Climbs 282 – Rocktype Dolerite – Altitude Tidal – Faces SW

Crag features
Atmospheric setting at Neist Point.

Excellent sea cliff climbing. Good choice if the Cuillin is shrouded in mist, or in it's own right - its many sheltered pockets and outcrops can save the day.

Must Do:

Supercharger E2 5c

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Approach notes
Lower cliffs are Tidal

Abseil descent for some routes.

Don't annoy the grazing sheep or people in the light house.

Skye Sea Cliffs and Outcrops (2012), Scottish Rock - North (2009), Rock Climbing in Scotland (1990),
Out of print: Skye and Hebrides (1999)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Comrades in ArmsE3 6a  
3Them Boyd CreaturesE4 6a  
5The Green Lady Original RouteHS **19
6South-East StartHS 1
7South Edge Direct StartVS 4b **18
8South CrackS 4b *6
9Old GoatS 4a 4
10Red NeckE1 5b 1
11Blunt EndE1 5b 3
12Minnie the MinchVS 5a 5
13BillionaireHVS 5b * 
14Right-Hand ManVS 4c  
15Thousand IslandVS 4c ** 
16Two-and-Eight CrackHVS 5a * 
17SnicketboyS 4a 3
18CWAINHVS 5a * 
19CWAIN variation finishVS 5a  
20Hollow HornE1 5b  
21Green GarterHVS 5a  
22New OrderE1 5c 1
23The SleeperVS 5a **1
24Truck-Driving ManVS 4b * 
26Double ExposureE3 5c ** 
27Potato Picker FingersE1 5b  
28No Way OutE1 5b 1
29SeagullsVS 4c 2
30MyopicE2 5c * 
31PanoramaE2 5c ** 
32PrimelineE2 5b ** 
33TemptationE1 5b *1
34Robert the BruceS 4b  
35PiE1 5a * 
36Central LineHVS * 
37Gentleman's GrooveE1 5b ***3
38Gentleman's Groove Original StartVS 5a ** 
39Gentleman's Groove TangentVS 4c  
40Gruinard MutantE1 5b * 
41Goosey GanderHVS 5a *1
42Monkey HangerE1 5b ** 
43Route With a ViewE3 6a *** 
45Clothes Line SagaE1 5b * 
46Po' BoyVD **2
47Hoot OwlVS 4c  
48Red RoosterVS 4b  
50NickedS 4a  
51Afterwork AdrenalineE5 6a ** 
52ShimmeringE1 5b ** 
53Deep BlueE2 5c ** 
54It's Not Made of WheatE3 5c 1
55Shining PathE3 5c ** 
56Mrs BongE1 5b ** 
58DoppelgangerHS 4b  
59Two FacedHVS  
61SambalambananaE1 5b **2
62BlockbusterHVS 5a ** 
63Bad DreamE3 5b, 5c ***6
65ChoirboyVS * 
66Worm's Eye ViewHVS 5a * 
68Strictly From CommercialE2 5c * 
69WaterfrontE2 5c *3
70Robbo's Truss FundS  
71Inland RevenueHVS 5a  
72Loom of the LandE1 5b * 
73Red CurrantcyE1 5a  
74EarthboundHVS 5a **27
75Ronnie BiggsE2 5n/c * 
76The MistakeHVD xs  
77Terminal BonusHVS 5a **41
78The Banks Of LochcarronVS 4c *20
79Days of GoldE1 5a 1
80Midas TouchVS 4c **50
81Black ScholesHVS 5a * 
82Andy's FlakeVS 4c *2
83Insider DealingHVS 5a **76
84Inside OutE1 5b 2
85Shocks and StaresVS 4b **93
86Redd SalesVS 4c *4
87Homer's DoorVS 4c 1
88Robbin the RegisterE1 5b  
89Sub-PrimeS 4b 1
90Liquidity StakeE1 5c * 
91Chics For FreeHVS 5b *2
92Bridging InterestHVS 5a **85
93Security RiskE1 5b ***63
94PowerbrokerE1 5b ***27
95All The Small ThingsE5 6b ***3
96Venture CapitalE1 5b ***82
97A Fistful of DollariteE1 5b **20
98Neist EggE1 5b *2
99Balance SheetHVS 5a  
100Chicken FeedE1 5b  
101B.C.C.I.E2 5b/c ** 
102Fat CatsE2 5c **7
103Gammy's PurseE2 5c 1
104Gammy's Purse - Direct StartE3 6a  
105Gammy's Purse - The Lottery Live StartE1 5b  
106Piggy BankE3 5c ***29
107Hurricane HideawayE1 5b ***42
108Wall StreetE2 5c ***35
109Pinnacle SouthVS 4b *4
110Pinnacle South - Treading the Boards FinishE1 5a ** 
111SpringboardE2 5b * 
