32 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Karma-1212/Sep/14Franchard Cuisiniere
 The End is Nigh9204/Aug/14Hartland Quay
 In Hell3523/Jul/14Parisella's Cave
 Blokesmoker/smoke a bloke1216/Jul/14GOP Cave bouldering
 Cruser Weight8216/Jul/14Moel y Gest Quarry
 Beatitude Kiss3216/Jul/14Moel y Gest Quarry
 Dark Reservation1216/Jul/14Anston Stones Wood
 Paper Birds2216/Jul/14GOP Cave bouldering
 Angels Extension3-11/Jul/14Biblins Cave
 Roof Of A Baby Buddha202207/Jul/14Maes Newyddion Woods
 Mr Fantastic111406/Jul/14Cromlech boulders
 Drag Racer5209/Jun/14Moel y Gest Quarry
 The Last High-231/May/14Parisella's Cave
 The Last Stand-231/May/14Parisella's Cave
 Le Dernier Atrocity-231/May/14Parisella's Cave
 Block 250g (Bruno): Unendliche Geschichte Part 1-216/May/14Averstal (AKA:...
 Wonderland1-11/May/14Priests Cove...
 Freshly Squeezed3-08/May/14Biblins Cave
 Le Mandarin-307/Apr/14Roche aux Oiseaux
 Lone Wolf1216/Mar/14Wolfhole Crag
 The View From The Afternoon9301/Mar/14Correges Cumb
 Block 37d: Voigas1322/Jan/14Averstal (AKA:...
 Queens1206/Jan/14Pac man boulders
 The Art of Self Destruction10627/Oct/13Woodwell
 Influx2324/Oct/13Raven Tor (Miller's...
 Pilgrim7504/Sep/13Parisella's Cave
 Oppotrocity2204/Sep/13Parisella's Cave
 Moby1228/Jul/13Limeslade Crag
 Full Power4730/Jun/13Gardoms Edge
 8 Ball-430/Jun/13Gardoms Edge
 La Barre Fixe Droite5-31/Jan/13L'Elephant
 sub society2-06/Nov/12Cromlech boulders