Looking towards Beinn Ruadh and Clach Bheinn from the summit of Beinn Bheag.
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'Grahams' ticklist

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224 hills in Scotland between 2,000 and 2,499 feet (610 and 762m), with a drop of at least 150 metres (490 ft). First published by Alan Dawson (1992), but later named after Fiona Torbet (ne Graham).

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AddHill nameGradeTicks?HeightArea name
1Druim Fadasummit 3713mHighland
2Beinn a'Chapuillsummit 3759mHighland
3Beinn Clachachsummit 3642mHighland
4Biod an Fhithichsummit 8644mHighland
5Slat Bheinnsummit 2700mHighland
6Meall nan Eunsummit 3667mHighland
7Glas Bheinnsummit 4732mHighland
8Sgurr Choinichsummit 2749mHighland
9Meall Blairsummit 2656mHighland
10Druim Fada - Stob a'Ghrianainsummit 5744mHighland
11Glas-charnsummit 2633mHighland
12Meith Bheinnsummit 1710mHighland
13Aodann Chleireigsummit 4663mHighland
14Meall Onfhaidhsummit 5681mHighland
15An Stacsummit 4718mHighland
16Mullach Coire nan Geur-oireansummit 3727mHighland
17Beinn a'Mheadhoinsummit 4610mHighland
18Carnan Cruithneachdsummit 6730mHighland
19Carn a'Chaochainsummit 2706mHighland
20Meall Fuar-mhonaidhsummit 7696mHighland
21Meall a'Chrathaichsummit 3679mHighland
22Carn Mhic an Toisichsummit 2680mHighland
23Glas-bheinn Mhorsummit 3651mHighland
24Meall na Faochaigsummit 2678mHighland
25Carn na Coinnichsummit 3673mHighland
26Beinn Mheadhoinsummit 2663mHighland
27Creag Dhubh Mhorsummit 3612mHighland
28Beinn na Muicesummit 2693mHighland
29An Cruachansummit 3706mHighland
30Carn Gormsummit 5676mHighland
31Carn na Breabaigsummit 3678mHighland
32Beinn a'Chearcaillsummit 3725mHighland
33An Ruadh-mheallansummit 3672mHighland
34Carn Breacsummit 4678mRoss & Cromarty
35Beinn a' Chlachainsummit 3626mHighland
36Sgurr a'Gharaidhsummit 3732mHighland
37Beinn na h-Eaglaisesummit 6737mHighland
38Beinn na Feusaigesummit 4625mHighland
39Beinn Ghobhlachsummit 8635mHighland
40Beinn a'Mhuinidhsummit 3692mHighland
41Meall Mheinnidhsummit 3722mRoss & Cromarty
42Beinn a'Chaisgein Beagsummit -680mRoss & Cromarty
43Beinn nan Ramhsummit 3711mRoss & Cromarty
44Grobansummit 2749mHighland
45Beinn Bheagsummit 2668mHighland
46Meall a'Chaorainnsummit 4705mRoss & Cromarty
47Carn a'Choin Deirgsummit 2701mRoss & Cromarty
48Meall Doire Faidsummit 4730mRoss & Cromarty
49Meall Dubhsummit 4665mRoss & Cromarty
50Meall a'Chaorainnsummit 3632mRoss & Cromarty
51Beinn Tharsuinnsummit 3692mHighland
52Meall Morsummit 3738mHighland
53Beinn nan Eunsummit 3743mHighland
54Carn Salachaidhsummit 4645mRoss & Cromarty
55Carn Loch nan Amhaicheansummit 2698mHighland
56Beinn Tharsuinnsummit 3714mRoss & Cromarty
57Carn an Tionailsummit 4759mSutherland
58Sabhal Beagsummit 4732mSutherland
59Beinn Direachsummit 3688mSutherland
60Morvensummit 6706mCaithness
61Scarabensummit 2626mCaithness
62Beinn Dhorainsummit 3628mCaithness
63Creag Mhorsummit 1713mSutherland
64Ben Armine - Creag a'Choire Ghlaissummit 1704mSutherland
65Ben Stacksummit 9721mSutherland
66Meallan a'Chuailsummit 4750mSutherland
67Meall an Fheur Lochsummit 3613mSutherland
68Ben Mor Coigachsummit 11743mRoss & Cromarty
69Suilven - Caisteal Liathsummit 65731mRoss & Cromarty
