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'ROCKFAX Dorset 2012: Graded Sport List' ticklist

contributed by av_evans May/12
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The graded list of sport routes in the front of 2012 Dorset guide. All the routes are 2 star quality or higher (according to the 2012 guide).

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
Fallen Slab3 ***105222mBlacknor Beach
Fallen Slab Arête3 ***124625mBlacknor Beach
Tombstone3+ **61014mCheyne Wears Area
Diamond Boulder4a **38115mBlacknor Beach
Quality Family Day5a *568?The Cuttings
Best Destiny4c **27820mBlacknor Central
Six Good Biceps4c **51715mBlacknor Beach
Jam4a *73911mThe Cuttings
Amen Corner5a *51710mThe Cuttings
Mackerel5a *51616mWinspit
Slings Shot5a ***119322mBlacknor North
Jacob's Ladder5a *54515mCheyne Wears Area
The Good Life5c **11?Cheyne Wears Area
Chalkie and the Hex 55c **63712mThe Cuttings
Shit Happens, Actually6a **62520mBlacknor Central
Monsoon Malabar6a **44322mBlacknor Central
Underage6a **14224mCoastguard South
The Price of Silence6a **44919mBattleship Back...
Escape from the Dwaafee Room6a **27319mBlacknor Far South
Mother's Milk6a **42021mBlacknor North
Cake Walk6a *57722mBlacknor North
Fear's Younger Brother6a **32819mBlacknor Far South
Margaret on the Guillotine6a **26617mBattleship Main
Pinch an Inch6a **42118mBattleship Main
Meg's Got Leukaemia6a **35523mBlacknor North
Never Drive a Car When You're Dead6a **40917mBattleship Main
Coming of Age6a **13724mCoastguard South
Two Fingers6a *58316mThe Cuttings
Xavier Zoo6a *6224mCoastguard South
Xavier's Wall6a **14224mCoastguard South
Go With the Flow6a **24622mBlacknor Central
Talk6a+ **56115mBlacknor South
Consommé6a+ **78317mThe Cuttings
The Lizard of Oz6a+ **50810mBlacknor South
Young at Heart6a+ **7024mCoastguard South
Pregnant Pause6a+ ***50926mBlacknor Central
Future Imperfect6a+ **36815mCheyne Wears Area
Punter's Way6a+ **21219mBlacknor Far South
Evening Falls6a+ **22518mBattleship Main
Belly Button Traverse6a+ **3811mBeeston Cliff
Paying It Forward6a+ **20119mBlacknor Far South
Stalker's Zone6a+ ***20728mWallsend South
Cruise Control6a+ **86?Cheyne Wears Area
The Man Who Never Found Himself6a+ **12223mCoastguard North
Stone Mason6a+ **60020mWinspit
Unseen Ripples of the Pebble6a+ *40120mWinspit
Moves for the Masses6a+ *44912mHedbury
Gaze of the Gorgon6a+ **8328mBlacknor Central
Lazy Days and Summer Haze6a+ **35818mBattleship Main
Reptile Smile6a+ ***91722mBlacknor North
Wonderlust6b **29516mCheyne Wears Area
Ocean Drive6b **26619mBlacknor Far South
Disobedience Contest6b *13618mThe Cuttings
Very Sleepy River6b **35522mBlacknor North
Read the Small Print6b **13019mBlacknor Far South
Trad Free World6b ***19028mWallsend South
Another Notch in the Gun6b **39118mThe Cuttings
Carlos Fandango Belay6b **10218mBlacknor Far South
Cut Throat Jake6b **10923mBlacknor South
H'electric Boogaloo6b *2024mCoastguard South
Chevette de la Mer6b **2024mCoastguard South
Good Lay6b **37?Blacknor Far South
Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth6b **55411mThe Cuttings
No Place for Mambas6b **10130mWallsend South
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Driller6b **7618mBlacknor Far South
Kit Kat6b **17322mBlacknor Central
Retaining the Ashes6b *8622mCoastguard North
Jumping the Gun6b **17215mHedbury
The Right Mix6b+ **9514mWallsend North
The Watchman6b ***12228mWallsend South
Captain Lob Meets the Nipple Pincher6b **7318mBlacknor North
Brief Encounter6a+ **39916mThe Cuttings
European Flavour6b **27917mThe Cuttings
Return to Roissy6b+ **18028mBlacknor Central
Buoys will be Buoys6b+ ***37727mBattleship Back...
