Twistleton Scars

Climbs 205 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces SE

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Northern Limestone : Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire (2015), Yorkshire Limestone (2005),
Out of print: Yorkshire Limestone (Millenium Supplement) (1997), Yorkshire Limestone (1992)

Climbs at this crag

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  Climb nameGrade
2Tree Stump CrackVD
3Twin CracksHS 4b
4BrunchHVS 5b
5Cadbury's FlakeVS 5a
6Tree WallMS *
8Play For TodayVD *
10FryHVS 5b
11JuggernautS 4b **
12High NoonVS 4c *
13Midnight ChimneyVD
14RevelstoneHS 4b
15TwinkleS 4a **
16Soft ScoopD
17Traditional ClimbVD
18One-Step WallHVS 5a
19Some Girls DoHVS 5b *
20SoddyVS 4c
22Big EarsS
23The Bash Street KidsHS 4b
24Desperate DanVD
25Beryl The PerylHS 4b
26Little Plum my Redskin ChumVS 4c
27Dennis the MenaceD
28Felix PapaMVS
29African FrontHVS 5a *
30MozambiqueVS 4c **
33Rhythm BoysVS 4a
35Game ReserveVD *
36Tiger TalksHVS 5b
37WimowehVS 5a
38Lion PrideVS 4c
39MulanjeVS 4c
40Dr BandaD
41Grande MatoqueHS 4b *
42Elephant TrumpetVS 4c
43Rhino ChargeVS 5a
44Monkey BusinessHS 4c
45TimbuktuHS 4c **
46Strong in BattleE3 5c *
47Julio PioS 4b
48MatildaHVS 5b
50White WaxE1 5c *
51Candle CrackHVS 5a *
52The CandleHVS 5b **
53In The WindHVS 5a *
54Just LookingS
58Purely PatheticHS 4a
59WildwoodE1 5c *
60Left Hand CrackVD *
61Right Hand CrackS *
62Central RibHS 4b
63Handjam CrackS *
64Bottle NeckHS 4a
65Bottle OpenerVD
66Night ClubVD
68Mind That ChildVS 4c *
69Magic MushroomE3 6a
70Skeleton ScoopVD
71SerenityVS 5a **
72Jimmy JumpE3 5c *
73PericlesHS 4b
74WinkleE1 5c
75Big SurE2 6a **
76Rhubarb CrackE1 5c *
77Zero WallHS
78Bay WallD
80OmHS 4b
81PathfinderE2 5c *
82Curving CrackVS 5a ***
83Sonic BoomE1 5c *
84Broken WhiteVD
85Beezley CracksVS 4c
86Thornton WallVS 5a **
87Twistleton CrackVS 4c *
88Slapping SlugsE1 5b
89BreakawayHS 4b
90AlpenglowE2 5b *
91Twilight WallHS 4c
92Twilight TraverseHS 4c
93The Everest HorseshoeE1 5c
94Karakorum HighwayHVS 5a *
95GorgoVS 4c *
96Wave PowerE4 6b *
97ReeferE4 6b *
98Heavy BreatherE3 6a **
99Barrier CreamE4 6b *
100Blank ExpressionE4 6a *
101Outside EdgeVS 4c
102Evening StarS ***
103Sickle AreteVS 5a **
104Sickle DirectVS 5a **
105SickleVS 4c
106Priority CornerS
107Prest On UpE1 5b **
108PriorityVS 4c **
109SuperiorityHVS 5a **
110Priority DirectHVS 5a *
111Ballad of the Irish HorseVS 4c *
112Supreme WhiteS
113Mars AttacksVS 4c
114The FretsawS
115Angel DelightHS 4b *
116Cold FeetVD
117Mud in Your EyesM
118Roofer's CornerS
119Yew Never KnowS 4a
121Zero WalkVD
122Zero CornerD *
123Zero Sum GameHS
124Corner No.1HS
125Coventry CornerS
126Apprentice's RibS *
127Power CutVD
128Strike A LightHS
129Strikes CornerD
130Cotton TailVD *
131Fly-by-NightVS 4b **
132Ammonite CornerVD
133Little VictoryS 4a *
134Pterodactyl CrackS
135Drover's WallS
136Clint CrackS
137FlakeyHS 4b
138Wizzard WallHS 4b
139Witch SlabHS 4b **
140Yew CornerVD *
141Roche PercheeVS 4c
142Roger's PillarD
143GarryaHS 4b
144CoronillaHVS 5a *
145FlashbackVD *
146Pewker's GullyS
147Grey WallHVS 5a *
149Lower CornersD
150PoxHVS 5b *
151Poxy ChickenHVS 5b
152The FoxhuntS *
153The GooseS
154Midway WallS
155SuccubusVS 4c *
156ImpedimentVS 4c *
157Night NurseVS 4c *
158The RockerE1 5b *
159What-the-faxE1 5c
160ShadowfaxHVS 5a **
161Ciba WallHS 4b
162Bold CibaHVS 5a
163StonewallS 4b
164Picnic RouteS *
165Blackleg WallS
167ButchMVS 4b
168SundanceMVS 4c
170ChigleyHS 4c
171Camberwick GreenVD
172SwingdanceHS 4a
173A Dog Called DillHS 4b
174Follow OnVD
175Middle WicketMVS 4b
176Umpires CrackS
180StumpedHS 4b
181Third ManVS 4c
185Hargo DirectS
186SunbirdE1 5c *
187Cairn CrackE1 5c **
190Icicle AreteVD *
191Icicle CrackVD
192Long Tall SallyVD *
194Barbara AnnD
196Coffin ChimneyHS
197The SitterVS
198Ham WallVS 4c
199Ham CornerVS 4c
200EmancipatorVS 4c
201Alley CatVS 4c *
202Dorchester CrackVS 4c *
203New LifeHVS 5b
204Last ChanceHS
206Royal WaveE1 5b **
208Teds terrorHVS 5a
209Trees CrackHS 4b
210AtomicHVS 5a
211Serak GrooveHVS 5a
212Flake CrackHS 4b *
213Alive and KickingE4 6b
214Amazing FlakesD *
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Good and friendly campsite about 5 mins drive from the crag:
parsnips - 29/Jun/14
Exposed crag open to wind from valley. All 5 routes we did were polished, some severely, which added to the grade in my opinion. Some really nice lines though. 10 minute walk in.
eldre070 - 03/May/13
Routes now in order!
GPN - 23/Apr/13
There's got to be some way the routes on this page can be swung into some sort of order...?
Andy Say - 24/Oct/12
Great outlook. Good for evening soloing action apart from ropey landings.
Dave Kerr - 29/Apr/07
There is no shortage of quality routes, but a number of climbs appear to be undergraded. E.g. the \"Diff\" on Bay Wall is at least VDiff and \"Skelton Scoop\" is certainly a strenuous VDiff. A good crag, but perhaps be careful not to try to push your grade.
Pero Kalugerovich - 23/Jul/02
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