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Wishlist for Ben lad

23 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Added Crag name
 Marik79-04/Jun/11Kings Meaburn,...
 Barwise57204/Jun/11The Hoff
 Stormbringer3-04/Jun/11Durple Gill
 Susan36-04/Jun/11Gowbarrow Crag
 The Whistler89-04/Jun/11Gowbarrow Crag
 Ash Tree Slabs6704922/Nov/10Gimmer Crag
 Ash Tree Slabs Direct30422/Nov/10Gimmer Crag
 Ash Tree Corner113522/Nov/10Gimmer Crag
 'D' Route4674622/Nov/10Gimmer Crag
 Bracket and Slab Climb5295722/Nov/10Gimmer Crag
 The Crack55210218/Nov/10Gimmer Crag
 Chartreuse31818/Nov/10Scafell East...
 The Fulcrum27718/Nov/10Scafell East...
 Mickledore Grooves1316218/Nov/10Scafell East...
 The Centaur583418/Nov/10Scafell East...
 Great Eastern Route532818/Nov/10Scafell East...
 The Yellow Slab462518/Nov/10Scafell East...
 Woodhead's Climb131518/Nov/10Scafell Crag
 Moss Ledge Direct and Jones' Arete672018/Nov/10Scafell Crag
 Saxon1086818/Nov/10Scafell Crag
 Hopkinson's Gully351918/Nov/10Scafell Crag
 Botterill's Slab30712318/Nov/10Scafell Crag
 Moss Ghyll Grooves2419318/Nov/10Scafell Crag