Lord Stublock Deepvoid Breaks the Chain of Causation6b+ ***20528mBlacknor Central
Slopin' and Hopin'6b+ **9312mDancing Ledge
Ausfahrt6b+ **11128mBlacknor Central
Walking the King6b+ ***7625mCoastguard South
The Unknown Soldier6b+ **14619mBlacknor Far South
Waiting for the Barbarians6c 18?Wallsend South
Doolittle6b+ *2818mWallsend South
Inch Perfect, Inchworm6b+ **28518mBattleship Main
Rambling Moses Weetabix and the Secona Park Seven6b+ **27013mDancing Ledge
Reality Bites6b+ **9320mBlacknor Far South
Bum Droplets6b+ **7623mBlacknor South
Driven Like the Snow6b+ **10728mBlacknor Central
Chicago Peace6b+ *3826mPromenade
Born Again6b+ **6218mDancing Ledge
Titter Ye Not Mrs!6b+ **3620mPromenade
The Jewel of the Isle6b+ ***10728mWallsend South
Harpies and Quines6b+ **4814mCheyne Wears Area
Wind in the Riggin'6c **12517mBattleship Main
Blue Faced Booby6c **5029mWallsend South
No Man is an Island6c ***17427mBattleship Back...
New Saladin6c **24518mThe Cuttings
Magical Mr. Mephistopheles6c *2724mWallsend South
Opposites Attract6c **4030mWallsend South
Out of Reach, Out of Mind6c **14118mBattleship Main
Hangs Like a Dead Man6c **14313mHedbury
The Long Walk6c **7125mBlacknor Central
Enchanted Path6b+ **3829mWallsend South
Protein Delta Strip6c **4819mBlacknor Central
Flowers on the Razor Wire6c **9710mThe Cuttings
Gangster Lean6c **3526mPromenade
Judge Jeffreys6c ***10617mBattleship Main
Astra Blaze6c *620mCoastguard South
Seppukku6c *4226mPromenade
Sureshot6c **5415mHedbury
Nothing is Cool6c **6719mBlacknor Central
Daylight Robbery6c *9412mDancing Ledge
House Nation6c *3211mLulworth
Where Silence Has Lease6c **9515mCheyne Wears Area
The Unworthy6c **15011mThe Cuttings
Queen Anne's Men6c **21620mWinspit
Drowning on Dry Land6c **7520mCheyne Wears Area
Always Have the Edge6c **10126mBattleship Back...
Downtown Julie Brown6c **37422mBlacknor North
Lost in Rock6c+ **3823mCoastguard North
A Ship Load of Moonies6c+ **1924mCoastguard South
Nothing but the Groove6c+ ***9724mCoastguard North
The Cutting Edge6c+ **31812mThe Cuttings
Drag Racing Underground6c+ **1822mBlacknor North
L'Odyssee Noire6c 1024mCoastguard South
Defcon One6c+ **6518mBattleship Main
China White6c+ **1719mCoastguard North
Isle of Slingers6c+ **6928mBlacknor Central
Turned to Stone6c+ ***15023mBlacknor South
Best Fingers Forward6c **4129mWallsend South
Hieronymous GBH6c+ **1618mDancing Ledge
El Poder de un Coño6c+ **2219mCoastguard North
Streaky6c+ **2620mWallsend North
Scapa Flow6c+ **6019mBattleship Back...
