Marmot Athlete Ricky Bell Soloing Idlewild, E6 6b on Bearnagh's Summit Tor
Craig Hiller, Aug 2011
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'3 star Mournes' ticklist

contributed by tprebs May/13
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AddClimb nameGradeTicks?HeightCrag name
1The LeechE5 6c **-?Eagle Rocks
2Change the PantsE5 6b ***-?Eagle Rocks
3Big WigE2 5c ***2?Eagle Rocks
4What's the Story?E1 5b ***5?Eagle Rocks
5Broken WingsE3 6a ***-?Slieve Beg
6NecromancerE3 6a ***-?Slieve Beg
7Burden of DreamsE3 6a ***3?Slieve Beg
8Satanic MajestyE2 5b ***157mSlieve Beg
9The Third ManE1 5b ***350mSlieve Beg
10Cosmik DebrisE1 5b ***650mSlieve Beg
11Parallel LinesHVS 5a ***1040mSlieve Beg
12Sweetie MiceHVS 5a ***1240mSlieve Beg
13Mourne MaggieHVS 5a ***1048mSlieve Beg
14Devil's RibVD ***2054m• 2Slieve Beg
15Thin CrackVS 4b/c ***4225mAnnalong Buttress
16No Rest for the WickedE5 6a ***-?Upper Cove
17PegasusE5 6b ***-?Spellack
18Mad DogsE5 6a ***2?Spellack
19Mirror MirrorE4 6a ***2?Spellack
20WarhorseE4 6a ***4?Spellack
21Blowin' in the WindHVS 5a ***10?Spellack
22White WallsS 4a ***5430mSpellack
23Sleezy LoverE8 6c ***-?Lower Cove
24Prime MateE7 6c ***-?Lower Cove
25Easy LoverE7 6c ***-?Lower Cove
26The Dark CrystalE7 6c ***-?Lower Cove
27RokkenjagerE7 6c ***-?Lower Cove
28Freshly BakedE7 6b ***-?Lower Cove
29Pressure PointE6 6c ***-?Lower Cove
30Infidels Direct StartE5 6a ***-?Lower Cove
31The 5th ApeE5 6a ***3?Lower Cove
32Graffiti LimboE4 6a ***-?Lower Cove
33InfidelsE4 6a ***1?Lower Cove
34A Winter's TaleE3 6a ***1?Lower Cove
35AutocratE3 5c ***130mLower Cove
36Meat GrinderE2 5c ***20?Lower Cove
37Liquid CoolE2 5c ***-20mLower Cove
38Les Jeunes Filles en Jupes d'EteE2 5b ***16?Lower Cove
39AristocratE1 5b ***27?Lower Cove
40Swing LowE1 5b ***2443m• 2Lower Cove
41GynocratHVS 5a ***43?Lower Cove
42Dot's DelightHVS 4c ***3340m• 2Lower Cove
43Agag's WallVS 4b ***66?Lower Cove
44Pillar VariantS 4a ***10440m• 2Lower Cove
45Brewer's GloomS 4a ***4445m• 3Lower Cove
46Crystal MethodsE8 6c ***-?Binnian North Tor
47ToleranceE8 6c ***1?Binnian North Tor
48Mushroom BoyzE7 6c ***1?Binnian North Tor
49I Am SpidermanE7 6c ***1?Binnian North Tor
50Thrill Issues of the JellymanE7 6b ***4?Binnian North Tor
51ElectraE1 5b ***13?Binnian North Tor
52Triggersf7B ***2?Binnian North Tor
53Casheernf7A ***-?Binnian North Tor
54MK Ultraf7A ***-?Binnian North Tor
55Flakerf6B ***1?Binnian North Tor
56There's a Bee in my Pocketf6B ***1?Binnian North Tor
57Mr Potato Headf6A ***2?Binnian North Tor
58Amen CornerE2 5c ***-50m• 2Douglas Crag
59The Great BequeatherE5 6b ***-25mBen Crom
60The Rage of Achilles Direct FinishE4 6b ***-?Ben Crom
61Rainbow RoadE4 6a ***-?Ben Crom
62Blood StrangersE3 6a ***-?Ben Crom
63The Rage of AchillesE3 6a ***-?Ben Crom
64Golden GateE3 5c ***-?Ben Crom
65OctobabyE3 5c ***-?Ben Crom
66Restless EyesE2 5b ***1?Ben Crom
67Divided YearsE9 6c ***-55mBuzzard's Roost
68The Peace LineE7 6c ***-?Buzzard's Roost
69Mental CrackE7 6b/c ***-?Buzzard's Roost
70The Spirit LevelE5 6b ***-52m• 3Buzzard's Roost
71War MusicE5 6b ***-50m• 2Buzzard's Roost
72Twist of FateE4 6a ***-50mBuzzard's Roost
73The LedgerHVS 4c ***438mBuzzard's Roost
74The SheughS ***873mBuzzard's Roost
75MaverickE3 5c ***-?Blue Lough Buttress
76VertebraeE1 5b ***1?Blue Lough Buttress
77FMVD ***70162m• 6Slieve Lamagan
78Crooked ChimneyHS 4b ***4869mBearnagh Slabs
79IdlewildE6 6b ***1?Slieve Bearnagh
80EdelweissE2 6a ***7?Slieve Bearnagh
81Private InvestigationE2 5c ***-?Slieve Bearnagh
82Summit SheughS ***212mSlieve Bearnagh
83Journey into LifeE3 5c ***4?Hen Mountain
84Ethical BackfireE2 5b ***16?Hen Mountain
85Quare CrackE1 5b ***24?Hen Mountain
86FingerbowlS 3c ***3822mHen Mountain
87We're All LearningE7 6c ***-?Binnian Jabberwock...
88Uncharted TerritoryE6 6c ***-?Binnian Jabberwock...
89Psycho KillerE3 6a ***2?Binnian Jabberwock...
90SpectreE3 5c ***1?Binnian Jabberwock...
91Head First for Halosf7B ***-?Binnian Gamma Tor
92ZombieE6 6b ***1?Little Binnian
93Nig NogVS 4c ***1427mLittle Binnian
94Penny BlackE2 5c ***559m• 2Pigeon Rock
95PhantomsE1 5b ***5125mPigeon Rock
96VirgoVS 4c ***3190m• 4Pigeon Rock
97FalconHS 4b ***51?Pigeon Rock
98Class DistinctionS 4a ***14725mPigeon Rock
282 e, 293 stars1,1221,496m• 117