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Wishlist for stevorobs3

42 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Central Buttress2289716/Jun/14Scafell Crag
 Left Wall78540715/Jun/14Dinas Cromlech
 Hombre892914/Jun/14Gogarth North Stack...
 Gormenghast1783914/Jun/14Heron Crag, Eskdale
 Grey Panther17113514/Jun/14Kilt Rock, Staffin
 Pleasure Dome1926114/Mar/14Stennis Head
 Mohammed the Medieval Melancholic2071010/Mar/14Denham Quarry
 Magical Mystery Tour 49410/Dec/12Berry Head (The Old...
 Magical Mystery Tour 39310/Dec/12Berry Head (The Old...
 Magical Mystery Tour 2 (Blue Grotto pitch)52610/Dec/12Berry Head (The Old...
 Magical Mystery Tour 12764110/Dec/12Berry Head (The Old...
 Aquaplan35417/Jul/12Geyikbayiri - Lower...
 Retsa30-17/Jul/12Geyikbayiri - Upper...
 Embankment 214236509/Apr/12Millstone Edge
 Count's Buttress1303307/Apr/12Stanage Plantation
 Monday Blue2431007/Apr/12Stanage Plantation
 Pot Black4443607/Apr/12Stanage Plantation
 Fern Groove981007/Apr/12Stanage Plantation
 Terrazza Crack3627107/Apr/12Stanage End
 Arrow Crack200607/Apr/12Stanage End
 Shining Jewel25707/Apr/12Stanage End
 Sceptic58307/Apr/12Stanage End
 Old Salt4465907/Apr/12Stanage End
 Surgeon's Saunter2475007/Apr/12Stanage End
 The Wobbler93507/Apr/12Stanage End
 The Lamia13507/Apr/12Stanage End
 Incursion2912107/Apr/12Stanage End
 Incursion Direct68307/Apr/12Stanage End
 The Left Unconquerable126027707/Apr/12Stanage Plantation
 The Tippler58413307/Apr/12Stanage Popular
 Harding's Super Direct Finish3331307/Apr/12Stanage Popular
 Congo Corner69610007/Apr/12Stanage Popular
 Downtown Julie Brown3631917/Oct/11Blacknor North
 England's Dreaming3505617/Oct/11Blacknor North
 The Holy Hand Grenade1541212/Oct/11The Cuttings
 Aviation4286818/Jun/11Haytor (aka Hay...
 Grim Wall12004007/Jun/11Craig Bwlch y Moch...
 Mr. Choo Choo991109/May/11Dancing Ledge
 Screwballed!2102002/May/11Cheddar Gorge North
 Islands in the City1221001/May/11Cheddar Gorge North
 Out of the Limelight14212/Apr/11Giggleswick South
 Evening Mistress156801/Feb/11The Cuttings