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'Clwyd Limestone Top 50 List' ticklist

contributed by DaveNW Mar/11
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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1IneleganceVD **20115mCraig-y-Forwen...
2IncompetenceHVD **20212mCraig-y-Forwen...
3Funeral CornerHS 4a **11312mTwilight Zone
4KinbergVS 4c ***10818mPinfold Area
5Atlantic TravellerVS 4c **3412mPinfold Area
6E.C.VVS 4c **8212mPinfold Area
7ToccataVS 5a **11512mPinfold Area
8Finer FeelingsHVS 5a **769mCraig-y-Forwen...
9WhimHVS 5a **12911mCraig-y-Forwen...
10IntensityHVS 5a **3711mCraig-y-Forwen...
11The DogHVS 5b ***26212mPot Hole Quarry...
12Borderline6a+ **29212mTrevor Rocks Area
13VettaE1 5a **11111mPot Hole Quarry...
14CebaE1 5b ***13112mPot Hole Quarry...
15The MinstrelE1 5b ***17112mMaeshafn
16Black WallE1 5b **4240mLlanymynech Quarry
17A World in HarmonyE2 5b ***9313mDinbren Crags
18Tearg WallE2 5c ***7612mCraig-y-Forwen...
19Black BastardE2 5c ***6530mLlanymynech Quarry
20DigitronE2 5c ***9238mCraig Arthur
21The Royal ArchE3 6a **2914mDinbren Crags
22Mathematical WorkoutE3 6a ***4612mMaeshafn
23Solo in SohoE3 6a ***4512mPinfold Area
24Manikins of HorrorE3 6a ***3637mCraig Arthur
25Curfew6b+ *22733mLlanymynech Quarry
26Margin of Error6c **13512mTrevor Rocks Area
27Traction Control6c ***14512mTrevor Rocks Area
28Subterranean Sidewalk7a **5028mLlanymynech Quarry
29Rapture of the Deep7a+ **4727mLlanymynech Quarry
30Dead Man's Fingers7a **3228mLlanymynech Quarry
31What's Goin' On7a **1812mPinfold Area
32Climb HighE4 6b ***7016mDinbren Crags
33Traction TraumaE4 6a ***4516mDinbren Crags
34This Won't Hurt7a ***40?Llanymynech Quarry
35In Search of Someone Silly7b **1416mDinbren Crags
36The Screaming Skull7b ***830mLlanymynech Quarry
37Technicolour Yawn7a+ ***13115mDinbren Crags
38Fat Boys7a+ **5610mDinbren Crags
39The Ancient Mariner7a+ **2235mLlanymynech Quarry
40Mussel Bound7a **2630mLlanymynech Quarry
41Walking with Barrence7b ***8015mDinbren Crags
42Fire7b **7110mDinbren Crags
43Ice7b **5610mDinbren Crags
44I Punched Judy First7b+ ***7015mDinbren Crags
45The Bandits7b+ ***5715mDinbren Crags
46Grand Canyon7b+ ***3920mPantymwyn (Devil's...
47The Final Solution8a **912mCraig-y-Forwen...
48Elite Syncopations8a ***3115mDinbren Crags
49Highway8a **1015mDinbren Crags
50El Rincon8a ***1415mDinbren Crags
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