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contributed by Mark Kemball Nov/12
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A list of routes that have been climbed since the 2000 North Devon and Cornwall guide. Please give feedback on any that you have climbed (grade, quality etc). Also please let me know of any that are missing. Most of the information about these routes comes (with permission) from Dave Henderson's Javu website http://www.javu.co.uk/Climbing/NewRoutes/NorthDevonandCornwall/NorthDevonCornwall.shtml

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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1The Cushion ManE4 5b 180m• 3Cam Beak Head
2Astral WeeksE5 6a ***-?Tintagel Head
3SideshowHVS 5b **-?Trebarwith Strand
4Stale DigestiveE1 5a -?Kellan Head
5Red QuinyE5 5c -?Kellan Head
6Telekenesis / Kellan CornerE4 6a ***230mKellan Head
7The Kinetic ConfabulatorE4 6a **-?Kellan Head
8Big Dave's SerpentVS 4c 8?Kellen Head (Upper...
9Outside EdgeHVS 4c 4?Kellen Head (Upper...
10un-namedHVS 5a *5?Kellen Head (Upper...
11Green CenotaphHS 4b 916mKellen Head (Upper...
12SomethingE1 5b 1?Kellen Head (Upper...
13Ink and OintmentE1 5b 69mKellen Head (Upper...
14Mach 3HVS 5b *59mKellen Head (Upper...
15Mimo FabriziE2 5c 27mKellen Head (Upper...
16SlashE2 5b *-?• 2Com Head
17Tap, tap, tapHVS 5a 1?Com Head
18Vertical CleftE1 5a -?Com Head
19Commoners' WallE4 6a *-?Com Head
20Appetite for DestructionE5 5c, 5b -?• 2Com Head
21WhodunnitVS 4c **2?Com Head
22Axl RoseE3 5c *-?Com Head
23Body ShockVS 4c -?Rumps Point
24Rayon Vert SS 4a 2?Rumps Point
25RegularS 4b 1?Rumps Point
26IrregularS 4a 3?Rumps Point
27Riding ParallelHS 4b 1?Rumps Point
28Under the ParallelHS 4c 1?Rumps Point
29GoofyS 4 b 2?Rumps Point
30Nice CrackS 4a 1?Rumps Point
31Pass the DuchyHS 4b -?Rumps Point
32PHMHVS 5a -?Rumps Point
33Nice RumpS -?Rumps Point
34Oskins Orror ShowHVS 5a 1?Rumps Point
35Duchy AddE3 5b 1?Rumps Point
36Gay BotsVD -?Rumps Point
37Cock it and Pull itVS 4c 1?Rumps Point
38Journey to Quantum NexusVD -?Rumps Point
39may dayVS 4c 1?Rumps Point
40crunchy cornerVS 4b 1?Rumps Point
41Lego LandHS 4c -?Rumps Point
42I've Swallowed AirHS 4b -?Rumps Point
43Pink WaferVD 1?Rumps Point
44King of a sawdust RingVS 4b 1?Rumps Point
45Risk it for a Chocolate BiscuitHS 4b 1?Rumps Point
46Velvet RevolverVS 4c 1?Rumps Point
47IodineS 1?Rumps Point
48Turn Tables in her EyesD -?Rumps Point
49Verbal ConstipationVD -?Rumps Point
50Lets Start Throwing ThingsS 4a -?Rumps Point
51RumplestiltskinE2 5b 220mRumps Point
52Stones of the SunE4 5c **-?Rumps Point
53RumpusE2 5b 122mRumps Point
54Psycho BagmanE5 6a *-?Pentire Point
55Dark SecretsE2 5c *118mPentire Point
56Enlightened RougesE4 5c **-?Pentire Point
57Wall of Spirits (Pitch 1)E6 6b ***-?Pentire Point
