Glen Clova - Red Craigs area

Climbs 200 – Rocktype Diorites – Altitude 597m a.s.l – Faces W

Crag features
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Corrie Fee and Winter Corrie for winter climbing in Glen Clova.

Summer climbing in Glen Clova is restricted to the lower crags along the valley. Some excellent short (< 50 m) hard climbs are to be found on a variety of crags, such as Red Crag.

Must do's - Proud Corner (VS) & Red Wall (E1).

Has the advantage of being closet climbing to Dundee (!)

Approach notes
Possible restrictions during Stalking season.

(Sept - Jan) [disputed.]

As of 11 Apr 2011 there is an owl nesting on Beanstalk. It might be wise to stay off routes between Wander and Proud Corner for now.

Scottish Rock - South (2008), North East Outcrops (2003), Rock Climbing in Scotland (1990),
Out of print: Cairngorms Vol. 2 (1998), North East Outcrops (1994)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2The Cosmic PumpE3 6a  
3Solar WindE3 6b * 
4Ion DriveE3 6a  
5SidestepE1 5b  
7Jake's Jungle RouteXS 4a 5
8Jug WallE1 5c 1
9The Thin WallVS 4c 4
10MandyE2 5c **8
11Lichen GrooveVS 4c 1
12Ally's CrackHVS 5a  
13Four Corners RouteHVS 5a 9
14AlcopopsE1 5b *5
15Summer's OverE2 5c  
16GuinnessE1 5b **102
17GuinlessE4 5c **5
18Special BrewHVS 5a **76
19The Furstenburg FinishHVS 5a **2
20Special Brew DirectE3 5c **12
21BelhavenE3 5c *5
22Belhaven (Stella variation)E4 5c 5
23HeinekinE1 5b 5
24ExportHVS 5b 1
25The Pub CrawlE1 5b  
26Ant SlabM 53
27Koflach CornerHS 7
28Witches MateVS 4c 23
29Ent MootHS  
31Shadow on the WallE1 5c 1
32Larch Tree WallVD 27
33Elliptical DreamsE2 5c  
34HeadspreadE4 6a  
35The CatwalkE1 5a  
36CatbirdHVS 5b  
37Henry's CatE1 5b  
38The SlicerHVS 4c *4
39The GraterE2 5c 1
40FastbreederE4 5c **2
41The Making of BunnyE1 5b  
42Green BunnyVS 5a  
43Green ShieldVS 4c 1
44VindalooE1 5b ***67
45Scoopy DubhE4 6b  
46ChitterooE4 6a *2
47D.R.I.E6 6a 5
48Overhanging CoronerE4 6a *1
49The WhoremistressE4 6a ***23
50Dancin' in the RuinsE3 5c *15
51Cream CrackerE2 5c 1
52Jungle WarfareHVS 5a 1
53Faulty TowersE2 5c * 
55Wee SlabD 3
56PocketeerHVS 5a 1
57PickpocketE1 5b  
58CentipodHVS 5a 9
59ArachnidHVS 5b 2
60GruntVS 5a  
61GeotechnicianHVS 5a 2
62Bon AnniversaireHVS 5a  
64IncarcerationE2 5c  
65Sun Goes DownE1 5b *4
66JailbreakE3 5c  
67Just Another SparklerE3 5c **37
68Roman CandleE4 6a ***25
69ZigZag DirectHVS 5b **54
70ZigZag Double DirectE2 5c ***50
71999E2 5c 2
72The Return of the Living DeadE2 5b 2
73Zig ZagVS 4c *13
74High Level Traverse and Direct FinishHS **40
75A Vanishing BreedE6 6b ** 
76The SorcererE4 6a *10
77The Supernatural AnaesthetistE4 6a *2
78Sorcerer's ApprenticeE2 5c *10
79Pudding FingersE2 5b 11
80AlderVS 4c ***128
81Hanging ChimneyS 12
82Kremlin ControlE2 5c *27
83Red WallE1 5b ***156
84The Cold WarE2 5c  
85Taste Me!E4 6a  
86Carn Dearg CornerE2 5c 3
87W+S ChimneyS  
88Fool's EdgeHVS 5a  
89The Magical Mystery TourE3 5c * 
91Twenty Minute RouteM 75
92Step-Ladder AreteVD 4b * 
93GanderVS 4c 4
94WanderHVS 5a **99
95WanderedHVS 5a ***194
96The BeanstalkVS 4b *104
97The Beanstalk - Direct FinishHVS 5a 28
98The Beanstalk - Dander FinishVS 4c *10
99Proud CornerVS 4c ***364