70Stac Pollaidhsummit 128613mRoss & Cromarty
71Beinn an Eoinsummit 3618mRoss & Cromarty
72Sgurr an Fhidhleirsummit 8703mHighland
73Beinn Gairesummit 2666mHighland
74Croit Bheinnsummit 2663mHighland
75Druim na Sgriodainsummit 3734mHighland
76Meall nan Damhsummit 2723mHighland
77Stob Mhic Bheathainsummit 3721mArgyll and Bute
78Sgurr a'Chaorainnsummit 4761mArgyll and Bute
79Beinn Bheagsummit 10736mArgyll and Bute
80Sgorr Mhic Eacharnasummit 9650mArgyll and Bute
81Sgurr nan Cnamhsummit 3701mArgyll and Bute
82Glas Bheinnsummit 3636mHighland
83Beinn Mheadhoinsummit 3739mHighland
84Beinn na Cillesummit 6652mHighland
85Meall nan Caorachsummit 6623mPerthshire
86Beinn na Gainimhsummit 6730mPerthshire
87Meall Buidhesummit 4719mPerthshire
88Shee of Ardtalnaigsummit 7759mPerthshire
89Creag Eachsummit 5672mPerthshire
90Creag Ruadhsummit 4712mPerthshire
91Meall Deargsummit 7690mPerthshire
92Meall Reamharsummit 6620mPerthshire
93Creag Gharbhsummit 5637mPerthshire
94Beinn Deargsummit 4706mStirlingshire
95Mor Bheinnsummit 6640mStirlingshire
96Uamh Bheagsummit 7665mStirlingshire
97Sgiath a'Chaisesummit 6645mStirlingshire
98Ben Venuesummit 27729mStirlingshire
99Creag Mhorsummit 7658mPerthshire
100Meall Morsummit 5747mPerthshire
101Stob Breacsummit 6688mPerthshire
102The Stobsummit 4753mStirlingshire
103Cruinn a'Bheinnsummit 4633mArgyll and Bute
104Meall nan Gabharsummit 4743mPerthshire
105Beinn Damhainsummit 4684mArgyll and Bute
106Beinn Bhalgaireansummit 5636mPerthshire
107Meall Odharsummit 8656mArgyll and Bute
108Fiarachsummit 5652mPerthshire
109Doune Hillsummit 9734mArgyll and Bute
110Beinn Bhreacsummit 5681mArgyll and Bute
111Beinn Dubh - Mid Hillsummit 10657mArgyll and Bute
112Beinn Chaorachsummit 4713mArgyll and Bute
113Beinn a'Mhanaichsummit 4710mArgyll and Bute
114Tullich Hillsummit 6632mArgyll and Bute
115Cruach an t-Sidheinsummit 5684mArgyll and Bute
116Beinn Eichsummit 8703mArgyll and Bute
117Meall a'Mhuicsummit 6745mHighland
118Stob na Cruaichesummit 5739mHighland
119Sgorr na Ciche (Pap of Glencoe)summit 59742mInvernesshire
120Meall Morsummit 6676mArgyll and Bute
121Sgorr a'Choisesummit 7663mArgyll and Bute
122Beinn Mheadhonachsummit 2715mArgyll and Bute
123Mam Hael (Beinn Bhreac)summit 2726mArgyll and Bute
124Beinn Molurgainnsummit 2690mArgyll and Bute
125Beinn Donachainsummit 4649mArgyll and Bute
126Beinn Suidhesummit 8676mArgyll and Bute
127Meall Garbhsummit 3701mArgyll and Bute
128Meall Tairbhsummit 4665mArgyll and Bute
129Beinn nan Lussummit 3709mArgyll and Bute
130Beinn na Sroinesummit 5636mArgyll and Bute
131Beinn na Gucaigsummit 5616mArgyll and Bute
132Cnap Cruinnsummit 6739mHighland
133Creag Ghuanachsummit 4618mHighland
134Beinn na Cloichesummit 5646mHighland
135Tom Meadhoinsummit 7621mArgyll and Bute
136Binnein Shuassummit 12746mHighland
137Binnein Shiossummit 7667mHighland
138Meall nan Eagansummit 5658mInvernesshire
139Creag Ruadhsummit 4622mHighland
140Creag a'Mhadaidhsummit 4612mHighland
141Blath Bhalgsummit 5641mPerthshire
142Mount Blairsummit 8744mAngus
143Cat Lawsummit 10678mAngus
144Mealna Letter (Duchray Hill)summit 5702mAberdeenshire
145Badandun Hillsummit 4740mAberdeenshire
146Corwharnsummit 4611mAngus
147Hill of Wirrensummit 3678mAberdeenshire