Julie Ocean6c+ **16217mCheyne Wears Area
Red Rain6c+ **17820mWinspit
Eight-Bar Blues6c+ **3319mWallsend North
Haunted by a Million Screams6c+ **7711mDancing Ledge
Last Rose of Summer7a **11628mBlacknor Central
Winning at Rodeo7a ***1824mCoastguard South
Vin Chaud7a ***5521mWallsend South
Wolfgang Forever7a **21322mBlacknor North
Medusa Falls7a ***27815mBlacknor South
To Wish the Impossible7a ***23520mBlacknor South
Under the Sky, Inside the Sea7a *625mCoastguard South
Horny Lil' Devil7a ***26614mLulworth
17897a *1825mWallsend South
The Wonders of Wallkraft7a **5912mDancing Ledge
Peppercorn Rate7a **15020mWinspit
Smashing Orange7a **623mCoastguard South
Bad Moon Rising7a+ **2325mCoastguard South
Van People7a **2122mCoastguard North
Sacred Angel7a **20615mBlacknor South
Jurassic Shift7a **13727mBattleship Back...
Superfly Guy7a ***11922mCoastguard North
Acid Jazz Disco7a **4220mWallsend North
Drive Blind7a+ **523mCoastguard South
Gallows' Gore7a *6820mWinspit
Modern Nightmare7a **10219mThe Cuttings
Mr. Choo Choo7a **9912mDancing Ledge
Rigor Mortise7a **115mLulworth
I Thought You Had It!7a **51?Winspit
The Holy Hand Grenade7a **15915mThe Cuttings
Ancient Order of Freemarblers7a *12720mWinspit
Is Vic There?7a **15321mBlacknor North
Grossville7a **2915mPromenade
Portland Heights7a ***10328mBlacknor Central
No Turn Unstoned7a 22?Cheyne Wears Area
Mechanoids7a **6320mBlacknor Far South
Haute Cuisine7a **19716mThe Cuttings
Appleturnoverload7a+ **10322mBlacknor North
Master of the Rolls7a+ **5720mBlacknor Far South
Through the Barricades7a+ **6927mBlacknor Central
Sugar Ray7a **4710mDancing Ledge
Reverence7a+ ***4728mWallsend South
Sang Chaud7a+ ***2622mWallsend South
Forget Columbus7a ***1825mCoastguard South
England's Dreaming7a+ ***35821mBlacknor North
Forensic Scene7a+ **324mCoastguard South
Live by the Sword7a+ **18018mThe Cuttings
Great Barrier Reef7a+ **4622mBlacknor Far South
L'Esprit du Vent7a+ **424mCoastguard South
The Strobolising Scyphostoma7a+ **4320mBlacknor Far South
Wax on Wheels7a+ **2522mBlacknor Far South
Azymuth7a+ **424mCoastguard South
Animal Magnetism7b **14114mLulworth
Victims of Fashion7a+ ***17118mBattleship Main
Bend Sinister7a+ **3810mThe Cuttings
Laughing Peter7a+ **1120mWallsend South
Mariner's Graveyard7a+ ***1235m• 2Dancing Ledge
Bushwhacked7a+ **2517mBlacknor Far South
Double or Quits7a+ *4613mDancing Ledge
The Bigger Piece7a+ **2730mWallsend South
Dreams Burn Down7a+ **2827mBattleship Back...
