Hartsop Dodd summit. Looking north to Ullswater, Place Fell and Brock Crags.
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Wainwrights ticklist

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214 hills in the Lake District, first documented in the seven volume Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells (1955-66), by Alfred Wainwright.

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Helvellynsummit 1288950mCumbria
Nethermost Pikesummit 424891mCumbria
Catstye Camsummit 326890mCumbria
Raisesummit 340883mCumbria
Fairfieldsummit 620873mCumbria
White Sidesummit 315863mCumbria
Dollywaggon Pikesummit 401858mCumbria
Great Doddsummit 240857mCumbria
Stybarrow Doddsummit 248843mCumbria
St Sunday Cragsummit 421841mCumbria
Hart Cragsummit 436822mCumbria
Dove Cragsummit 391792mCumbria
Watson's Doddsummit 188789mCumbria
Red Screessummit 289776mCumbria
Great Riggsummit 326766mCumbria
Hart Sidesummit 105756mCumbria
Seat Sandalsummit 175736mCumbria
Clough Headsummit 180726mCumbria
Birkhouse Moorsummit 222718mCumbria
Sheffield Pikesummit 146675mCumbria
High Pike (Scandale)summit 253656mCumbria
Middle Doddsummit **113654mCumbria
Little Hart Crag West Topsummit 158637mCumbria
Birkssummit 182622mCumbria
Heron Pikesummit 319612mCumbria
Hartsop Above Howsummit 156570mCumbria
Great Mell Fellsummit 91537mCumbria
High Hartsop Doddsummit 111519mCumbria
Low Pikesummit 272508mCumbria
Little Mell Fellsummit 90505mCumbria
Stone Arthursummit 116500mCumbria
Gowbarrow Fellsummit 105481mCumbria
Nab Scarsummit 241440mCumbria
Glenridding Doddsummit 101442mCumbria
Arnison Cragsummit 102433mCumbria
High Streetsummit 439828mCumbria
High Raisesummit 216802mCumbria
Rampsgill Headsummit 163792mCumbria
Thornthwaite Cragsummit 307784mCumbria
Kidsty Pikesummit 177780mCumbria
Harter Fellsummit 185778mCumbria
Stony Cove Pikesummit 221763mCumbria
Mardale Ill Bellsummit 266760mCumbria
Ill Bellsummit 259757mCumbria
The Knottsummit 203739mCumbria
Kentmere Pikesummit 208730mCumbria
Froswicksummit 218720mCumbria
Branstreesummit 115713mCumbria
Yokesummit 247706mCumbria
Gray Cragsummit 104699mCumbria
Rest Doddsummit 111696mCumbria
Loadpot Hillsummit 124671mCumbria
Wether Hillsummit 121670mCumbria
Tarn Cragsummit 86664mCumbria
Place Fellsummit 196657mCumbria
Selside Pikesummit 97655mCumbria
Grey Cragsummit 76638mCumbria
Hartsop Doddsummit 115618mCumbria
Shipman Knottssummit 131587mCumbria
The Nabsummit 79576mCumbria
Angletarn Pikessummit 137567mCumbria
Brock Cragssummit 91561mCumbria
Arthur's Pikesummit 100533mCumbria
Bonscale Pikesummit 78524mCumbria
Sallowssummit 86516mCumbria
Beda Fellsummit 89509mCumbria
Wansfellsummit 165487mCumbria
Sour Howessummit 89483mCumbria
Steel Knottssummit 90432mCumbria
Hallin Fellsummit 119388mCumbria
Troutbeck Tonguesummit 71364mCumbria
High Raisesummit 344762mCumbria
Sergeant Mansummit 269736mCumbria
Harrison Sticklesummit 533736mCumbria
Ullscarfsummit 122726mCumbria
Thunacar Knottsummit 270723mCumbria
Pike of Sticklesummit 468709mCumbria
Pavey Arksummit 551700mCumbria
Loft Cragsummit 265680mCumbria
High Seatsummit 141608mCumbria
Bleaberry Fellsummit 140590mCumbria
Sergeant's Cragsummit 78571mCumbria
Steel Fellsummit 148553mCumbria
Tarn Crag (Easedale)summit 97550mCumbria
Blea Riggsummit 155541mCumbria
Calf Cragsummit 188537mCumbria
High Tovesummit 104515mCumbria
Eagle Cragsummit 69525mCumbria
Armboth Fellsummit 75479mCumbria
Raven Cragsummit 84461mCumbria
Great Cragsummit 75440mCumbria
Gibson Knottsummit 164420mCumbria
Grange Fellsummit 81415mCumbria
Helm Cragsummit 263405mCumbria
Silver Howsummit 142395mCumbria
Walla Cragsummit 148379mCumbria
High Riggsummit 103357mCumbria
Loughrigg Fellsummit 252335mCumbria
Scafell Pikesummit 1134978mCumbria
Scafellsummit 430964mCumbria
Great Endsummit 419910mCumbria
