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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Fish Arete721128/Sep/14Wimberry Rocks
 Life in a Radioactive Dustbin70802/Jan/14Burbage North
 Higginson's Arm1422/Sep/13Roaches Upper Tier
 Walnut Whip53-08/Sep/13Secret Garden
 The Terrace852908/Sep/13Burbage North
 Electrical Storm523208/Sep/13Burbage South Edge
 Brass Monkeys592708/Sep/13Stanage Plantation
 Low Rider52508/Apr/13Stanage North
 Chip Shop Brawl20908/Apr/13Stanage North
 The Art of White Hat Wearing35908/Apr/13Curbar Edge
 Trust861208/Apr/13The Five Clouds
 The Beagle Has Landed531308/Apr/13Baslow Edge
 Dry Wit in a Wet Country1412008/Apr/13Robin Hood's Stride
 Fingers94708/Apr/13Wright's Rocks...
 All Quiet Direct42808/Apr/13Burbage North
 Boing Boy80807/Apr/13Clifftop Boulders
 Brad's Block Traverse9-07/Apr/13Clifftop Boulders
 Emergency Room10307/Apr/13Clifftop Boulders
 Hemline49305/Apr/13Higgar Tor
 The Flying Arete36805/Apr/13Higgar Tor
 Shit27705/Apr/13Higgar Tor
 Piss681305/Apr/13Higgar Tor
 Sick90-05/Apr/13Higgar Tor
 Velvet Crab531005/Apr/13Burbage North
 Wobble Block113405/Apr/13Burbage Bridge
 Wobble Block Direct15-05/Apr/13Burbage Bridge
 Twin Cracks Arete37-05/Apr/13Burbage Bridge
 Nigel's Problem51205/Apr/13Secret Garden
 The Harder Side63-05/Apr/13Secret Garden
 Dick Williams561505/Apr/13Secret Garden
 Green Death Start31305/Apr/13Millstone Edge
 Technical Master Left-hand63405/Apr/13Millstone Edge
 Catch1304/Apr/13Rowtor Rocks
 Blood Falls901204/Apr/13Rowtor Rocks
 The Yoghurt Hypnotist752104/Apr/13Rowtor Rocks
 Mark's Roof Circuit19204/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
 Pogle's Wood Sit Start8-04/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
 English Voodoo Sit-Start12304/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
 Mark's Roof Original112304/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
 No Hueco28204/Apr/13Cratcliffe Tor
 Chapel of Rest21404/Apr/13Cratcliffe Tor
 Wish42704/Apr/13Cratcliffe Tor
 Too Drunk58904/Apr/13Roaches Upper Tier
 Long Boulder Mantel30304/Apr/13Roaches Upper Tier
 Nadin's Traverse921504/Apr/13Roaches Upper Tier
 Trackside6664503/Apr/13Curbar Edge
 Nicotine Stain1421803/Apr/13Burbage North
 Jihad9-03/Apr/13Curbar Edge
 Suavito694403/Apr/13Gardoms Edge
 Brad Pit9410903/Apr/13Stanage Plantation

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