Rivelin Quarries

Climbs 117 – Rocktype Grit (quarried) – Altitude 253m a.s.l – Faces S

Crag features
Esoteric, and almost a gem, given more traffic to clean up the routes. SDhrouded in trees, lichenous and slow to dry, this is a summer venue (but take the midge cream and a brush). Recent developments have added to many worthwhile climbs here, but most of the quality lies in the extreme grades. Best routes are Zebedee and Florence (both VS 4c), Portnoy's Complaint (E2 5b), Teddy Bear's Picnic (E4 6b), The Final Overthrow of the Green Devil (E5 6b), Neat Feet, Flex and Earthboots (all E5 6c). The recent E8 sounds interesting!

Access notes
Most easily approached by traversing left from the left-hand end of Rivelin Edge. The first quarry is reached in a few mins. The owner is not keen on climbing taking place there.
Read more... Regional Access notes are available from the BMC.

Peak District: Bouldering (2011), Burbage, Millstone and Beyond (2006),
Out of print: Peak District: Bouldering (2004), Peak Climbs - Stanage (1989)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Fall of GraceE6 6b * 
3EntrapmentE2 5b  
4Rhododendron CrackE1 5a *3
5Glom OntoV6 6b **2
6Ipecacuanha GrooveHVS 5a *3
7Ipecacuanha CrackVS 4c 2
8Luke Pie StalkerE1 5c  
9Digit GrooveVS 4c 1
10EarthbootsE6 6c ** 
11Jack the GrooveE6 6c ** 
12Syrup of FigsVS 4c  
13Altered EdgeE2 5c  
14Christopher Robin and Winnie the PoohVS 4b  
15The Direct FinishE1 5b  
16HoneypotE2 5c  
17Transit StrapS  
18G'DayE1 5a  
19Black SnowS 1
20Sex DriveE3 6b *2
21Black Slab ArêteE1 6a *4
22Black SlabHVS 5a *16
23The Two TomsE1 5b *20
24PigletHVS 5b *7
25That's My LotE8 7a ** 
26Luxury GapE2 5b  
27Jeremy BearE1 5b  
28WilsonVD 3
29HeathVD 2
30Dirty DawnE2 5b  
31EutechtoidE2 5b  
32Rabbit ButtressHVS 5a * 
33Cup of Tea?E4 6b  
34Vegetated CornerVD  
35Dubious ArêteVS 4b  
37The WebS 1
38Web ArêteV2 5c  
39SpidersE2 5b  
40Black WidowE2 5b  
41Funnel WebHVS 5b  
43Dustbin in SaigonHS  
44Jungle WayS  
45Mr RustyHVS 5a  
46Polar BearVS 5a  
47HerbaciousnessVS 4b  
48ParaquatVS 4c  
49And Now For Something Completely DifferentE5 6b *1
50Snivelin RivelinE3 6a * 
51PythonesqueE2 5c  
52PhallacyVS 4b  
53Mr MacHenryE1 5b  
54Portnoy's ComplaintE2 5b **6
55FlexE6 6c ***3
56The Final Overthrow of the Green DevilE5 6b * 
57E.B.M.C. 1VS 4b  
58ZebedeeVS 4c  
59Sore ThumbHVS 5b  
60Direct ComebackHVS 5b *3
61ComebackHVS 5a  
62Go AwayE3 6a  
63Stunt ChildrenE4 6b  
64Cold School ClosureE4 6c * 
65DougalE2 6a  
67Crab WaddyE2 5b *1
68FlorenceHVS 5a  
69DeliveredE4 6a * 
70Awkward WillyE2 5c *1
71Tree SurgeonE1 5b  
72Simmo's WallV3 6a  
73Simmo's ArêteV0+ 5b  
76Bangkok HighwayVS 4a  
77LaybyHVS 4c 1
78Hans So LowHVS 4c  
79HeadacheHVS 5a 1
80Biffo the BearHVS 5a  
81BrianHVS 5b 2
82The Magic RoundaboutE1 5c  
84Feet NeetE5 6c ** 
85Super TedE5 6c * 
86Teddy Bears' PicnicE4 6b **4
87DextrasolE1 5b *8
88GlucoseHVS 5a *9
89The Bear NecessitiesE5 6b ** 
90PaddingtonE4 6a **1
91Boira AiraE4 6a  
92SucroseHVS 5a 1
93Jabba the SlutE2 5b 1
94FructoseE1 5a  
95GormenghastHVS 4c  
96Sweeter than SugarE2 5b  
97SaccharineHVS 5a  
98PervertHVS 4c  
100Fond MemoriesE4 6a  
101ManqueHVS 4c  
102100 Acre WoodHVS 4c  
103The ForestVS 4b  
105HeffalumpS 1
106Jungle FormulaE1 5c  
107Iain's ArêteV7 6b  
108Nik's WallV11 7a  
109Non RibV6 6b 1
111Cheeses of NazarethE2 6a 1
112Happy CampusV8 6c *1
113No ClassV9 6c **1
114Cheeks 'n' BeaksV9 6c ***3
115Edward BearVS 4c  
116Woozle DirectVS 4c 4
117The WebbS 1
118GourmetHVS 5b * 
119KangaS 1
120NuSkin *V4 6a **3
121Mini Beak Rib *f6B+ *5
122Mini Beak *f7A *7
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This place is nowhere near as green as you might expect. There are some areas however which are covered in ghostbusters style ectoplasm. People need to realise there are more Peak guides than Eastern Grit!
Troy Tempest - 29/Jan/10
I don't understand why this place is so neglected. Maybe its because the peak punters are spoilt. This has some really great routes that just need a bit of a clean up.
Pylon King Against Capit@lism - 17/Sep/09
Rivelin Quarries access Just to let you know that the Norfolk Arms pub has closed and sold and I believe will be made into a house so parking there for the Quarries is probably no longer a good idea.
Ropeboy - 05/Jan/08
Definitely NOT a summer venue. Wait for a dry spell during winter when the trees have died back a bit and go and sample some of the best routes on quarried grit.
Nik at work - 26/Feb/03
Do you have more up to date information?

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