94 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Grade Added Crag name
 7 BallV5 6b *30/Aug/13Burbage South Edge
 LegacyHVS 5a ***05/Jun/13Kinder Northern...
 Nicotine StainE1 6b *30/Sep/12Burbage North
 Jumpin' on a BeetleE6 6c *17/Sep/12Black Rocks
 Velvet SilenceE6 6c **17/Sep/12Black Rocks
 Soft RushE6 6a **17/Sep/12Black Rocks
 Boldness Through IgnoranceE7 6c **19/Aug/12Cow's Mouth...
 PreparationHf7C+ ***12/Apr/12Hepburn
 Coming Up For Airf8A ***19/Mar/12Stanage Plantation
 Small is BeautifulE4 6c *04/Nov/11Burbage North
 NefertitiE6 6c *04/Nov/11Burbage North
 Shock Horror SlabV5 6b *16/Oct/11Stanage Plantation
 Black Nix WallE1 5c *14/Oct/11Curbar Edge
 LindenE6 6b ***13/Oct/11Curbar Edge
 Ulysses or BustE5 6b ***13/Oct/11Curbar Edge
 Three Blind MiceE7 6c **11/Oct/11Burbage North
 An Even Bigger Tail7b+ *11/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
 Too Old to be Bold7c *11/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
 Salar8a *11/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
 No Jug, No ThugE5 6b *11/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
 Last But Not Least7a 11/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
 The Pinch Test7c+ *11/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
 The Wimp7c *11/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
 The Sissy8a *11/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
 Zeke the Freak8b ***11/Oct/11Water-cum-Jolly
 Parthian Shot (pre Nov 13)E9 6c ***11/Oct/11Burbage South Edge
 The PromiseE8 7a ***11/Oct/11Burbage North
 Tin Of7b **11/Oct/11Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Sardine7b+ ***11/Oct/11Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Chimes of Freedom8a+ ***11/Oct/11Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Downhill RacerE4 6a ***05/Oct/11Froggatt Edge
 Long John's SlabE3 5c **05/Oct/11Froggatt Edge
 Great SlabE3 5b ***17/Sep/11Froggatt Edge
 Little Plum8a ***10/Sep/11Stoney Middleton
 Shine OnE7 6c ***07/Sep/11Stanage Popular
 Black Car BurningE7 6c **06/Sep/11Stanage Popular
 The King of Ming (Redundant)7b+ **01/Sep/11Stoney Middleton
 Top LoaderE7 6c ***01/Sep/11Millstone Edge
 Time for TeaE3 5c ***01/Sep/11Millstone Edge
 10,000 Maniacs/Elm StreetE8 6c **01/Sep/11Millstone Edge
 The Snivelling ShitE5 6a **01/Sep/11Millstone Edge
 PerplexityE6 6b ***01/Sep/11Millstone Edge
 StrapadictomyE5 6b ***01/Sep/11Froggatt Edge
 The Mint 400E6 6b *01/Sep/11Froggatt Edge
 Oedipus Ring Your MotherE4 6b **01/Sep/11Froggatt Edge
 Bat Out of HellE5 6a ***01/Sep/11Higgar Tor
 Lost WorldE6 6c **01/Sep/11Carl Wark
 JanusE6 6b ***29/Aug/11Curbar Edge
 UnfamiliarE8 6c ***29/Aug/11Stanage Plantation
 SlackersE6 6b **29/Aug/11Curbar Edge
 White LinesE6 6c ***29/Aug/11Curbar Edge
 The KnockE4 6a ***28/Aug/11Burbage South Edge
 NosferatuE6 6b ***28/Aug/11Burbage South Edge
 OffspringE5 6b **28/Aug/11Burbage South...
 Silent SpringE4 5c ***28/Aug/11Burbage South...
 Braille TrailE7 6c ***28/Aug/11Burbage South Edge
 SamsonE6 7a *28/Aug/11Burbage South Edge
 MessiahE6 6c ***28/Aug/11Burbage South Edge
 BrandedE8 6c ***06/Aug/11The Brand
 Supermassive Black Hole7a ***10/Jul/11Twll Mawr
 The WastelandE4 5c ***08/Jul/11Charnel Stones
 The Power of the Dark SideE8 6b ***06/Jul/11Upper Matlock...
 The Brush OffE4 5c ***01/Jul/11Rivelin Edge
 Simbas PrideE8 6b 30/Jun/11Burbage South Edge
 S GrooveE8 6c **30/Jun/11Wilton 2
 The Spider8a ***24/Jun/11Chee Dale Upper
 BloodrushE6 6b ***10/Jun/11Shining Clough Rocks
 Special Kf7C ***23/May/11Crafnant bouldering
 Nemesis8a+ ***23/May/11Chee Dale Lower
 PoppersE5 6c **27/Mar/11Baslow Edge
 DanaE5 6c 09/Mar/11Rollick Stones
 Onslaught8a **02/Feb/11Turkey Dip Rocks
 Sole Powerf7C *02/Feb/11Froggatt Edge
 Boyagerf7A+ ***03/Jan/11Burbage North
 Renegade MasterE8 6c **09/Dec/10Froggatt Edge
 Big AirE6 6b **31/Oct/10Stanage Plantation
 Ulysses' BowE6 6b ***31/Oct/10Stanage Plantation
 Grace and DangerE6 6c **31/Oct/10Stanage Plantation
 Weather ReportE6 6c *31/Oct/10Stanage Plantation
 Life AssuranceE6 6b *31/Oct/10Burbage South Edge
 Appointment With FearE7 6b ***31/Oct/10Wimberry Rocks
 Balance It IsE7 6c ***26/Oct/10Burbage South Edge
 Brass Monkeysf7C *13/Oct/10Stanage Plantation
 Raindogs8a ***22/Sep/10Malham Cove
 Mark's RoofV8 6b **18/Sep/10Gardoms Edge
 Mark's Roof Left-HandV5 6b **10/Sep/10Gardoms Edge
 Forked Lightning CrackE3 5c ***25/Jul/10Heptonstall
 Supercool8a+ ***21/Jul/10Gordale Scar
 Bob HopeE4 6a ***03/Jul/10The Dovestones...
 You're Joking!f7B *01/Apr/10Wimberry Rocks
 Enhancing Hero Sit Startf7B *10/Feb/10Wimberry Rocks
 The Grey Roadf7C 10/Feb/10Wimberry Rocks
 Dark Matterf7B+ **06/Dec/09Wimberry Rocks
 Appointment with DeathE9 6c 15/Oct/09Wimberry Rocks