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  Climb name Added Crag name
 Lucky Strike41627/Oct/14Odyssey
 Railway Children12527/Oct/14Creag A'Bhancair
 The Tribeswoman25427/Oct/14Creag A'Bhancair
 Pipe Cleaner16-16/Sep/14Zeus & Meltemi
 Bye Bye Felix16216/Sep/14Panorama
 Cojón Prieto23429/Oct/13Siurana - Valley
 Ayla5-29/Oct/13Siurana - Valley
 Tikis Mikis35629/Oct/13Siurana - Valley
 La Fiesta del Mondongo12-29/Oct/13Siurana - Valley
 Brigadistak42-29/Oct/13Siurana - Valley
 Junta Culata21-29/Oct/13Siurana - Valley
 Ay Mamita110529/Oct/13Siurana - Valley
 Remena nena116529/Oct/13Siurana - Valley
 Libertarias18-29/Oct/13Siurana - Village
 Pizza de pinya56429/Oct/13Siurana - Village
 Salmoneti a contra corrent8-29/Oct/13Siurana - Village
 No pierdas el maná8-29/Oct/13Siurana - Village
 Regalimando2229/Oct/13Siurana - Village
 Sugopy10-29/Oct/13Siurana - Village
 Es algo37429/Oct/13Siurana - Village
 The End of Silence49706/Jul/11Weem Crags
 Uncertain Emotions601106/Jul/11Creag A'Bhancair
 La Balafre (Salmon 24)13226/Mar/11Apremont
 Lex Yeux (Red 11)7-26/Mar/11Apremont
 La Lune (Black + White 10)80526/Mar/11Apremont
 Nostalgie2-26/Mar/11Drei Zinnen
 Le Swing Medium (Black 36)19221/Mar/11Buthiers Piscine
 La Brutus (Black 22)--21/Mar/11Buthiers Piscine
 La Directe du Petit Cervin (Black 6)4-04/May/10Buthiers Piscine
 L'angle à Jean-Luc (Red 25)19204/May/10La Roche aux Sabots
 Red 38 - Escapade2-04/May/10J.A. Martin, Font
 Surplomb de la Coquille (Conquérance)53604/May/10Franchard Isatis
 2HB57510/Jun/08Dumbarton Rock
 The Needle (Summer)20314710/Jun/08Shelterstone Crag
 Yo Yo806010/Jun/08Aonach Dubh, North...
 Salamander602410/Jun/08Creag Ghlas
 Soyuz1642702/May/08Curbar Edge
 Tower Face Direct4846611/Apr/08Stanage Plantation
 Left-Hand Crack691011/Apr/08Dunkeld, Craig a...
 Telli4227811/Apr/08Stanage Plantation
 Enigma Variation1181011/Apr/08Roaches Skyline
 Terrazza Crack3687614/May/07Stanage North
 The Knutter3671914/May/07Stanage North
 Millsom's Minion9938314/May/07Stanage Plantation
 The Left Unconquerable128028714/May/07Stanage Plantation
 Headspin16214/May/07Stanage Popular
 Now or Never3702714/May/07Burbage North

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