112Charlie PotatoesE2 5b * 
113Have a Nice DayE3 6a **2
114Wish You Were HereE2 5b ***26
115Brass MonkeysE1 * 
117The GloveE1  
118Gritstone ReminiscenceHVS 5a * 
119RecountHVS 5a  
120The GroatVS 4b  
121Veggie RapVS 4b  
122DoeHVS 4c  
123ClippingsHVS 4b/c * 
124Nothing SpecialHVS 4c  
125ScuttlerE1 5b * 
126JiflerE2 5b * 
127Fat ControllerE2 5c  
129MimicE1 5b * 
130Wok WarriorE1 5b * 
131RelapseHVS 5a  
132RemissionE2 5b * 
133RebifHVS 5a  
135Neist PoliceS  
136TemgesicE1 5b  
137MarthaVS 4c * 
138Mind The GapVS 4b  
140CrackedHS 4b *3
141KarenVS 4c *2
145Yellow CrackVS 4c 5
146HaggisVS 4b *23
147NeepsVS 5a *27
148Wee DramVS 5a *16
149TattiesS 4a 28
150Steaming EntrailsVD *19
151PennywhistleS 4c *5
152Long Way HomeS 4b ***5
153Black ChimneyD 4
154Neaster's CrackE1 5b *6
155True ColoursE3 5c ***2
156Man of StrawVS 4c *15
157Come Around to My Way of ThinkingE1 5b **6
158SqueeniusHVS 5a **1
159Alien TerritoryE2 5c ** 
161Italian JobE1 5b **1
162Any Spare Change?S 4a **8
163Chugger's ElbowVD 4a 4
164Broken WingD 5
165Fool's GoldHS 4b 7
166HomerHVS 5a 7
167Giro DayE2 5c ***8
168superlager for BreakfastVS 4b *9
169Recovery DayE1 5b **9
170At the WhelksHVS 5a *7
171AqualungE2 5b *2
172Fight ClubE3 6a ***2
173American VampireE4 6a *** 
174Michelangelo BuonarottiE1 5b **4
175The Man from AnkleE3 6a ***1
176Golden ShowerE3 5c ***1
177StonewallE4 6a *** 
178The StagE3 6a **1
180Optimum Snore TimeE1 5b *** 
181Billy BaskoHVS 5b *** 
184Sore PhalangesE2 5c *** 
188Death pirateE6 6b ***1
189SuperchargerE2 5c **23
191Cool BreezeE4 6a *** 
192Hot BlastE3 5c *** 
194Freeze DriedE2 5c ** 
195Cold Comfort CornerE1 5b  
196Golden MileE3 5c ** 
197Frigid AirE1 5b  
199Two StepHS 4b * 
200Sunken HowkerE2 5c **1
201AgfaHVS 5b * 
202Trilobite GrooveHVS 5a  
203The Ratagan StranglerVS 4c  
204TinderboxHVS 5a *6
205Side StepVS 4c **9
206LusciousHS 4b *4
207Disturbing the WildlifeHVS 5a * 
208Solar FurnaceVS 4b *5
209Tourist AttractionHVS 5a/b ** 
210Cameras ClickingS 2
211Camera ObscuraVS 4c  
212Ice DiamondE1 5b  
213Wind and WutheringHVS 5a **2
214Cold TurkeyHVS 5a ** 
215The Murray MintE3 6a *1
216Grooveless Bodily HarmE4 6a ***1
217The CruiserE1 5b  
218Fisherman's FriendHVS 5a * 
220Fat Man's FollyHVS 5a * 
221Sealy DanHVS 5a *1
222Starfish EnterpriseE4 6b *** 
223Jellyfish RollE2 5c **1
224Sea EnemyE1 5b ** 
226End of The EraVS 4b * 
227Headless ChickingHVS 5a **1
228G & T ShockerHVS 5a * 
229Curry IslandE1 5a * 
230Low PotentialVS  
231The Old WardenHVS 5a *1
232Quite FatiguedHVS 5b * 
233The Old HexHVS 5a * 
234Before The DelugeHS 4b *2
235Quantum TunnellingHVS 2
236Bagpipe DeadlineS  
237Bagpipe Deadline - Left-Hand FinishS  
238Silent WitnessHVS 5a  
239Clam DredgerVS 4b  
240Coelenterate CornerHVS 5a * 
242GloomHVS 5a * 
243Black DeathVS 4c ** 
244Bob's First WhaleS *2
246Pin-kickVD 3
247Razorbill AreteVS 5b  
2485c WallVS 5c  
249S-A-V CrackHS 4b 4
250Ruby GrooveVS 4c 10
251Desmond The SlapperE1 5b  
252Dulux CornerHS 4b 31
253Gannet CrackS 4a 38
254Vidal SassoonE3 6a  
255Natural lookS 4a 26
256Lottery WinnerE1 5c * 
257Flash DanceVS 4b 6
258The Umpire Strikes BackVS 5a *6
259Lucky StrikeS 4a 22
260Lightning CornerHVS 5a **9
261The Ugly Groove MovementE2  
262A Mouthful of GrassHVS 5a  
264All Quiet in the Western FrontE1 5b **2
