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Wishlist for nathan foster

31 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Simple Simon49912/Jun/11Wright's Rocks...
 High Speed Imp Act1051512/Jun/11Gentleman Rock...
 Blood Falls841313/Mar/11Rowtor Rocks
 Kaluza Klein223228/Feb/11Robin Hood's Stride
 Brad Pit8510401/Jan/11Stanage Plantation
 Remergence37825/Dec/10Burbage North
 The Sphinx211425/Dec/10Burbage North
 Wombat2036809/Dec/10Roaches Upper Tier
 L'Hélicoptère742909/Dec/10Bas Cuvier
 Arachnée (Red 14)41509/Dec/10Gorge aux chats
 Biceps Mou (Black 6)16509/Dec/10Bas Cuvier
 Gargantoit281009/Dec/10Gorge du Houx
 Beatle Juice771509/Dec/10Franchard Cuisiniere
 Excalibur45909/Dec/10Franchard Cuisiniere
 Moondance56509/Dec/10Franchard Cuisiniere
 Duel dans la Lune601009/Dec/1095.2
 Le Flippeur (Red 17ter)29409/Dec/10La Roche aux Sabots
 Graviton2441409/Dec/10La Roche aux Sabots
 Dune (El Poussif)401009/Dec/10Franchard Isatis
 Le Carnage (White 6t)972209/Dec/10Bas Cuvier
 Le Magnifique (L'Innommé)13709/Dec/10Franchard Cuisiniere
 Le Toit du Cul du Chien2423209/Dec/10Le Cul de Chien
 La Baleine (Black 7)512209/Dec/10Petit Bois
 Big Jim (Black 4)631409/Dec/10Petit Bois
 The Knock1447009/Dec/10Burbage South Edge
 Quietus26320728/Oct/10Stanage High Neb
 Gorilla Warfare4376724/Oct/10Curbar Edge
 Pinnacle Rib Route8658730/Sep/10Tryfan (East Face)
 Steep Traverse253830/Sep/10Stanage Plantation
 The Green Traverse7256230/Sep/10Stanage Plantation
 Deliverance26912730/Sep/10Stanage Plantation