Warton Pinnacle Crag

Climbs 103 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude 141m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
Good short routes, and some superb bouldering in the V1 to V7 range with one hard (V11) traverse.

Access notes
Owned by the RSPB. Group use (particularly by outdoors centres) is not allowed.

This crag is very hard to find the first (or even the second or third) time. It is best reached from the highest point on the Warton to Crag Foot road (GR SD487724). There is a five bar gate (memorial sign on wall adjacent) on the NE side of the road with a small parking spot about 80 metres NW. Follow the track through the gate till it peters out near two old baths. Ignore path continuing to a prominent gate in the same line. Instead, bear right towards a fence about 100m away. From the fence corner go left up a grassy sward to cross a stile through another barbed wire fence. The path leads quickly to a rocky outcrop (bit of wall visible on your right). Go right above the outcrop and contour for about 80m to find a small but well-worn path through dense scrub on your left. This path emerges soon on more open terrain – bear left over a bit of sloping limestone pavement. The top of the crag – it lies in a bit of a hollow – may be seen about 100m ahead. The rest is obscured by scrub and trees till you get close. 10 minutes from road if you don’t get lost.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Lancashire Rock (1999), LakesBloc Website

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Stile CornerM 1
3Free StileHS 4b *37
4JaywalkHVS 5a 2
5Beacon LighterHVS 5a 18
6Stile Ted GrooveVD 41
7SimianVD 41
8Stile-ish AreteS 4a 43
9Which WayVD 28
10MingS 4a 44
11WedgewoodVD 24
13Mounting BlockS 4a *29
14SupinationVS 4c 18
15Fading LightHVS 5b 5
16InspiredS 4b 28
18Far FlungVD 1
19The VergerVD 13
20The Parson's NoseVD 26
21Bish's TippleS 4a 26
23The Vine LineHS 5b 21
24Evolutionf6A+ 4
25Masters at Workf6B 13
26DihedralVS 5a 10
27Dihedral SDSf6A+ 9
28Yosemite RibVS 5a 10
29Debaserf7A+ **16
30Debaser LHf7B *10
31The PlumblineE3 6a **10
32The Plumbline (Start)f7A *7
33Plumbasef7B *2
34The Plumbline Traversef7A *14
35The Big PlumHVS 5c *35
36The Big Plum Peach FinishHVS 5a *6
37Sugarfixf6C+ 12
38Sugarfix SDSf7C **3
39Lip Traversef7A+ 1
40E-Fixf7C *8
41Poisonf7C+ *10
42Ebenezer Goodef8A **5
43Goode Poisonf7C+ 4
44Voodoo Peoplef7A+ **11
45Voodoo People SSf7B **16
46The Voodoo Fixf7C 2
47Voodoo Magicf7C *1
48Hoodoo Peoplef6C **31
49Sulu Peoplef6C+ 1
50Lone Tree VariationS 4b *58
51Lone Tree GrooveS 4a *127
52NullarborVS 5a *6
53Nullarbor SSf6B 4
54Plum Buttress GirdleHVS 5a *5
56Deadwood CrackVS 5a 48
57Flake and WallS 4a 134
58WartVD 39
59ThrutchVD 68
60The Morning AfterVS 4c 83
61Fine White LineVS 4c 41
62Herbert's HorrorHS 4a 13
63The MushroomD 64
64Twinkle Ginger BeardV0 1
66The GrempS 4a 44
67SkutchVD 45
68The GrumpS 4a 22
69DollardD 22
70OrbitVS 4c 6
71TriplanetaryHS 4b 14
73Xtravaganzaf4+ *3
74Stu's Traversef6C 1
75Weakling's WallHS 4b 5
76Gear Freakf6C **2
77Totally Focussedf7A *15
78Totally Focussed SSf7A+ *14
79The Pocket Problemf5+ *4
80The CrankE3 6b *1
81The GraunchVS 4c *26
82Muscles CrackHS 4b 28
83The Monkey's PawHVS 5b *7
84Beastmasterf6C **18
85Bumble BeeS 4a *3
87Scoop SurpriseVD 3
88Head WhipVD 4
89Bird WatcherVS 5a *4
90The RibulatorHS 4c 3
91Cutting EdgeVS 4c *1
92Antler WallVD 2
93Sheilgh's WallS 4a 2
95Black RussianE2 6a *2
96Black SheepHVS 5b 3
97Black Magicf6A+ **11
98Black JackE2 5c 3
99Black Lightf7B **7
100Black Light standing startf7A *9
101White Light / Black Light Variationf7A+ **2
102Black EdgeHS 4b 1
103Black Holef6C+ 2
104Labyrinthf6C * 
105Beneath the Labyrinthf7B+ *1
107QuarantineHVS 5a *1
108SeclusionHVS 5a  
109HermitageVD 1
111HornliVD 1
112CarrelVD 1
113WhymperVS 5a * 
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does anyone know the climb between deadwood crack and lone tree gully. It is a really nice climb up the rib with good gear on small wires.
daviesxxx - 16/Jun/11
In between the dross there are some great lines worth seeking out on Plum Buttress. Good winters afternoon venue.
lozzer - 11/Dec/04