Chapel-le-Dale Upper Tier

Climbs 143 – Rocktype Limestone – Altitude ? – Faces SE

Yorkshire Limestone (2005)

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Sweet ToothS  
4Milk ToothVD  
5The SimpsonsVD  
6Ned FlandersHVS 5b  
7Smithers Fire that ManHS  
8Duff BeerE1 5b * 
9Moes TavernVS 4b 1
10Seymore ButtVS 4b *1
11Krusty the ClownVS 4c *3
12The Itchy and Scratcy ShowE2 6a * 
13Side-Show BobE1 5c  
14Mr. HankeyVS 5a *1
15South ParkVS 4c  
16Just Another HundredVD  
17Trench WarfareHVS 5a  
18Blitz KreigE1 5b  
19Swiss ClockMS  
20New Route FrenzyVS 4c * 
21Wasted YouthVS 4c  
22Cloud NineVS 4b *1
23Fading Like a FlowerVS 4c  
24Loosing my ReligionHVS 5a  
25SometimesHS *  
26Crabby StoreyMVS 4b * 
27StonehingeVS 4c  
28Festering FerretsVD  
29FabergeHVS 5a  
30Cool WaterHS 4b  
31White WaterS  
32ElonexVD * 
33LabyrinthHS 4b  
34The MinotaurHS 4a  
35Dr. NoS  
36Wind of ChangeS  
37Don't Dream it's OverHS  
39BreakthruHVS 5a  
40Don't StopVS 4c  
41One VisionMVS 4b  
42Itchy Coo ParkHS 4b  
43The Bogus JourneyHS 4b  
44Sultans of SwingVD  
45Walk of LifeMVS 4b  
46Money for NothingMVS 4b  
47Private InvestigationsS  
48Netball GillVD  
49Crested TitD * 
50Self PortraitS  
51Twentieth Century LivesVS 4c  
52Millenium ListsVD  
53History MenVS 4c  
54SensationVS 4c * 
55Romeo and JulietMVS 4b ** 
56Who Killed KennyMVS 4b  
58Mind of No Fixed AbodeHVS 5a  
59Death by DraggingS  
60The Kray TwinsHS  
61Al CaponeHVS 5a  
62Vlad the ImpalerE1 5b  
63Lee Harvey OswaldVD  
64Jack the RipperHVS 5b  
65The Boston StranglerVS 4c * 
66Voodoo PeopleE1 5b  
67SpartacusE2 5c * 
68Ask MalE1 5b * 
69Aurora AustralisHVS 4c * 
70Clough's Cracking Crack ClimbE2 6a ** 
71Lunar RainbowE1 5b  
72Doppler ShiftE1 5b ** 
73ConstellationE2 5c  
74Tuning HammerE1 5b * 
75Cosmic RaysD  
76Deadly NightshadeMS  
77Mustard GasHS  
78White ArsenicE1 5b  
79SyndicateE1 5b  
83Poetic LicenceVD  
84False PretencesVD  
85Emergency PowersVD  
86Queen's PardonHS  
87Crown WitnessD  
88Habeas CorpusMS  
89Death PenaltyVS 4c *1
90Atomic ClockHVS 5a *1
91Solar BatteryHS *1
92Chemical BalanceD *1
93Iceland SparHS 1
94NeedlestoneHS 4b 1
96Quantum NumberD 1
97Thermal CapacityVS 5a 1
98Bubble ChamberMVS 4b *1
99Narcotic PoisonsE1 5b  
100ElectrokineticsE2 5c * 
101Horse ChestnutE1 5b 2
102Japanese CedarVS 4b  
103Sunshine WattleMVS 4b  
104Weeping WillowS  
105Cucumber TreeHS  
106Zebra WoodS  
107Oil PalmVD  
108Aquatic LizardVD  
109Fire SalamanderVD  
110Chicken SnakeHS 4b  
111Carpet ViperE1 5b  
112Black MambaE2 5c * 
113Bush MasterVS 4c * 
114CrocodileHS 4b  
115Blind WormS *1
116Sword DanceHVS 5b * 
117School of ComedyHS 4b  
118Brown Stain SlabE1 5b  
119Fiddler's ElbowVS 4c  
120Cult StatusVS 5a  
121Mutiny on the Organ GrinderVD  
122Pickled PenguinMS  
123Rio SellaD  
124Dudh KosiHS  
125Glen EtiveD  
128Maze WallVD  
129Gashed PalmVD  
130Squashed FingerS  
131Pebble CornerD  
132Life on MarsMVS 4b  
133TwiggyHVS 5a  
134The Red PlanetVD  
135Martian WayM  
137Ashes to AshesS  
139Dust to DustHS  
141Break OutE1 5b  
142Fenced InVS 4c  
143BarbedVB 4b 1
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lovely views worth combining with a route on lower and middle tiers and a walk down the waterfalls perhaps
andy gittins - 23/Jun/12