44 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Grade Added Crag name
 Footless MadnessE5 6b **16/Jun/10Carn Barra
 Mean StreetE4 6b **16/Jun/10Carn Barra
 The Big GreenyE3 6a ***15/Jun/10Almscliff
 The Wall of HorrorsE3 6a ***15/Jun/10Almscliff
 Bored of wringE5 6a 15/Jun/10Cheesewring Quarry
 Interrogation SuperdirectE5 6a ***11/Jun/10Haytor (aka Hay...
 AviationE1 5b ***11/Jun/10Haytor (aka Hay...
 InterrogationE3 6a ***11/Jun/10Haytor (aka Hay...
 A Step in the Light GreenE6 6b ***03/Jun/10Heptonstall
 White WandE5 6a ***31/May/10Stanage Plantation
 The StranglerE4 5c ***31/May/10Stanage Plantation
 AmericaE4 5c ***26/May/10Carn Gowla
 Thursday's ChildE5 6b **25/May/10Haytor (aka Hay...
 Curving AreteE5 6b ***25/May/10Black Rocks
 PseudonymE5 6b **25/May/10Black Rocks
 LiberatorE4 6a ***24/May/10Great Zawn
 All Our YesterdaysE5 6a **24/May/10Almscliff
 Magnum OpusE5 6b **24/May/10Almscliff
 The DevonianE5 6a **24/May/10Lower Sharpnose...
 Hairless HeartE5 5c ***24/May/10Froggatt Edge
 The ConsulE4 6a *24/May/10Carn Barra
 High Street BluesE5 6a **24/May/10Sennen
 Hard LineE5 6b *24/May/10Heptonstall
 Swift and SureE5 6b ***23/May/10Widdop
 Abstract AttittudeE5 6b **23/May/10Earl Crag
 Scar WallE5 6b *23/May/10Baildon Bank
 StrapadictomyE5 6b ***22/May/10Froggatt Edge
 Right WallE5 6a ***22/Apr/10Dinas Cromlech
 Left WallE5 6a **14/Apr/10Brimham Rocks
 Crooked MileE4 6a ***13/Apr/10Lower Sharpnose...
 Break On ThroughE4 6a ***13/Apr/10Lower Sharpnose...
 PacemakerE5 6a ***13/Apr/10Lower Sharpnose...
 FayE4 5c ***13/Apr/10Lower Sharpnose...
 Golden BrownE4 6a **11/Mar/10Carn Barra
 Glass AreteE3 5c *11/Mar/10Carn Barra
 Sunny Corner LaneE3 5c **11/Mar/10Carn Barra
 Grand PlageE3 6a ***11/Mar/10Carn Barra
 Eyefull TowerE3 6a **31/Dec/09Cheesewring Quarry
 Khyber WallE2 5c ***31/Dec/09Cheesewring Quarry
 Raven WallE3 5c **31/Dec/09Bosigran
 Sinister RibE3 5b **30/Dec/09Ilkley (Cow and...
 PathosE3 6a **30/Dec/09Brimham Rocks
 Western FrontE3 5c ***30/Dec/09Almscliff
 A Swift Flight of FancyE3 6a **30/Dec/09Sennen