Hurlstone Point

Climbs 100 – Rocktype Sandstone (hard) – Altitude ? – Faces N

Crag features
Esoteric but still the most accessible and relatively amenable sea cliff crag on the Exmoor coast with plenty of routes in the low and mid grades. A lot of good slabby rock abounds but there are some areas of poor rock where experience is essential; most routes have grassy finishes to rusty belay stakes.

The western extent of the cliff (west facing), next to Bossington Beach has some good short, steep routes (tidal) and a boulderer's playground directly off the beach. The large, non tidal, central concave Coastguard Wall provides routes up to 60m. The rock on the lower half should be treated with caution but is no worse than some Cornish Culm cliffs. On the East side the slabs become more tidal but also more solid until the excellent Fledgling Wall, reminiscent of Baggy, is reached. High up above sea level and 400m east of the lookout are the Coney Combe slabs identified by the large circular recess in the centre.

Approach notes
Park in the pay and display carpark in Bossington and take the coast path eastwards for 3/4 of a mile to the disused Coastguard lookout. The cliffs are directly below this.

South West Climbs Volume 2 (2014),
Out of print: North Devon and Cornwall (1988)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Turf WarHVD  
3Roller CoasterHVD 1
5Ruthless RabbitVS 4c  
6Crack ShotHVS 5a  
7Flexy TimeE1 5b  
8Mondeo ManHVS 5a  
9The PassengerE2 5c  
10Some Mother's Don't Have ThemHVS 5a  
11BrandymanHVS 5a 5
12VoyageE1 5b  
13Huckleberry ThinE2 5c  
14Tranquility BaseE2 5c  
15Simons Starternone  
16Cosmic MarinerE2 5c  
17GerminalE1 5b  
18Safety at StakeE1 5b  
20Good BreedingD  
21Tidal RaceS 4a  
22Losing DreamsS 4b *7
23Family BusinessVS 5a * 
24Pop UpHS 5a *6
25Pippin DirectVS 4c *8
26Blue RaisinVS 5a *3
28ParallelogramVS 4c 6
29JailbirdVS 4c *12
30The Traverse Of Fledgling WallD 3
31Touch our LivesE1 5c *2
32Total Quality CreameryHVS 5a *5
33Hobby HorseVS 4b *7
34MojoE1 5a **3
35Mojo VariationE2 5b  
36Cave and Corner Crossover ClimbE2 5c  
39Seal ManeuverHVS 5c *2
40That's a Smelly Seagull!HVS 5a 2
42Broken PromiseHVS 5b *1
43L'AcrobatHVS 5a  
44Point of EvolutionHS 4b  
45SauronS 1
46MonorailS 3
47Jam DingoE1 5a 1
48GandalfS 1
49GimliHS 4b 1
50Serge GousseaultHS 4b *4
53HenryS 3
55Uruk HaiVD 4
56GiantHVS 4c 1
57Spot The MongooseHVD  
58NailfileVS 1
59The DevilVS  
60Tobys RouteHVS 4c 3
61NazgulHS 4a 12
62SeveranceE1 5a *6
63Coastguard CutterVS 4b 7
64Coastguard SlabVS 4b **18
65RoutefinderS 4b 2
67LazarusE1 5a  
68The ElderD 2
69JonathanS 2
70FletcherHVD 1
71The RavenVS 4b *2
72Brilliant WhiteS  
73ResurrectionE2 5b/c 1
75The ApprenticeE3 5c  
76NamelessHS 4b *7
77One Way StreetHVD *9
78Evenin' OrlVD 4
79Evening CrackS 4a 10
80MunchkinVS 4c *11
81PebbleS 1
82Shingle ShackHVS 5a 2
83Cringle CrackHVS 5a 3
84Pebble PumpHVS 5a 2
85Rain DancerE3 5c  
86Browning ManHVS 4b/5a 1
87Microlithic ManD *1
88Rude Information LadyM *1
89Strata for TenHVD *1
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The stake at the top of Coastguard Wall is rotted to oblivion. There is another stake, which for some reason is lying at the bottom!? Its a great slab so if somebody has some spare they'd definitely be appreciated here although rock belays are possible in the shattered outcrops nearby.
Samuel Wainwright - 17/Jun/15
Climbed here today, what a hidden gem! Loved Coastguard wall, generally pretty solid and good gear, with a nice belay at the top. Fledgling Slab was good, some good climbing with varying degrees of protection. However, a word of caution, the stakes at the top of this slab are rusty (gave one a gentle tug to test and it snapped off!!!) and another looks suspect. One really solid stake still in place, which was comforting! There may have been more but couldn't see any as they camouflage themselves pretty well. With new solid stakes this would be a great venue.
ianlaw - 13/Aug/14
The steep wall at the Bossington Beach area has become every bit the training venue of choice in the Exmoor Area. It stays dry in all but the worst rain, drys very quickly, is non-tidal and steep. (We have dubbed it 'Stoney Bossington'!) A range of eliminates, traverses and link ups exist. The rock is sharp and abrasive but your arms and shoulders will be ruined by the time your fingers get too sore. For those less inclined to steep bouldering, there are some nice slabs on good smooth wave washed rock here too (they are tidal though).
granticus - 03/Oct/12
A major Rockfall (back in 2008) on the 'Brandyman slab' has deposited a huge slice of slab on the screes below affecting the routes Brandyman, Voyage, Huckleberry Thin and Tranquility Base. No repeats known since the rockfall.
Urgles - 09/Jul/12
very good crag which deserves more publicity!
Stanners - 10/Jun/12
First Trip to Hurlstone - here are a few observations: Coastguard Wall Stakes at the top are reasonable. We took our own but didn't feel it necessary to use them. The climbs are reasonably secure, although each hold needs testing and handling with care. The top of the routes on hte right hand side look quite lichenous and would require a clean. Fledgling Wall We didn't climb on this wall as the top looked extremely herbaceous and we didn't really have the time for gardening Region between Fledgling and Coastguard (does it have a name?) Some of these routes are really clean and solid and very worthwhile. There are blocks at the top for belaying but we didn't see any stakes.
James Moyle - 04/Jun/10
The stakes and pegs are now reported to be bit rusty (in places very rusty), and should naturally be treated with caution, as befitting any sea cliff.
freelancer_85 - 27/Jun/08
Have to agree with Tom, the move is powerful and committing, but it's not a big fall and you're got lots of very good gear below you.
freelancer_85 - 10/Jul/07
Sorry but Brandyman is HVS, the move after getting onto the block is unexpectedly hard, but not E1.
thomasadixon - 09/Jul/07
I agree, Brandyman is E1. The belay bolts are gone, replaced by a stake 20ft above the top of the climb.
Rusty Peg - 26/Jul/06
Climbed Brandyman last year. Has to be worth E1. Was a little apprehensive sitting on the large jammed block below the roof; surprising but committing moving over it. There are some newish bolt stubs to use as belays - wire over the top. Thought the cleaning/wire brushing to the right of the climb was far too thorough!!!
Brad Jackson - 10/Feb/03