265How the West was WonHVS 5a **2
267Horny CornerVS 4c *1
268Rising TideVS 4b * 
269HypertensionE1 5c s0 **2
270Dead GiveawayE3 5c s0 **1
271Diaper MentionE1 5b s0 **1
272Fluid DynamicsE5 6b s0 **1
273Toxic ChemistryE3 5c s0 *1
274UpgrooveHVS 5a s1 **2
276Kerplunk FaceD 2
277Bum FaceS 4b **6
278Pie FaceM *2
279Hard Faced, SoftenedVD 4b 4
282Juniper RibS 4a 45
283Call International Sheep RescueHS 4b 8
284Tailgate SubstituteE1 5b *1
285ProgVD 17
286JessavaVS 4c 7
287Awful Wedded WifeE1 5a 7
288Red HerronHVS 5b *2
289BaywatchVS 4c **89
290CurtainsHS 4b 16
291AliasHS 4b 4
292HummerD 11
293Trailer Park - Twin cracks finishS 4a *14
294SonamaraVS 4c *111
295PegboyE1 5b 4
296Creature ComfortsHS 4c 7
297Leaf TakerVD 13
298Transitive Nightfall Of DiamondsVS 4b *37
299Keeping the BOFs HappyVD *23
300Don't leave your dad in the rainS 4b *35
301SkulldiggeryS 4a 1
304Heavenly's PleasureE5 6b ***1
305The Furry HorseE1  
306California DreamingE1 5b *** 
307Breakfast in AmericaE3 6a ** 
308Sheep TickE1 5b  
309Conductor's AreteVD 2
310DownVS 4c * 
311Tedi Bear's PicnicVD *1
312Surface MeniscusE2 5b ** 
313UpHVS 5a *2
314Fat Boy TraverseHVS 5c **1
315SnorterHVS 5a **1
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Just got Scottish Rock North volume 2 as i am going to Skye next week. My advice - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK UNLESS YOU CLIMB AT A HIGHER GRADE its useless for climbs below E1, would be nice if it was addrtised this way ! I know it says 'selected climbs' but it seems a little sparse
Ahogg16 - 28/Apr/14
Apologies for the state of this site. I have just taken over as moderator, and will attempt to sort the problems highlighted by Ian asap. :)
gfoster - 13/Aug/12
Natural Look is Severe no Moderate.
cathsullivan - 06/Jul/11
beware of the massive rock fall at Destitution point.
Ben.W - 27/Sep/10
Gary Latter book comprehensive and WRONG ;) Beware. Awesome climbing on the Financial Sector and Poverty Point.
Fiend - 26/Sep/10
Great climbing in the lower grades at Poverty Point and Destitution Point. Very scenic with immaculate rock. Giro E2 5c at Destitution is amazing. Garry Latter book very comprehensive.
bnewman - 10/Aug/10
I seen the boys at work on the sport line. Man it looks the bizz.
Langreach - 12/May/10
This site is a mess. No buttresses listed and nothing in order. I just corrected 4 spelling mistakes. The Pedantic PP
Ian Jones - 04/May/10
The 'new climb' photo appears to be have been named Gloominous from the SC description, but it was not a FA, so the name may change
morphus - 30/Jul/07 Shows the routes weve added so far
Lancs Lad - 26/Jun/06
Nicola and I have added four short routes to the first bit of rock on the right as you head down the steps. There good for a warm up on the way down to the longer sea wall routes. Take care as some of the rock is loose. Theres no toilets etc at Neist and the lighthouse is a private B and B, so best to not annoy people here. The grassy area before the Lighthouse would make a nice area for kids to play on, also walks on clifftop look worthwhile for views. Its an ok family venue apart from lack of facilities. Ive a photo top of the 4 new routes if any gets out there, comments on the new routes welcome
Lancs Lad - 19/Jun/06