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Wishlist for richiebongo

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  Climb name Added Crag name
 New Dawn1013713/Feb/14Malham Cove
 Handrail Direct5-10/Dec/13Ramshaw Rocks
 Entropy's Jaw521810/Dec/13Roaches Skyline
 Track of the Cat743210/Dec/13Roaches Skyline
 Devonshire Cream61710/Dec/13Anstey's Cove
 Positron954910/Dec/13Gogarth North Stack...
 Curving Arete141310/Dec/13Black Rocks
 Artless81810/Dec/13Froggatt Edge
 Desert Gorge1210/Dec/13Cheddar Gorge South
 Central Sadness361411/Sep/13California
 Tales of Yankee Power671814/Aug/13High Tor
 Empire of the Sun2528707/Jun/13Anstey's Cove
 The English Opium Eaters14-21/May/13Shorn Cliff
 The Long Run28417/Feb/13Gogarth North Stack...
 Blue Peter71517/Feb/13Gogarth North Stack...
 A Midsummer Night's Dream222017/Feb/13Clogwyn Du'r Arddu...
 The Cad522517/Feb/13Gogarth North Stack...
 Reproduction16803/Jan/13High Tor
 True Grip851302/Dec/12Dinas Cromlech
 Smashing of Amps241117/Nov/12Split Rock (Milton...
 Fornicator Simulator141117/Nov/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Heart of Oak5210/Nov/12Symonds Yat
 The Pylon King4410/Nov/12Symonds Yat
 Feline6310/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 The Jackal26610/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 Dog Eat Dog10310/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 Hyena Cage19610/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 Flyover23310/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 Acid Test9310/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 White Feather41410/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 Kaiser Wall89910/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 Vulture Squadron16610/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 La Folie13510/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 Flies Aloft4210/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 Strange Little Girl37610/Nov/12Wintour's Leap
 Mithril Direct Finish8310/Nov/12Goblin Combe
 The Wargs24-10/Nov/12Goblin Combe
 The Featherless Biped10310/Nov/12Avon Gorge (Sea...
 Dragon17310/Nov/12Avon Gorge (Sea...
 Pink Wall Indirect5210/Nov/12Avon Gorge (Main...
 Krapp's Last Tape831110/Nov/12Avon Gorge (Main...
 Steppenwolf41810/Nov/12Avon Gorge (Main...
 La Tour Noire10210/Nov/12Cheddar Gorge North
 Avatar2310/Nov/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Wishing Wall2310/Nov/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Dream Cruise9310/Nov/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Warlord6610/Nov/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Heaven And Earth Show11410/Nov/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Schizoid6-10/Nov/12Cheddar Gorge South
 Scare City39511/Sep/12Bus Stop Quarry

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