148Hunt Hillsummit 5705mAngus
149Geallaig Hillsummit 8743mAberdeenshire
150Creag Bhalgsummit 6668mAberdeenshire
151Cnap Chaochan Aitinnsummit 7715mAberdeenshire
152Carn nan Tri-tighearnansummit 5615mHighland
153Carn Glas-choiresummit 4659mInvernesshire
154Creag Dhubhsummit 10754mHighland
155Creag Liathsummit 7745mInvernesshire
156Carn na h-Easgainnsummit 4618mHighland
157Creag Dhubhsummit 8658mHighland
158Crn Bnsummit 3622mHighland
159Leana Mhorsummit 6685mHighland
160Leana Mhorsummit 7678mHighland
161Beinn Mhorsummit 4741mArgyll and Bute
162Beinn Ruadhsummit 3664mArgyll and Bute
163Cruach nan Capullsummit 3611mArgyll and Bute
164Creag Tharsuinnsummit 2643mArgyll and Bute
165Beinn Lochainsummit 6703mArgyll and Bute
166Beinn Bheagsummit 3618mArgyll and Bute
167Cruach nam Multsummit 3611mArgyll and Bute
168Cnoc Coinnichsummit 4761mArgyll and Bute
169Stob an Eassummit 4732mArgyll and Bute
170Stob na Boine Druim-fhinnsummit 5658mArgyll and Bute
171Creagan a'Chaisesummit 11722mInvernesshire
172The Bucksummit 7721mMoray
173Cook's Cairnsummit 4756mMoray
174Ladylea Hillsummit 5609mAberdeenshire
175Mona Gowansummit 5749mAberdeenshire
176Carn a'Ghille Chearrsummit 8710mInvernesshire
177Pressendyesummit 5619mAberdeenshire
178The Storrsummit 30719mIsle of Skye
179Hartavalsummit 10668mIsle of Skye
180Marscosummit 13736mIsle of Skye
181Beinn Dearg Mhorsummit 17731mIsle of Skye
182Beligsummit 11702mIsle of Skye
183Sgurr na Coinnichsummit 5739mHighland
184Beinn na Caillich (West)summit 6732mIsle of Skye
185Ben Aslaksummit 5610mHighland
186Beinn na Caillich (East)summit 5732mIsle of Skye
187Beinn Dearg Mhorsummit 6709mIsle of Skye
188Trallvalsummit 14702mHebrides
189Creach Beinnsummit 3698mArgyll and Bute
190Ben Buiesummit 5717mArgyll and Bute
191Beinn Talaidhsummit 5763mArgyll and Bute
192Corra-bheinnsummit 2704mArgyll and Bute
193Sgurr Deargsummit 8741mArgyll and Bute
194Cruach Choireadailsummit 2618mArgyll and Bute
195Beinn Fhadasummit 8702mArgyll and Bute
196Beinn a'Chaolaissummit 10734mArgyll and Bute
197Beinn Shiantaidhsummit 10757mArgyll and Bute
198Mullach Buidhesummit 8721mArran
199Tirga Morsummit 6679mHebrides
200Uisgnaval Morsummit 6729mHebrides
201Orevalsummit 5662mHebrides
202Beinn Mhorsummit 9620mHebrides
203Ben Cleuchsummit 29721mStirlingshire
204Tintosummit 30711mSouth Lanarkshire
205Cairnsmore of Fleetsummit 13711mDumfries and...
206Lamachan Hillsummit 9717mDumfries and...
207Millforesummit 7656mDumfries and...
208Mullwharcharsummit 10692mAyrshire
209Craignawsummit 11645mDumfries and...
210Green Lowthersummit 9732mDumfries and...
211Queensberrysummit 7697mDumfries and...
212Blackcraig Hillsummit 11700mAyrshire
213Windy Standardsummit 10698mAyrshire
214Ballencleuch Lawsummit 8691mDumfries and...
215Windlestraw Lawsummit 7659mMidlothian
216Blackhope Scarsummit 7651mMidlothian
217Ettrick Pensummit 8692mDumfries and...
218Culter Fellsummit 16748mDumfries and...
219Cauldcleuch Headsummit 7619mBorders
220Dun Rigsummit 8743mDumfries and...
221Gathersnow Hillsummit 13689mDumfries and...
222Croft Headsummit 8637mDumfries and...
223Andrewhinney Hillsummit 10677mDumfries and...
224Capel Fellsummit 9678mDumfries and...
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