Bowfellsummit 534902mCumbria
Esk Pikesummit 336885mCumbria
Crinkle Crags - Long Top [Second Crinkle]summit 454859mCumbria
Lingmellsummit 190807mCumbria
The Old Man of Conistonsummit 668803mCumbria
Swirl Howsummit 390802mCumbria
Brim Fellsummit 329796mCumbria
Great Carrssummit 216785mCumbria
Allen Cragssummit 219785mCumbria
Glaramarasummit 270783mCumbria
Dow Cragsummit 376778mCumbria
Grey Friarsummit 173773mCumbria
Wetherlamsummit 351763mCumbria
Slight Sidesummit 118762mCumbria
Pike of Bliscosummit 364705mCumbria
Cold Pikesummit 153701mCumbria
Harter Fellsummit 170653mCumbria
Rossett Pikesummit 212651mCumbria
Illgill Headsummit 118609mCumbria
Seathwaite Fell (Wainwright summit)summit 84601mCumbria
Rosthwaite Fell - Bessybootsummit 94551mCumbria
Hard Knottsummit 83549mCumbria
Whin Riggsummit 109535mCumbria
Green Cragsummit 65489mCumbria
Lingmoor Fellsummit 135469mCumbria
Black Fellsummit 103323mCumbria
Holm Fellsummit 108317mCumbria
Skiddawsummit 546931mCumbria
Blencathrasummit 682868mCumbria
Skiddaw Little Mansummit 268865mCumbria
Carl Sidesummit 229746mCumbria
Long Sidesummit 198734mCumbria
Lonscale Fellsummit 124715mCumbria
Knottsummit 106710mCumbria
Bowscale Fellsummit 151702mCumbria
Great Calvasummit 123690mCumbria
Ullock Pikesummit 192690mCumbria
Bannerdale Cragssummit 148683mCumbria
Bakestallsummit 95673mCumbria
Carrock Fellsummit 108663mCumbria
High Pike (Caldbeck)summit 136658mCumbria
Great Sca Fellsummit 82651mCumbria
Mungrisdale Commonsummit 110633mCumbria
Brae Fellsummit 68586mCumbria
Meal Fellsummit 70550mCumbria
Great Cockupsummit 74526mCumbria
Souther Fellsummit 121522mCumbria
Doddsummit 111502mCumbria
Longlands Fellsummit 72483mCumbria
Binseysummit 84447mCumbria
Latriggsummit 178367mCumbria
Grasmoorsummit 227852mCumbria
Crag Hill [Eel Crag]summit 273839mCumbria
Grisedale Pikesummit 305791mCumbria
Sailsummit 253773mCumbria
Wandopesummit 146772mCumbria
Hopegill Headsummit 263770mCumbria
Dale Headsummit 333753mCumbria
Robinsonsummit 271737mCumbria
Hindscarthsummit 246727mCumbria
Whiteside [Whiteside West Top]summit 129707mCumbria
Scar Cragssummit 183672mCumbria
Whiteless Pikesummit 156660mCumbria
High Spysummit 308653mCumbria
Causey Pikesummit 219637mCumbria
Maiden Moorsummit 287576mCumbria
Ard Cragssummit 90581mCumbria
Outersidesummit 133568mCumbria
Knott Riggsummit 90556mCumbria
Lord's Seatsummit 117552mCumbria
Whinlattersummit 87517mCumbria
Broom Fellsummit 90511mCumbria
Barfsummit *112468mCumbria
Barrowsummit 139455mCumbria
Graystonessummit 80452mCumbria
Catbellssummit 398451mCumbria
Ling Fellsummit 71373mCumbria
Sale Fellsummit 76359mCumbria
Rannerdale Knottssummit 106355mCumbria
Castle Cragsummit 154298mCumbria
Great Gablesummit 625899mCumbria
Pillarsummit 334892mCumbria
Scoat Fellsummit 201841mCumbria
Red Pike (Wasdale)summit 239826mCumbria
Steeplesummit 174819mCumbria
High Stilesummit 310807mCumbria
Kirk Fellsummit 248802mCumbria
Green Gablesummit 460801mCumbria
Haycocksummit 113797mCumbria
Red Pike (Buttermere)summit 330755mCumbria
High Cragsummit 282744mCumbria
Brandrethsummit 266715mCumbria
Caw Fellsummit 83697mCumbria
Grey Knottssummit 239697mCumbria
Seatallansummit 90692mCumbria
Fleetwith Pikesummit 227648mCumbria
Base Brownsummit 149646mCumbria
Starling Doddsummit 88633mCumbria
Yewbarrowsummit 209627mCumbria
Great Bornesummit 89616mCumbria
Haystackssummit ***353597mCumbria
Middle Fellsummit 72582mCumbria
Blake Fellsummit 64573mCumbria
Lank Riggsummit 50541mCumbria
Gavel Fellsummit 60526mCumbria
Crag Fellsummit 59520mCumbria
Mellbreaksummit 87512mCumbria
Hen Combsummit 61509mCumbria
Grikesummit 53486mCumbria
Burnbank Fellsummit 54475mCumbria
Low Fellsummit 60423mCumbria
Buckbarrowsummit 69405mCumbria
Fellbarrowsummit 59416mCumbria
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