Climbs 174
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 371m a.s.l
Faces NW

Dolis wall at Ash Head © DanniNing

Crag features

A fine, remote crag high on Masham Moor with some good routes up to 10m and excellent bouldering. Don't be put off by the shooting lodges that sit in front of the main buttresses. This is a good crag with great and rather unique rock - though, as with other moorland locations, this can need brushing. The route history is well documented and initial bouldering was developed some years ago. These, and a lot of excellent new additions provide a very good circuit. Landings of the boulder problems are often, though not always, flat. However, the problems can be quite high so a couple of mats are a good idea. As mentioned, lots of new and rediscovered problems so grades and names are tentative. Please email any details.

Approach notes

Open access land. Several ways in, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Probably best to avoid in shooting season. Dogs are discouraged and need to be kept under close control and restricted to public rights of way. Check Natural England website for general and date limited restrictions to access.

The shortest way is from 100m west of Summer Side Farm where a stone style marks the way. Plenty of parking space on the grass just west.

A much longer way is from the Sypeland parking and along the tracks to drop in from above the crag.

Wild crag, gorgeous in summer, with an overwhelming amount of extremely quality lines on mostly solid rock with enough to keep most entertained for at least 4 visits
AdamBrown - 30/Aug/16
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Raider's Roof 
3Coomb Baaaaa Yahf6B 1
4Ram Ramf6C+ *3
5Bleating Ridiculousf6B *1
6Coombplete Controlf6B *2
7Beachcoomberf6B *3
8Coomb Raiderf6C+ **3
9Coombing Leastf6B 1
10The End of Something Specialf6B+ *1
 Fun Slab 
12The Fat Coomb Strollerf3+ *1
13Coomb On, Coomb Onf4 *1
 Alphabet Walls 
15A Aretef5+ **2
16CoomB Dancingf6A+ *1
 Big Block 
18Slash and Burnf5+ **1
19Catacoombsf6B+ **1
 Honeymoon Boulder 
22Honeymoon Sweetf6A **7
23Take a Vowf6A+ *2
24A Taste of Honeyf6B *2
25Month of Meadf6C *2
 Lippy Boulder 
27Lip Up Fattyf6A *2
28Buster Bloodvesself6A+ *1
 Pumped-up Area 
30Dave's Ribf5+ *3
31Pumped-Up Plastic Peoplef7C ***4
32PUPP2f6C+ **7
33Two Stepf4 3
34Heart of the Matterf6B+ *1
 Garden of Eden (Long wall with low shelf) 
36Hellf5+ 1
37One Armed Frenchmanf6B+ *4
38Crimpinologyf6C 1
39Corpus Crimpyf7B **3
40Habeas Crimpusf6C *4
41Golden Deliciousf5 1
 Behind the Barn 
44Sideways Actionf6B *1
45The HornHVS 5a 2
46The Horn Sitterf6A+ **1
HS 4b 3
48Splatomaticf7A ***2
49Flake Crack
S 1
50Crack A No-Gof7B+ *** 
51Split Aretef7A ** 
52Hidden Ribf6C * 
 Behind the Hut 
54Dust OffE4 6a **1
55Tip OffHVS 5a **4
56Windy WallS *2
HS 4a 3
58Last RitesVS 4c  
 Thunder Crack Bay 
60More Than LifeE6 6c ***1
61Thunder CrackHVS 5a ***8
62Lightning VariationE1 6a **4
63Lightning Startf6A+ **4
64The Stormf6C+ **10
65Right To RoamVS 5a  
