30La Bestia de la Conca L1+L27b+  
31La Bella de la Conca6c+  
32La Bella de la Conca L1+L27b+  
33La Magnitud de la TragediaProject  
34El Diedre L17b+ ***1
35El Diedre L1+L2Project  
36L'Abella Epoca7c+  
37Cašadors de Parets7a+ **3
38El Noi de la Conca7b+  
39nonamze Blau6a  
41Ajagudes 15c 2
42Ajagudes 26a 2
43Ajagudes 36a 1
44Ajagudes 45c 2
45Ajagudes 56a 3
46Ajagudes 66a 3
47Ajagudes 74c  
49Griffon Dance6c 2
51Adieu Edlinger7a+ 1
52Ilian tu vas Tomber6c ***2
53Homage a Catalunya7b+  
541000 Voltors7b+  
55Buy One Free One7c  
56Butxaca Temptacio7c+  
57Poc a Poc7a ***2
58Donde esta Mike7b **1
59E36b *6
60Carrer Font sin Agua6c **2
61Carrer Font sin Agua L1+L27b  
62Carrer Font sin Agua L38a  
64Les tres J7b+  
65Carmina Abella7a+  
66Pinchaso6c+ **1
67Ultim Pegue7c  
68Cathedrale L17b+  
69Cathedrale L27c+  
70Yo Soy ... L16c+ ***1
71Yo Soy ... L28a+  
72FFF Flying Flake L16b *1
73FFF Flying Flake L27c  
74FFF Flying Flake L38b  
75Sin Alcohol7a  
76Sin Verguenza7b  
77Noname 6c6c  
78Noname 6b+6b+  
79Alquiler o no Alquiler6b *2
80Amistad5a 1
81Diedre Encantado5b 1
82Ilex baja5b *2
89Oh Lee Wood6c  
90Gee_26b 1
91Cortado6b 1
93Educacio Popular4b *3
94Holistic i Parcipatori5b 4
95Idioma dels Ocells6a+ 6
96Si tu dius6c 1
97Teixit de la Vida6a+ 1
98Multi Disciplinari6a+ 2
100Old Skool5c *10
101Mal-dit6b+ 1
102Bavaressa7a+ 1
103Pre-Skool5a ***22
104Miralepa6b 2
107Tilopa7a 4
108Karmapa6a ***3
109Marpa6b+ ***2
110Fira de Primavera6b **2
111Fira dels Embutits6c **1
112Ecodharma6b **6
113Conca i Bella5c *7
114Iniciacio5a *8
115Bon Porc6b+ **4
116Canto Organico5c 4
117Battery Chat6a 16
118Lax n bustia6a *12
119El Deu De Coses Petits6b 3
120La Bella Nit6b+  
121El 6c mas duro del Mundo7b  
123Primer Desplom6a+ 4
124Brosse Adam4a 3
125Ballada Des Sardanes5a 6
126Family Fantastic3 4
128Deu Dits6c+ **3
129One Week Only7b  
130Through Thin & Thick7a ***4
131Els LadresProject  
132Pepito8a+ *** 
133Flying Flower7c+  
134El So dels Voltors8b  
135Naughty Elephant Party8c+  
136Festa Major8c  
137Via Diagonal6b+ *1
138Tand Troll L16b *2
139Petit So6a+ 5
141Rummikub7a **1
143La Odisea del Funk7b  
144noname LC No.47b  
145noname LC No.57a  
146Via del MartiProject  
148Alter EgoF7c+  
149noname LC No.107c  
150noname LC No.117a  
151noname LC No.127b  
153noname LC No.147a+  
155Pelagats7a **8
156Hilfe6c+ **9
157Pelroig6b **5
161Lligat al Parasocs7a+  
162Picaflo L15c 2
163Picaflo L26a  
165Orange Tower LH7b  
166Orange Tower RH7a **2
167El Kim5c ***6
168Pollo Mental6a **11
169El Toni5c 10
171Hit Parade6b+  
172Diagonal Parade6a  
173Tronada Patagonica6c **1
174Fart de VI es Quan i Veig Clar6c **1
175Escucho Voces6b+ **1
176La Dieta del Sarrucho6b **4
177Out of the Blue6b **3
179Un-named 67c  
180El Garimpeiro8a+  
181Lo Be Negre L17a  
182Lo Be Negre L1+L27b  
183Col locat de Cola Cao7a+  
184Meteorito LH6b+ ***3
185Meteorito RH6b ***10
186After Hours6c **4
187Un-named 96c+  
188Guix Mort5c 4
189Terra Encantada6a 4
190Sin Hermanas6b  
191Yo sola en la nord face6b *1
192Ya no Esta Sola6a 1
194lower buttress LH7a  
195lower butrress ctrProject  
196lower buttress RH6c  
197Ben & Gery5c  
198Pasa Fuera6c  
199Brac de Gitano6a ***1
200Jobi Joba5a  
201Boda Gitano5c 1
202Amor de Cobre7a  
203Amor de Hiero6b+ 1
204Personal Jesus7c  
205Samba si Arbeit No7b+  
206Gipsy Crack7b  
208Mala Maja7c+  
209El Foradot7b+  
210La Primera vez del Lowie7c  
211Sant Jordi7b+  
212Escala al Cel6c+ **1
213Zigzag6a+ *3
214Redrecat6b **4
215Georg is On5a 3
216Crackovia L15c 4
217Crackovia L27a+ 1
218Darfh Vida5c 2
220Le Bouchot6c  
221La Poca Dura7b  
224Morral LH6c  
225Germa y Pitroig7b  
226Toto le Hero6b  
227Onkalo5a 1
228Life in Exile7a 1
229Honey Badger6b ***4
230Brutrus7a 1
232Estrangers, Espais i Xarfarderies6c+ *2
236Stone Age Economics6b 1
237Alien Spirit Foreign Womb6b 1
238In Search of the Primitive7b  
239Anthropolog6a+ 1
240Argonauts of the Western Pacific6b 1
241Ya No Estas Soia6a ** 
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New Lleida climbs guidebook now out with all new sectors, http://www.lleidaclimbs.com/ For info on multipitch sports and semi equiped routes in Abella ask for Nick or Ella. eco Refugio opening on Village Square in March 2014
nicolas durand - 03/Dec/13
Abella is a great secluded destination in the north of Catalunya, 20min drive from Tremp, and about less than an hour from Lleida. The setting is just out of this world, absolutely gorgeous. The climbing is very diverse, from aesthetic limestone slabs to great overhanging walls and even rock arches. Not many people know about this place right now, but once all the new developments by Nicolas Durand et Company are revealed in the new Lleida guidebook, it will become a major destination.
Ramon Marin - 02/Sep/13