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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Jet Stream502507/Nov/13Aonach Mor
 1938 Route3312406/Nov/13Eiger
 Central Pillar of Freney125306/Nov/13Mont Blanc
 The Nose9218324/Oct/13El Capitan -...
 Brown's Eliminate94610214/Jun/13Froggatt Edge
 The Red Edge1252103/Jun/13Esk Buttress (Dow...
 Woolly Jumper231303/Jun/13Bowfell Buttress
 Sword of Damocles22603/Jun/13North...
 Air on a Bowstring22303/Jun/13Bowfell Buttress
 'C' Ordinary Route4295405/May/13Dow Crag
 Catacomb682605/May/13Dow Crag
 Nimrod1213205/May/13Dow Crag
 Capella2543903/May/13Pavey Ark
 The Rib Pitch75320/Apr/13Pavey Ark
 Raindrop3644109/Apr/13Black Crag...
 Troutdale Pinnacle Superdirect3862529/Mar/13Black Crag...
 Perhaps Not21429/Mar/13White Ghyll
 Chimney Variant60629/Mar/13White Ghyll
 Ethics of War44229/Mar/13White Ghyll
 The Palestinians80229/Mar/13White Ghyll
 Feet of Clay46529/Mar/13White Ghyll
 Waste Not, Want Knot108329/Mar/13White Ghyll
 East Buttress611722/Mar/13El Capitan -...
 Elvis27223/Feb/13Scout Crags
 Out From the Darkness6-19/Nov/12Raven Crag...
 1934 Route27514/Nov/12Ben Nevis
 Good Friday Climb2058514/Nov/12Ben Nevis
 The Appian Way173525/Sep/12Pillar Rock
 Into the Light12-21/Sep/12Raven Crag...
 Ivy Sepulchre4086419/Sep/12Dinas Cromlech
 Sabre Cut8349619/Sep/12Dinas Cromlech
 Left Wall81742319/Sep/12Dinas Cromlech
 Big Dipper/Mirrormere441029/Aug/12Hodge Close Quarry
 Behind the Lines1992929/Aug/12Hodge Close Quarry
 Ten Years After331029/Aug/12Hodge Close Quarry
 Carpe Diem14229/Aug/12Hodge Close Quarry
 Malice in Wonderland641129/Aug/12Hodge Close Quarry
 Golden Oldy2435927/Aug/12Aonach Mor
 Left Twin2715427/Aug/12Aonach Mor
 White Shark1203127/Aug/12Aonach Mor
 Morwind1011627/Aug/12Aonach Mor
 Comb Gully4387627/Aug/12Ben Nevis
 North East Buttress3098527/Aug/12Ben Nevis
 The Cascade631427/Aug/12Ben Nevis
 Zero Gully1878327/Aug/12Ben Nevis
 Smith's Route22510127/Aug/12Ben Nevis
 Hadrian's Wall Direct2305327/Aug/12Ben Nevis
 Point Five Gully53525427/Aug/12Ben Nevis
 Orion Face Direct21316727/Aug/12Ben Nevis
 Pendulum Ridge18625/Aug/12Scrubby Crag

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