66Up and Under
VS 4c 1
67Ketchum Wallf4+ *2
 Chicken Heads Wall 
69Over Easyf6A *2
70Easy Overf5+ *3
71Alien KissE1 5c * 
72Alien Kiss Startf5+ *1
73Stretch Scoopf6C ***4
74Wishbone Ashf6C+ ***2
75Chicken Head Ribf6B ***6
76Cobalt Wallf6C+ **12
77Chicken Scoopf5+ *3
78Chicken Eddyf6A+ **5
79Rooster Cogburnf6A+ **2
80WanderlustS 1
81The Bantam MenaceE1 5c **2
 A Climb Bay 
83A ClimbS 4
84Ledge & ScoopS 1
85Hitchcock Aretef6A *4
87Grot Knowsf4 1
88Step To Itf4 *2
89Nuggetsf4 **4
90Easy Layf2 *2
 Scoop Wall 
92Not Againf6A+ *5
93Do It Againf6B+ *4
94Boomstick Wallf6C+ **5
95Methanef6B+ *1
96Chicken Shitf5+ ***17
97Kneeolithicf7A+ **1
98Knees Mustf6C+ ***14
99Look-alikef6A+ *3
100Delicatessen Girlf6C+ 1
101Pallet Town Edgef5+ *4
 Green Side 
104The American GirlVS 4b  
105The ActressVS 4c  
106GangreenHS 4b 1
 North Side 
108Roooster's Ribf6C+ ***6
109Cockerel Wallf6B ***6
110The ResultHS 4b 2
111Result Startf4+ **11
112The Thigh's the Limitf6C+ *3
113Hole Chickenf6C **7
114Gone With the Wingf6C **2
 West Side 
116The True KnobblerE1 6a  
117The Tea PartyHVS 5c  
S 4
S 4a 3
120Easy RidgeM 6
S 4a 2
123The Drill Pressf7B+ ** 
124Drill Sergeantf6A **2
125The Chuckf6A+ 1
126Debtf4 2
127Counsellorf6A+ *1
128Forsakenf5 2
 Heather Top 
131Flakey Pastryf4+ *4
132Gordon's Slabf5 3
133Warm-Up Wallf6C *5
134Eric's Wallf6A *8
135Eric's ArÍtef4 4
136Ain't No Yokef4+ 4
137Steve's ArÍtef4+ 4
 The Bay 
139Dynominatorf6C+ *1
140The Great Dividef6B **3
141Revelatorf6C ***5
142Labour's Painsf4+ 1
 Banded Walls 
144Paradise Ribf6B *1
145Bev's Traversef5 *1
146Tears in Rainf7A *1
147Tannhauser Gatef6A **2
148The Shoulder of Orionf6B **2
 Crackin' Block 
150Jail Baitf5 *2
151Pilgrimf5 *2
152Time Wasf7A *1
153Sometime Worldf6B+ ***5
154Pheonixf5+ *4
155Leaf and Streamf2 *3
156Entrance Slabf2 2
 The Pit (Below hanging block) 
158The Edgef5+ *2
159Pit Aretef6C *2
160Tyrannosaurus Brexitf6C *1
161Black Tufaf5+ **11
162The Squealerf6C+ *2
 Low Block - Blunt Nose 
164Twisting the Dragon's Tailf6C **1
165Left Wallf5 2
166Cherknobylf6C+ *3
167Big Scoopf5+ *9
168Hanging Groovef5 *8
169Big Nosef6A+ *4
170Hole ArÍtef6A **2
171Logans wallf6A 1
172Easy Wallf4 4
173Highball Exitf4+ 3
174Hitchcock Wallf6A **1
176Flying Wallf6C *2
177Flying Flakef5 *4
178Flying ArÍtef5 *4
179Slab ArÍtef3 4
180Red Edgef5 *8
181Red Ragf5 *10
182Red Nosef4+ 7
183Ready, Steady, Gof5+ *5
 FORWARD BLOCK (In front of buildings). 
185Solid Airf6B *8
186Curl Youf6B *5
187Easy Livingf3 5
188Rock Onf4+ *6
189Dolis Wall Variantf6B *5
190Dolis Wallf6C ***17
191Dolis Dynof6C **2
192Barn Doorf6A+ *4
 LOWER TIER/KNAPPA STONES (In front and slightly below main area) 
195The Fingerf5+ *1
197Chuckberryf6B+ **2
 Left (Uphill) 
200Pie's the Limitf6C **3
201Rockerf4+ *3
203Bilbof2+ *3
204Bill Workerf5 *3
205Bilberryf4+ *4
206Billiantf4+ 2
208The Benevolent Boggartf7A+ **2
210Bandyf6A 2
212Voyagerf5 **1
213The Voyage Outf4 ***2
214Break Fastf4 *2
215The Storm (Dyno Variation) *f6A+ *1
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