Green River Bastion boulders

Climbs 164 – Rocktype Granite – Altitude 277m a.s.l – Faces ?

Crag features
The blocks are well spaced in a pleasant pine forest, and the floor tends to be flat, even sandy at times. The rock is granite, but has a sandstone-like feel due to its gritty, fine grain. The ever present granite sloper still dominates the landscape, but fans of tiny holds will rejoice at the plethora of thin edges. The summer conditions tend to be warmer and drier than squamish, but winter brings lots of snow - spring and fall offer the best conditions.

Approach notes
To locate the parking area for the Green River Bastion, drive either 4km south of Pemberton or 28.5km north of Highway 99-Whistler Village intersection. The railroad tracks cross the highway just north of the parking area and the massive Green River Bastion cliff is clearly visible to the west. Some climbers have made the mistake of stopping farther south at a similar looking pullout on Highway 99, so please check your landmarks carefully. ACCESS ALERT: The various bouldering areas are scattered on either side of the tracks, some quite close to the highway. Please minimise your presence on the tracks as the rail company has concerns about recreational activities close to the trains. Use the trails whenever possible as any conflicts could potentially create future access closures.

Squamish Bouldering (2010)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Little BuddyV6  
3Radioactive SpinachV2  
4Three-Hour TourV1  
5SS MinnowV5  
6Dumpster DriverV1  
7Monkey in the JungleV4 * 
8PeelerV4 ** 
9Peelin' MonkeyV6 ** 
10Who KnowsV6 * 
11Monkey in the KnowV8 *** 
13No Need for a NameV3  
14Slim PickensV3  
15Foot FetishV2  
16No Name RailV1  
17Pick PocketV5 * 
18Put PocketV2  
19Fine BalanceV5  
20Old SchoolV4 * 
21Mattress PeopleV7 * 
22Match StickV4  
23SnuffV8 * 
24White Bread LoverV10 * 
25Into the LightV5 ***1
26Further into the LightV7 * 
27Dirty SanchezV4  
28Rail RunV1  
30Railroad SlabV0 1
31Done Like DinnerV1 1
32Hungry Like the WolfV5  
33Indecent ProposalV9  
34In Your FaceV3 ***2
35In Your Face LowV10 ** 
36In Your ChickensV8 * 
37Give Her the ChickensV7 *** 
38Give Her the Chickens (low)V7 *** 
39Pimp SlapV7 * 
40TuskV4 **1
41UprisingV4 * 
42Crimper TraverseV5  
43Uprising DirectV5  
45Hollow ManV0 2
46Hollow GirlV0 2
47Sugar TraverseV0 2
48North Face DirectV0 2
49Sweet AreteV0 2
50Sugar MantelV0 2
51The Green MileV3 * 
53Little PeopleV2 * 
54Deadbeat DudeV4 *1
55Deadbeat DudetteV4 *1
56Heel Toe ExpressV3  
57The LeechV2 * 
58GI JoeV1 *1
59Kung Fu GripV3 * 
60French ConnectionV5  
61The Narcotic SuiteV3 1
62The CrimpV5 * 
63Moon MovesV2 1
64Moon CrimpsV0  
66Slug Traverse HighV0 * 
67Undercling TraverseV1  
68Slug Traverse LowV3 *1
69Snail TrailV0  
70Layback DirectV2  
71Lucky CharmsV2 *1
72Magically DeliciousV3 1
73Jim's StagV5 * 
74Over the RainbowV3 * 
75Way TraverseV0  
76My WayV1  
77The HighwayV1  
78Kelly's WayV2 * 
79Mike's WayV2 * 
80Brian's WayV3 * 
81Steve's WayV3  
82Split TraverseV1  
83Split AreteV1  
84Split Sit-downV1  
85The SplitsV1  
86Our WayV0  
88Shocker ZuluV0  
90JupiterV1 * 
91NeptuneV1 * 
93Carrot PeelV0  
94Green BeanV1  
95Abbage CabbageV4 * 
96Jolly Green GiantV5 * 
97Mushroom OverhangV5 * 
98GripV2 * 
99Wax OnV3 **1
100BelieveV5 ** 
101Rail RideV3 * 
102Little TreeV4 * 
103Wood ElvesV4 * 
104Project LimboV7 * 
105Gut BusterV5  
106Elf BusterV8 * 
107Whale WrestlerV6 * 
108Pam's CrimpersV1  
109Love HandlesV3  
110Hand It Over, RoverV4  
111Healing HandsV4 * 
112Hand MadnessV9 * 
113Doobie TimeV5 * 
114Pop TartV3 **1
115No PopV4 * 
116Payne ToleranceV8 * 
117Cosmic FireV6 * 
118Payne ManagementV5 *1
119Crab NebulaV2  
120Cosmic TraverseV7  
121Ladies FirstV3  
122Up in SmokeV3  
123Pop the HoodV3  
124The Milky WayV3  
126VelvetV3 * 
127Lost MantelV0  
128Knock-downV4 * 
131Jack Who?V2 * 
132Stinger DynoV5 * 
133Crack ClimbV0  
134Sweet SixteenV0  
136Go NowV0  
137Rabbi AreteV1  
138The SwarmingV8 ** 
140The HiveV2  
141Wasp MagnetV2  
142Self DefenseV2  
143Mission ImpossibleV6 * 
144Slam FestV2 * 
145Edge FestV0  
148The LaneV2 * 
149StrikeV2 * 
151Slab BabyV1  
152Kaz IfV2  
153The Bowling BallV5 ** 
156Double Cling ThingV6 ** 
157Saddle UpV4 * 
158Roll 'Em FatV2  
160Light of ZenV3 ** 
161Crank JobV3 ** 
163Wife BeaterV2 * 
164Break FreeV4 * 
165Battle of the BarkV2  
167Double DownV2 * 
168Milking the Fat LadyV4 * 
169All InV0  
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