Le Diplodocus

Climbs 99 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude 75m a.s.l – Faces all

Fontainebleau Climbs (2001)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
1Parade aux Hydesf7A+
2Technogymf6A **
3La Marguerite en Folief7A
4Le Monde Perduf6C+
6Yellow CircuitPD
7Yellow 1f3
8Yellow 2f2
9Yellow 2bf2
10Yellow 3f2
11Yellow 4f2
12Yellow 5f2
13Yellow 6f2
14Yellow 7f3+
15Yellow 8f2
16Yellow 9f2
17Yellow 10f2
18Yellow 11f2
19Yellow 12f3
20Yellow 13f3+
21Yellow 14f2
22Yellow 14bf2
23Yellow 15f2
24Yellow 16f2
25Yellow 17f2
26Yellow 18f2
27Yellow 19f2
28Yellow 20f3+
29Yellow 21f2
30Yellow 22f2
31Yellow 23f3+
32Yellow 24f2
33Yellow 25f2
34Yellow 26f2
35Yellow 27f2
36Yellow 28f2
37Yellow 29f2
38Yellow 30f3+
39Yellow 31f2
40Yellow 32f2
41Yellow 33f2
42Yellow 34f3+
43Yellow 35f3+
44Yellow 36f2
45Yellow 37f2
46Yellow 38f2
47Yellow 39f3
49Orange CircuitAD **
50La Lulu (Orange 1)f3
51Le Bout du Simon (Orange 1b)f2+
52Le Premier Jeu (Orange 2)f3
53L'Angle Désaxé (Orange 3)f3+
54La Crèmerie (Orange 4)f2+
55L'Épicerie (Orange 5)f4
56La Culottée (Orange 6)f2+
57La S.P.A. (Orange 7)f3+
58Le Tabouret Auvergnat (Orange 7b)f2
59Le Fusible (Orange 8)f4
60Fer à Cheval (Orange 9)f3
61Le Fou (Orange 10)f3
62Micro Sillon (Orange 11)f2
63Le Marteau (Orange 12)f3
64Le Coryza Fou (Orange 13)f3+
65La Serrure (Orange 15B)f3
66Le Nain Jaune (Orange 16)f3
67La Chevrotine (Orange 16b)f3
68La Chevrotine (Orange 17)f3
69Le Surplomb du Croissant (Orange 18)f2+
70Le Brelan d'As (Orange 19)f3
71La Couleuvre (Orange 20)f2+
72Le 4ème Réflexe (Orange 21)f3+
73La Fissure de la Pres'toi (Orange 22)f3
74La Torniol (Orange 23)f4
76Blue CircuitD **
77Le Mur des Pygmées (Blue1)f4
78La Murène (Blue 2)f4
79Le Rouleau Compresseur (Blue 3)f4
80L'Angle Sylvie (Blue 4)f4
81La Dune (Blue 5)f4
82La Microbulle (Blue 6)f4
83Le Surplomb de la Girafe (Blue 7)f4
84Le Poing d'Aide (Blue 8)f4
85Rattle Snake (Blue 9)f4+ *
86Le T.G.V. (Blue 10)f4
87La Pousse-Rapière (Blue 11)f4+
88Le Deltaplane (Blue 12)f4+
89La Kick (Blue 13)f4
90La Dalle Téflon (Blue 14)f5
91L'Index (Blue 15)f4
92La Fissure des Boulangers (Blue 16)f4
93Le Crache Biceps (Blue 17)f4+
94L'Écartelé (Blue 18)f4+
95La Faussbourrerflop (Blue 19)f4
96Le Cercle de Mohr (Blue 20)f4+
97Le Réta du Gibbon (Blue 21)f4
98La Dalle du Plésiosaure (Blue 22)f3+
99La Mâchoire du Diplodocus (Blue 23)f4
100La Ravenspont *f2+
101Pilier rouge (Orange 14) *f3+
102La Onze Traction (Orange 15) *f3
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