Climbs 191 – Rocktype Gneiss – Altitude 810m a.s.l – Faces all

Crag features
Bouldering Heaven hidden in the woods above Sallanches (nr Chamonix)...if you can find it!

Routes of all grades. Great spot for a picnic if family are with you. Nice and shaded by huge beach trees during hot summer days, though can be humid after rain. Just glorious.

Numbered climbs as per Les Blocs de la region de Chamonix Guidebook.

Approach notes
2 mins walk from the road.

Room for 3 or 4 cars to park.

Difficult to find...from Sallanches, follow the D1212 to Combloux. Look out for a right hand turn onto the the Route de Nant Cruy signposted to 'Cordon'. Follow this to the village of of Medonnet. Alternatively, if you miss the right hand turn, continue to Combloux from where Medonnet is signposted. Park 200m below the village at a layby (room for 3/4 cars). Walk through a small field into wood - look at bouldering Heaven and drool.

Les Blocs de la region de Chamonix

Climbs at this crag

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 Climb nameGrade
2Lambda (Grey 1)f6B+ 1
3Y a une Route (Grey 2)f6B  
4En parlant de viol (Grey 3)f6C 1
5Surplomb (Grey 3b)f7A  
6Magie Noire (Grey 4)f6A+ 1
7Black Sabbath (Grey 5)f7A 2
8Merlu Only (Grey 6)f7C  
9The Healer (Grey 7)f6C+ 1
10Ambiance Mondeville (Grey 8)f6C 1
11Ci-git Momo, Le Rois des Animos (Grey 8b)f7B 1
12Devers (Grey 9)f7B  
13Devers (Grey 10)f6C 1
14Le Voie Sans Retour (Grey 11)f7B 1
15Annie Mae (Grey 12)f7A+ 1
16Saltimbanque (Grey 13)f6B 1
17Mourir en paix (Grey 14)f6B+ 1
18L'arnaque (Grey 15)f6C+ 1
19Le Test (Grey 16)f7A+ 1
20Doigts d'Acier (Grey 17)f7A 1
21Tupilak Blues (Grey 18)f7A 1
22Deep Blue Sea (Grey 19)f6C  
23Le reta (Grey 20)f6B 1
24Chienne d'idee (sans l'arete) (Grey 21)f7A 3
25Auberge (Grey 22)f7B 1
26Odile (Grey 24)f6B  
27Exil (Grey 25)f6C  
28L'etrave (Grey 27)f7A 3
29Annee sabbatique (Grey 27)f6C+ 1
30Sexagenaires only (Grey 28)f6A 1
31Mort a credit (Grey 31)f6B 1
32Feerie pour une autre Fois (Grey 32)f7C+ 1
33Problem 1f6A  
34Problem 2Project  
35Problem 3 (Red)f6A  
36Problem 4 (Blue)f4+  
37Problem 5f4+ 1
38Problem 6f5+ 1
39Problem 7f6C 2
40Problem 8f5+ 2
41Problem 9f6A+ 1
42Problem 10f6B  
43Problem 11f4+ 2
44Problem 12 (Red)f5+  
45Problem 13f6A  
46Problem 14f4+ 1
47Problem 15 (Red)f5+  
48Problem 16 (Red)f6A  
49Problem 17f6A  
50Problem 18f3+ 1
51Problem 19f4+  
52Problem 20 (Blue)f4+  
53Problem 21 (Red)f5+  
54Problem 22 (Blue)f4+  
55Problem 23 (Red)f5+ 1
56Problem 24 (Red)f6A 2
57Problem 25f6C+ 2
58Problem 26f6B 1
59Problem 27f6C 1
60Problem 28 (Red)f5  
61Problem 29 (Red)f5  
62Problem 30f6A  
63Problem 31f5+  
64Problem 32f6A+  
65Problem 33f6A 1
66Problem 34 (Red)f6A  
67Problem 35 (Blue)f4+ 1