Rocket from the Crypt7a+ **4420mCheyne Wears Area
Humanoid7a+ **4117mBattleship Main
The Mouth Waters7a+ **10216mThe Cuttings
On the Wall7a+ **3116mBattleship Main
Ironhead7a+ *2423mBlacknor North
Barbed Wire Kisses7a+ **7219mBattleship Main
Troll Team Special7b **4928mWallsend South
Psychosomatic Addict7a+ **5620mBlacknor South
The Singing Bush7a+ **3916mBlacknor Far South
Crown of Thorns7a+ **2121mBlacknor Far South
Kendo Nagasaki7a+ **4620mBlacknor Far South
Girl Power7a+ *1122mCoastguard North
Cybernetic Orchard7a+ **1928mBlacknor Central
Dogtown Skate Team7a+ ***327mWallsend South
Dizzy up the Girl7a+ **528mBlacknor Central
Mexican Stand-off7a+ **1725mBlacknor Central
Song to the Siren7a+ **-26mDancing Ledge
The Pump Will Tear Us Apart7a+ **328mDancing Ledge
Damnation Game7a+ **4420mWinspit
Solstice7a+ *32?Winspit
Psychic EMF7a+ **3520mBattleship Back...
Pump Hitler7a+ ***11526mBattleship Back...
Quick as Rainbows7a+ ***1023mCoastguard South
Sweet Smell of Success7b ***5320mWallsend North
Prophets of Rage7b **6611mDancing Ledge
September Mourning7b **-25mCoastguard South
Outside the Gate7b ***2128mWallsend South
Stay Golden7b ***4620mWallsend North
Biscuits for Smut7b **822mCoastguard South
Spare Rib7b **1720mCoastguard North
Full Fathom Five7b ***1024mCoastguard South
Aeon Flux7b **-24mCoastguard South
Come In and Burn7b **224mCoastguard South
Ryme Intrinseca7b **6020mBlacknor Far South
Spacewalk7b ***1716mPromenade
Twangy Pearl7b ***7116mBlacknor Central
Dr. Phibes7b **1518mCoastguard North
Ariane V7b **2828mWallsend South
Running Down a Dream7b **628mWallsend South
The Bad Seeds7b **1724mWallsend South
Genuflection7b ***3028mWallsend South
The Swinging Nineties7b ***1010mCave Hole
Nihil7b **4627mBattleship Back...
Topsy Turvy Land7b **714mWallsend North
Sale of the Century7b **-22mCoastguard North
My Love of this Land7b **517mWallsend North
Useless Generation7b **718mWallsend North
The Fun Factory7b **2526mBattleship Back...
Tessellations7b ***4425mPromenade
Choco Loni7b **2416mBattleship Main
Weakest to the Wall7b **914mWallsend North
Think Black7b **1020mBlacknor Far South
I Walk the Line7b **1624mBlacknor Central
Spanner Eyes7b *9221mBlacknor North
Halfway to Heaven7b ***3028mWallsend South
Birth Pains of New Nations7b ***925mPromenade
Crest of a Wave7b **620mPromenade
Down in the Sewer7b **1418mPromenade
Lulworth Arms Treaty7b **1212mLulworth
Avenging the Halsewell7b **11920mWinspit
Frazzled7b **1220mWallsend North
Want Out7b ***10318mThe Cuttings
Mr. Natural7b+ **425mWallsend South
Cocteau Phenomena7b+ ***3428mBlacknor Central
Coralized7b+ **1920mCheyne Wears Area
Colors7b+ ***26?Wallsend South
Reactor Meltdown7b **-22mCoastguard South
Road Rage7b+ ***9420mCheyne Wears Area
Brooklyn Bimbo7b+ **227mCoastguard South
Zinc Oxide Mountain7b+ ***12428mBattleship Back...
Guardian Angel7b+ **227mCoastguard South
Realm of Chaos7b+ ***4428mWallsend South
Frenzied Detruncation7b+ **518mCoastguard North
In on the Killtaker7b+ **1220mBlacknor Far South
Sign of the Vulcan7b+ **7910mThe Cuttings
Infernal Din7b+ **6317mThe Cuttings
Fat Chance Hotel7b+ **1817mDancing Ledge
Wax Museum7b+ ***2318mCoastguard North
Headwall Emptiness7b+ **122mCoastguard North
Red Medicine7b+ ***124mCoastguard South
The Racing Line7b+ ***2627mBattleship Back...
