38 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Crimp Like a Chimp--14/Sep/13Portlethen...
 Move to the Groove33714/Sep/13Portlethen...
 Sun City40828/Jun/13Cambus O'May...
 The Ivy League501319/Aug/11Limekilns
 To Teo4421/Jun/11Waterfall Walls
 The Shield10206/Feb/11Goat Crag
 The Bat548325/Aug/10Ben Nevis
 Centurion23523925/Aug/10Ben Nevis
 The Long Climb7319825/Aug/10Ben Nevis
 The Enforcer47418/Jul/10Rob's Reed
 No respect for your elders32218/Jul/10Rob's Reed
 Climb and Punishment49718/Jul/10Rob's Reed
 Going Through on Aggregate62218/Jul/10Rob's Reed
 Im a Tit, I love Flying1-18/Jul/10Creag nan Luch
 King of the Swingers1218/Jul/10Creag nan Luch
 Hydrotherapy30418/Jul/10Goat Crag
 Mac Talla331118/Jul/10Goat Crag
 Hanger 1827218/Jul/10Elephant Rock
 Stone of Destiny103918/Jul/10Creag Nan Clag (The...
 Dropping Like Flies5218/Jul/10Ley Quarry
 Slim Pickins25318/Jul/10Kirrie Hill
 Touch Too Much51218/Jul/10Kirrie Hill
 The Chopping Block701218/Jul/10Dunkeld, Craig a...
 Les morts Dansant4-18/Jul/10Legaston Quarry
 Making the Grade8218/Jul/10Ley Quarry
 The Magic Thumb4-18/Jul/10Ley Quarry
 Leyed To Rest14218/Jul/10Ley Quarry
 Pool of Despair13-18/Jul/10Ley Quarry
 Haul or Nothing9318/Jul/10Ley Quarry
 No Remorse32703/Mar/10Legaston Quarry
 Marlina771003/Mar/10Dunkeld, Cave Crag
 The Silk Purse401003/Mar/10Dunkeld, Cave Crag
 Spandex Ballet12503/Mar/10Legaston Quarry
 Hamish Teddy's Excellent Adventure2052003/Mar/10Dunkeld, Cave Crag
 High Pitched Scream58903/Mar/10Weem Crags
 Savage Amusement47603/Mar/10Balmashanner Quarry
 Electrodynamics22703/Mar/10Strathyre Crag
 Static Discharge17403/Mar/10Strathyre Crag