18 climbs in this wishlist

  Climb name Grade Added Crag name
 Pinnacle DirectS 4a *09/Dec/12Almscliff
 Stew PotHVD *09/Dec/12Almscliff
 Stewpot and Rough CrackHVD 09/Dec/12Almscliff
 Long ChimneyHVD ***09/Dec/12Almscliff
 Crack and Wall TraverseHVD *09/Dec/12Almscliff
 Rough CrackVD 09/Dec/12Almscliff
 Cup and SaucerHVD 4a *09/Dec/12Almscliff
 Leaf ClimbHVD 4a 09/Dec/12Almscliff
 The PotholeVD 09/Dec/12Almscliff
 Hades CrackVS 4c *09/Dec/12Helsby
 Two Step CrackVD 09/Dec/12Helsby
 C.B. CrackVD **09/Dec/12Helsby
 C.B. WallVD 09/Dec/12Helsby
 The SquirmVD 09/Dec/12Helsby
 Central ClimbVD *09/Dec/12Helsby
 Aviary CrackVD 09/Dec/12Frogsmouth Quarry
 Redrock CrackHS 09/Dec/12Frogsmouth Quarry
 Mighty MouseHS 09/Dec/12Frogsmouth Quarry