58Wall of SpiritsE8 6b **-?Pentire Point
59Abracadabra ArÍteE7 6b/c ***-?Pentire Point
60Welcome to BedlamE5 6a -?Pentire Point
61The FingerS 213mPentire Point
62Sister RayE4 6a *1?Pentire Point
63Heavy BloodE5 6a ***1?Pentire Point
64IstanbulE5 6a **-?Pentire Point
65KandaharE5 6a/b **-?Pentire Point
66Groove of ShadowsE5 6a/b **-?Pentire Point
67The North ShipE6 6a/b **-?Pentire Point
68PuginHVS 5b -?Pentire Point
69PolmorlaE6 6b **-?Pentire Point
70Enola GayE6 6a **-?Pentire Point
71Dancing in the Danger ZoneE6 6b ***-?Pentire Point
72Grave Dancers UnionE2 5b -?Pentire Point
73CatweasleE3 5c *-?Pentire Point
74Dill PickleE1 5b -?Pentire Point
75Curved AirE4 5c **-?Pentire Point
76Nessy CornerE3 5c *-?Pentire Point
77Digging for goldE1 5a 3?New Polzeath
78The DelinquantsHVS 4c -14mNew Polzeath
79Laura, Mark and LouisHS 4b **214mNew Polzeath
80Black rainVS 5a *114mNew Polzeath
81Green DayVD xd! 110mNew Polzeath
82Campaign For Real ShaleXS 5b -?Butter Hole
83WolframiteE5 6a **-?Cligga Head
84RazorbillE2 5c ***-?Carn Gowla
85PhantasmE4 6a ***6?Carn Gowla
86Crystal ViceHVS 4c 1?Carn Gowla
87eskimoVS 4c 1345mCarn Gowla
88Blue Skies And ButterfliesHVS 5a -?Carn Gowla
89Tut CrackVS 4b -?Carn Gowla
90Silent WitnessE2 5a/b -?Carn Gowla
91Indian Summer E3 5c * #E3 5c *-?Carn Gowla
92hopes and fearsVS 4b *325mCarn Gowla
93susanE2 5b ***3?Carn Gowla
94souixzy and the bansheesE1 5b *2?Carn Gowla
95Solid GroundE1 5a *-?Carn Gowla
96Sunny DelightsE2 5a 1?Carn Gowla
97KateHVS 4c *-?Carn Gowla
98Phoenix NightsHVS 5a **-?Carn Gowla
99Outside EdgeHS 4b 2?Carn Gowla
100star warsE2 5b *1?Carn Gowla
101Storm in a D CupHS 4b -?Carn Gowla
102Bra WarsE1 5b *-?Carn Gowla
103Hello Boys!E2 5b -?Carn Gowla
104Tit BitsS 4a 3?Carn Gowla
105Inspector CluesoHVS 4c *-?Carn Gowla
106Walking on SunshineVS 4b -?Carn Gowla
107Two Score And 10HS 4a 330mCarn Gowla
108NanorampHVS 5a -?Dinas Head Trevose
109NanoribHVS 5a -?Dinas Head Trevose
110Un-named 1VD -?Dinas Head Trevose
111Un-named 2D -?Dinas Head Trevose
112NanogrooveHVS 5a -?Dinas Head Trevose
113FringeS 510mMillook
114GreenzS 510mMillook
115Packet PointersS 8?Millook
116Keep It RealE3 6b 3?Millook
117Rick's tricksS 6?Millook
118Easy routeD 6?Millook
119Cheesy RouteVD 8?Millook
120Nice one brotherVD 5?Millook
121GreyhoundHVS 5b 4?Millook
122DunitVS 4c 6?Millook
123Soled itS 4a 7?Millook
124Flippin EckVD 5?Millook
125Block RockVD 3?Millook
126Cock RockHVS 4c 3?Millook
127Bust a MoveE1 5b 2?Millook
128RustyE1 5b 3?Millook
129Right RustyE1 5b 2?Millook
130Millooky LikeyE2 5c 3?Millook
131Pushing MillookE4 6b 1?Millook
132Crystal WallE1 5b 1?Millook
133Off the EdgeS 4?Millook
134Bird BoyS 2?Millook
135Pie BoyM 1?Millook
136Close to the edgeHVS 5a 4?Millook
137BonelessVS 4c 2?Millook
138Shove ItS 4?Millook
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