100CinderellaE6 6a ***13
101RocketmanE3 5b *7
102Taken By ForceE2 5c *26
103Monster's CrackHS 153
104Monster MunchE2 6a  
105Taken With EaseHVS 5a 5
106Witch's ToothE1 5b **105
107Witch's Tooth DirectE4 6a 4
108Cauldron CrackHVS 5a **139
109HalloweenE2 6a 1
110RanderE1 5b  
111Wizard's WallHS  
112Plonker's PassageHVS 5a  
114Ride My Face to ChicagoE2 5b  
115West Side StoryE2 5b *3
116Bark at the MoonE8 6c ***1
117Mearns WallE5 6a  
118Black AdderE4 6a  
119Empire of the SunE4 6a ***24
120The Burning WorldE6 6b **1
121Burning BrightE6 6b  
122Sunset Song IndirectE5 6b *2
123Sunset SongE5 6b 2
124Sunset Song DirectE6 6b 1
125Gotae GroovesHVS 5a  
126Upper ParapetVD  
128Power To BurnVS 4c *3
129Three J's ChimneyVD *111
130Chimney CrackHVS 5b 1
131Clairvoyant RealityE3 6a **1
132The SpiderE3 5b 5
133The WildebeastE4 6a **10
134Parapet Route Direct StartHS 95
135DarknessE1 5b 1
136Flake RouteS **215
137Central CrackHS ***303
138LemmingsE3 5c *1
139Parapet RouteS *76
140Parapet Route VariationVS 4b *58
141Parapet Route DirectMVS 4b **40
142PilgrimsHVS 5b **2
143The GirdleHS 2
144Comes the SquirmishHVS 5b 1
147Le Toit du Cul de Moutonf7A **9
148Sheep Pen Groovef6B+ **3
149High SlabV1 5a 1
150Lady Samf7A+ ***1
152The Groovef5 5a 3
153Look SouthV1 2
154Skin DogV2 5c 2
155Sentinel AreteV4 6b 1
156North Wall Groovin'V3 6a 1
157East AreteVB 4b 2
158ForeV1 5a 2
159Look South EliminateV2 5c 1
160Here's Jonny!f7A+ 7
162Groove Traversef6A 11
163Left Aretef6A *6
164Peel Sessionf6B 6b ***28
165Peel Session Sit Startf6C 6b ***38
166Peel Session Left Hand SSf6B 6b **1
167The Peel Traversef7A *4
168Peel girdlef7B 6b 1
169Peeler girdlef7A+ 2
170Peeler Crabf7A 6b 1
171Keeping It Peelf6C 6b 1
172Left Crackf6A+ 7
173Botty No Slottyf5 5b 7
174Botty to Slottyf6C 4
175Peeling Rightf5 5b *7
176Peel Slabf4+ 5a 8
177Fatty McGintyf5 5b 10
178Flat Facef5 5b 11
179Flat Face Sit Startf5+ 5c **8
180Fatty to Flattyf5+ 5c 4
181Grooverf5+ 5c *13
182Groovier Babyf6A+ *8
183Groovie Popf6A *6
184The Archersf6A *4
185The Friday Rock Showf6A *5
187Feckless Wonderf4 3
188The Razor Bladef5 6
189Poke in the Eyef5+ 5
190One in the Earf5 5
191Crabby Manf5 3
193The Rampf6C **4
194Rudolphf6C ***7
195Feet For Handsf7A **2
197Weems Aretef6A+ *7
198Hole of Weemsf7A *2
200Short Rooff6A+ 7
201Pit Boyf7A+ ***1
202Two Big Jugsf6A+ *2
203Shredded Beefcakef6B **2
204West Wallf6C 5
205Fun Slabf4 *3
206Fun Aretef4 *3
208Red Devilsf4+ *2
209Blue Angelsf6A 1
210Carribean Airwaysf5 *1
211Reach For The Skyf6A ** 
213The Nosef6A 5
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There is an owl nesting on Monster Crack (Apr 14). Best to leave this route alone for now.
jamie84 - 13/Apr/14
worth noting I ripped off main [rather large flake] in middle of crux section of vanishing Breed 2 seasons ago. Would be considerably harder now.
mgeek - 17/Jun/13
Word on the street is that the good flake on Cinderella that is used to place the vital protection (pre crux) has now fallen off! Care must now be taken when going for this route as it has just got a lot more serious.
Greg Boswell - 17/May/12
Does your comment about 'closet climbing to Dundee' refer to gay Dundonians? IJ
Ian Jones - 06/Jul/09