Reiff - An Stiuir

Climbs 150 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude 1m a.s.l – Faces S

Access notes

The locals are very friendly and reasonable and are happy for people to park here but they are concerned about their own access. Please take great care not to block any gates or access for local residents. If there is no room to park then please park a little further away and walk in.

KITCHEN AT REIFF - Sara Nason is now running a small kitchen here and welcomes climbers for soup and bread lunches, teas and suppers which may help supply a much needed sustenance after a climb or walk.

Scottish Rock - North (2009), Northern Highlands North (2004),
Out of print: Northern Highlands Vol. 2 (1993)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Sea PinkVD 11
3NipperVS 4c 1
4Sea SicHS 3
5Sea QuimVD 11
6Sea StytisS **22
7Sea WeedVD *2
8Sea PhylisVD **24
9Sea MenHVS 4c **11
10Sea ParrotVS 4c *1
11Sea SquaredS *9
12Sea SquidS *7
13Sea MoonVS 4b **10
14Fair WhappitVS 4c 2
15Baby FaceD 3
16AslanS 8
17Coast to CoastVS 4c 4
18Le Bugie Hanno Le Gambe CorteHVS 5a 3
19Route CavityHVS 5a *11
20Pimps cornerD 2
21Narnian CrackVD 2
22Pole PositionHS 1
25MolehillVD 16
26Postbox WallHVS 5a 9
27Street SurferE1 5b *67
28HowkE1 5c 2
29Every Which Way But Loose (right-hand start)VS 4c *16
30Every Which Way But LooseHVS 5c 43
31PlaythingMVS 4b 25
32Atlantic CrossingE1 5b 6
33GussetbusterE1 5c *29
34Razor's EdgeE1 5b **96
35Silk DozenE6 6a *1
36Elastic CollisionE3 5c ***74
37Seal SongE3 5c ***52
38KaimahiaE1 5c ** 
39Blessed ReleiffHS 4b 2
40Diamond BackHVS 5a **54
41Moody BluesVS 4b 77
42Overhanging CrackS 80
43Final FlingE1 5b 4
44Deep ChimneyHS 8
45ReifferD 7
46GuttersnipeD 23
47Wendy's Flying CircusHVS 5a 13
48The Grateful DeadS 4
49The ExecutionerE2 5c ***120
50Modern ThinkingE4 6a **12
51Second SightE5 6b *3
52Lateral ThinkingE4 6b 1
54The ScepticE4 6a *1
55The MysticE5 6b *19
56HairsplitterHVS 5a *9
57SkullsmasherVS 4c **27
58BrainbiterVS 4b *22
59HeidbutterVS 4b 4
60LobotomyS 2
62Everybody's FaultHS 4b 21
63FaultlessVS 4c 7
64T-SquareVD 37
65LynxHVS 5a 13
66ScavengerE1 5c 4
67Social DemocratE1 5b *19
68Parabolic HeadE1 5c *6
69Judicial HangingHVS 5b **97
70In Yer FaceE1 5b *13
71DunskiingVS 4c 39
72TelemarkHVS 5a *16
73Slim PickingsE2 5c **2
74Athlete's FootHS 40
75Friends for LifeHVS 5b *39
76Bank of ScotlandE3 5c **18
77Beating HeartE5 6a 2
78Jim NasticVS 4c ***117
79Jim Nastic Direct StartE2 5c *1
80DominoHVS 5a **35
81The MoverHVS 5a *1
82Slip JigHS *59
83PolkaVS 4b *34
84Clam JamE1 5b *31
85Where the Green Ants DreamE1 6a ***37
86Making BaconE5 6a *** 
88SexcrementalismE1 5b *16
89BlackadderHVS 5a *4
90Free BaseE5 6a **8
91Chicken RunD 6
92The ThistleE4 6a **4
93Walk Like an EgyptianE4 6a **3
94Cleopatras AspE5 6a **13
95AwesomeE4 6a **4
97Curving CrackHVS 5a **15
98Dreams of UtahHVS 5b *23
99Sandstone CowboyHVS 5a *7
100Chokestone CrackVD 23
101Vision of BlueE1 5b *10
102The KrakenE2 6a *5
103Upper CornerHVS 5a *5
104Jeni WrenVS 4c *23
105Sea of LoveE2 5b *2
106Jackie in the BoxD 11
107Dulcie BridgeVD 6
110OwlD 3
111Short SightedS **24
112Big NoseVS 4c 5
113Rose RootVD 12
114TiggerVS 4b *23
115Bear NecessitiesMVS 4b 5
116Pooh CornerVS 4c ***80
117The RampS *34
118Live EntertainmentE2 5b/c *3
119Honey PotHS 14
120Sticky FingersVS 4c **40
121The AlcoveHVS 5a 2
122RooHVS 5b **1
123Domestic BlissVS 4c *1
124EeyoreHVS 5a ***49
125Jelly WobblerE1 5b **21
126Winning EdgeVS 4c 1
127The Ungrateful Dead (Direct Start) HS 1
128Zig Zag *E3 6a 2
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Amazing area. This area needs some updating. I know just the man for the job.
bnewman - 06/Sep/10
Never been there but surely the altitude should read 0m? Also guidebook - Highland Outcrops?
gourd - 11/May/06