James on the sit start of Foam Party (V7) at Porth Ysgo, North Wales.
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'North Wales Bouldering 7 & 8's' ticklist

contributed by Mike Goldthorp Mar/11
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Some of the classic problems in North Wales to do (or at least apsire to do) between font 7a-8b+

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1King Of DrunksV6 ***152?Wavelength Boulders
2Fear of a Slopey PlanetV6 **45?Wavelength Boulders
3Cromlech Roof CrackV6 6b **98?Cromlech boulders
4Johnny's wall (NWB Roadside P1)V6 ***109?Cromlech boulders
5The Edge Problem Sit StartV6 *193?Cromlech boulders
6Cave RouteV6 ***72?Cromlech boulders
7popcorn partyV6 ***75?Porth Ysgo
8Skunk XV6 *53?Caseg Fraith Boulder
9Raging BullV6 **16?Clogwyn y Tarw (The...
10Harvey OswaldV6 **59?Milestone Buttress...
11Kingdom Of Rain (Main Block P4)V6 ***80?The Sheep Pen
12The LimpetV6 ***15?Angel Bay
13Lickety splitV7 **57?Split Infinity Cave
14Mr WhippyV7 **44?Pill Box Wall
15the incredible shaking man sdV7 ***27?Porth Ysgo
16Foam PartyV6 **19?Porth Ysgo
17Howling HoundV7 *18?Porth Ysgo
18Roadside BasicV7 **70?Cromlech boulders
19The MinimumV7 **79?Dinas Mot
20The Pinch (Pinch Block P6)V7 **87?The Sheep Pen
21Fish Skin WallV7 **25?Llyn Peris Walls
22The WitchV7 **26?Wavelength Boulders
23Clever BeaverV7 *152?Parisella's Cave
24Left Wall TraverseV8 ***154?Parisella's Cave
25RamplessV8 **40?Cromlech boulders
26ultimate retro partyV8 **73?Cromlech boulders
27Willy Two GoesV8 ***-?The Meadow -...
28Nick's Sexual ProblemV8 **-?Craig Cwm Glas Bach
29Mr Your on Fire MrV8 **4?Craig Y Llwyfan
30BoneyardV8 **35?Caseg Fraith Boulder
31Truth sdsV8 14?Porth Ysgo
32Mutant Child SDSV8 ***10?Porth Ysgo
33Beaver CleaverV8 **47?Parisella's Cave
34SlimV8 **37?Split Infinity Cave
35Whisky BitchV8 **40?Pill Box Wall
36SmackheadV8 **7?Gallt yr Ogof...
37The Gimp (P13)V8 ***18?Caseg Boulder
38Don't Think Feel (P17)V8+ **10?Caseg Boulder
39Animal MagnetismV8+ **12?Caseg Fraith Boulder
40The Organ GrinderV8+ **16?Split Infinity Cave
41Barrel GrooveV8+ **11?Dinas Mot
42Going Down on an ElephantV8+ **26?Elephantitus Cave
43Ding Dong's Traverse into Kingdom Of RainV9 **7?The Sheep Pen
44BellpigV9 **10?Split Infinity Cave
45Millenium DriveV9 **6?Pill Box Wall
46Barrel TraverseV9 6c **18?Dinas Mot
47AnacondaV9 3?Porth Ysgo
48bus stopV9 **87?Cromlech boulders
49Jerry's Rooff7C ***103?Cromlech boulders
50Rock AtrocityV9 **83?Parisella's Cave
51Left Wall HighV9 ***39?Parisella's Cave
52The Big SmileV9 ***1?The Meadow -...
53Lizard King MiddleV9 **11?Craig Y Llwyfan
54Lizard King HighV10 ***-?Craig Y Llwyfan
55LotusV10 **8?The Meadow -...
56Mein Vein (P14)V10 ***2?Caseg Boulder
57Jerry's problem (Main Block P6)V10 **3?The Sheep Pen
58Tide Of DreamsV10 2?Porth Ysgo
59Porn Makes Me HornyV10 -?Porth Ysgo
60Lou FerrinoV10 ***44?Parisella's Cave
61Trigger CutV10 **13?Parisella's Cave
62The HighlifeV11 **17?Parisella's Cave
63Sway OnV11 **2?Gallt yr Ogof...
64sub societyV11 2?Cromlech boulders
65Cross TherapyV11 **6?Elephantitus Cave
66Manchester DogsV11 *3?Angel Bay
67Caseg Groove (ss)f8A 7a ***1?Caseg Boulder
68BonnieV12 **1?Parisella's Cave
69In LifeV12 **4?Parisella's Cave
70In HellV12 **3?Parisella's Cave
71ClydeV12 **-?Parisella's Cave
72Mr FantasticV12 **9?Cromlech boulders
73Pool of Bethestaf8A+ ***-?Cromlech boulders
74Director's CutV13 ***-?Parisella's Cave
75Silk CutV14 ***-?Parisella's Cave
76PilgrimageV14 ***-?Parisella's Cave
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