Downhill Spiral7b+ *120mWallsend North
Disintegration7b+ 128mWallsend South
Zum Zeaux7b+ ***2128mWallsend South
Subyouth7b+ **810mThe Cuttings
Bust Ya' Boiler7b+ **312mDancing Ledge
Running It In7b+ **1323mCoastguard North
Waves Become Wings7b+ ***725mPromenade
Corinthian Spirit7b+ **-28mBlacknor Central
Buried Violence7b+ **-24mCoastguard South
Teenage Lust7b+ **126mWallsend North
Gates of Greyskull7b+ ***4814mLulworth
Cinderella's Big Score7c **1516mHedbury
Hong Kong Phooey7c **520mWallsend South
Shining Heart7c **1118mCoastguard North
Nightmare Scenario7c *2618mThe Cuttings
Crucifix Kiss7c **1417mBlacknor Central
Meridian Line7c **-22mCoastguard North
Liquid Steel7c **512mPromenade
Hall of Mirrors7c ***11618mThe Cuttings
Keyboard Wall7c ***4915mBattleship Main
Illusions7c ***1020mCheyne Wears Area
Trance Mission7c **330mBattleship Back...
The Font of Knowledge7c **-22mCoastguard South
Screaming Skulls7c ***-25mCoastguard South
Il Pirata7a+ **-12mLulworth
Total Seizure7c+ ***1120mPromenade
Tennessee7c ***1625mCoastguard South
Atonement7c **326mPromenade
Mark of the Beast7c ***3315mLulworth
Once Were Warriors7c **113mCave Hole
Clockwork Orange7c **-22mCoastguard North
Mirrorball7c **115mLulworth
Boilermaker7c **916mBlacknor Central
Detonator7c **320mCheyne Wears Area
Osaki Dolphin7c **-11mCave Hole
Journey to Eternia7c+ **216mLulworth
Prison Sex7c+ **420mCoastguard North
Legendary Shadows7c **115mDancing Ledge
Pandemonium7c+ **220mCheyne Wears Area
Temple Redneck7c+ ***430mFishermans Ledge
Beautiful South7c **126mWallsend South
Glycerine7c+ **-22mCoastguard North
GodfodderE7 6c **-26mPromenade
King of the Swingers7c+ ***120mCave Hole
Shock to the System7c+ **115mPromenade
The Mind Terrorist7c+ **710mThe Cuttings
Drunken Butterfly7c+ ***125mFishermans Ledge
Eternal Spider7c+ **-22mCoastguard North
The Schwarzechild Radius7c+ ***-55m• 3Blackers Hole
Zen Zero7c+ ***-16mCave Hole
Bar Room Brawl7c+ **122mCoastguard North
Monoculture7c+ ***819mBattleship Main
Hurricane on a Millpond7c+ **216mThe Cuttings
The Big Blue7c+ **-7mLighthouse Area
Under Duress7c+ **2615mThe Cuttings
Magnetic Pull7c+ ***228mWallsend South
Never Kneel to Skeletor7c+ ***114mLulworth
Forever Laughing8a **2?• 3Blackers Hole
Hell's Darker Chambers8a ***120mDancing Ledge
Fighting Torque8a **5018mThe Cuttings
Solid State Logic8a **320mPromenade
Balance of Power8a **210mWhite Hole
To Hungary For Love8a **118mWallsend North
The Breathing Method8a **2318mThe Cuttings
Adrenochrome8a ***715mLulworth
Haka Pereperu8a ***135mFishermans Ledge
Burn Hollywood Burn8a ***215mLulworth
Freaky Ralph8a+ **720mBlacknor North
Event Horizon8a+ **215mPromenade
Fuel My Fire (de-bolted 2013)8a+ ***115mCattle Troughs
Infinite Gravity8a+ ***1345mBlackers Hole
Palace of the Brine8a+ ***330mFishermans Ledge
Vespasian8b ***322mCoastguard North
Endeavour8c ***135mBlackers Hole
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