Ingleby Incline

Climbs 130 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude 350m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
Exposed to the wind and can get quite chilly, but gets any sun going and enjoys fantastic views. A superb place to climb, and the chances are you'll have the crag to yourselves (partly due to the 1 hour walk in!).

The 'classic of the crag' is Cosy Corner (VDiff) and it's worth the journey just for this one. Other fine routes include Greenhow Chimney (Diff), Crack and Groove (S), Rack and Pinion (HS), Top Gun (HVS), Pickpocket (E1), Primate Wardrobe Supervisor (E2) and Gym Junkies (E3).

Due to access problems in the past, many routes are quite dirty and could do with some cleaning, hopefully increased traffic will help.

Note that for the easier routes at least, the guidebook grades are very 'Northumbrian', and would be at least a grade harder in the Peak or even elsewhere in Yorkshire.

Access notes
A crag which has suffered from access problems for many years, now finally resolved as the crag is on open access land so previous restrictions no longer apply.

Take the Battersby road out of Ingleby Greenhow, then the first turning right to Bank Foot. Just before the farm turn right onto the cinder track. Park immediately on the left. Walk or cycle 2km down the track to some cottages. Although the 'no vehicular access' sign referred to in the guidebook is no longer there at the start of the cinder track, there is no parking available near the cottages. There is a small 'layby' 1km down the track where it may be possible to park, depending on current forestry operations.

>From the cottages go through a gate, then left at a fork and up the steep incline, site of the old railway. The right hand end of the crag is above the gate at the top of the forest. To access the left end of the crag it is easier to walk along the top of the crag than the bottom, though this makes it tricky to tell where you are on a first visit.


Out of print: North East England (2003), North York Moors (1985)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
1Armed and DangerousHVS 5b *2
2One Armed BanditHVS 5b 1
3Heather StompVD 4a 2
4Fifteen LoveVD 9
5Turner's TumbleS 4c *1
6Seven UpD 6
7PepsiHVS 5a 3
8Diet PepsiS 4c 2
9Pepsi MaxE1 6a *2
10LibertyE1 5c *3
11Flight PathVS 5a * 
12Crack and UpD 5
13Head MasterMVS 4c 1
14ProblemsD 1
15Communist CrackD 2
16The Green RouteHVD 1
17Pizza PieD 2
18Heather CrackHS 1
19Hash BrownsVS 5a *3
20GeronimoE2 5c *5
21Big MacVD 3
22Humble BeginningsHVD 13
23Tender TrapHVS 5c *9
24Chock CrackVS 4c *11
25Marrakech ExpressHS 4b *16
26Deep ImpactHVS 5b *13
27SoapHVS 5a  
28Corner CrackS 4a 2
29Coumartin SlabE1 5b *8
30Coumartin Slab VariationHVS 5b  
31Block ChimneyS 4a 1
32PickpocketE1 5b **10
33What Planet Are You OnHVS 5a 1
34What Planet Are You On - VariationE1 5b 3
35Rack and PinionHS 4a *7
36Rack and Pinion Variation FinishVS 4c 8
37Top GunHVS 5a ***23
38Martin's WallHVS 5c  
39Love or ConfusionE4 6b *2
40Physical GraffitiE5 6c 1
41Hunters' ChimneyHVD 4
42HelixHVS 5b 3
43Helix SlabHD 3
44EasterM 7
45Back LashD 6
46Dog Leg CrackHD 3
47BrutusHVS 5b 3
48Pobble WallVS 4c *9
49The CornerVS 4c *7
50Eye SpyHD 1
51Eye Spy Direct StartVD 1
52No Prisonersnone 6b *2
53I SurrenderD 3
54BabelogneHS 3
55Pigs on the WingD 2
56SloopyVS 4c 1
57CeasorHVS 5a  
58Modern PrimitiveE3 5b *2
59Black CrackS 4a 1
60Black Crack Variation FinishVS 4b 1
61DreamsVD 2
62The ChainD 1
63Holly WallVD 2
64Holly CrackD  
65The CleftD  
66SwingerS 4a 1
67TwisterS 4a 3
68Twister Variation Startnone 5b *1
69Wall and SlabVS 5a 1
70Wall and Slab variation finishHVS 4c *1
71Anyone's DaughterE3 5c 3
72Five-A-Side FinishE2 5b 4
73StonemasterE1 5b **4
74Crack and GrooveS 4a *7
75Wall and GrooveE1 5a 10
76DeceptionVS 4c 1
77Next CrackD 2
78TyrusHS 4b 1
79Twin CracksD 1
80Puffing BillyS 4a 3
81Rocket ArÍteHVS 5b *1
82Two HootsVS 5b *1
83Choo ChooS 2
84Choo Choo VariationD 1
85Variation Directnone 6a 1
86Jet LagD 2
87Short Wallnone 5c 1
88DangleHVS 5a *1
89Primate Wardrobe SupervisorE2 5c **1
90Incline and FallE2 6a * 
91Group 4 FactorE1 5b 3
92RipplesVS 5a 3
93ChattanoogaVS 4c 5
94SmoothyS 4a 2
95A Question of SportHVS 5b 3
96A Matter of TasteHVS 5a 2
97A Matter of Taste Direct StartE1 5c 1
98Signal RidgeHVD 3c 5
99Signal Ridge Variation StartHVD 4b 4
100RampantVS 4c 1
101Saunter SlabHVS 5b 1
102The Pot HoleHVS 5b 1
103InclinationHVS 5a 1
104Cosy CornerVD 3c ***31
105Drop OutA2  
106Dropout FreeE12 7b *** 
107Greenhow ChimneyD **11
108Time CaptainE4 5c **2
109Ellis's EliminateE3 5c *2
110Little ChimneyD 1
111Tiptoenone 5a 3
112Cellar Wall Rightnone 4c 1
113Cellar Wall Centrenone 5b 1
114Cellar Wall Leftnone 4b 1
115Wind ShadowVS 4c *1
116SlipstreamVD 4
117UnderdogVS 5a 1
118Pseudo ScienceE1 5c *1
119South Buttress DirectHVS 5c 1
120ParallelsS 4a 4
121Short Flakenone 4c 1
122Hang ToughE2 6a * 
123Gym JunkiesE3 6b ***5
124ClarityHVS 5b  
125Out of TimeHVS 5b  
126TimeS 4a 4
127OvertimeVS 5a 2
129Waylanderf6C+ ***3
130Nadirf6C+ **1
131Big Pawf7A * 
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fab crag- just so much to go at and such lovely rock.
Franco Cookson - 11/Aug/12