68Problem 36 (Red)f6A  
69Problem 37f6B+  
70Problem 38 (Red)f5+ 3
71Problem 39 (Blue)f4+ 2
72Problem 40f4+ 1
73Problem 41f5  
74Problem 42f5+  
75Problem 43f5 1
76Problem 44f5  
77Problem 45 (Red)f5+ 1
78Problem 46 (Red)f5+  
79Problem 47 (Blue)f5  
80Problem 48 (Red)f5+  
81Problem 49f6C  
82Problem 50f6B+  
83Problem 51f6A  
84Problem 52f6A  
85Problem 53 (Red)f6A 1
86La Prouef7A+ 1
87Problem 53 assis (Red )f7A **2
88Problem 54f4+ 2
89Problem 55f5+ 1
90Problem 56 (Blue)f5 2
91Problem 57 (Blue)f5  
92Problem 58f7A 1
93Problem 59 (Blue)f4+  
94Problem 60 (Blue)f4+ 1
95Problem 61 (Blue)f5 1
96Problem 62 (Blue)f5+  
97Problem 63f7A 2
98Problem 64f7B 2
99Problem 65f6B  
100Problem 66f6C  
101Problem 67f6B+  
102Problem 68f6B  
103Problem 69f6A+  
104Problem 70 (Red)f6A+  
105Problem 71f6C 1
106Problem 72 (Red)f6A 1
107Problem 73f6C 1
109White 1f5+  
110White 7f6A  
111White 14f5+  
112White 15f5  
113White 21f6C  
114White 26f5  
115White 28f5  
116White 29f6C 1
117White 31f6B  
118White 35f6A+  
119White 37f6C+  
120White 41f6C+ 1
121White 42f5+  
122White 111f5+  
123White 112f5+  
124White 120f6A+  
125Madame Revef7A 2
126Osez Josephinef6C  
127dalle non flecheef4+  
129sans l'arete de gauchef6B  
130Pilier techniquef6B 1
131Full Metal Jacketf7B+ 1
133Problem 1f5+ 1
134L'angle Parfaitf7A  
135Murf5+ 1
136Problem 4f4+ 1
139Problem 7f4+  
140Surplomb du fond a droitef6C  
141Problem 9f6B  
142Caterpilarf6C 1
143La Minef6B 1
144Problem 12f6C  
145Problem 13f3+  
146Problem 14f3+  
147Problem 15f3+  
148Problem 16f4  
149Jolie Fissuref3+  
150Zoe (a droite)f6C+  
151Les marchesf5+ 1
154Problem 21f6B  
155Envie d'ailef6C 1
156Directissimef7A 1
157Les Quartzf5 1
158L'anglef6A 1
159Jeu d'appuif5+ 1
160Problem 27f4+  
161La figure de prouef6B  
163Problem 30f5+  
164Problem 31Project  
165Problem 32f5+  
166Problem 33f6A  
167Problem 34Project  
168Problem 35f6A  
171Problem 38f5+  
172Nicolasf6C 1
173Problem 40f4  
174Problem 41f3+  
175Problem 42f4  
176Problem 43f4+  
177Problem 44f3+  
178Problem 45f4  
179Le Carnagef7B  
180Problem 47f6B  
181Problem 48f6A  
182Mr Gaux de Michaisf7B+  
183Problem 51f6B 1
184Problem 51 assisf7A+ 1
185Problem 52Project  
186Problem 53f6B  
187Problem 54f6C 1
188Problem 55f6B 1
189A Doigts!f7B+  
190Problem 57f4+  
192Problem 59f6A 1
193Le Corniaudf7B  
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I think the comments about this being bouldering heaven are a little over the top. Many of the routes are now very, very mossy and with a lot of tree cover it is easy to see how they can stay that little bit more damp. It's a fine location, easy to reach and with some good problems but needs plenty of regular traffic.
Rampikino - 08/Jun/12